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This web site is a part of a network of sites organized to educate the public about the reality of extraterrestrial life. This network of web sites was originally organized by Steve Bassett; however, these sites overtime have functioned independently. The Ohio Exopolitics radio program covers many topics including UFOs, extra-terrestrial contact and exopolitics. Ohio Exopolitics can be heard on On Blog Talk Radio typically at 8pm Eastern. However, the show does occur on different days of the week.

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BTR 2016/06/05
BTR 2016/05/30
BTR 2016/05/29
BTR 2016/05/28
KCOR 2016/05/22
BTR 2016/05/22
RR 2016/05/21
Stephen Pidgeon Talks about the original languages of scripture the first hour and the second hour talks about the problem with the current administration
BTR 2016/05/15
RR 2016/05/14
Gerard Aartsen part1 - Discussion about Gerard's book Priorities for a planet in Transition. We also discussed a great book by Adrian Beers Operation Survival Earth.
Gerard Aartsen part2 - Continued interesting discussion about the contact experiences of Adrian Beers (Stefan Denarde).
BTR 2016/05/08
BTR 2016/05/07
RR 2016/05/07
RR 2016/04/30
Debra Jane East
- Talks about her sightings as a child.
BTR 2016/05/01
The Plejaren Form of Government, The Might of Thoughts
- Emotions are not to be equated with feelings. Emotions are suddenly from sort of internal and external situation. Emotions are hard to bring under control by means of thoughts. With emotions a strong state of excitation arises. Thoughts and...
BTR 2016/05/01
Nokodemion, The Law of Love, The Love of Creation
- Love is the absolute certainty that one lives with and coexists with everything, thus, in everything which exists: In fauna and flora, in the fellow humans, in every material and spiritual life-form, no matter which kind, and in the existence of the...
RR 2016/04/23
BTR 2016/04/24
BTR 2016/04/23
RR 2016/04/16
BTR 2016/04/16
BTR 2016/04/17
BTR 2016/04/10
RR 2016/04/09
BTR 2016/04/09
BTR 2016/04/03
RR 2016/04/02
BTR 2016/04/02
BTR 2016/03/27
BTR 2016/03/26
RR 2016/03/26
BTR 2016/03/20
Billys Trip into the Past 32 AD Jerusalem,Asket,Jmmanuel
Our nature and your thoughts are familiar to me, and so I want to answer your questions before you have to voice them. My teaching, which I spread in these lands, is not new and it is well known to the scribes. But they falsify the old teaching of the prophets which was handed down to them and is very learned. But they distain and falsify it and interpret it to their own advantage, therefore, they accuse me of lying because I preach against their lies.
RR 2016/03/19
Tim Swarz and Michael JS Carter
Tim talks about Hollywood Stars and their UFO Sightings. Michael discusses his own contains and his books.
BTR 2016/03/19
The Way to Live, The Psyche, Might of Thoughts
Psyche is the name for the half-material block and factor, which, in the material body of a form of life - in this case, the human - organises and administers, within itself, in a negative or positive sequence, the thoughts and feelings of the material consciousness, from which results a negative or positive imbalance or a neutral-positive equilibrium, whereby the human is then simply negatively or positively out of balance or neutrally-positively balanced.
BTR 2016/03/12
What follows is the second half of Semjase's 1977 explanation about the origins of the Aryan people on Earth. This explanation was provided by Semjase on Billy's request during the 70th contact on January 6th, 1977. The first half of the story spans an inconceivably massive time period of millions of years, going right back to developments on the ancient home worlds in the Lyran system. It outlines a series of ancient expeditions and migrations as well as abuses of power resulting in revolutions and wars, including a significant war of liberation 230,000 years ago on the Lyra and Vega systems.
RR 2016/03/12
Solaris Blue Raven and Mad Painter
Solaris Blueraven talks about her book Programmed by Deception. We also discuss the immigration problem in Germany and Sweden.
BTR 2016/03/05
Extra Terrestrials on Earth Lyranians and Vegans in Ancient Past
These many millions of Lyranians/Lyraner and Vegans/Weganer, who had left their home worlds, were headed by 144,207 leader personalities and sub-leaders, etc., who ruled over their followers in a rather hierarchic form, and this might they also transferred onto the human beings of Earth, with whom they had come together to create descendants of various kinds. These 144,207 leader and sub-leader personalities were actually ringleaders who were then decisively responsible that lots of misdeeds, irrational teachings and irrational religions could come up and take root on Earth and amongst human beings.
BTR 2016/03/03
Billy Meier, Psyche, Might of Thoughts, The Way to Live
Might of Thoughts page 120 Problem-causing thoughts- and the evaluations and feelings which arise from them - which are unconsciously tended and nurtured, and which operate automatically and throw the psyche into turmoil, It is these automatic thoughts which are the crucial point, because it is through them that the feelings are disturbed and thereby also the psyche. Might of Thoughts page 138 The circumstances from which suffering grows in the human being are the product of the might of his/her thoughts and thereby also the product of his/her own mental disharmony...
BTR 2016/02/28
Billy Meier in the Great Mothership Part2
Then so it shall be, but first we want to head for a few special destinations. 155. When you have finished taking your pictures here, we will jump to JHWHMATA. (My work doesn't take long, and then we set on a new hyper-leap, where everything takes place the way I am used to. This time I look at the stars again, and now I suddenly notice a gigantic image: Surrounded by countless stars of all sizes, something like a colossal eye stares at me through the blackness of space. It must be very far away, but it's very easy to see: A gigantic eye that stares through space; this can only be the JHWHMATA, the “Eye of God”.)
RR 2016/02/28
BTR 2016/02/27
Billy Meier in the Great Mothership
How big is this spaceship, Semjase?
Semjase: It's big, it's even very big, and it's the largest of its type. It's a truly special ship which embodies all the technologies known to us. Altogether it's its own perfect world, a world that's able to fly. In itself it contains a complete and inhabited city with 141 000 inhabitants.[5] Everything needed for living can be produced inside the ship itself, and it's absolutely independent of any thing of any kind from outside its boundary. This spaceship represents our latest development, and has been working together with other ones of this same kind for four years now in Earth's chronology. They are finding useful applications as self-sustained expeditionary ships and for intergalactic order.
BTR 2016/02/21 Nokodemion, The Three Golden Rules, Lasan, Atlantis, Beta Centauri
RR 2016/02/20 Betsey Lewis talks about her new book and Joachim Hagopian discusses current events
RR 2016/02/17 Mark as a guest on Barbara Delong's Show 02/17
BTR 2016/02/20 The Planets Kudra, Nissan and the Lasan Alliance
RR 2016/02/14 A Mad Painter talks with Brian Olsen
BTR 2016/02/14
Origin of the Term Devil, Civilization in another Universe, Psyche - The planet carried human civilizations, in fact there were three different races, which consisted of diverse peoples, who were of white, green and blue color, adding to a total number of around 498 million human beings. Our clarifications, which we carried out unobserved and without direct contact undertakings with the occupants, resulted in astonishing things as I want to explain as follows: The populations of the three continents mastered only three different languages each one with a uniform dialect, which we nowhere else have yet detected. And although the three races work together in every respect, such as, medically, scientifically and technologically, etc., they do not mix with one another in the way that there would exist marriage alliances between members of different races.
BTR 2016/02/13
Oriental Extraterrestrials, Might of Thoughts, Billy Meier Overview. - Planet KUDRA was discovered by an expedition fleet from Lasan when it left the Lyra systems approximately 16 million years ago to conduct its research and search for human life on the other side of the Milky Way.
BTR 2016/02/07
Attacking questions from Japan (Warning about 30 seconds of dead air about 10 minutes into the show) - It is correct that the Chinese and the Japanese human races on Earth are very young. If you calculate backward from the year 1990, they have only settled here on Earth 25,978 years ago, the time that denotes the final colonization on Earth. The background for the appearance of the Chinese and Japanese races is as follows: The two yellow races were created and lived in their original native land on the other side of the Milky Way - on the other side of the central sun of the galaxy, therefore. For this reason it is said that they came from the other side of the sun. Their native system was called the NISAN system, where they lived on planet KUDRA.
RR 2016/02/06
Alfred Webre Frosty Wooldridge - Alfred talks about his new book called the Omniverse. Frosty talks about immigration and overpopulation.
BTR 2016/02/04
Short and Long Term Memory,Nokodemion and his Peoples, Ashtar Sheran - The thoughts of these negative people, however, were directed toward you in such a death-threatening manner that we felt compelled to explore the appropriate memory planes, by what means we found out that there are tremendously destructive powers stored against you and that of these, inconceivably large quantities were simply taken from somewhere. Getting to the bottom of this incident was obvious for us, and we soon found the perpetrators of this murderous doing.A residual group of the now dead Ashtar Sheran, who finally concluded his life in the DAL Universe, felt obliged to be active as avengers of their former lord and master.
BTR 2016/02/04
Age of Mankind in the Milky Way,Nokodemion and his peoples - Therefore he can certainly not stem from this Milky Way system, nor can the old Lyrans and their direct ancestors, nor can the Plejaren. The first genuinely recognizably human forms of life were created on the oldest planets of our Milky Way system about 9,000,000 to 12,000,000 years ago, and, before these then became real humans, who could really be designated human, certainly yet nearly another 1,000,000 years passed, or perhaps even more. Therefore Nokodemion and his peoples could never have stemmed from the Milky Way system. So, from where did he and his peoples come? This question also occupied us, so we asked the Arahat Athersata level, who explained to us that Nokodemion was a creation of the planet SADR, which was in the WARON sun system, which moved in the LYREN galaxy, 3,816,000,000 light years distant from the SOL system.
RR 2016/01/31
Solaris BlueRaven - PNAC Documents, Planned Wars, Obamas Crimes, Islamic Attack
BTR 2016/01/24
Extra terrestrials on Earth,Universal Consciousness, Storage Banks, Impulses - Just imagine our horrendous knowledge, which for the most part lies unused in the memory of our subconsciousness and in the planetary storage-banks under our frequency. I am immensely happy that my predecessor-personalities left me a few evolutive impulses, but if I do not progress in my conscious thinking to the point of being able to use the data, then none of the knowledge will be accessible to me or it will only trickle through in drops. It namely is not, as you may assume, that we are constantly bombarded with inspirations of our subconsciousness. In fact, something only occurs to us, if we work on a topic intensively and do not find what we are looking for in the memory of our consciousness. To intercept something internally or externally, a certain sensitivity for non-physical fine-structured substance (in German: Feinstoffsinnlichkeit) is of course required. Whoever continuously broods over something misses the fine impulses, because brooding implies a state of idleness (unproductiveness) or going round in circles or rotating. However—and this is important—whoever has degenerative thoughts and feelings will no doubt reap the corresponding degenerative impulses of his or her predecessor-personalities. Everything always has two sides, a positive one and a negative one.
RR 2016/01/23
Dr. Richard Sauder - Fukushima, the Los Angeles methane catastrophe, death of the Pacific Ocean, take down of the world's great forests, collapse of the petro-dollar
BTR 2016/01/23
Predecessor-personalities, Subconsciousness, Spirit Form, Might of Thoughts - The essence of all knowledge, experience and wisdom from our predecessor-personalities is "loaded" into the new memory of the subconsciousness, which means the highest value of every single consciousness-form is transferred from the storage-banks of the overall consciousness-block into the new memory of the subconsciousness. Everything else is empty; only the consciousness-block-programs are existent—however in a completely neutral form. The former, enormous knowledge of our predecessor-personalities is therefore hidden as essence in the memory of our subconsciousness and in detail as data-impulses in all the external storage-banks. From there, it can be activated through our conscious searching and inquiring, because only by intercepting inspirations of the subconsciousness and by consciously and continuously working with them, do the involved consciousness-forms or consciousness-levels and the memory of the consciousness evolve and create corresponding update.
RR 2016/01/16
Adam Apollo - Adam Apollo discusses physics.
BTR 2016/01/16
Brooding, Unsatisfaction,The Might of Thoughts, The Moon Hoax, Hitler - Whoever continuously broods over something misses the fine impulses, because brooding implies a state of idleness (unproductiveness) or going round in circles or rotating. However—and this is important—whoever has degenerative thoughts and feelings will no doubt reap the corresponding degenerative impulses of his or her predecessor-personalities. Everything always has two sides, a positive one and a negative one.
RR 2016/01/10
Ken Johnston - Ken Johnston worked for NASA and tells about being told to destroy photographs. He also explains that there were domes that were filmed in craters on the side of the moon that does not face the earth.
PSN 2016/01/02
Hyperspace 01-07-2016 Mark Snider Hour One - Long two hour discussion with Solaris Blueraven about the Meier material.