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This web site is a part of a network of sites organized to educate the public about the reality of extraterrestrial life. This network of web sites was originally organized by Steve Bassett; however, these sites overtime have functioned independently. The Ohio Exopolitics radio program covers many topics including UFOs, extra-terrestrial contact and exopolitics. Ohio Exopolitics can be heard on On Blog Talk Radio typically at 8pm Eastern. However, the show does occur on different days of the week.

Billy Meier

Ohio Exopolitics Radio on Blog Talk deals very much with the Billy Meier case. If you want to learn more about the Billy Meier case a good place to start is at the Future of Mankind website. The Future of Mankind website is the largest English-language resource for information primarily produced by Billy Meier, the contactee of the Plejaren Federation and founder of FIGU. Billy has had hundreds of face to face contact with extraterrestrial human beings since about 1945. The contact notes are basically word for word transcripts of Billy's face to face meetings with these people. The complete list of contacts can be found on the Contact Statistics page. Ohio Exopolitics radio on Blog Talk is generally concentrated on doing shows about the Meier Contact Notes or Meier writings. The time for shows on Blog Talk Radio will vary as the schedule of the host changes; however, these shows are always available on at Ohio Exopolitics Radio on Blog Talk or in the archives area on this site.

Study Topics

The Way To Live (Book)

The Way to Live is Die Art-zu leben in the German language. It is a book that was written between November 8th, 1995 to January 8th 1997 by Eduard Albert Meier. It was translated by Vivienne Legg and Dysson Devine into English. It is a bilingual book with German appearing on the left page and English appearing on the right page.

It must be also considered that interwoven into all of Billy's German Spiritual-Teaching texts is an evolution-CODE. All words must be in the correct position and be free of errors from the beginning to the end. The code releases impulses from the storage banks which begin to work evolutively in the reader. Even if you do not master the German language just reading it will cause these impulses to slowly penetrate into the consciousness.

Fullfillment of the Duty to Yourself

Ways to Fulfill Your Duty to Yourself page 28,30,32..36

  1. Be honest, benevolent, don't turn your back on yourself. To be benevolent means to be kindhearted, big-hearted, good-natured, good, benign, compassionate, caring, altruistic, humanitarian, philanthropic

  2. No Self-chastisment, no self-abuse, no feelings of inferiority, no bitterness

  3. Be gentle to yourself, no flattery of the I

  4. Care for the Health of your body and your psyche

  5. Challenge your body and mind

  6. Dont devote yourself to your passions, lust, vices and addictions

  7. Use your intelligence, rational logic or you will have no enjoyment in the fulfillment of your responsibility.

Always care for the best health of your body and your psyche. Do not disregard the health of your consciousness. Whoever, constantly challenges his/her body and his/her psyche and his/her consciousness, does good and thereby promotes the fulfilment of his/her duty to himself and his/her own duty.

Whover devotes himself/herself to the passion and incessantly sets the sails of his/her lusts, vices and addictions, finally runs through the smouldering desert dying of thirst...

If the human being does not continually pay attention to himself/herself and does not fulfil his/her duty to himself then he/she declines and ends in misery, where by even suicidal thoughts are not infrequent.

Others respect you only when you are able to give yourself sufficient respect.

Therefore, never do hidden things about which you would have to feel ashamed before yourself or in the eyes of a stranger. should such a one see your reprehensible deeds, or in some other way become aware of them.

Always speak the truth freely and openly and unvarnished, ever if may are not able to hear it and object to it.

Always act, think, feel and speak in a good form and decently, because otherwise you forfeit your self-esteen.

Your clothes also speak for you accordingly because you always form your exterior according to the inner most. Never allow yourself to appear ragged in your clothing and self-care, not even when you are hidden, forgotten by the world and all alone somewhere in the deepest desert and you caonnot seen any human beings.

Never lose confidence in yourself. And also consider that you may alway be just as wise and skilful as many others.

... which is also rooted in you never despairing and never being in a bad temper when you do reach the same high intellectual position or moral greatness of another human being. There are no two human beings in the whole universe who would be at the exact same level of evolution. You will always be lower or higher than the person that is next to you. ... and in this regard they are partly lower developed and partly higher developed. Consequently it follow that not all human beings simply belong to lower or higer levels of evolution, rather there is a mixture.

If you want to live in fulfillment to your duty to yourself and in fulfilment of your own duty then never let yourself be controlled by any desires. Also you must never allow yourslef to be controlled by the desire which often motivates you to play a shining lead-role. It is not much more the case that they exert themselves to the point of extreme effort in all things and actually fulfill their duty to themselves.

Boredom is the death of all initiative, and whoever falls prey to the boredom, falls prey to addictions and vices and goes astray. Therefore, may every human being always be agood and pleasant companion for himself/ herself, who can personally entertain himself to his/her own satisfaction and only knows idleness as necessary relaxation.

Only very few human beings are able to understand how boredom, povery of thought as well as self-centeredness lead to deteriorating to a monotonous and uninteresting inner nature.

...thus nothing exists in the whole universe that would not be connected with the fulfilling of the duty to oneself.

Forgetting : Way to Live Book Page 406
Memories of the earlier life, however, would influence the new personality in such a way that a devastating confusion would come about, which would impair the material consciousnes to the point of insanity.

Forgetting : Way to Live Book Page 408
Forgetting is a protection for the consciousness, so that the personality can develop freely and clearly in the frame prescribed by the creation laws and recommendations.

The false I : Way to Live Book Page 418
The "I" attempts to complicate and deny everything because it knows very precisely that it is fundamentally endangered by knowledge, truth and evolution. All of the Is inhibiting attempts to sabotage the way of evolution are senseless and negating in spite of all efforts...

The human beings "I" is a way that the Meier material refers to the self created personality that is associated with the material consciousness and the current lifetime. It is also called the false I or false EGO. The false "I" is threatened by our evolution and exercises a kind of tyranny over the true inner "I". The false I is said to complicate everything. To complicate means to make (something) more difficult or confusing by causing it to be more complex.

The false ego also tends to create a tyranny over the consciousness. A tyranny is a cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control. So most people experience a kind of inner conflict from these to aspects of the self that are engaged in a war which throws the consciousness into turmoil. The self created I is the false identity which dictorially holds prisoner the real inner "I". There must be a conscious effort to free the real inner "I".

The false I : Way to Live Book Page 416
The human beings "I" is very mighty and exercises a tyranny characterised by Gewaltsamkeit, which can only be ended by one going the way of the effective evolution.

Moment of Gladness: Way to Live Book Page 328
And one may simply contemplate a moment of gladness which perhaps simply arises because one sees the snowflakes floating down or a sunbeam which mysteriously fingers through the forest; but it can also be a flower on the edge of a path or a bird and its twittering which please the consciousness. These are the moments of peace, of the love, of the happiness and of the equalisedness and harmony as well as of the reflection and insight. These are the moments which work deep into the inner part of the consciousness and make one's feelings tingle and please the psyche. And these moments in their distinguishing characteristics must be retained, so that they constantly remain in one's memory.

Augenblicke is the German word for moments. The German word Moment also means moment. Gestalt; although, not used here is a very interesting German word meaning form. A moment is defined as a very brief period of time.

In Contact Report 10 line 21 it says, "Joy comes forth from the human’s inner part, created by spiritual and consciousness-based poise. ". I think the Inner Part here is refering to the consciousness.

How It All Began states
Through this, I also learnt to separate the wheat from the chaff and to look for the truth where it is basically to be found, namely, in one’s own inner and innermost, as well as in one’s own intellect, in one’s own reason, one’s own thoughts, contemplations and feelings.

Way to Live Book Page 328
But the mass of the modern human beings produce no frame or context in which the experiencing of the true nature of the consciousness could be understood; quite the contrary; everything is done so the consciousness's state of equalisedness is suppressed and blocked so that it cannot cause any impulsations in the thinking, in the feeling and emotions and in the psyche, which would give cause to for joy and feelings of happiness.

The state of equalisedness of the consciousness is suppressed and blocked. So we are essentially blocking are own feeling of happiness. Suppress means to prevent the development, action, or expression of (a feeling, impulse, idea, etc.); restrain

An impulse is said to be the influence of a particular feeling, mental state, etc. Impulse applied to an object produces an equivalent vector change in its linear momentum, also in the same direction. A large force applied for a very short duration, such as a golf shot, is often described as the club giving the ball an impulse.

Way to Live Book Page 328
Also from the outside, out of one's environment and by the fellow human beings, all sorts of things are done whereby the true nature of the consciousness is suppressed. Attacks occur, subliminally or quite openly, which have the Ziel of one quickly forgetting everything which could raise the joy and the feeling of happiness or which could bring the consciousness into the state of harmonious equalisedness...

Meditation: Way to Live Book Page 262
Freely immerse oneself in the state of being free of thoughts, emotions and feelings.

In the Meditation from Clear Visibility Book there is a lot of useful information. These 77 points are about learning to trust one's own potential and are also about getting rid of fears, living with oneself in peace and enjoying life in abundance.
6) Everything is achievable for me, and I master whatever I wish to accomplish.
73) I always remain relaxed and thereby gain power over myself.

Meditation: Way to Live Book Page 262
That which the human being really posesses is that which is in the moment, that of the present, the here and now, which lasts less than a nanosecond and only a tiny moment.

A nanosecond is one billionth of a second. I cannot even image a unit of time that is this small.

Nothing is Constant: Way to Live Book Page 262
Just as the neuron in the human brain decay, also the cells of the entire body die. Nothing is constant, just as it is with the cloud formations in the sky which constantly change and never create the same picture of the exact same formation.

The neuron is the basic working unit of the brain, a specialized cell designed to transmit information to other nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells.

Human Beings are Like the Waves of the Ocean: Way to Live Book Page 260
Human beings are like the waves of the ocean: as far as they reach, they are connected with each other through the mass of the water. And as it is with the life of the human being, a wave has a beginning and an end, a becoming and a passing, a birth and a death.

The We Form

The We Form is discussed in Contact Report 39.
What am I to understand by the WE-Subconscious Level?
195. It concerns subconscious connections to the WE-Form of the Earth human beings...
If I understand correctly, is this special WE-Subconscious Level also responsible for the fact that erroneous religious teachings
become represented?.

We Form in Occult Practices

"....It is also possible, and frequently the case, that people create entities within themselves through their unconscious occult forces that communicate with them, speaking in voices of people who had passed away already months, years, even centuries or millennia ago, without the creators of those inner entities themselves ever having known the dead persons.

The reason that these voices can come into existence is based simply on the fact that all humans generate a We-Form in an unconscious and spiritual bond that deposits its entire knowledge, as a unit and individually, in the ethereal record files (Akashic Records) of the planet, from where impulses of knowledge (in this case as a voice) are withdrawn by the originator of the inner entities, allowing those to speak through the inner entity by which he is controlled and misled.

This is an interesting analogy, that the life of the human being is like the wave in the ocean. It makes me think of where the Meier information refers to humanity as a we-form. In Contact Report 228 it states, "Consequently there are, in every we-form – either material or spiritual – lower or lowest, respectively, higher or highest evolutionary stages." So the human spirits at the Arahat Athersata are said to be a we-form.

In Contact Report 115 Ptaah talks about a we-form meaning that he was married to three women at one time. 28. Well then, I was married to three women, which corresponds to the minimum value of a We-Form-Partnership of universal expanse.

I should also mention that much of the other information and teaching provided with the co-operation of Eduard Meier has come from two advanced spirit "we-forms", who are beyond time and space and thus, so are their perspectives. This is further reason for the apparent timelessness and similarity of the spiritual teachings over the ages. (For instance, the we-form, known as Petale, which has delivered the 12 Commandments again, is the highest level of consciousness a spirit can attain before merging again with Creation.)

Human Beings are Like the Waves of the Ocean (Part 2): Way to Live Book Page 260
And just as the part-piece of the creational spirit in the human being is a unity with all other creaional spirit part-pieces, and with the Creation itself, and has its own identity, it is also thus with the waves of the ocean, because every one of them has its own existence.

Learning and Stiving Way to Live Book Page 258
He/She has anxiety about fulfilling his/her striving for the evolution; and he/she has anxiety about truthly learning and paractically experiencing the effective truth. To really live means learning. But learning means to search for the truth, to find it and to recognise and follow it. But living according to the truth means letting go of all anxiety and it means to learn, so that the understanding of the becoming and passing arises and the truth of the death is recognized as the passingness of one level of existence, for the becoming in another one.

So we can live without really living. To really live means we are learning. To live according to the truth means to let go of all anxiety. If we are living even with a little bit of anxiety we are not living according to the truth. Sometimes its good to memorize phrases from the Meier Information that really "jump off the page at you". Then try to break the phrases down and try to come to a better understanding. There is a relationship between our synapses and learning. To learn means to gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Information About Death From the Way to Live Book Page 188
Therefore also the thought and the wish arise that one would not like to lose the next human being, whereby, however, the thought is present that this will indeed be different one day, when the death approaches. From that, in turn, the human being learns to understand how close he/she is, in his/her everyday life, to the death, by which he/she can, in every second , be taken out of the life; and once this cognition has taken root in the consciousness, then also the deepest sense of the love is recognized, which clearly shows the human being that the truthly love itself continues to exist beyond the death and for all time, and that every single human being ought to let his/her next one feel his/her sincere and real love already during his lifetime and not only when he/she has died and lies stiff and cold in the grave.

Striving From the The Way to Live Book Page 144

It is the human being's nature, as it is with every other existence, to strive, in the course of ur-eternal evolution, for that which is higher and more absolutely fully developed. Therefore, the human being strives for knowledge and wisdom.

"Ur" is a German prefix signifying: most ancient, primeval, earliest, initial

Also a complete calming in absolute certainty is only able to arise from practical experience.

The human being that follows the creational striving longs for rationality and intelligence, logic, recognizing and understanding.

The fact of the new time and of the current time is that the human being has newly discovered the ur-creational law of the evolutive striving. Also, the Age of Aquarius itself pushes forward with horrendous power and spurs on the striving of the human being. It is the time of the up thrusting truth, which demands intelligence and reason, logic and knowledge and progress.

Age of Aquarius Contact Report 9

181. The characteristics for this time, its rapidly evolving events, discoveries, inventions, etc., are unlike any other during any previous time.

182. This whole star-system along with all its innumerable creatures are now under the influence and control of this new age. Each and every living thing is influenced by it, because these changes fall under the cosmic natural laws.

183.It is the new time of renewal, and this renewal and this time do now want to believe any longer nor be connected any longer to assumption, rather they solely want to know;

186.The origin of these epochal changes is inside the changing radiation effects from the central sun[14] around which your entire system cycles once every 25,860 years, passing through 12 individual epochs, similar to within the terminology of your astrologer’s Zodiacs.

187. The Earth has already passed through into the outermost preliminary borders of this "Golden Radiation" coming from the central sun, which is of the strongest and the most revolutionary radiation of all.

Therefore the human being wants to fathom, research and recognize all his/her knowledge and his/her cognitions and insights from the deepest part of his/her inner self, precisely according to creational law, being that, ultimately, all knowledge, recognition, understand and grasping and the experience for all things, arise, and can only arise, out of the deepest depths of the human consciousness and therefore from the innermost part of the human being himself/herself.

Striving From the The Way to Live Book Page 102

Striving creates the life, right up to the BEING - striving means delectation in a form which is always fulfilling and progressive. To be without striving means unwillingness and affliction - affliction is inhibited striving and inhibited life.

Delectation means pleasure and delight. To inhibit means to hinder, restrain, or prevent. Its interesting that one of things that can occur when our striving is inhibited is confusion. Confusion means a lack of understanding; uncertainty. Confusion is the state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something.

But inhibited striving and inhibited life bring inhibited evolution and stagnation, hopelessness and grief, confusion, irrationality, joylessness, cognitionlessness, unpeace, disharmony, lovelessness, resentment, lies, self-deceit and reluctance for life.

To strive means make great efforts to achieve or obtain something. It also means to devote serious effort or energy .

Therefore, delectation, harmony and happiness as well as everything positive, as well as grief and everything negative are, in the end, only the revelation of how pronounced the striving is in any life-form.

Delectation means pleasure and delight. It also means an extreme satisfaction or pleasure. So striving means pleasure and delight. This is a very huge statement that Billy is making. In Billy's article on Silent Devotion he states that my life is orientated to striving for the top and for what is higher - to evolution in the Creation-given sense.

Depending on the strength of the striving of any single Wesen, it will assert itself in the world and prevail or will fail, shatter, waste away, come to an end and vanish.

The death is an interlude between two lives in the level of the realm of the other world in which the striving finds its progress and keeps the life alive.

Striving From the The Way to Live Book Page 104

Striving requires the expenditure of effort and must be achieved through hard work, that striving is not simply dropped into one's lap, and that, again and again, there are circumstances which work against the striving, Therefore, ones striving cannot be constantly and really gratified because there are multifarious power which work against the striving.

Therefore is has to in accord with natural law that an opposite pole is position against the striving, based on the teaching of the creational-law that there must always be two poles - a plus and a minus, a pro and a con, a negative and a positive. Together the two poles always produce a oneness in the equalisedness.

Therefore, inevitable connected with any striving are negative influences and machinations of an evil forn, which are as inseparably one with each as are fire and heat.

Put another way, this also means that no success can be attained without negative aspect being involved, which tag along during the development toward the success.

Therefore, errors must inevitable be made so that they can be recognized and resolved, there by only then can error-free success finally crystallise.

Striving is the diligent impulse of the evolution Creation's drive, right up to the highest possible relatively absolute fulfillment.

Silent Devotion

And if I see any creatures or any flowers and bushes on the wayside, then joy and happiness bubble up within me, just as when a bird chirps, the sun shines or when rain or snow falls from the sky. My joy is also endlessly great when I see the stars twinkling in the nighttime sky, when the heavy gale roars in my ears, when lightning zips through the air and powerful thunder shakes the world. Wherever I am and at whatever time that is, I thus find, every day and every night, many things that I enjoy and that let me recognize the ur-mightiness of Creation and let me tremble with awe down to my deepest innermost part. And the keystone of my thoughts is that the whole splendor of the world and the universe creates infinitely much joy, happiness and harmony within me in such a way that I linger in highest respect for the tremendous Creational display of splendor and love in reverential, silent devotion.

He also states wanting to prove something is always wrong in every case if it concerns things that every human himself must discover and recognize through his own understanding and through his own reason, from which then his own inner line of reasoning emerges.

Billys article called Thoughts about neutrality in everyday life One of the things that I remember is neutrality is so important. "Neutrality", probably no other concept reveals the difference between theory and practice as seriously. This only becomes really apparent when one grapples with the topic seriously and deeply, from which then awareness also arises that applied neutrality quite conclusively makes everyday life easier .

  1. Unwillingness is the quality or state of being unwilling to do something; reluctance. So when we stop striving it makes us unwilling to do things. I have noticed that in my own life that when I stop striving then suddenly I feel like I have lost a lot of motivation and focus. Essentially, I become unwilling to do much of anything.

  2. Affliction is something that causes pain or suffering. If we stop striving then we will experience pain and suffering.

  3. Affliction is a state of pain, distress, or grief; misery: Grief is defined as keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow; painful regret.
    Meditation from Clear Visibility

    Meditation can help us deal with grief. Meditation shows a large palette of very useful effects, because it not only helps in coping with the everyday life, and in coping with stress, problems, grief and worries, and so forth, rather it also calms, and it creates inner peace, equalisedness, joy, inner freedom and harmony.

The striving does not end with the death, as the human being may assume, because striving is also included in the death. The human being strives for the life and the death at the same time, Because the Grim Reaper accompanies the human being to new life and to new striving.

Page 100

If a human being loses his/her striving then he/she loses his sense of life. To strive means to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something. The Creation itself, as well as all its creatures and Wesenheiten, is imbued with the power of the striving... Striving is the power of the spiritual as well as of the physical. And striving is an incontrovertable creational law, in order to reach, through incessant evolution, that which is higher and more fully developed.

The lack of striving leads me to another concept in the Meier Information called the Anti Logos. The concept comes from one of Billy's books called Prophetien und Voraussagen (Prophecies and Predictions). The Anti Logos is the child of evil, the child of ruin, that is the deadly opponent against knowledge.

Askets Explanations Part 1 It is the task of each more highly developed life form to stand alongside less developed forms with help in responsible measure, to influence the evolution in the appropriate strength. This obligation is incumbent on all life forms of all universes, because it is based within a creational law.

If the human being can no longer strive for anything at all then, in himself/herself he/she feels, with deadly might, that he/she is no longer of any use to anything ...

Contact Report 38 This course of evolution belongs to the high and highest forms of life just as it does also to low and the lowest forms. This is a creational law of evolution, which possesses its validity for all times and it is never subject to any kind of alterations.

So if you stop striving then you will feel very bad. And, with Gewaltsamkeit his/her own existence is forfeited. Gewalt is above all might and force is very difficult to translate into English. The term Gewaltsamkeit is translated in certain German online dictionaries as violence but I dont think this captures the full meaning.

Striving is the actual nature of the human being; however, if this nature is nullified, then he/she feels he does not have a place in this world anymore, rather that he or she has to vanish from it. The German word streben means to strive.

Goblet of Truth XXXV page (35 of 679) Finding fulfilment through truth is however associated with lots of work and requires the capacity to endure, because it is important to take responsibility and quite consciously strive to fulfil one's task as a human being and to fathom the understanding of the things in life through effort.

Solutions for the Loss of the Feeling for Striving - If the striving breaks down in the human being then he feels like he is incapable of life, displeased with life and even suicidal. Reasons for the breakdown of the sense of striving are discussed in Contact Report 583

Billy: About that which I would once like to hear your professional view, lies in the following question: Can you tell me in short and simple words, how stress and physical inactivity as well as various types of music affects the life itself, the quality of life and the life-period of the human being? Indeed we have often privately spoken about that, but never in detail in an official wise, which is why I think that this is necessary once, therefore I ask openly for that.

Ptaah: As is well known to you, a stressful mode of life - not only due to work overload, but also in every other respect - and a physical movement-inactivity, as well as jealousy, strife, grief, hatred and discord, etc. has an affect, very badly on the entire body and often even rather maliciously, and indeed on the one hand due to psychosomatic, as well as ultimately also due to effective sufferings that can lead up to severe chronic illnesses as well as bodily harms and to heart problems or even to the death...

Billy: Behind the whole thing I still see very much more: the tremendous noise of the present day is arranged with dreadful disharmonic crashing and bellowing, which is crazily referred to as music, has insanely stupid forms, driving right through ones marrow and bones, and unhinges compulsive depression and unsatisfaction, etc.

Without striving, no life, without life, no striving

All Being is striving, and all striving is being. That which comes forth from the striving is truth, knowledge, wisdom and loave as well as peace and harmony, progress and happiness.

663th Contact Report Avoiding the Catastrophic Global Atomic War

There would have been a catastrophic global atomic war had Clinton won. Choosing Trump over Clinton avoided a catastrophic global atomic war at this time.

Here is an excerpt from the contact. This in contrast to Clinton, who harbours sneaky and evil warmongering thoughts against Russia and therefore wants to carry out military actions against the Russian military in Syria first, and then also wants to carry out war-attacks against Russia itself. A fact in regard to her thoughts of attack, which she, as an enemy of Putin and Russia, has been harbouring for a long time and which she also wants to carry out. And if she won the presidential election then a nuclear war would be unavoidable.

Creational Naturals Laws and Directives

The creation is without gender and is neither man nor woman. It is neither space nor non-space. Creation is not time or beyond time. The Creation is pure spirit energy in conscious form.

Success and Advancement will be achieved by pensive thought (this is a creational natural law). Pensive thought is reflecting deep or serious thought. If the laws of Creation are followed it helps to keep the creature from experiencing anykind of harm. A Law is rule that cannot be changed or removed.

Recommendations or directives are intended to guide a person in specific direction. The following are examples of directives:

  1. You shall not kill in depravity
  2. You shall not steal from others.

Arahat Athersata is a we-form which means the precious one that contemplates the times.

As one of the most important duties of the material life-domain of the earthly humanity, it is to heed, that the overpopulation is contained in the strongest measure, and the number of human beings finds its state in the normal 500 million-norm. This comes from the Arahat Athersata

Universal Prophet

Best example of Universal Prophets Line

This is important information from the Universal Prophet. Each universe brings forth a universal prophet who is repeatedly materializing again as a human being in order to help the various humankinds speeding up evolution. Evolution is a very important concept and different living beings have different kinds of evolution. One example of evolution is called the conscious evolution of the consciousness, which is the kind of evolution the human life-form goes through.


test Nokodemion spirit form enlived a human as the universal prophet which returned from the Arahat Atheresata into the material world after having achieved the evolutionary levels of Jschwisch, Srut and Ban-Srut. The Arahat Athersata is also the first level (or plane) where dwell the pure spirit forms. It takes a spirit a very long time to evolve into this pure spirit form. Nokodemion was originally from a planet named Sadr which existed some 3 billion light years from the earth in the Lyren Galaxy. The knowledge taught by the herald, will be be integrated by the human and verbally further carried, like it is also through the collective subconscious forms and through other swinging-waves continues to ever continuously be disseminated through the entire universe.

Asket mentions humanitys collection subconsciousness in Contact 31

165. In reality this is only the truth to the extent that these Earth humans are connected with other terrestrial life forms, through the Earth humanity's collective subconscious...

Knowledge can be passed to other human beings via the collective subconscious as described in the following Sixth_And_Seventh_Senses

for example, a human being invents something or says or writes something particular, and so forth, which is then picked up by another human being somewhere in the world in a feinstoffsinnlich way -which is, however, also possible through the collective subconscious... The feinstoffsinnlich can be translated as fine-fluid-sensual or The supernatural fluidal-powers. In any case, there is a collective subsconscious and information can be discovered using it.

Quetzal discusses the line of Henok in Contact 228

Semjase and I, as well as Ptaah and his father Sfath as well as my father, have always belonged paternally to a line of descendents that leads back to Henok and Nokodemion as well as their sons. These sons were the ones who were under an obligation to the mission, to instruct all who come from the Nokodemion and Henok lineage in hereditary series in the teachings of the spirit, and to preserve the entire knowledge regarding this...

The line of Henok is mentioned in Sfaths Explanation

56. For the spiritual teaching, which has been the teaching of Nokodemion, Henok and all your former personalities since time immemorial, you should, as it was in all past times, only require as a reciprocal gift, a will to learn, love, peace, freedom, harmony, joy, diligence, equitableness and humaneness as well as the quality of being human, not, however, any material things through which you could achieve wealth, because if you want to acquire such, you should create this through the work of your hands, not, however, by growing rich through the teaching.

There is a Semjasa that is mentioned in Contact Report 9 and this Semjasa was on the earth about 13,000 years ago.

Semjasa, the highest leader of the sub-leaders, mated with an EVA, a female being, who was still mostly human-like and also rather beautiful (in feature and form). The descendent of this act was of male sex and a human being of good form. Semjasa called him "ADAM", which was a word meaning "Earth human being".

However,there appears to have been an earlier Semjasa that appeared on the earth 389,000 years ago.

That’s a normal occurrence. Nokodemion was a creation of the planet Sadr, which was in the Waron star system, which moved in the Lyren galaxy, 3,816,000,000 light years distant from the Sol star system. Nokodemion was the first incarnated personality of the same spirit-form that currently inhabits the human being known as BEAM.

Nokodemion Lineage

PDF of Nokodemion Lineage this is truly an amazing PDF that warrants a lot of study
  1. Nokodemion - The unblemished precious one who was born 9.6 billion years ago

  2. Henok - Notice that name is spelled with a "k". He was born 8 billion years ago. There is also something mentioned about 389,000 years ago. He is called the "Wise Man of TIme/ The Initiate".

  3. Semjasa 1 - Here at about 389,000 years ago during the time when the Lyrians were here. Semjasa father the first Adam.

  4. Semjasa 2 - sometimes refered to as the Demigod. I believe this man was here during the time of Atlantis and Lemura. He was a scientist who worked under Arus the Barbarian. He fathered the second Adam about 13,035 years ago.

    This information is mentioned in Contact Report 9 starting at line 145. Semjasa,[11] the highest leader of the sub-leaders, mated with an Eva, a female being, who was still mostly human-like and also rather beautiful (in feature and form). The descendent of this act was of male sex and a human being of good form. Semjasa called his son "Adam", which was a word in his language which meant "Earth human being". A similar breeding produced a female, and in later years they were mated to each other. Similarly meanwhile, others had been produced, who then formed groups and tribes. From these, present Earth mankind developed...

  5. Henoch (Enoch) I - also called the The wise man of time/the initiate. He was born about 13,500 years ago. Henoch wrote the Henoch prophecies which talk about potential great troubles for the United States in our very near future. He was the son of Kretan of the Plejaren. Henoch composed a very interesting prayer.

    This prayer was actually directed to his to his material consciousness block. Each human being has a spiritual consciousness and a material consciousness. There was no word or words to describe the material consciousness block in ancient times so they just used the word spirit. The consciousness has to be taken care of by controlling the thoughts and feelings and making an effort to live according to the natural creational laws. In this way the human being becomes a master of his own life.

    At the time of Henoch, the North Pole was situated differently than what is the case today. Through cosmic influences and through an upset of the Earth, the North Pole at that time shifted far to the west. The central point of the North Pole at that time is identical to present day Florida in America. The Polar Regions at the time of Henoch were wondrous landscapes, filled with palms and other tropical vegetation. This information is mentioned in Contact Report 39

  6. Henoch (Enoch) II - also called the The wise man of time/the initiate. He was born about 9308 years ago.

  7. Henoch (Enoch) III - also called the The wise man of time/the initiate. He was born about 400-5000 years ago.

  8. Elja (Elia/Elijah) born at about 891 BC. He was known as the Lover of Creation/ The JHWH is my teacher. His disciple was named Eljas or Elias and is mentioned in the Talmud of Jmmanuel. In contact 229 Its explained that Elia was flown to Srinagar/Kashmir in India by a beamship on April 7, 842 BC.

    Contact Report 230 has pages on the predictions of the prophet Elia. Elia writes about Billy in the following words. He will be a seeing and knowing one, and a mediator whose hand writes down the words of those who will come from the stars. And he will be the third one to follow me, and will be a continuation in the living again of those prophets who were before me as "other personalities of me". And the herald will wait for the right day on the mountain of the horseshoe, where he will have his homestead, and where a flag will flutter in the wind as a sign of the bond with human beings from the sky.

  9. Jesaja (Jesaia/Isaiah) Known as the one with creational healing or the One with Jschwisch healing. He was born about 772 BC.

  10. Jeremja (Jeremia/Jeremiah) Known as the one Raised by the Gods. He was born about 662 BC.

  11. Socrates born in Alopeke, Athens He was born about 469 BC.

  12. Aristotle born in Strageira (?) He was born about 384 BC.

  13. Jmmanuel One with divine knowledge/One with JHWH knowledge. Unfortunately, called Jesus today. His original teaching has been highly distorted in the New Testament (according to the Meier Information).

  14. Mohammed (Muhammad/Muhammed) The praised One. Born on 571 AD.

  15. Johann Georg Faust Born on 1480 AD. Mentioned in wikipedia as a itinerant alchemist, astrologer, and magician of the German Renaissance.

  16. Galileo Galilei Born in 1564 AD. mentioned in wikipedia as astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician, he played a major role in the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century.

  17. Wolfgang Amadues Mozart Born in 1756 AD. mentioned in wikipedia as a great composer,keyboardist and violinist. He was also known by other names. During his final years in Vienna, he composed many well-known symphonies, concertos, and operas.

  18. Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy born on February 3rd 1809 and widely known as Felix Mendelssohn, was a German composer, pianist, organist and conductor of the early Romantic period. Here is a great video containing some of his greatest works.

  19. Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin born in 1869 was a Russian peasant, mystical faith healer, and trusted friend of the family of Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia. He became an influential figure in Saint Petersburg, especially after August 1915. Rasputin is mentioned in the following Contact Report 487.

    Historically, it was said that Rasputin lived a dissolute, life that was lax in morals; however, this is false. Although he was married and had a family, Rasputin was an itinerant monk, that is to say, an itinerant preacher, who, through suggestive influence, carried out "miraculous healings" which were truly self-healings of the sick.

  20. Billy Eduard Albert Meier born in 1937, Billy means the protector, Eduard means guardian of the treasure, Albert means the shining one, Meier means supervisor of practicing/the respected/ the higher standing... He is considered the prophet of the new time.

An Important Word Concerning Occult Powers and Meditation


So we are actually able to create (Spirits) Wesenheiten that come to life through the power of our own thoughts and feelings.

Wesenheiten is a non-translatable German term. A ‹Wesenheit› – pl. Wesenheiten – is the German word for an immaterial or material form of existence without a self-determining possibility of evolution, whereby, however, this possibility can be given to a certain extent, such as with the Creation Universal consciousness, certain energies, stones, water and gases etc.”

Comments from Switzerland Marianne
It is actually an obsession and very often comes through a wrong meditation, when the meditating human beings imagine things. Sometimes they (humans) have problems and then imagine a help, and the stronger the wish for such a help is, the more it manifests inside the one who wishes it. I hope you understand what I try to say

These Wesenheiten are created through our unconscious powers.

Comments from Switzerland Marianne
If a believer believes in angels and talks to them, it’s the same, or when believers tell you, they are in contact with god and get an answer. It’s the same as well. Or if cheaters tell you they have contact to the Plejaren or even worse to the level of ‹Arahat Athersata› then it’s also the same. Angels and a god don’t exist, and for a one-sided contact from the level ‹Arahat Athersata› they are by far not evolved enough in their consciousness.

These Wesenheiten have the ability to communicate to us in the voices of people that have passed away and these could be people that the creator of the Wesenheiten did not even know.

Comments from Switzerland Marianne
Billy says that create is actually not the right word. The human being in question ‹makes› or ‹prepares› it. Which is why I mostly wrote ‹make› oder ‹made›, in German ‹der Erzeuger› oder ‹die Erzeugerin›. Billy said, an Erzeuger prepares the process, he/she doesn’t create it. It’s like the man who prepares with his sperma the child, he doesn’t create it, he only prepares or induces the whole. The rest happens in the woman’s body according to the creational laws. Perhaps you have to think of yourself. We all are constantly talking to ourselves. In the morning, when we wake up, one voice says: «Get up.» the other: «It’s so nice in bed, let’s stay in bed.» etc. These ‹voices› are called Widersachermächte, in English: antagonistic mights. In the mentioned case it is harmless, but when a human being really has problems, than it could be dangerous. Billy sais about these antagonistic mights: «These antagonistic mights are nothing other but those deep, hidden inner wishes and drives of the human being.

The We Form

We on earth are building a we-form in material subconsciousness and spiritual connectedness

Consider, you, as humankind of Earth, are a we-form and as such are connected more or less with one another through your thoughts and feelings as well as through your subconsciousness, and as you nourish and cherish negative or positive thoughts and feelings, so they strengthen themselves once you call them forth, and in this strengthening they can strike any of your fellow human beings, through which they awake something resting in them that they bring to the coarse effect, although they had never previously thought about bringing it out and realising it; therefore you comprehensively bear the responsibility for your thoughts and feelings also for your fellow human beings, at least for those who are influenced through your mental and feeling-based impulsations and thereout carry out corresponding deeds or call forth thoughts and feelings in themselves of the same kind.

So many of your fellow human beings very often have thoughts and feelings in them or carry out actions that in their origin lead back to you yourselves and that through the strengthening take effect in the others and call forth the corresponding reactions, which they then themselves reject and condemn, although they, like you, are also jointly responsible for them in accordance with the creational laws and recommendations, because they nonetheless act from out of themselves with the foreign thoughts and feelings that are striking them; and thus you can have thoughts and feelings for any things in you that you would never carry out into deeds etc., however, your fellow human being who has been struck by your thoughts and feelings, and who is not able to work them out and bring them under control, does carry them out.

Talks With Sfath Sunday May 5th, 1946

Click here to see source of new material on Sfath

Sfath As already in recent years, also today I have to make familiar with many facts, which you will certainly understand as well as consciously accept and work out, which however, will only be possible for you, because due to may action into your consciousness-development, you are already many times further-developed in your rationality and in your intellect, than normally can be the case with an earth boy your age...

The future of terrestrial banking, companies and corporations as well as politics, governments and the economy will be very profitable in the coming decades, after which, however, an extensive mismanagement will appear in all areas and will from the 1980's well into the new millenium let many things collapse.

... companies and corporations will fall into great difficulties and must make use of state aid for their continued existence, although for some their mismanagement will lead to bankruptcy. ... financial indebtedness will likewise develop on a private basis such, that they can no longer meet their financial obligations, just as this will also be the case in regard to the national budgets of many countries...

The whole leads to heavy economic breakdowns and to the dissolution and bankruptcy of long-established and decades-long rightfully managed banks, companies and corporations...

A senseless and uncontrollable squandering of money for a lot of unnecessary things runs widely rampant and will even bring about family quarrels and destruction of families...

The future of the financial economy will be difficult, because starting from the year 1988, it will become quiet dark all over the world with regard to money, because then the foundation of a capital power take splace in the USA, which will intervene as a worldwide effective shadow-bank and world shadow-government...

In the United States this capital might

Contact Report 229 When the Prophet of The New Time Comes

Everything is complete. The biblical "handed down" data and stories in truth based on legends, deliberate lies and falsifications, and on a deceitfully produced chronicle that is incorrectly arranged and wildly imaged. This also applies to the dates of the ancient and genuine prophets Jeremia, Jesaia, Elia and Henoch. Converted to the Christian Calendar of today, the true dates of these prophets are the following:

  1. Henoch: Born Feb 3, 9308 BC and Died Jan 1, 8942
  2. Jeremia: Born Feb 9, 662 BC and Died Sep 3, 580 BC
  3. Jesaia: Born Feb 7, 772 BC and Died May 5, 690 BC
  4. Elia: Born Feb 5, 891 BC and Died June 4, 780 BC

Elia was flown to Srinigar/Kashmir in INdia by a beamship on April 7th, 842 BC

When the prophet of the new time spreads his teaching in the new time, the time of the great transformation has begun. During the third millennium, human beings will be blinded by gold and material values to such an extent that they will be counting silver coins in all countries everywhere...

... They will build cult places to worship and will pay homage to a non existent God. The place for the worship to a non-existent god will become sites for merchants who lend various things for a fee. Judicial authorities will be unlawful and will impose insignificant penalties on wrong doers.

Every city and town will be a place of fornication... And also their children and children's children will live a life of degeneration. They will raise old flags dripping with blood and spread terror...

The powerful of the world will ruthlessly abuse their power... They will transform the building blocks of life into death-bringing wepaons in order to destroy nature and to kill human beings in vast numbers...

When the new time prophet appears... The sky, oceans, the forests, prairies and the deserts, as well as the mountainous regions will be populated to such an extent that no human being is able to take one step that is unnoticed...

It will be at a time when gigantic buildings and towers reaching up high into the sky are being built in all countries of the earth. The human beings will live and work in these towers and buildings.

There will not be enough bread for everybody and also water will become increasingly scarce...

Flattering words are spoken by human beings who desires are directed at profit and advantage;

Human beings ought to always be reachable for each other, because it is possible that they need each other.

It is useless to reproach a human being about something which has already run its course... However, the mistakes which are pointed out can lead to thier rectification in the future.

A human being who, with his/her thinking and actions always has only his/her own advantage and profit in mind, will never choose an honest form of the life, but instead, earns much vexation, resentment, un-hunderstanding and hate.

True Love as Compared to Artificial Love

Every morning, may the human being greet the new day with inspired love, and in waking, give the life the appropriate thanks and promise that he/she will daily contemplate the delight of the true love and will never rest in creating the truthly love inhimself/herself; and may the human being return home every evening, satisfied by the fulfilling of his/her day's work, full of gratitude and love and may the human being then go to sleep with words of love in his/her lips for the almightiness of the Creation and its truthly, all-embracing love.

True love has no wishes at all... Thus his/her main wish shouldl be that he/she becomes free of the burden of the unknowledge and of the disharmony; that he/she may melt like the cold glacial ice through the glow of the Sun, and become a rushing brook which, splashing, pours down to the valley and sings it's incomparable melody, to then wind through the country and flow into the ocean, to become one with it in loving connectedness;

A truly peace-loving human being avoids quarreling, but if it is unavoidable, then the peace-loving one remains correct and polite, because even in the quarreling he/she remains a peace-lover.

Just as the love crowns the human being, it also tortures him/her; and the love tortures because inherent to it are renunciation and demands, into which the human being has to integrate himself/herself which often very much goes against his/her will...

However, this is the wrong form of the love, which is only artificially created in order to fulfill emotional or lustful wishes. In this form of the love it is better for the human being if he/she covers the nakedness of his/her greed and searches for the true value of the love.

True love is a concentrated form of the fine-spiritual perception and is not built upon emotions.

The love is not located in the heart and it is not the power of a god, rather it is the purest fine-spiritual perception of the spirit and of the consciousness of the human being who creates it in himself/herself by means of the fine-spiritual perceptions.

The truthly love in the form of fine spiritual perception is all-embracing, is never fickle and is absolutely indestructible; it is creational-natural and connaot be impaired by any kind of things, bad habits, negative or evil powers; thus the course of true love is not to be directed. while it however, as the creational-naturally highest factor of all life and of logic, directs the human being in dignity during the course of his/her life: this is not the casw with false love, which results from emotions and drive, because this artificial love, which is steered by the human being is directed always according to the emotional and libidinous wishes and thoughts.

Contact 544 - The seven major forces of nature of which only 4 are known to Earth scientists.

The other four forces of nature exist as only ultra tiny particles, as related to gravity, the electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear power... Originally everything evolved from pure spirit energy. Our particle physicists on Earth, lack the inner and fundamental knowledge about the actual spirit-energetic structure of these things. The existance of the universe cannot be explained purely from the perspective of the material realm.

Energy alone is absolutely the one and only origin of all things and all matter of any kind.

Druans Human ETs from the NOL System

Contact Report 184/569
Time of Contact: Saturday, April 9, 1983, 11:16 AM

The Druans are Human ETs from the NOL System 3.1 million light years away. The Druans have been appearing in the skies of earth without any kind of cloaking. One of the most recent sighting of the Druans, that I am aware of, occurred in 2001 during Contact 311. Evidently, the Druans didn’t protect themselves from view, or else they deliberately opened their view protection screen toward the direction of Freddy, so that he could capture the aircraft on the film. Freddy Kropf, someone know by Billy, photographed a ship of the Druans in 2001 on August 11. The ship was photographed near the The Breithorn, a mountain of the Bernese Alps in southern Switzerland.

The Sighting of the Druans Ship

Also, the Druans were urged, in accordance with our and the High Council’s decision, to make themselves visible to the group members if the opportunity should arise for it.

Billy: High in the eastern sky, I noticed a bright light at 8:14 PM, about 4 to 5 times as large as Venus. At first, I thought of the evening star, thus Venus, before it dawned on me that Venus is only visible to us in the southern and western hemisphere. Then, I looked at the bright light a little more closely, and I noticed that it was located in strange shifts of color, which permeated all the colors of the rainbow spectrum, and changes in form also arose.

We saw a structure in the sky, without a definite shape, which constantly changed its form, whose color also slowly changed, fading into a variety of shades.

I estimated the altitude of the object to be about 35,000 meters and that it was at a distance of about 18 to 20 kilometers away from our vantage point.

Now, if I consider the size of the light of the object together with its distance, then I calculate that the ship’s size must have been around 320 to 340 meters in diameter. For security reasons, which were made known to you by us, the aircraft was shielded from view, and it creates a form of reflection that is completely alien to our technology, which becomes visible in the atmosphere many kilometers away.

Billy starts this contact talking to a person named Taljda. The name Taljda means one who walks through the rainbow. Meier records the speech made by the extraterrestrial Taljda using a tape recorder. He then plays the cassette in the presence of his group members. The occurred on March 5,1983 17:30. There were 20 witnesses to this event.

Queztal and Ptaah will not be talking to Billy for a few months they have to make some decisions regarding group members. Taljda will be Billy's contact in the mean time.

Taljda, who is female from the Lyra System, does not seem like the kind of person that will tolerate any thing that does not go according to the plan. In Contact Report 183 Taljda seems to be very dogmatic and stern. In Contact Report 187 it states that A single violation of an individual group member will automatically have the consequence that all contacts, including ours, will finally be discontinued and never be resumed. So Taljda was a force to be respected.

13. The aircraft is a spaceship of the planet Druan, whose human life forms we, thus, call the Druans.
14. They are a very far-developed and extremely peaceful human race that can bring some innovations to our own technology.
15. The planet Druan lies in the NOL system, which belongs to a galaxy whose size is about 1.7 times larger than ours, and this galaxy is located 3.10 million light-years away from the SOL system.

China Joining Russia In Syria While Germany Prepares to Leave NATO-WW III Is Here

WORST NIGHTMARE for US : 10 facts of Russia’s ‘aircraft carrier killer’ ‘Moskva cruiser’

Talmud of Jmmanuel

U-Tube Talmud of Jmmanuel a Four Hour Movie

Jmmanuel translates as the one with spiritual knowledge. Jmmanuel was part of the linage of Adam. Adam was begotten by Semjasa the leader of the celestial sons.

Pleos, was the Ischwisch [king of wisdom] that was in charge of the earth during the time of Jmmanuel. Jmmanuel was born in a stable in Bethlehem during the time of Herod Antipas. Jmmanuel was the son of the guardian messenger Gabriel. Wise men came to learn where the new born King of Wisdom was born. These wise men knew that Jmmanuel would have the knowledge of Pleos and he would learn to use the great power of his spirit.

Herod Antipas told the wise men to search diligently for the boy. The light with the long tail had hovered directly over the stable where the boy was found. Herod feared the boy because he realized that this boy would have a great power one day. Eventually, Herod had a change of heart and no longer desired to harm the boy. The light with the long tail also made a singing sound. The Celestial Son Gabriel's space ship was the light with the long tail that made the singing sound. The boy Jmmanuel was taken to Egypt for safety. Mary and Joseph followed the space ship that made the singing sound and had the long tail of light. They followed the light all of the way to Egypt.

Pleos came far from the depths of space and escaped from a place where his people were in bondage. Pleos explained that terrible things will happen if the people of the earth do not follow the laws of creation. The knowledge of consciousness itself, the Universal Consciousness, is greater than Pleos. Once that it became safe, Jmmanuel and his parents left Egypt and moved to Nazareth because Herod Antipas had a change of heart.

John the Baptist, talked about creation, the universal consciousness. He said it was the consciousness of the universe as a whole. John taught that Pleos followed the laws of creation. John ate locusts and wild honey. John called the teachings of the pharisees illogical. John talked about the great knowledge of Pleos the King of Wisdom. John taught that in 2,000 years the people on earth will start to comprehend the teachings of creation. In the future, John said, that the people of earth would build space craft that would also make the singing sounds and allow them to travel to other worlds.

Jmmanuel eventually came to John Baptist and was baptized by him. Suddenly, a metallic space craft appeared and there was a large voice from the craft that said this is my son in whom I am well pleased. All of the people that were there fell on there faces in fear. Jmmanuel got on that space craft and was gone for forty days and forty nights. For forty days and nights Jmmanuel no longer lived among the daughters and sons of the people of earth.

Jmmanuel was said to have stayed between the winds of the north and the west. He recieved a great deal of knowledge while he was there. During this instruction period, he stayed with the wise guardian messengers of Pleos. They taught him much wisdom and knowledge. They explained to Jmmanuel, the great power of creation which is the consciousness of the universe itself. They taught him about the immortality of the spirit through re-birth.

Jmmanuel went to the place at the end of the earth where the chariots of fire and space craft came from. There at the ends of the earth Jmmanuel saw a great and marvelous thing. Jmmanuel saw the celestial portals open up which radiated an area as great as the lifeless sea.

  1. In the first portal, Jmmanuel saw the people of Isreal and their animals. The radiance went all over in this first portal and revealed intimate details.

  2. In the second portal, there arose might mountains whose peaks reached into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. There were were massed of snow. Below this snow the brown skinned people built their huts.

  3. The third portal, was a gigantic land with rivers, lakes and seas. Here another population of people lived. The palace of Pleos was not far from these three celestial portals. Pleos was both a ruler of the people of the earth and the ruler of the people that traveled to the earth from the stars.

From this palace Pleos ruled over the three peoples that had been fathered by him. Pleos had a very ancient spirit and he was of giant size just like the celestial sons. In the palace of Pleos, Jmmanuel saw very tall men the likes of whom he had never seen on the earth.

There faces shone like the sun, their eyes looked like burning torches and from their mouths issued fire. Their clothing looked like a covering of film. Their arms looked like golden wings. These people inhabited an environment of their own because the air of the earth would have been fatal for them. These men were said to be from the constellation of the Seven Stars (Plejaren?). These men were great teachers and they were with two smaller men who said that they were from Bali.

The people from the heavens stayed on earth for a long time and pro-created the white linage of people on the earth. The people that were begotten by the celestial sons were different in a unique way, they were not like other people on the earth.

Their bodies were as white as snow and red as the rose blossom. Their hair was white as wool and their eyes were beautiful. The people on the earth inherited this beauty and propagated it further. However, during the course of the millennial they pro-created with people of other star systems. This created a new and special linage.

Jmmanuel you will make the impossible, possible. The rode ahead for you will be difficult because of the ignorance of the people of earth. Pleos is only a man which is vastly greater in wisdom than the people of the earth. Jmmanuel you are the son of Gabriel and are a king of wisdom. Do not be bothered by the irrational teachings of the scribes and pharisees.

The people of the earth will not begin to understand until the time that they have created space craft. Jmmanuel was brought back to Jerusalem by the space craft. Jmmanuel started to teach and found Simon and Peter. Jmmanuel saw two other men named James and John. Jmmanuel taught in the Synagogues about the human spirit.


Warning to All Governments of Europe (Clone)

Likewise in the eighties of this Twentieth Century it will happen that that the human can be bred through artificial fertilization, while already at the turn of the Third Millennium humans and animals will be able to be cloned out of single cells without any actual act of procreation.

Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human. The term is generally used to refer to artificial human cloning, which is the reproduction of human cells and tissue. It does not refer to the natural conception and delivery of identical twins.

The Human Cone Alive Today Contact Report 202

In the not too distant time because genetic and cloning attempts have already been underway for many years, whereby a lot is still kept secret. Thus, already for six years, a clone-mutant has existed, which is kept behind closed doors in a secret laboratory and is kept alive for research purposes. Transplantation technology is already on its way to becoming routine technology, which will also soon happen with genetic engineering, and in particular, only plants and animals are used and genetically altered for research purposes. So then, already the first animals are cloned, after which efforts will then also arise to create human clones in an open and, thus, official form.

Clones Mentioned in the Henoch Prophecies

The irresponsible politicians will unscrupulously exercise their power, assisted by scientists and obedient military forces serving them, who together hold a deadly sceptre and will create clone-like beings which will be bred in a total lack of conscience and will be scientifically manipulated to become killer machines. Division by division and devoid of any feelings, they will destroy, murder and annihilate everything.

...the military clones, will gain their independence and under their own management will bring death, devastation, destruction and annihilation to the human beings of Earth and to the planet.

Yet all the apocalyptic events will not only be brought about due to the use of unbelievably deadly and destructive weapons—such as chemical, laser and others—and by cloned murder machines...

Clones and the Spirit Form Contact Report 225

I will use your words when I fulfill the task intended for me. But now, I would like to talk about something else: already several times, we’ve had discussions about the cloning of animals and humans. For me, it is completely clear as to what a clone basically is, just an internal and external organic reproduction of a person, of whom a cell is used for the cloning. It is also clear to me that the consciousness of the male cell donor or female cell donor will not enter into a clone but that the clone is animated by another spirit form and, thus, also by another overall consciousness block and, accordingly, also by another consciousness or by another personality. Also, it is a matter of impossibility that by a male cell donor or female cell donor, his or her consciousness can be transferred into a clone. And since that time now comes soon, as you’ve already explained several times during earlier conversations, when researches become acute and open to cloning worldwide, then a few more explanatory words from your side will certainly be advantageous. At the same time, if you could even address, for example, the greatest danger of cloning, I mean in terms of what can impair the lives of clones, then this would, perhaps, be of use.

Michael Uyttebroek Reincarnation and the Evolution of Consciousness - Library Presentation Jan. 11, 2015

    Time in Each Phase of Life

  1. We spend 40-60 million years incarnating in a physical body, this also includes the time in the spiritual realm.
  2. We spend 56 million years incarnating into the half physical and half spiritual body
  3. We are in the spiritual planes for 2.9 billion years
  4. Spirit Form

  5. Is not able to think creatively
  6. It not really conscious until it merges with creation
  7. The human being cannot enter into an animal or a plant
  8. There is no heaven or hell.
  9. In order for the spirit form to evolve it creates the over consciousness block.
  10. The over all consciousness block creates the consciousness block.
  11. The spirit form resides in the superior coliculus but spreads its energies through the entire body.
  12. The Spirit Form is not affected by anything in the material realm.
  13. Creation

  14. In order to evolve the creation creates the spirit form
  15. The spirit form needs the physical existence to evolve.
  16. The creation creates everything in this universe.
  17. It expands for 155.5 trillion years and then it contracts for 155.5 trillion years
  18. The Creation goes into a rest phase after the the expansion and contraction phase.
  19. The Creation is the being and the non being of life
  20. The Creation is unmeasurable in its knowledge
  21. Everything is in an evolution process and there is a purpose to life. Our purpose is evolving our consciousness as well as the universal consciousness
  22. We have to go through the re-incarnation process as our evolution.


The Source of the Oneness of the Universe

The Uniting of Humanity and the Creating of the Global Language Only then will you human beings learn to establish good interpersonal and true personal relationships with one another, to understand one another and then finally live in truth, peace, love, freedom and harmony. Only then will it come about that your earthly humanity will become united, a oneness in which case the best language will be chosen from all the languages of all peoples in order to make this into a single and uniform global language, although all other languages of all peoples will be retained.

The Meier Information says we should strive to make German the world language. And through this world language, every person will be able to understand the other, irrespective of which people he or she belongs to. And this will then be the time when you human beings of Earth will fly through the broad expanse of space in an effective way, creating new living spaces for yourselves.

The oneness mentioned in the Book of OM
Indeed he may identify with his coarse material physical body and correspond to its requirements, and he may equate himself with the conscious understanding, or himself feel his oneness with the real self of himself, which is the eternal, imperishable witness of both, yet he may not create himself.

Oneness Discussed in the Talmud of Jmmanuel

The Oneness of the Creation and the Human Spirit

And since the body is a part of the spirit in a different form and matter, it is therefore one with the spirit; consequently it is not two...

The teachings state that there is a unity and not, in any way or form, a duality or trinity

If it appears to people that there is a duality or trinity, then they are the victims of deception, for they do not think logically but according to human knowledge.

For this reason, it is said that everything emanates from a unity, and a duality seems apparent only because humans, in their limited thinking, cannot grasp the truth.

This is a great article that has tremendous importance. I have been working to understand this on and off, overtime. The following are some phrases from the article that seem to be entering into my stream of consciousness. Sometimes the Meier information comes to me in small steps or phrases initially and then builds to a clearer understanding.

Embrace the power within yourself and use it for yourself...

...the entrance into yourself...

The "Power within" is a phrase that is used in other Meier writings. Here is an example, The Creational-natural power is within myself, and I use this, putting it into effect in my thinking and acting. This phrase comes from the Meditation from Clear Visibility book.

The whole universe is a oneness which flows through all things... In line 70 of Sfath's Explanation the oneness of creation is mentioned.

70. However, this oneness and connectedness with all and everything, is the result of the might and the immeasurable love of Creation, which gives everything selflessly and demands no payment for it.

The oneness and the flow of creation is described in Bulletin 38 FIGU Special Bulletin 38.

The vibrations' energies and their powers consist of tiny fine-material, respectively, fluidal, units of information, which individually and collectively constitute a oneness and which - like the electrical current through wires - flow, in an invisible form, through the brain and through the body to finally leave these and to reach into the environment and into the ether from where they are picked up by sensitive humans, respectively, by humans who have at their disposal the ability of fine-material perception.

The Plejaren Do not Hunt Animals Contact Report 297

Adolf Hitler, Hermann Steinschneider, Giza Intelligences

Contact Report 260

Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party , Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer ("leader") of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of the German Reich, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of the Holocaust.

Adolf Hitler was, in many respects, a genius. His knowledge ranged from a variety of areas of art and technology concerning a variety of sciences up to the use of the power of suggestion. In his internal form, he was an incarnate life form of very good values. Nevertheless, he wasn’t a man of highly developed spirit but rather a man of intellect and reason, who was destined to lead the overall earthly politics and economy as well as all nations in a certain positive direction.

The Giza Intelligences succeeded in taking possession of Adolf Hitler’s being and in misusing him for their dark and malicious purposes. For thousands of years they deceived the Earth human with religious “miracles” and “visions” of every kind, in order to maintain, and to yet further increase, the religious delusion.

Contact Report 260 Line 110. The reason for his wrongly chosen path developed quite early on, when he secretly came in contact with the Thule Society of that time, in consequence of which he also came in contact with Hermann Steinschneider, who also belonged to the Thule Society and supported its unfair goals and who called himself the clairvoyant, Eric Jan Hanussen.

The Coming Race is an 1871 novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, reprinted as Vril, the Power of the Coming Race. Among its readers have been those who believed that its account of a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called "Vril". These ideas come from something called the New Age which is discussed in the FIGU Bulletin 32.

The term "New Age" is however much older than the current trends and leads back into the 19th century, and indeed to occult and esoteric world-views, which, as said, were also influenced by Helena Blavatsky. Their symbols were the swastika, respectively, the hooked cross and the Germanic runes.

The efforts of the leaders at that time of the Thule Society went out for the acquisition of world domination; consequently, already very early on, they allowed Steinschneider to influence and shape Hitler in this direction, by what means this then began, in accordance with their will, with terror and murder, to trigger World War II in the end.

At the same time, Steinschneider became ever more powerful in the course of time, with respect to his domination over Adolf Hitler, which didn’t appeal to various people who were against Hitler and his machinations.

What is to be said further in relation to your question is that Adolf Hitler had already been instructed by our forces through telepathic impulses in his earliest youth, in terms of his determinations and guidelines, and indeed, on an ongoing basis and at every place where he always stayed.

From that point in time, he rapidly fell more and more toward the negative and evil; consequently, he soon fell outside of our control, and our telepathic impulse attempts remained fruitless.

Erik Jan Hanussen, born Hermann Steinschneider (2 June 1889, in Vienna – 25 March 1933, in Berlin), was an Austrian Jewish publicist, charlatan and clairvoyant performer. Acclaimed in his lifetime as a hypnotist, mentalist, occultist, and astrologer, Hanussen was active in Weimar Republic Germany and also at the beginning of Nazi Germany. He is said to have instructed Adolf Hitler in performance and the achievement of dramatic effect.

Predicting the Reichstag fire,[citation needed] a decisive event that allowed recently appointed Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler to seize absolute power in 1933, was Hanussen's most famous feat of clairvoyance. It also was possibly a miscalculated use of inside information[citation needed] that led to his death shortly thereafter.

Billy Meier Questions

Billy Meier Questions and Answer Session

Attacking Questions from Japan

Summary of Attacking Questions from Japan Article

  1. About 16 mllion years ago an expedition fleet from the Lyra Systems discovered the yellow races on the planet Kudra. Kudra was on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy and was the home of the Kinten and Niper races (Oriental). The research ships brought 4000 oriental peoples back to Lasan and they populated five planets in the Lasan alliance of planets.

  2. Millions of years passed, the Kinten and Niper races fought wars and 38,000 people left their planets in the Lasan alliance and traveled in 9 spaceships to the planet earth. They settled on earth 6.7 million years ago in the north eastern corner of a large land mass that appeared in what was a global ocean on earth at the time. The ships deteriorated because of the atmosphere on earth and these people eventually perished.

  3. During this time the people back on Kudra were living a degenerate life that lead to a massive population explosion. Billions of people left their world in millions of spaceships. These millions of space craft traveled through space looking for a home; however, they became lost and billions of people died on the ships because of diseases. Finally, only 418,000 people found the planet Nissan in the Lyra system. They settled on Nissan about 2.4 million years ago.

  4. About 26,000 years ago people came from Kudra and settled on earth in the areas of Japan and China. Ofcourse, since then they have lost their history and technologies as is the case with other groups of people on the earth.

Reincarnation and the Evolution of Consciousness - Lecture/Presentation

by Michael Uyttebroek of FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada..

Billy Meier FIGU / Translations

A great website for Meier information.

German Terms

Ur is a German prefix signifying earliest, most ancient, initial, primeval.
Schöpfung is the German word for Creation. .
The German word for spirit-form is Geistform.
The German word translated as realm is the word Reiches
The Gemutsmenschen is generally understood by German speaking people as follows: Someone that radiates equanimity and does not get worked up easily.
It also has a swinging wave which is called Schwingung in the German. Electromagnetic swinging waves in the teaching of the spirit are periodically built up electric and magnetic fields, which are not bound to any matter.
impulsation: translation for the German, Regung, According to Billy, a "regung" is an impulsation. Impulsating or impulsation are new words, with the meaning; something goes in, something develops. There are various forms of Regungen, such as thought-Regungen, feeling-Regungen, and so on.
The German word böse is the word translated as evil.
Gewalt that is above all might and force. Explanation of the Plejaren language scientists, given to Billy August 27, 2010: Ausartung = a very bad get-out of the control of the good human nature.
Bewusstsein is the German word for consciousness. The German word Todesstrafe means capital punishment or the death penalty. The German word befürwortet can mean endorsed, approved or favored. The German word Gedanke refers to the thoughts, feelings and cogitations.
Bestimmungs-Schwingungen is the German term. Bestimmung meaning destiny and Schwingungen waves are electromagnetic waves associated with the human spirit and certain creational natural laws. These swinging waves can be of immense might.
One of the key German words here is Speicherbank which can be translated as memory bank or storage bank.
The German word Weisheit means wisdom. Wisdom
The German word Sehnen can mean to long, to crave, to pine after depending on its usage.
The German word Freude is translated as joy here. We are said to long for the imperishable life. Something that is imperishable means that it endures forever. The German word unvergänglich means imperishable. Bleibend in the German means permanent.
The German word Verbundenheit is translated as connectedness. Verbundenheit can be translated as a spiritual affinity, closeness, connectivity, a bond.
Liebe is the German word for love.
The word cognition is the translation of the German word Erkenntnis. Erkenntnis can mean insight, perception, knowledge, cognition, understanding and awareness. Erkennen is the word translated as recognize. However, it can also mean to perceive, discern, detect and indentify.

Why is it Important to Learn so Much...

This is from an article written by Marianne Uehlinger. Marianne Uehlinger has decided not to be a core member of the FIGU group. Instead, at the time of the great oaths, her personality decided on a different kind of help. Her story is described in more detail in Contact Report 235. Her name at that time was XANDAALA, which means “The Conscientious One.” At that time, out of her own free will, she committed herself to the fulfillment of the mission and to the appropriate assistance of the same, but without having to be a member of the group.

"Goblet of Truth", section 9:
And if you are not prepared with good knowledge in the Teaching of Truth, the Teaching of Spirit and the Teaching of Life, then do not decide to set forth, to spread the Teaching of Truth...

After death, the spirit-form and consciousness-block pass over into their respective levels in order to process the accumulated data. The content of the consciousness-block is downloaded into the storage-banks of the overall consciousness-block. All data—in reality these are impulses—of the consciousness-block-programs, such as consciousness, memory of the consciousness and of the subconsciousness, and the personality pass into the storage-banks of the overall consciousness-block.

Learning much in this lifetime enables us to gain control over ourselves. One of Billy's sayings is I Always Remain Relaxed and Thereby Gain Might over Myself... The essence of all knowledge, experience and wisdom from our predecessor-personalities is "loaded" into the new memory of the subconsciousness. So what you have learned from previous lives is placed into the memory of the subconsciousness. The memories can inspired us in future lifetimes even if they are not consciously recalled. So the knowledge of our predecessor-personalities is in the memory of the subconsciousness and in the data-impulses in all the external storage-banks.

The body itself as well as the consciousness are animated by an impulsating, spirit energy, just as a plant is. Everything in the entire universe is composed of moving impulses or impulsations, including all cells. An impulse can be defined as a driving or motivating force; an impetus. An impulse can be a psychic drive or instinctual urge. An impulse can also be called a force so communicated as to produce motion suddenly.

The Moon Hoax

The Moon is in a synchronous rotation with the Earth, therefore always showing the same face to us in the nights sky. The moon's distance from the earth is increasing at about 1.5 inches per year. The increase in distance between the Earth and the moon is not constant because of a spinning wobble that the earth now has because of our testing of nuclear weapons. Lunar water ice is in permanently shadowed craters at the poles.

The moon is not our original moon. The current moon is older than the earth and was brought here. The moon is a fragment of a planet from an entirely different star system and is 4 to 5 million years older than the Earth. The origin of the moon has been described in detail in Contact Report 005.

According to the Meier information there were actually 6 moon landings and not 5. Interestingly, he clubs Apollo 13 (the failed mission) with Apollo 12,14,15,16,17. This is mention in an article on the Billy Meier Wiki entitled The Moon. Apollo 13 was not a failed landing, but was used to deposit various artifacts, footprints etc onto the surface of the moon. This was used to show future landings by other countries that Apollo 11 was indeed the first landing, although it really wasn't. This was achieved by having Apollo 13 land in the same location as the supposed Apollo 11 years before..... Billy also went onto to mention drugs and hypnosis was used to implant false memories into the astronauts for both Apollo 11 & 13.

Contact 201 discusses the Moon landings.

As we have already explained several times, the Americans' Apollo-11 Moon-landing on July 20th, 1969 did not take place, because everything was a great designed swindle, through which the entire world was fooled

Where were a total of precisely 37 persons who were involved in the hoax. There have been people that were killed who did not keep the secret.

Further to say is, that the Moon-landing swindle is also connected to murder, and indeed in the respect that in spite of the duty of silence of those involved, a great number cannot be silent, respectively, could not be silent, which led, and will further lead, to arranged "accidents" and "illnesses" with fatal consequences, until the last involved person is no longer alive whose silence is not securely established. Remaining alive are only those who are hypnotically bound with their Moon-landing lies, so they themselves believe that the Moon-landing actually was realised or at least that they have thereby cooperated.

The Moon-rover and the landing devices that remain on the moon where brought there during later landings. The purpose of the faked moon landings were to trump the Soviet Union in the so-called space race.

Contact 471

This comes from an article Attempts on Billy's life currently there have been 22 attempts on Billy's life at the time of the writing of this article. Some of the attempts on Billy's life have come from a group called the Men in Black. The men in black are from three groups that are operating seperately:

  1. Government Agents
  2. Secret Neo Nazis Group
  3. Old Sirians - The old Syrians are from a Sirius system in a different time and space configuration. However, they did travel to the Sol system where they had headquarters are Mars for a while. Unfortunately, for us, the lawful Sirians after they rounded up the MIB removed all of the artifacts associated with human settlements on Mars. In fact the Sirians destroyed all evidece of the civilization that was on Mars.

Climate Change

Climate Change Caused by Overpopulation

Ptaah - The climate warms ever faster, whereby the snowfall is also absent ever more frequently in the deeper sites, while the Earth's polar ice masses, as well as the glaciers, melt ever faster, which leads to this: that by the year 2100, in some cases, the water of the seas will rise up to 160 centimeters. [5'3"]

Overpopulation Bomb

The ice caps at the Arctic and Antarctic poles, the icy plains of Greenland and the mountain glaciers are melting down rapidly and may raise worldwide ocean water levels. Entire low-lying island nations, as well as coastal regions will b endangered and could eventually vanish beneath the rising waters.

The overpopulation problem increases with every newborn child because the 12% arable landmass neither increases nor remains constant. Arable land (from Latin arabilis, "able to be plowed") is, according to one definition, land capable of being ploughed and used to grow crops. On the contrary, the surface is reduced daily and dwindles through erosion, desertification and the construction of homes, streets, airports, villages, mega-cities and all types of large sport facilities, etc. etc. Desertification Desertification is a type of land degradation in which a relatively dry land region becomes increasingly arid, typically losing its bodies of water as well as vegetation and wildlife. Desertification is a significant global ecological and environmental problem. The immediate cause is the removal of most vegetation. This is driven by a number of factors, alone or in combination, such as drought, climatic shifts, tillage for agriculture, overgrazing and deforestation for fuel or construction materials.

Desertification Videos

David Attenborough Explains Desertification

David talks about the Sarah desert. However, he shows the wild animals that are painted on the rocks that indicate that there were various kinds of animals there in the Sarah in the past.

Allan Savory: How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change

Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert," begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk. And terrifyingly, it's happening to about two-thirds of the world's grasslands, accelerating climate change and causing traditional grazing societies to descend into social chaos. Savory has devoted his life to stopping it. He now believes -- and his work so far shows -- that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert

Planting China´s Green Wall to fight off desertification Planting China´s Green Wall to fight off desertification

A Prediction

What the future brings for the Earth humans in regard to the climatic catastrophe and environmental destruction

In other locations the living space for many humans is endangered and destroyed because the rainforests are being felled, and, from that, devastating climatic changes and uninhabitable areas result, as through desertification, respectively, the advancing of deserts, right up to the areas inhabited by humans.

Groups of humans and entire peoples also flee from the spreading desert areas, from the climbing sea levels, the destruction of fields and farmland and of mountains as a result of fun parks and sporting facilities of all kinds, but also because the air necessary for life is pregnant with poisonous exhaust fumes so that it is damaging to the health.

Greenland Videos

  1. What Scientists Are Seeing Over Antarctica

    Operation IceBridge is a 2009–2016 NASA mission that aims to monitor changes in polar ice from a fixed-wing aircraft. It is a temporary replacement for the ICESat satellite until ICESat-2 launch in 2017., Ice Bridge will be Flying high-priority missions measuring polar ice from a base of operations at the tip of Patagonia on the Strait of Magellan. Patagonia is a sparsely populated region located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile.
  2. Greenland Ice Sheet Thinning

    Greenland ice sheet collapse...
  3. Greenland Ice Sheet Starting to Slip

    Published on Jul 29, 2013 Research scientists provide insights on recent 'unprecedented' melting of Greenland's interior ice sheet.

Contact Report 216

Wisdom Teeth

Then I have a question in reference to wisdom teeth, if you can give me an answer to it. Our scientists say that wisdom teeth of modern man are an unnecessary leftover from prehistoric man’s time and are absolutely unnecessary today. Is that right?
10. Wisdom teeth are a necessity for humans because if these are missing, then the food is no longer chewed properly and is only crushed poorly.
11. However, especially the chewing and crushing of the food are necessary and of great significance and importance for the stomach and the intestines and for their digestive processes and, thus, for the breaking down and burning of the food.
12. Well-chewed and crushed foods facilitate these processes quite tremendously.
13. The front teeth, i.e. the biting teeth or the tearing teeth, are not sufficient for the chewing process and crushing process, which is why these functions are assigned to the molars, and these include the so-called wisdom teeth.
14. If the food isn't chewed properly and is crushed poorly, then health problems will arise from this in the course of time, which can spread to and affect the stomach as well as the intestines and even the immune system, which appears with many people on the Earth, without them knowing what causes their suffering.
15. Stomach ulcers as well as intestinal ulcers are fairly often a result of a lack of quality with regard to the chewing and crushing of food.
16. Even the earthly physicians, etc. have, so far, gained no insights in this respect.
17. Indeed, by them and the scientists, it is even accepted - erroneously - that wisdom teeth are a useless leftover from the early days of the Earth people, but this corresponds to a misconception beyond compare.
18. Thus, even we, who are not only superior to the people of the Earth in consciousness but also in physical evolution, have wisdom teeth, of course, because these are, in fact, vitally necessary.
19. If humans are missing these teeth, then health problems, as I said, can appear.

Good Videos and Website for Tooth Care

  1. Cure Cavities and Repair Tooth Decay Naturally - CURETOOTHDECAY.COM
  2. http://www.curetoothdecay.com
  3. Ramiel Nagel has written a great book called "Cure Tooth Decay" which advocates healing your teeth through nutrition. There is a wonderful intersection, at least from my perspective, with the Meier material. Ramiel talks about the Dentist Weston Price who discovered people living in the Loetschental Valley, Switzerland who have neither no physician, dentists, jail or policemen because they had no need of them. The people in the Loetschental Valley had less than 1 percent of their teeth affected by tooth decay. The percentage was actually .3% which again is less than 1 percent. They ate only raw milk, cheese, organ meets like heart, liver, gizzards, natural butter and soured rye bread. They ate food that was only high in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A,D,E, K.

The Might of Thoughts

Might of the Thoughts...
Mach der Deganken
by Eduard Albert Meier

Second Edition 2014 - Some of the page numbers my not conincide with your copy of the book if you have a different edition.

Might of Thoughts xi
Interwoven in Billy's German spiritual teaching texts is an evolution-CODE. The code releases impulses from the storage-banks which reach the reader and begin to work evolutively in him or her... The German language originated from the Old-Lyrian and, interestingly, has the same amount of characters per word.

Glossary of German Words Used in Might of Thoughts

Might of Thoughts xvi and xvii
Overall Consciousness-block
Is the storage bank in the other world created by the spirit form. It is the place where the consciousness-block is dissolved and another one built up.
Page vxii
impulsation: translation for the German, Regung, According to Billy, a "regung" is an impulsation. Impulsating or impulsation are new words, with the meaning; something goes in, something develops. There are various forms of Regungen, such as thought-Regungen, feeling-Regungen, and so on.


Originally this book was an article for something called the Voice of the Aquarian Age then it was decided that it would become a brochure because of the length. Eventually, the decision was made to make it into a book. However, this writing first appeared as a brochure. This book is about the correct operation of our thoughts, which is indispensable for the needed evolution of our consciousness.

Page xxi
He or she can no longer hide the evolution of our consciousness under a bushel and regard it as a luxury.

Compare the Evolution of the Consciousness to a Tree

Page xxi
One could compare the evolution of the consciousness to a tree, whereby the visible part - namely the trunk and the crown - embodies the external realm of life, while the roots symbolise the inner realm.

So we have an external visible aspect to ourselves as well as an internal aspect. The Meier information emphasis the idea of balance.

Page xxi
If the external and internal growth is in balance, then we have a firmly rooted tree which withstands the wind and weather. But if an imbalance emerges between the inner and outer, then the tree collapses in stormy weather, because the roots are laid out too flat.

An imbalance is a lack of proportion or relation between corresponding things.

In botany, a tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in most species. Trees have been in existence on the Earth for 370 million years. Trees play a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate. The roots of a tree serve to anchor it to the ground and gather water and nutrients to transfer to all parts of the tree. It has been demonstrated that some trees are interconnected through their root system, forming a colony. A transverse section through a tree trunk or a horizontal core will show concentric circles - tree rings. These rings are the annual growth rings. The universe also has concentric circles or rings that are referred to as belts. We live in the material belt of our universe.

Videos About Trees

Studying Cypress Trees, The Climate Detective - Texas Parks and Wildlife - From studying the rings of Texas Cypress Trees that can determine how often there have been droughts in the past.

Page xxi
Profound thoughts about life and and existence have become a rarity.

In Contact 228 the belts of our universe are discussed as follows
, they have no idea that the visible universe is only one of seven belts of the universe. They have no idea at all about the belt of our material universe, in which we exist materially, while on the inner side and the outer side of our visible, material-universe belt yet six further fine-matter belts exist.

A Human Kind That is Ill in its Consciousness

Elizabeth Moosbrugger
So the book which lies before you is dedicated to a human kind that is ill in its consciousness, so that it finds again the creational-natural way which it lost long ago.

In 1991 Billy and Elizabeth Moosbrugger view a Fantastic Spectacle which is mentioned in Contact Report 239. They saw three disk shaped UFOs that were each 300 meters in diameter. They exhibited a pulsating and rightward rotating motion of whitish color. They were three large spaceships from the neighboring DAL Universe. The ships were on an exploration and research flight in our Universe, whereby they also inspected the Semjase Silver Star Center.

FIGU Bulletin 56"
An ancient proverb states: "Everyone is the smith of his own success/luck/happiness" ["Everyone is the architect of his own fortune" / "You make your luck"]

Thinking independently

Page xxi
However, an evolution of the consciousness can only come about through the independent thinking of each human being. But thinking is more and more stunted on our planet because we live in a consumer society in which every-thing is pre-chewed to an excessive degree by television, radio, newspapers, magazines and books, for which reason the human being no longer needs to think for himself/herself at all. As a rule, he/she faithfully, takes on the presented body of thought and aligns his/her life accordingly. So in the great mass, there are only foew who really have their own thoughts about that which they hear, see, read, feel and perceive.

Its hard to imagine that we actually live in society where independent thinking is rare. Independent thinking leads to the evolution of the consciousness. But today people are told how they should think. They are told by the media, by churches, by organizations of various kinds what they should think. Thought is an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. Thought is the process of using one's mind to consider or reason about something.

Supporting Videos
Daily Life Motivation #123 - Think Independently
Dumbing Down America Mass Media Programming

So people do not think independently anymore and therefore, there is not an evolution of the consciousness. Evolution any process of formation or growth; development: Evolution a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structure or institutions. Evolution means a progression.

A refutation of false claims and distortions by Korff, Deardorff, James, Internet, January 1996
One also needs to ask, Would the writer of Matthew have had reason to omit the word "logic" or sentences that express the concept, when editing the TJ and forming his gospel from it? The answer to this question is also affirmative. Consistent with other alterations that the compiler of Matthew is deduced to have made to the TJ, he is seen to have omitted TJ teachings that encourage the reader or listener to think for himself. This was apparently because followers of the new religion were supposed to obey the teachings of the church and its priests and scribes rather than to think independently. And if one uses logic, one is thinking independently for oneself.

Later on the Might of the Thoughts will explain how faith short circuits logic. Here is some more information that Asket gave Billy about how we here on the earth cannot think independently and cannot cope with the truth.

Askets Explanations Part 5
The human is still not capable of coping with, and fully understanding, the truth. And he is not yet mature enough to know his future and to approach it correctly. For that reason the truth must be rewritten prophetically for him, as in equations, in order to make him think independently, whereby he slowly finds and recognises the truth himself.

Ausartung means to get very bad get-out of the control of the good human nature. On its own negative thinking leads to Ausartung just as much as purely positive thinking does. The neutral postive equalised mode of thinking is needed to repair the psyche. The might of the thinking is every human beings key to his/her personal power in all things. The human being has to learn to stop doing things which he/she does not want to do in his/her life but which he/she does without knowing why. Many human beings nurture wish-dreams; those which do come to fruition. That which the human being mightfully thinks, manifests for him/her. A plant sprouts from a seed and can therefore not come into existence without it. Everything springs forth from the might of the human being's thoughts.

Here is a great movie it is called Reincarnation and the Spirit-form by Michael Uyttebroek of FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada. There are some additional notes associated with this movie (see The Spirit Form). Each spirit form creates the Overall Consciousness-block in the spiritual realm. The Overall Consciousness-block creates the consciousness-block associated with each material lifetime. Here are some interesting posts some of which relate to the current topic.

See Afterlife
It's the spirit form and the "comprehensive consciousness block" (Gesamtbewusstseinsblock) that enter the Beyond. The spirit form and the comprehensive consciousness block "analyses/reviews" ( = aufarbeiten) what has not been digested/assimilated prior to death. Love, wisdom etc. are transformed into a fine-matter form. The former personality is dissolved and transformed into neutral energy. Then a new personality is "worked out"/developed which incarnates - together with the spirit form - into an embryo at the 21st day after conception. The new personality has nothing in common with the former one!

Page 2
All of the human being's might is anchored in his/her thoughts.

Page 2
so that they begin to live according to the old saying which says, "The human being is the forger of his/her own fortune.

Billy goes on to say that children are included in this statement. Both the young and the old. He also mentions that pain, suffering, afflication and disadvantage occur because of the lack of understanding related to the power of the thoughts.

Page 2
"The human being is the forger of his/her own fortune." and , indeed, in the form that the human being forms his/her luck by means of his/her thoughts, in each case according to how he/she choses them and reinforces them.

Page 2
...the external circumstances of life and the way through life...

Billy is refering to the having the ability to affect the external circumstances...

Page 4
However, thoughts must be neither purely negative nor purely positive, but equalised; indeed, neutral-positive equalised.

Page 4
Neutral-positive equalised thinking therefore means that both positive and negative must be brought together and equalized, whereby a healthy and progressive thinking arises. On its own, negative thinking leads to Ausartung just as much as purely positive thinking does.

Page 16
he/she is the creator of his/her own morality, character and entire personality. Along with that, he/she is the also the creator of the state of his/her own psyche and is the smith of his/her entire life circumstances, environment and entire destiny.

The Psyche is the block or factor which controls that thoughts and the feelings associated to the material consciousness. The power of the material consciousness is not really appreciated today; infact, even such things as the Stigmatization that people experience really come from their own material consciousness.

We really do create our life circumstances, our environment, destiny, our personality.

The Garden Analogy

Page 20
Since ancient times, the saying has prevailed, that those who make efforts regarding a matter actually will also harvest results.

Page 20
The human being must make the effort to clarify his/her thoughts which then become more valuable, purposive and productive, and form life in a more harmonious and more equalised way. Yet everything needs patience and practice, as well as an unremitting effort, because only thereby can the door to real knowledge be found and opened...

To clarify means to make (a statement or situation) less confused and more clearly comprehensible.

To clarify means to make clear or easier to understand; To clear of confusion or uncertainty:

To clarify means to make (an idea, statement, etc.) clear or intelligible; to free from ambiguity.

The word confusion means a lack of understanding; uncertainty. Confusion comes from the Latin confusio and meant to pour together, to mingle together; So with confusion the boundary between things are lost and the distinctions between things are lost. Our thoughts become more purposive having, showing, or acting with a purpose, intention, or design. When those thoughts are clarified.

For me the clarification of my thoughts come when I go back over things again and again. Klarung is the German word for clarification. We should practice clarifying our thoughts.

Eliminate Impure Thoughts Page 22
All wrong useless, negative and impure thoughts are eliminated in order to obtain the necessary space for the useful, pure, neutral-positive-equalised right and cultivated thoughts.

Jmmanuel's Final Teachings

In regards to the impure Jmmanuel wrote the following in his final teachings : "Truly, I say to you, a love that is unlimited, constant and unfailing is unconditional and is a pure love, in whose fire all that is impure and evil will burn.

Everything human within human beings must die, but everything of Creation within them must rise and embrace Creation

"Everything humans possess has its origin in Creation; therefore it belongs to Creation

"Human beings shall transform their entire spiritual lives and perfect them, so that they will become one with Creation

He/she is master of his/her own psychical state Page 22
He/she discovers that he/she is master of his/her pwn psychical state, and that he himself/she herself is responsible for whether the psyche influences the life in state of turmoil and imbalance, or in a state of harmony and equalisedness.

Psyche is the name for the half-material block and factor, which, in the material body of a form of life - in this case, the human - organises and administers, within itself, in a negative or positive sequence, the thoughts and feelings of the material consciousness

The material consciousness is the human brain, the cerebrum (big brain), - The direct - It personifies the force in human in which all functions of decision-making, all thought-processes, considerations and deliberations and also speculations, etc, etc are executed, so thus actual thinking.

The Psyche arranges the thoughts.

When a human being starts a garden is started it is certain that some form of plant will be produced in it, regardless of whether the piece of land is cultivated and tended or is grossly neglected.

The consciousness is like a garden and if it is not correctly maintained there will be wildly growing, negative thoughts which have a confusing and destructive effect. These wildly growing thoughts are much like the destructive weeds that appear in our gardens.

Once animated and created, then they develop their own life, exactly as with plants. The human being gathers the sweet as well as the bitter fruits of his or her own thoughts. When a human being starts a garden, then it is certain that some form of plant life will be produced in it. If negative thoughts are allowed to grow in our consciousness, then they proliferate luxuriously like wildly growing weeds which displace everything. If useful seeds are sown then good and healthy plants / thoughts grow in our consciousness.

Might of Thoughts page 26
Whoever has negative thoughts will soon allow himself to be controlled by them.

Negative Repeating Thoughts

But the reason that psychically disturbed human beings of all kinds only see black in black and, therefore, negatively, is that their perceptional ability is very limited. whereby the world of thoughts also inevitable falls prey to a limitation, and is only able to move in a narrow framework which only allows the limited and negative perceptions. The thoughts are thereby forced into a cycle in which the same thoughts and themes of thoughts appear over and over again, whereby a rotation of the thoughts is practically called forth. And once such a rotation of the thoughts has begun to operate then the human being who is controlled by it is barely able to free himself/herself from it any more if he/she does not his/her world of thoughts in a positive wise again, and does not broaden his field of perception again.

Only to quickly it can happen that the capacity for perception is impaired through negative and wrong thoughts, and, in certain respects, a delusional state is called forth. As a matter of fact, the border between normality and being delusional is blurred; consequently, genius and madness can merge unnoticeably.

Every human being... can fall prey at any time to insanity, to delusion, or simply to a psychical disorder or psychical illness.

Might of Thoughts page 28
Consequently, the human being is shaken and knocked about by the circumstances of his/her life as long as he/she believes himself/herself to be a helpless created creation of external conditions and influences.

A circumstance is the existing conditions or state of affairs surrounding and affecting an agent: Examples of conditions would include a state of being,a state of health or a social position.

Might of Thoughts page 28
He/She actually becomes the lord and master of himself/herself and his/her entire life. Every human being who practises self-cognition and takes up self-examination and lets appropriate self-control grow, learns this fact.

Self-cognition would be knowing oneself.

Might of Thoughts page 32
That which the human being thinks he makes real...
Good and positive thoughts must be tended and nurtured...
The human being should have a good positive opinion of himself/herself...

Nurture Neutral Positive Thoughts

Nurture means to feed and protect. Nurture can also mean to support and encourage, as during the period of training or development; foster: It means to bring up; train; educate; As a noun nurture is the act or process of promoting the development, etc, of a child. c.1300, "breeding, upbringing," from Old French norture, nourreture "food, nourishment; education, training". Actually one of the words that came up for nurture in the German was to cherish. I like the idea of cherishing healthy, good thoughts. To cherish means to hold (something) dear.

Might of Thoughts page 32
If a human beings becomes a criminal, a felon, a miser, depraved ,virtueless, jealous, vengeful or a hater, and so forth, then he/she has already maintained the corresponding thoughts in his/her consciousness for a long time...

Might of Thoughts page 32
He / She never ends in the gutter because of some kind of tyranny.

The Thinking of the Fetus

Might of Thoughts page 36
Thus, at birth, when there are basic characteristics already present, then these were already formed with the development of the human being in the womb, simply through the might of the thoughts of the developing human being.

The Fetus in human development, a fetus is a prenatal human between its embryonic state and its birth. The fetal stage of development tends to be taken as beginning at the gestational age of eleven weeks, i.e. nine weeks after fertilization. Since the spirit form enters the womb at 21 days, I wonder if the human embryo might even have some form of thinking before it enters the fetal stage. So could the developing human be thinking even before nine weeks, its an incredible notion?

The embryo is generally considered to be between the first and the eighth week of development after fertilization. In Contact 200 Billy mentions the fetus becomes animated in the womb through the spirit form. Quetzal mentions that the idea of Mary’s Immaculate Conception was incorrect; however, he mentions that this idea came about in 1857 (see line 8 Contact 200). Which I thought was much later and that this idea probably came about sooner. In fact in earlier times the church thought that the fetus was "inanimate” up to 80 days after the conception. (see line 10 Contact 200). Quetzal goes on to mention that the fetus, which some might argue is technically still an embryo, recieves the human spirit at 21 days (see line 13 Contact 200).

In Contact Report 260 line 72-75 it states that the fetus feels pain by the 12th week or by the 3rd month. Contact Report 260 also states that at 21 days, when the spirit form enters that the heart starts to beat and our scientists cannot fathom that for some reason. Just as a side note I would like to mention that the consciousness of the child is damaged by radiation something that is mentioned in FIGU_Bulletin_006.

Might of Thoughts page 36
As a matter of fact, thoughts pertaining to profound learning and the forming of personality, as well as the forming of morality and the psyche and the basic character are, namely, already maintained by the developing human being in the womb.

Supporting Videos

DISCOVERY CHANNEL;The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy - Here is an interesting movie that talks about the development of the human being in the womb.

Another interesting thing to take into consideration is that there is something called the energy-fetus in creation. This energy-fetus is mentioned in Contact 134 at line 176 and is called the tiny core of creation in which the bing bang developed.

Might of Thoughts page 36
The human being attracts that which he/she is

Billy has a book called Arahat Athersata and an excerpt from that book can be found at the Arahat Athersata on the future of mankind site. The Arahat Athersata is also the first level (or plane) where dwell the pure spirit forms. It takes a spirit 60 to 80 billion years to evolve into this pure spirit form. It is also the name of a book transcribed by Billy Meier that contains advice to the Earth human from pure spirit forms on the Arahat Athersata plane. Arahat Athersata means "The Precious One Who Contemplates the Times". The Time for human evolution is explained by the following

  • We spent 40 to 60 millions years reincarnating into a material body
  • We spend 60 to 80 billion years reincarnating into a half-spiritual / half material body
  • I am assuming that there is still the death and re-incarnation cycle during these 60 to 80 billion years.
  • After 60 to 80 billion years in the half material form then we enter into the true spiritual planes called Arahat Athersata.
After 60 to 80 billion years, the half-spirit form—the half-material form respectively—transforms itself into the first pure spirit form and enters the level of Arahat Athersata.

People live in such lofty spheres in the half material forms that we can no longer communicate with them. This is explained a little more detail in Contact Report 3.

Arahat Athersata
Correct thinking and knowledge is such a monstrous power that it is able to ceaselessly attract and bring into being everything that the human thinks and longs for.

Might of Thoughts page 36
God is he/she that forms the human beings destiny - and this God is the inner self from which the thoughts, with might are created... Therefore, the human being himself/herself creates, through the might of his/her thoughts, every one of his/her states, regardless of whether it is a state of actual inner freedom, or a negative state of inner imprisonment.

Wishes and prayers

Might of Thoughts page 38
Wishes and prayers are never petitions to a god or saint, rather they are thoughts generated by oneself which are fed back - out of the consciousness and inner self - to one's own consciousness and inner self, to thereby create fulfillment.

This is the original prayer created by Henoch.

Mein Geist, der du bist in Allmacht.
Dein Name sei geheiligt.
Dein Reich inkarniere sich in mir.
Deine Kraft entfalte sich in mir auf Erden und in den Himmeln.
Mein tägliches Brot gib mir heute, so ich erkenne meine Schuld und ich erkenne die Wahrheit.
Und führe mich nicht in Versuchung, nicht in Verwirrung, sondern erlöse mich vom Irrtum.
Denn dein ist das Reich und die Kraft und das Wissen in Ewigkeit.

  1. My spirit, you are all-mighty.
  2. Your name shall be honoured.
  3. Your realm shall open (incarnate) within me.
  4. Your might (might of the consciousness) shall unfold within me, on earths and in universes.
  5. Give me my daily bread (love, wisdom) today so I recognise my responsibility and I recognise the truth.
  6. And do not throw me into confusion and delusion, but release me from my misunderstanding.
  7. For the realm, the power (power of knowledge) and the knowledge within me are yours in eternity.

This prayer is not directed to the spirit form, but to the human being's material consciousness block, because that's where all the work concerning the conscious evolution of the human being is done. In old times there was only one expression for the material consciousness block and the spiritual consciousness block (spirit form) of the human being and this expression was "spirit."

These are some of the prayers of Nokodemion

  1. My spirit, you are all-knowing, all-capable, all-wise, all-truthly and all-loving in me, your name shall be honoured.
  1. Mein Geist, der du allwissend, allkönnend, allweise, allwahrheitlich und allliebend in mir bist, dein Name sei geheiligt.

Might of Thoughts page 44
The thinking is imprisoned by the addiction and rotates around it in an everlasting circle, which has no end...

Addiction Including Addiction to World Domination

Addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. Health, finances, relationships, and careers can be ruined. The abuse of drugs and alcohol is by far the leading cause of preventable illnesses and premature death in our society.

  1. Addiction of World Domination
  2. One of the addictions that is talked about in the Meier writings is an addiction to world domination. This is an addiction that is not so common; however, there are certain powerful groups in the world that are now attempting to bring about a world domination. The following are some of the groups that the Meier information says are trying to attain world domination.
    1. The Dark Order is the name used in the Goblet of Truth.
    2. Goblet of Truth LXIX Page 69 of 679 Even the powerful ones of the economy are feeling the might and obeying the evil laws of the dark order which is spreading its dangerous and fatal poison of hatred everywhere, into everything and against everyone who does not share the same opinion as the dark might.

      The Dark Order is called a mighty organzation that comes out of our governing class. It is also called the Secret Order of Darkness and it has its own set of laws. Its goals are obtaining the following:

      1. Mastery over the entire earth.
      2. Mastery over humanity.
      3. Attaining money and power.
      4. Spreading hatred.

    3. Jewish Zionists are mentioned in Askets Explanations part 1 line 131.

      Zionism is a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel

    4. Ron Hubbard and certain Christians sects are mentioned in Askets Explanations part 1 line 131.
    5. Ron Hubbard was an American author and the founder of the Church of Scientology. After establishing a career as a writer, becoming best known for his science fiction and fantasy stories, he developed a system called Dianetics. People who have a attained a certain level in Dianetics are said to be a Clear and a person named Sonya Bianca was just such a person, she claimed to have perfect recall.

      U-Tube Films about Ron Hubbard

      Hubbard publicly demonstrates a Clear Fails utterly

  3. Addiction to Your Own Desires

    Goblet of Truth Page 371 (445 of 679)
    This love for yourselves as people of your kind (self-love) is not the same as ego-love (egoism) which is as a vice (pathological craving/self-addiction) addicted in mercilessness (ruthlessness) to its own desires (urges/drives/penchants);

    The Meier information talks about a true self-love which is the unfolding (evolution) of the inner world (consciousness), the world of thoughts and feelings. In the article called In_Praise_of_Love,_Truth_and_Wisdom states that true love, truth and wisdom, can be obtained simply through the power of clear and reasonable thinking. When something is reasonable it is appropriate or fair; moderate. Reasonableness can refer to sound judgment; Something that is sensible.

  4. Drug Addiction

    Goblet of Truth LXV (65 of 679)
    others still will increasingly turn to drugs which have been partially legalised through the irrationality of those in power because they are too stupid to recognise the danger of drug addiction and its consequences, or because they themselves are profiting from the drug trade.

    The Might of Thoughts on page 42 talks about a man that is wealthy and has become addicted to expensive drinks and eventually becomes an alcoholic. Eventually this rich person would be willing to give half of his wealth to become free of his addiction. This man has pandered to his weakness and has given full expression to his addiction.

    Might of Thoughts Page 42
    His/Her wrong thinking, wrong wishes, hopes and actions, attract ever worsening circumstances and situations...
    his/her wrong thoughts are only directed at the fulfillment of his/her vice.

    Might of Thoughts Page 44
    The thinking is imprisoned by he addiction and rotates around it - in an everlasting circle, which has no end. For the liberation from the vice, thinking would have to be reversed.

Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. The two properties that characterize all addictive stimuli are that they are (positively) reinforcing (i.e., they increase the likelihood that a person will seek repeated exposure to them) and intrinsically rewarding (i.e., they activate the brain's "reward pathways", and are therefore perceived as being something positive or desirable). The most important reward pathway in the brain is the mesolimbic dopamine system. This circuit (VTA-NAc) is a key detector of a rewarding stimulus. Under normal conditions, the circuit controls an individual's responses to natural rewards, such as food, sex, and social interactions, and is therefore an important determinant of motivation and incentive drive.

Unconscious Thoughts

Might of Thoughts page 44
However, the rule is that the human being does not think consciously but largely unconsciously... Consequently, the human being is also almost always the unconscious cause of those circumstances in which he/she lives.

The unconscious is the part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but that affects behavior and emotions... The unconscious mind (or the unconscious) consists of the processes in the mind that occur automatically and are not available to introspection...

So our unconscious has the ability to actually cause the circumstances in our lives. Empirical evidence suggests that unconscious phenomena include repressed feelings, automatic skills, subliminal perceptions, thoughts, habits, and automatic reactions, and possibly also complexes, hidden phobias and desires.

Might of Thoughts page 44
And furthermore, it is a fact that while the human beings wants the good and the positive, he/she constantly prevents exactly the achievement of the good and the positive, because, through wrongly steered thoughts, the human being beings maintains wishes, hopes, and yearnings which in no wise agree with the good and the positive, and therefore do not harmonize with them.

So we have hopes and yearnings that sometimes do not agree with the good and positive. A yearning is a feeling of intense longing for something. A persistent, often melancholy desire; a longing: a yearning for romance and adventure. So perhaps sometimes these kinds of yearnings are not healthy. We have to constantly be looking at our own thoughts and evaluating them. Here is a good video that talks about the unconsciousness Pure Science Specials - Automatic Brain: The Magic of the Unconscious Mind

Might of Thoughts page 52 The Law of Harmony
As a rule, suffering is always an effect of some form of wrong thinking if the suffering related to negative, bad or evil outcomes. In this form, incidents of suffering are indicators that the law of harmony is disregarded and broken and that one is there not living according to the law of BEING, which is directed at progress, love, peace, knowledge wisdom, joy and true inner freedom.

Might of Thoughts page 52 Purification
This means that everything which is useless, wrong and unclean must be burnt out and eliminated from the thoughts... All impurities must first be burnt out of it. And before a human beings Wesen can be pure and luminous, it must also first be cleansed of all impurity.

Might of Thoughts page 52 Self created suffering
Self-created suffering is only ended when the human being - in his/her thoughts - are pure, enlightened and neutral postive equalised, and his/her thoughts - is pure, enlightened and neutral-positive-equalised, and his/her thoughts can come to fruition in this form through their might.

So it is quite clear, that if the positive and the negative part of ‹a thing› is equalised, then harmony exists. Wrong thoughts result in self-created suffering.

Goblet 22:13
It is necessary that you live in ample harmony with the powers that are in you and around you, as well as with the disharmonious powers that stand in contradiction to them, since everything is built up on contrarinesses and therefore always both poles, positive and negative must be taken into consideration and included in the efficacy of the equalisation, for which there is no middle way.

Might of Thoughts page 58
Ones own thoughts can be controlled and maintained along the right paths, so that at least inner freedom and harmony, and so forth, is obtained or acquired...

Self Control and the unconscious

Some of the Synonyms for harmony include concord, unity, peace, amity, friendship. So if we have an inner harmony its a good possibility that we are maintaining the neutral postive thinking. Something which is neutral is said to be not helping or supporting either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial. Billy talks about neutral as being balanced between the negative and the positive.

Interview with Billy 1988
The self-control one possesses must be self-evident and can only be gained through arduous self-scrutiny, where every iota of one's thoughts is kept completely safe and under control, regardless of outside influences. One must not allow even the minutest negative vibration of thought and emotion to radiate or become noticeable to others in any way. A totally neutral, unbiased attitude towards all forms of life at all times must be achieved, which, ultimately, becomes one's second nature...

Arduous means requiring great exertion; laborious; difficult: So controlling our thoughts and making sure that they are neutral positive takes some level of effort.

Might of Thoughts page 72
The term cognition is a collective term for all processes, manifestations and structures which are associated with the conscious and unconscious perception of anything.

One of the important things to take notice of here is that we perceive things in an unconscious manner. Preconscious processes there play a very important role.

Might of Thoughts page 72
Unconscious processes of perception run their course, through which the psyche is likewise influenced and directed.

In psychoanalysis, preconscious are the thoughts which are unconscious at the particular moment in question, but which are not repressed and are therefore available for recall and easily 'capable of becoming conscious'

Might of Thoughts page 74
Unconscious processes of perception run their course, through which the psyche is likewise influenced and directed.

Might of Thoughts page 74
Unconscious thought processes create unconscious feelings.

Stigmatization and delusional visions can be caused by unconscious processes. Stigmatization -- The Wounds of Christ seem to also in part by caused by unconscious phenomenon. The stigmatization phenomenon, during which the wounds of Christ materialize as bleeding wounds on the back and palms of the persons' hands, as well as their loins, insteps, possibly also on their forehead, the head (from the crown of thorns) or on their backs (traces from flagellations), is a form of religious-sectarian manifestations of self-flagellation based on a psychogenic effect.

Unconscious thoughts and feelings can determine if we become healthy or sick.

Might of Thoughts page 80
But the reason that psychically disturbed human beings of all kinds only see black in black and, therefore, negatively, is that their perceptional ability is very limited, whereby the world of thoughts also inevitablely falls prey to a limitation, and is only able to move in a narrow framework, and indeed in a framework which only allows the limited and negative perceptions. The thoughts are thereby forced into a cycle in which the same thoughts and themes of thoughts appear again and again, whereby a rotation of the thoughts is practically called forth. And once such a rotation has begun to operate then the human being who is controlled by it is is barely able to free himself/herself from it any more...

Might of Thoughts page 82
So, emotions are therefore able to create thoughts throught which particular feelings are created

Might of Thoughts page 82
Emotions can create thoughts and thoughts can create feelings.

So when emotions are creating thoughts another kind of cycle starts. Unconscious thinking is especially dangerous for the psyche. So our cognitive process entails much more complexity than just conscious thinking.


Emotion is, in everyday speech, a person's state of feeling in the sense of an affect. Scientific discourse has drifted to other meanings and there is no consensus on a definition. This is a huge statement because science has not even yet been able to define emotions. The physiology of emotion is closely linked to arousal of the nervous system. The Meier information says that emotions are lightning fast reactions to some sort of factor in the body or the environment. Both Anger and Rage are considered emotions. Billy has several very interesting articles on anger.

One of Billy's articles on anger is called Anger and Rage. Billy says that anger and rage are not the same thing. If you try to fight rage with rage then it can lead to very devastating results.

Anger and Rage Article
Due to ununderstanding, popularly, anger and rage are often put on the same level as each other, however, it thereby concerns two fundamentally different factors, which also have different manifestations and effects.

During the emergence of the rage the thoughts and their feelings get out of control and the emotions are allowed to run free. Perhaps, that is one difference between rage and anger. In rage perhaps the emotions do run free. Rage then must be met with love and feeling for others as well as with kind-heartedness, dignity and peaceableness. An adequate high regard for the rights of the fellow human being can help to combat anger. Rage is sometimes defined as violent, uncontrollable anger. The non-use of the intellect can lead to rage.

Anger and Rage Article
By definition, anger is a violent, uncontained outburst - leading right up to a fury - of uncontrolled, wild thoughts and their feelings as well as the emotions.

Anger and rage can lead to the loss of discernment. Discernment is the the ability to judge well. Discernment means to recognize or perceive clearly. It is dangerous when we lose our discernment.

Anger and Rage Article
Exactly through anger and rage the human being loses one of his/her best, and naturally given abilities; namely his/her healthy discernment.

Here is another great article about Anger it is called Anger Harms the Liver by Mariann Uehlinger Mondria, Switzerland . Protecting our psyche by neither retreating into one's shell nor shouting in anger isn’t easy at all. The trigger for our anger is within ourselves. The degenerated negative frequencies which we send out by our mental block, when angrily shouting, are really toxic for our cells. Our hepatocytes (liver cells) are affected in such a way that they degenerate and cancer cells are built. There is a word that sometimes defines those that are angry. Intransigence means refusing to compromise or agree; inflexibility and sometimes is associated with anger. We want to prevent anger, meaning neither swallowing it nor letting it out, but not allowing it to develop at all – as is right and proper for a real human being.

Might of Thoughts page 82
Emotions are reactions

Might of Thoughts page 82
Emotions are able to create thoughts

Might of Thoughts page 82
Feelings occur because of thoughts

Might of Thoughts page 84
Emotions arise spontanously and are hard to bring under control by thoughts.

Examples of states of excitation include crying and laughter

Might of Thoughts page 84
Emotions arise so quickly that they are noticable before we detect them.

Might of Thoughts page 84
Emotions cannot be steered.

Might of Thoughts page 86
Emotions are reflexive, spontaneous manifestations, while feelings, in every case, emerge slowly and are formed by the world of thoughts.

Might of Thoughts page 90
There are still many other effects which likewise have important significance in regard to unconscious cognitive processing:

  1. alcoholism
  2. desires
  3. gender
  4. state of health
  5. fitness of body, psyche and consciousness

Might of Thoughts page 92
Unconscious, subliminal perceptions are absolutely present with every human being.

Might of Thoughts page 92
Therefore, in each case, the particular unconscious state very strongly determines the emergence, and the kind and wise as well as the intensity, of the feelings which are called forth and formed through conscious and unconscious thoughts.

The unconscious mind (or the unconscious) consists of the processes in the mind that occur automatically and are not available to introspection, and include thought processes, memory, affect, and motivation. When something is automatic it is working by itself with little or no direct human control. Intropspection is the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes. So unfortunately we cannot have introspection on the unconscious mind; however, I think it might be helpful to be aware that there are automatic processes that go on in terms of our thoughts. It is also important to be aware that these unconscious thoughts can be extremely powerful.

Depressions are caused by the flattening of feelings...

Unconscious or conscious negative thinking produces the flattening of feelings that lead to depressions. (Page 102)

Might of Thoughts Page 102
Depressions are based on acquired flattened feelings, which unambiguously, and without any doubt, are determined by a conscious or unsconscious negative thinking. If negative thinking occurs, and stabilises or deepens, then it is unavoidable, and there is no chance that positive thinking can still come about.

Positive thoughts must be learnt, and indeed by every human being, because they are not simply given to anyone.

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings. I speculate that the flattening of feelings means the removal of any highs.

Strong thoughts which are imprinted with feelings have, for the human beings who live with them, a profound and existential significance , because such structures of thought are not seldom extremely stubborn and can only be influenced with great difficulty.

With them, unconscious thoughts and feelings generate unconscious or conscious psychical or physical reactions,

Future of Mankind Unconsciousness
The Unconscious can be comparatively understood as something like say a ‘secretary’ or clerical assistant, coming before the Consciousness in the chain of information processing. Which autonomously takes in and sorts incoming Impulses and Perceptions i.e. facts. After or post which it provides the ‘preprocessing’ in a corresponding form, before the whole is then consequentially passed on to the conscious-of-itself material-consciousness.

Its interesting that science has not come to agreement to actually what thought is. Strong thoughts that are imprinted with feelings have, for the human beings who live with them, a profound and existential significance, because such structures of thought are seldom extremely stubborn, and can only be influenced with great difficulty.

Structure means the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.

I really thought it was interesting the way that Billy used the word structures of thoughts. A structure is an arrangement and organization of interrelated elements in a material object or system. These structures can have relationships like the one to many relationship.

So how does the unconscious mind affect us?

  1. We can become deceivers of ourselves. In Askets Explanations Part 1 - It describes (Reinhold) Schmidt who was deceived by the Giza Intelligences; however, he ultimately deceived himself as well. In line 202 it states: Thereby such an Earth human will become an unconscious deceiver of himself and of all those who believe his explanations. Asket also said that George Adamski was lying about his experiences. Asket in decribing George Adamski said that he carries out various deceitful manipulations quite consciously. Where as Reinhold Schmidt was deceived by the Giza Intelligences and he also deceived himself.

  2. The unconscious mind can affect the human body in FIGU bulletin 3 stigmatization is mentioned. Religious delusions can be transfered even into the unconscious mind. So these wounds that appear one people who are subject to the stigmata are induced partially through unconscious processes. The same is true in cases of alleged alien abductions. In FIGU Bulletin 7 it talks about wounds from alleged ET examinationations that are actually produced by peoples unconscious minds. FIGU Bulletin 7 states - Such individuals produce these wounds unconsciously, through their own mental powers, when their brains are exposed to the large sub-consciousness composite of a particular human mass

    Movie on Stigmata - Stigmata: Wounds Of Mystery TV Documentary This movie really shows the incredible power of the human mind. Because these wounds are actually self inflicted unconscious wounds. One case is a man named Georgio Bon Giovanni from Italy. Who actually has wounds that take on the shape of a cross that appear on his forehead. Its interesting that his wounds appeared first when he was visiting a shrine in Fatima Portugal in 1989. He actually weeps tears of blood and often bleeds once a week.

    The most shocking case is the woman called Teresa Neumann who lived in the village of Konnersreuth in Bavaria, Germany. You can actually see the blood flowing from this womans eyes as she sits in her bed in a trace. This is a true testimony to the incredible power of the human mind. Teresa would bleed on most Fridays. She is said to have survived for years only on the little wafers used in communion and sometimes she would speak in the ancient Aramaic.

Might of Thoughts page 106
Feelings represent primary processes in the carrying out of life, which is why they must not be stifled or eliminated in any form... They must never be foreced with Gewalt, or be fought and elimated. But the difference between feelings and emotion is easy to recognise for every human being if he/she directs his/her attention to them: emotions, namely, come suddenly like lightning, surging, exciting and uncontrollable, whereby they are often only of short duration. However, feelings manifest slowly and then are associated witha preceding thought-process, quite in contrast to emotions, which are not preceded by thought-process, quite in contrast to emotions, which are not preceeded by any thoughts.

Might of Thoughts page 108
Exclusively conscious or unconscious thinking is responsible for the creation of feelings.

Automatic Thoughts

One of the biggest problems that we face is problem-causing thoughts that function somewhat automatically. We tend to narrow our frame of reference and focus on these thoughts over and over again. So we need to learn to break that cycle of automatic thought and recognize when we fall pray to these thoughts which generate feelings that harm our minds. Billy puts in this way on page 120 of the Might of Thoughts.

Might of Thoughts page 112
Manipulation of natural state of the thoughts and feelings must never be attempted by thinking and feeling purely positive.

Might of Thoughts page 120
Problem-causing thoughts- and the evaluations and feelings which arise from them - which are unconsciously tended and nurtured, and which operate automatically and throw the psyche into turmoil, It is these automatic thoughts which are the crucial point, because it is through them that the feelings are disturbed and thereby also the psyche.

So one thing that you can do is check when your feelings are getting disturbed. Because these disturbing feelings are a sign that you have entered into a kind of thinking that is not good for the psyche. Each time these repeating thoughts move through the mind they generate more disturbing feelings. So we have to break this pattern of uncontrolled automatic thoughts. This can be done thought meditation, focusing on something else, listening to music and going out into nature.

These problem causing thoughts tend to become a bad habit that we repeat over and over again. These thoughts create a distortion of reality and can lead to depression. We can start thinking about these problems unconsciously. We all have problems in our life that can generate this kind of automatic unconscious thinking. We need to examine which conscious or unconscious attitudes are causing our behavoir. This is challenging because the conscious or unconscious ideals are not always immediately recognized. Sometimes it can be helpful to even create a diary of thoughts and feelings. Some of these unconscious thoughts can actually move to the conscious mind. We need to develop a kind of systematic self-observation.

These problematic thoughts can lead to distortions of reality. However, as a rule, these problematic thoughts and feelings are mostly of an unconscious nature.

Might of Thoughts page 138
The circumstances from which suffering grows in the human being are the product of the might of his/her thoughts and thereby also the product of his/her own mental disharmony...

Harmony is a relationship characterized by a lack of conflict or by agreement, as of opinion or interest. A relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another: An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole: Harmony of thoughts and feelings leads to to joy and enjoyment. We should stop rebelling against circumstances that are against one's own views. Difficult circumstances can lead us to discover hidden powers in ourselves

Thoughts and Circumstances of Life

Might of Thoughts page 142
Lower thoughts form lower feelings, lower habits and lower circumstances, such as alcoholism, hate, afflication, resentment, sorrow, grief, bitterness, errors of judgment, and so forth - and many kinds of suffering. If one's thoughts are destructive, then they crystallise into confusing and exhausting habits and circumstances, which when the human being is afflicted by them is no longer able to control.

A habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously.

Thoughts Crystallise Into Circumstances

When something begins to crystallise it becomes more definite and clear. When something starts to crystallise it is made free from confusion or ambiguity. So destructive or healthy thoughts can crystallise into negative or positive circumstances. This process can occur unconsciously, and the circumstances arize and harden into failure.

Health and Thoughts

Consciousness determines its own health in intelligent and rational form, by means of the might of its thoughts. But it furthermore also extensively determines the health of the body or its decline.

Might of Thoughts page 150
The body which - as a gentle and plastic instrument - immediately reacts to the kind of thoughts which the human being tends and nurtures. This is the reason why the human being should not allow habitual thinking to take upper hand to much.

Plastic, in this case, means easily shaped or molded. The body is said to react without any intervening time or space to the toughts which are tended and nurtured. Nurture means to encourage the growth or development of ... When something is habitual it is done constantly as a habit. Remember that habits tend to occur unconsciously. The Habitual behavior often goes unnoticed in persons exhibiting it. This is a more or less fixed way of thinking.

The Synapse and Learning

Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form because the behavioural patterns we repeat are imprinted in our neural pathways. Here is a U-Tube video called How We Learn - Synapses and Neural Pathways . There are tiny gaps in the pathways or connections in our brains that are called synapse. For us to learn something new the electrical signal has to jump across the gap called the synapse. If the electrical signal jumps across the gap then it can continue its journey. This gap between the two brain cells is tiny; however, the first time that the signal crosses from one brain cell to another requires the most effort.

The first trip across the gap is the hardest but as we move across the gaps more and more it becomes easier and easier to move across the synapse. Learning is about creating and strengthening these pathways through our brain. It is widely accepted that the synapse plays a role in the formation of memory. This process of synaptic strengthening is known as long-term potentiation. Long-term potentiation is a persistent strengthening of synapses based on recent patterns of activity.

Might of Thoughts page 150
As long as the human being nurtures unclean, pessimistic, wrong, sick , bad and negative thoughts, his/her feelings - which, in turn, correspondingly form the psyche, fomr which one's life and body are influenced -

When we are pessimistic we are tending to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen. Optimists DO live longer: Having a positive attitude lowers the risk of a heart attack.

Might of Thoughts page 152
The origin of thoughts thereby forms from various factors which arise both from ideas and views as well as from wishes and desires.

It is necessary to control the very origin of our thoughts. If we have good clean neutral positive thoughts then our psyche will not be harmed. The psyche can be degenerated in one form or another from a positive or negative imbalance. For more information see The Future Of Mankind - A Billy Meier Wiki - Psyche The goal is to maintain a balanced harmony in the psyche. To brighten up our psyche we must have thoughts that are affirming of life. To affirm means to offer emotional support or encouragement. Now that is an interesting idea, make sure that your thoughts are offering you emotional support or encouragement. So many times our own thoughts are actually discouraging to us.

Might of Thoughts page 154
The older a human being is the more his/her practical experiences which he/she has lived, express themselves in his/her face.

Wrinkles can appear based on what thoughts we have. Even characteristics which express feelings for lower creatures have an effect on the appearance of the face. There is no better doctor for the human being than his own neutral-positive-equalized harmonious thoughts. Spiritual forces are absolutely neutral-positive and stored as such in the spiritual realm.

Might of Thoughts page 158
Ausartung, enslaves himself/herself and confines himself/herself to a self-created imprisonment... And whoever thinks of peace, love, joy, freedom and harmony, for his/her fellow human beings, and all creatures, every single day, will ultimately bring all these values to himself/herself in great abundance.

Ausartung means to get very badly out of control of the good human nature.

The might of the thoughts are able to determine a human beings physical well being. The majority of all human matters have their their roots solely in the might of the thoughts. Anxiety and fear continually kill thousands of human beings. Anxious thoughts have a demoralising effect in every regard.

Wrong thoughts of every kind also shake the entire nervous system. Neutral positive equalised, healthy and happy thoughts build up resistance. One's thinking should therefore not be habitual rather always constructive. Thoughts require pure, healthy and positive nourishment. However, many of the wrinkles emerge through the misuse of thoughts, through foolish thoughts, self-created suffering, wrongly understood and expressed pride. There are faces that are imprinted with strong and pure thoughts. If a person has lived peacefully and harmoniously then their death will be like a magnificent sunset. On our death bed we prepare for the cross over to the realm of spiritual light.

Most human beings allow their their thought -boats to drive un-chceked on the ocean of conscous and unconscious intentions.

At the command of unhealthy, wrong, negative and destructive thoughts - the feelings form in the same wrong, negative and destructive thoughts... the body becomes more susceptible to illnesses and disease, and the ummune system becomes uimpaired in its effectiveness. If the thoughts are constructive, beautiful, positive, happy and equalized , then the feelings and the psyche also form likewise.

Might of Thoughts page 160
Only a conscious or unconscious purposefulness is able to bring one's thoughts to fruition. Therefore, the might of the thoughts is only effective when there is a definite intention-indeed a setting of the a Ziel-connected with the thoughts.

The consciousness mind is you awareness at the present moment. Sometimes we are said to have three minds the conscious, the sub conscious and the unconscious. Your conscious mind is your objective or thinking mind. It has no memory, and it can only hold one thought at a time.

  1. The conscious mind identifies information
  2. It compares information
  3. It does analysis
  4. Finally, the conscious mind makes a decision.
The subconscious mind or the preconscious mind consists of accessible information. You can become aware of this information once your direct your attention to it. It is possible that some of what might be perceived to be unconscious becomes subconscious, and then conscious (e.g. a long-forgotten childhood memory suddenly emerges after decades). The unconscious mind, consisting of the primitive, instinctual wishes as well as the information that we cannot access.

The unconscious is the part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but that affects behavior and emotions. In Freud's psychoanalytic theory of personality, the unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that outside of our conscious awareness.

Most of the contents of the unconscious are unacceptable or unpleasant, such as feelings of pain, anxiety, or conflict. According to Freud, the unconscious continues to influence our behavior and experience, even though we are unaware of these underlying influences.

The unconscious mind is often represented as an iceberg. Everything above the water represents conscious awareness while everything below the water represents the unconscious. The rest of the information that is outside of conscious awareness lies below the surface. Freud believed that many of our feelings, desires, and emotions are repressed or held out of awareness. Why? Because, he suggested, they were simply too threatening. Freud believed that sometimes these hidden desires and wishes make themselves known through dreams and slips of the tongue (aka "Freudian slips"). Meier mentions Frued in Contact 200.

Complimentary Information From Contact Report 200

Teacher Karl Graf was one Billy's great friends. Karl knew pastor Rudolf Emanuel Zimmermann and Professor Carl Gustav Jung. Professor Carl Gustav Jung was a well-known psychologist and psychiatrist. Karl Graf knew about Billy's contacts with Sfath and Karl was even allow to see Sfath's ship at one time.

Billy asked his teacher Karl Graf very profound questions. If Karl could not answer them then, Karl would ask Professor Jung. Professor Jung, interested in the boy, who asked such profound questions, he requested a photo. Professor Jung got a photo of young Billy and was even able to meet with him one day for about 45 minutes. Professor Jung knew about Billy's contact's with Sfath and he passed the information on to his neice. Professor Jung's neice eventually became a UFO investigator.

Purposefulness means having a purpose; intentional: a purposeful musician. 2. Having or manifesting purpose; determined: entered the room with a purposeful look. Purposefulness can mean determined as well which I think is a good meaning in this case. A purpose is something set up as an object or end to be attained. An intention means the aim or plan.

Might of Thoughts page 160
This intention or setting of the Ziel can thereby be created completely consciously or also unconsciously... Because a thought can in fact only he intelligently fulfilled and brought to fruition when there is a definitive intention.

Might of Thoughts page 160
The fact that not only conscious strivings toward a Ziel, rather also unconscious ones are thereby able to come to fruition is due to the nature and might of the thoughts.

Might of Thoughts Page 174
Rather each should help every individual live. The erroneous saying, "Live and let live", is in no wise valid; rather, that which is valid is the word of truth which says, "Live and help live."

Might of Thoughts Page 176
But the human beings who do not overcome their weaknesses and do not free themselves from the contents of all their negative and destructive thoughts, remain weak, wretched and miserable...

Might of Thoughts Page 176
In order to be successful, the human beings must renounce his/her selfishness which, as a rule, degenerates into immoderateness.

Might of Thoughts Page 176
Selfishness and immoderateness must be dissolved and eliminated in order to discover and develop one's latent resources.

Selfishness is being concerned excessively or exclusively, for oneself or one's own advantage, pleasure, or welfare, regardless of others.

Exceeding normal or appropriate bounds; inordinate: immoderate spending; immoderate laughter

The OM says that earth humans, "They are prisoners of themselves, and full of unrighteousness, ill humor, and selfishness and self-pity. ".

One way to live and help live is through the Peace Meditation

Might of Thoughts Page 184
The fact is that the creational-natural laws and recommendations give their help in rightness to those who are magnanimous, virtuous, studious, honest and fair, because they alone evolve in conscious form according to their pre-existing striving and effective sense of life...

Might of Thoughts Page 184
Intellectual achievements and successes are also the result of the might of the thoughts. And everything beautiful and true in life, as well as all cognitions, all knowledge and all wisdom, lead back to thoughts.

A person that is magnanimous is very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself. A person that is magnanimous is also said to be generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness: If we are magnanimous somehow the creational natural laws will help us.

In the OM on the Future of Mankind site
The word mananimous is used to describe someone that is following the spiritual teachings.

His entire sense is magnanimous, and beauty expresses itself in his plain life, full of spiritual dignity. His inner stillness brings a beauty that no artist can paint and no poet may describe in words.

Notice that the person that is following the spiritual teaching is said to have an inner stillness.

Might of Thoughts Page 188
Were there no human beings who occupied themselves with dreaming, visions and fantasies, then progress would stop, whereby there could also be no learning...

Might of Thoughts Page 190
Thus it is effectively the dreamers, visionaries and fantasizer's, as well as those most enthusiastic about the evolution, who are the saviors of the world.

Might of Thoughts Page 190
Humanity should never forget or insult its dreamers, visionaries and those gifted with imagination, because it is actually their ideals which bring progress and success for all:

I should also mention that much of the other information and teaching provided with the co-operation of Eduard Meier has come from two advanced spirit "we-forms", who are beyond time and space and thus, so are their perspectives. This is further reason for the apparent timelessness and similarity of the spiritual teachings over the ages. (For instance, the we-form, known as Petale, which has delivered the 12 Commandments again, is the highest level of consciousness a spirit can attain before merging again with Creation.)

Might of Thoughts Page 216
Do not ever allow yourselves to drift on the ocean of the life, rather take the helm in hand and steer that ship of the life to solid ground. Always take the helm firm in your ands and do note let any waves rip it away from you. Optimism is a prerequisite for the constancy in life... Not thereby losing his/her conviction about a good end.

Might of Thoughts Page 218
Real optimism fulfils an extraordinary important function in the human beings life. This better half is the innermost nature of the spirit- that is to say, of the spirit-form...

Important Things to Tell Yourself

These concepts come from priciples discussed from page 200 to about 230; There are also concepts related to harmony that appear on and around page 362. Harmony and enthusiasm see to go hand in hand. In other words, harmony in the Psyche tends to produce enthisiasm towards work and the details of life. Where there is harmony in the consciousness things seem to flow in stream which is extremely pleasant for the human being.
  1. I am Confident
  2. I am Optimistic
  3. I am Cheerful
  4. I am Relaxed
  5. I am Enthusiastic
  6. I am Thankful
  7. I am in Harmony
  8. I Persist
  9. I Persevere - continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty
  10. I Endure
  11. I am Calm

I have found that by saying these seven things out loud to myself I can break the flow of unhealthy thinking. Its also good to start with the idea of confidence. I think a lot of problematic thinking occurs because of a lack of confidence. Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. I like to think of confidence in terms that I know I can rely on myself.

Confidence can be described as a belief in one's ability to succeed. Confidence is a belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities;

Might of Thoughts Page 220
Optimism represents a quality which fascinates all human beings and which every single human being would certainly like to call his/her own. And the human being for whom optimism is characteristic has, under the most unusual circumstances and situations, the power to not only form his/her life correctly, that also to enchant it.


Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. Synonyms include confidence, hopefulness, cheerfulness. Optimism is a mental attitude or world view. Optimism seems to have an effect on our health. A meta-analysis has confirmed the assumption that optimism is related to psychological well-being: “Put simply, optimists emerge from difficult circumstances with less distress than do pessimists.” Furthermore, the correlation appears to be attributable to coping style: “That is, optimists seem intent on facing problems head-on, taking active and constructive steps to solve their problems; pessimists are more likely to abandon their effort to attain their goals.”

Might of Thoughts Page 220
Optimistic behavoiour which enables a human heing to see and acknowledge the clear truth and, even in in the rottenest situation... Thus an optimist is therefore no clown or other comical figure, rather he/she is a human being who, under the greatest pressure, remains consciously hopeful and happy and who, in defiance of all pressure, remains consciously hopeful and happy and who, in defaince of all blows, breakdowns and deplorable states of affairs, and so forth, always retains the upper hand and the sense and the conviction for that which is good and that which is the best...

Importance of the Negative and the Positive

Might of Thoughts Page 246
Negative and positive are two powers which belong together and always work together and never allow themselves to be separated, because one is dependent upon the other. However, if the human being nevertheless has the audacity to separate the two factors, then an Ausartung inevitably results on one side or the other. As a consequence of this, positive or negative Ausartungen there arise, exactly according to which factor the human being turns toward - negative or the positive.

So suppose that if we start to think that there is only negative in a given set of circumstances then we tend to get badly out of control. The same is probably true in which we think there is only positive in set of circumstances. Then we can get badly out of control; for example, when people become strongly under the influence of romantic affective love.

Might of Thoughts Page 246
If the human being does not use both powers, and only turns towards one of the two factors, then, in this, he/she falls badly out of the control of the good human nature. That is why neutral-positive-equalised thinking means that both the negative as well as the positive must be included in the thought patterns and must be tended and nurtured, however, in an equalised kind and wise, just as the term expresses it.

Contact Report 251
Therefore, there is no such thing that Man is born evil in the sense that he or she is totally evil from birth onward, as some people enjoy claiming; those who wish only to see evil and total negativity. Man, of course, was provided with both the negative and the positive from the very beginning of his existence, but not to the point where he is only negative or only positive. Ultimately, an equilibrium is established that truly provides Man with the capability and stability of conquering every inflicting injury and all forms of external influences. Both, negative and positive factors, when combined with and applied to the appropriate form, result in one grand total which turns the human life form into an extremely hardy living entity that possesses the required abilities and is a born fighter for the Creational-natural laws and directives without excessiveness.

Contact Report 238
The path of evolution is very long and burdensome and it is marked by many kinds of external influences. In particular, the influences of the same kind of forms of life exert powers over a single form of life which this form of life is only able to control through living through greater spaces of time and teachings, from which understanding and recognition result. This course of evolution belongs to the high and highest forms of life just as it does also to low and the lowest forms.

Something Meaningful, Dignified, Valuable
Man and woman must complement each other at all times in the duties of life; consequently they are connected inseparably with each other and need each other. One gender cannot exist without the other, because only together, and in their difference, do they form the true potential of human existence. Each one in itself forming a pole of a 100 percent unity; they are, in their union, a complete 100-percent unit, exactly like both poles of electrical energy which are in themselves a 100-percent unity in the negative and positive and are able to generate light only in togetherness and thus form a full unit.

Fluidal Energy and the Positive / Negative Balance
A positive or negative imbalance means, for the psyche, that it is degenerated in one form or another, while neutrally-positively balanced means that, in the psyche, an equilibrium exists, which consists of the same values of negative and positive, each to the same degree, whereby neither a negative or positive degeneration therefore arises, rather simply a symmetry and, consequently, a balanced harmony.

Thoughts about Worries of Yesterday...
Our lives are very rich in substance. They are entwined and interwoven with countless negative and positive things. Still, it is within our power to form our experiences into things with a neutral-positive balance, to cope with them and to live. May we all, therefore, make the most of each day without fears, apprehensions, pain, grief, doubt, worry or the like. Instead, may we learn to conquer and master these things so we may be cheerful and free and able to state with dignity in the last minute of our lives: "I have lived my life honorably and in evolutionary fulfillment, and to a good measure I have satisfied the duties of the [Creational] laws."

Goblet of the Truth, page 587...
You alone as human beings bring about everything, namely the good and the evil, the negative and positive, because you alone are responsible for all and everything, whatever you create in terms of thoughts and feelings as well as in terms of actions, deeds and all your activity. You alone are the ones that bear the responsibility for the forming of your life, your life-conduct, your thinking-directions and determinations, so you yourselves have to make an effort for a right guidance and forming of your existence.

Optimists may respond better to stress: pessimists have shown higher levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) and trouble regulating cortisol in response to stressors. Cortisol functions to increase blood sugar through gluconeogenesis, to suppress the immune system, and to aid in the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrate. Cortisol is used as an immunosuppressive drug.

Johannes Hoffmeister

A study by Scheier examined the recovery process for a number of patients that had undergone surgery.[30] The study showed that optimism was a strong predictor of the rate of recovery. Optimists achieved faster results in “behavioral milestones” such as sitting in bed, walking around, etc. They also were rated by staff as having a more favorable physical recovery. In a 6-month later follow-up, it was found that optimists were quicker to resume normal activities.

Might of Thoughts Page 263
Optimism, new term from the Latin 'optimum', 'that which is best'; since the 18th century generally those who are cherry, are confident even in in bad situations with everything as it is and as it comes, who are content, viewing everything from the best side;

Might of Thoughts Page 276
In this way belief has an extraordinary strong hypnotic effect, and leads to the inconsiderateness, illogic and to the fanaticism as well as to the bondage.

Deductive Reasoning vs. Belief

Belief is confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof. Belief has a hypnotic effect. Hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Hypnotic drugs are a class of whose primary function is to induce sleep. Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion. A fanatic is motivated or characterized by an extreme, uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.

Might of Thoughts Page 276
Belief is based on wrong and negative thinking and in the rejection and displacement of reality, whereby every believer is restricted in the creation of new and progressive ideals, intentions, imaginations and wishes, and so forth and becomes estranged from the real facts of life.

Logic is the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference. Logic is the use and study of valid reasoning. The study of logic features most prominently in the subjects of philosophy, mathematics, and computer science.

    Deductive reasoning moves from something general to something specific. If all of the premesis are true then the conclusions must be true. Here are some videos on Deductive and Inductive Reasoning:
  1. Logic --The Structure of Reason (Great Ideas of Philosophy) - This video is a like a documentary and is pretty enjoyable.
  2. Introduction to Deductive Reasoning
  3. Deductive and Inductive Arguments
  4. Deductive Arguments (Philosophy 101 - Ep 2)
  5. Deductive and Inductive Arguments - Inductive reasoning moves from something specific to something that is general.
Deductive reasoning concerns what follows necessarily from given premises (if a, then b).

An example of a deductive argument:

  1. All men are mortal.
  2. Socrates is a man.
  3. Therefore, Socrates is mortal.

The law of detachment is the first form of deductive reasoning. A single conditional statement is made, and a hypothesis (P) is stated. The conclusion (Q) is then deduced from the statement and the hypothesis

What can you infer from the following two statements:

  1. "If you run everyday you get good exercise".
  2. "Hypothesis: John runs everyday."
  3. "Conclusion: John gets good exercise".

Estranged displaying or evincing a feeling of alienation; Alienation is the state of being withdrawn, or isolated from the objective world, as through indifference or disaffection: So sometimes religion can alienate us from the facts of life and from deductive reasoning.


Satisfaction means contentment. When we are satisfied we have an ease of mind. We are gratified, pleased, happy. We are fine with what we have; not wanting more or anything else. Satisfaction is the fulfillment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs. So it seems that we are are no longer contented or pleased that we are now in an unproductive state of mind. We should ask ourselves if our ideas are unreal and unfulfillable when we go into unsatisfaction.

Might of Thoughts Page 278
Many human beings are not satisfied with that which they have.

People want to be thinner, more muscular, better looking and this results in a lack of confidence. These people will become full of self-doubt which leads to failure and then they become insignificant.

Might of Thoughts Page 278
Plagued by constant inner conflicts, they senselessly squander their energies, which result in them losing their initiative, because they are denied greater and smaller successes, or indeed all successes, when, as an exception, they can pull themselves together for once in order to really do something.

Initiative is the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do. We squander our energy on inner conflicts. I think this is true we need to really be aware when we feel an inner conflict about something. Because these inner conflicts will drain our energy.

These people need a holiday from themselves when they are in inner conflict.

Might of Thoughts Page 278
Deep in their inner selves they become tired of themselves... Increasingly arrive at the dangerous abyss of despair. They literally get on their own nerves and become bored with their insufficient, stupid and illogical, anti-life imagination of themselves.

Might of Thoughts Page 278
Innumerable human beings are so dried out and empty in themselves as a result of their absense of initiative that they are not, in any regard ,able to bring about any creative, productive and constructive values.

Sometimes we become paralysed and without initiative.

Wow, this is so true we actually become tired of ourselves and our failures. Sometimes this will lead to even more failures.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
The truth of the existence of human unsatisfaction namely lies entirely elsewhere, and indeed in the human being himself/herslef, who produces it through unfulfillable and unreal ideas which he/she can never bring to full expression and can also never develop into ideals capable of realisation.

Unsatisfaction the state or attitude of not being satisfied; discontent; displeasure. Unsatisfaction is a particular cause or feeling of displeasure or disappointment: On the other hand,

Notice that we produce unsatisfaction through unfulfillable and unreal ideas. Unreal means so strange as to appear imaginary; not seeming real. If something is unfullfillable then it cannot be brought to completion or reality; So we must make sure that our ideals are realizable or we can fall into unsatisfaction. We must have goals that are fulfillable.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction is therefore devastating and destructive and therefore in no wise such that a certain amount of it is absolutely necessary in order to reach certain Ziele, as is claimed by the erring religionists and hack-writers of positive-thinking texts.

Devastating means something that is highly destructive or damaging. So unsatisfaction is very destructive. So if you are in unsatisfaction then it might be an indication that your thoughts have slipped out of their desired neutral balance. So unsatisfaction does not produce any good effects and should be avoided. Unsatisfaction does not help us reach our goals. Ziele For Billy, the English terms "aim" or "goal" are simply not acceptable translations for Ziel. Translations such as "end" or "culmination point" describe it better, but these are still inadequate, and so the German has been carried into the English translation.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction is unable to create any ideals or any balance of the personality; consequently, neither progress nor success can arise from it.

Notice that unsatisfaction is unable to create ideals or balance of the personality. In philosophy, ideas are usually construed as mental representational images of some object. The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings. So unsatisfaction cannot help with the creation of concepts. A concept is an abstract idea; a general notion. a plan or intention;

Plato was a philosopher, as well as mathematician, in Classical Greece who was alive in the 4th century BC. Plato was one of the earliest philosophers to provide a detailed discussion of ideas (it must be noted that in Plato's teaching the word idea carries a rather different sense from our modern English term). Plato's theory of Forms or theory of Ideas asserts that non-material abstract (but substantial) forms (or ideas), and not the material world of change known to us through sensation, possess the highest and most fundamental kind of reality.

From Platos perspective the ideals represented the highest and most fundamental reality; therefore, by unsatisfaction perhaps we shut down our connection to the highest form of reality. PHILOSOPHY-Plato is a great U-Tube video that summarizes some of the ideals that Plato came up with. Plato had four ideas to help people become more fulfilled:

  1. Think carefully and logically about how to lead your life. Dont let your emotions drag you along in life. Know yourself.
  2. Let your lover change you. True love is admiration.
  3. Decode the message of beauty. Beautiful things whisper truths about the good life.
  4. Reform society. Athenian society was very focused on the rich and on sports celebrities. Bad heroes give glamour to flaws in character.

The Talmud of Jmmanuel itself indicates that Jmmanuel had knowledge of at least one Greek saying, which derives from Plato in the 4th century B.C. the saying, "Man is the measure of all things," within an extended prophecy about people of the future: "Thus they will also lose sight of the principle of the oldest wisdom, which says that humans are the measure of all things in life, because they are after all a part of the Creation." (TJ 36:25) Thus it is only consistent that Jmmanuel urged the use of logic within the TJ.

According to both the Meier information and history Plato described Atlantis. Here is a great video that describes Atlantis. This U-Tube video is called The Legend of Atlantis. Their asteroid attack created a worldwide inferno beyond description. The Egyptian priest in Sais tells Solon that the catastrophe even killed those living in Athens at that time: “But later, when violent earthquakes and floods occurred, the entire populous valiant generation of your people was swallowed by the earth and the island of Atlantis was similarly swallowed by the sea and vanished in a single dreadful day and in a single dreadful night.”

The Plejaren tell us that Otto Muck’s spirit form was once Plato. Otto Heinrich Muck (1892-1956) was born in Vienna and graduated as an engineer at the Munich College of Advanced Technology. Muck had a very productive life that saw him hold patents for around 2000 inventions at the time of his death. He was a flying officer during World War I, during World War II he invented the U-boat schnorkel and was also a member of the Peenemunde Rocket Research Team. After the war Muck was a scientific consultant to large industrial concerns. He died in 1956 following an accident.

Plato famously defined knowledge as "justified true belief"

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction kills off all initiative for striving towards that which is higher and lets the human beings sink into brooding misery and into inactivity. Additionally, the human being always feels oversaturated on account of his/her thoughts which overburden him/her in this regard and the resulting feelings of the same kind, as a result which the psyche is also affected in the same wise.

Initiative is the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do. Initiative also means readiness and ability in taking action so being unsatisfied shuts down this readiness. Unsatisfaction can lead to brooding which is the showing of deep unhappiness of thought. So Unsatisfaction can lead to unhappiness.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
But once the consciousness is oversaturated in some form, as with un satisfaction, the human being is not able to master his/her life and is not able to achieve anything in it, because, as a result of the absence of creativity, absolutely no ideas at all can be created and developed into realizable ideals, intentions, wishes, imagination and other efforts.

wrong thinking -> oversaturation -> absence of creativity -> lack of ideas - > lack of initiative

Essentially unsatisfaction kills motivation, striving and we start to feel oversaturated. Oversaturation means to soak, impregnate, or imbue thoroughly or completely. It means to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance, through solution, chemical combination, or the like. I think when unsatisfaction sets in we become oversaturdated with our own negative thinking. Much like we become oversaturated with the endless repetition of the same episodes of a sitcom or commercial on television. Oversaturation with this negative thinking leads to an absence of creativity.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction is inevitably connected with a profound absence of creativity, which in turn is anchored in the absence of initiative.

Faith (Belief) and God
Indeed, solely the human being knows prayer and faith because he is tormented by conscious and unconscious anxiety and fear and by hopes and desires.

So instead of using logic in the form of deductive reasoning we start to try to explain things in the world around us in terms of the activities of god, angels or demons. This occurred very much in the ancient world.

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Might of Thoughts Page 288
... It follows from that that the only protection against that which is bad, negative and negating is total control over the inner nature...

Might of Thoughts Page 288
It is also certain that whoever has built up his/her inner nature with the impulses of the innermost, creational nature, and has caused it to blossom, can love himself/herself in all honesty and deference, without thereby falling into negative, bad states... fake self and an ersatz self

Might of Thoughts Page 290
Also connected with knowing oneself and liking oneself is the factor of self-respect...

Might of Thoughts Page 292
Unsatisfaction must never appear, because it moves one to be inactive and to do things which are devolutive and destructive.

Might of Thoughts Page 294
If the human being consciously steers his/her life according to his/her innermost, creational nature, he/she also loves and respects its results...

Might of Thoughts Page 294
If the human being consciously steers his/her life according to his/her innermost, creational nature, he/she also loves and respects its results...

Steer means to guide or control the movement of (a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft), for example by turning a wheel or operating a rudder.

Might of Thoughts Page 294
In order to be great in ones consciousness as well as in one's ideals, thoughts and feelings and in one's psyche, the human being must never be submissive, rather he/she must be great in his/her inner nature-the actual self.

Submissive means to be ready to conform to the authority or will of others; meekly obedient or passive. Submissive also means to be inclined or ready to submit or yield to the authority of another; unresistingly or humbly obedient.

Dare to Execute Reason
Therefore, also never lapse into submissiveness with regard to a human regardless of however and whatever he may be or pretend to be. But also never thus become a submissive slave to any imaginary deity, any angels or saints, as also never to anything else. Also, never practice submissiveness with regard to yourself but always be open and honest as well as forceful to yourself and regard yourself as a human, which you truly are and who governs himself in every respect himself, even if you should be in chains.

Might of Thoughts Page 294
... it must never be forgotten that a gloomy attitude constantly chases away the abundance and the prosperity.

I think the issue here with not being submissive is that we should be someone who governs himself in every respect. To govern over means to rule over by right of authority. To govern means to exercise a directing or restraining influence over; guide: To lapse means a temporary failure of concentration, memory, or judgment. To lapse means to pass gradually into (an inferior state or condition).

Might of Thoughts Page 294
The human being must consider it his/her duty to enjoy the abundance of his/her life, if it is a kind of life which is righteous and evolutive.

Abundance is an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply. So being gloomy which means feeling distressed or pessimistic will actually make it less likely that you will experience prosperity. Evolution means any process of formation or growth; development. Synonyms for evolution include unfolding, change, progression, metamorphosis.

Might of Thoughts Page 300
The creational law of prosperity, abundance and provision is directed such that every life-form, and , therefore, also the human being, has everything in plentiful abundance in order to be able to live and evolve without having to live in want.

Might of Thoughts Page 304
Therefore, since time immemorial it has been said, "Tend a thought or utter it, and it happens", and, "Just as it is with the tought, the word is might and command."

Might of Thoughts Page 306
It is urgently important for every human being not to think or speak in terms of some form of poorness in relation to himself

Might of Thoughts Page 304
Tend a thought or utter it, and it happens.

Might of Thoughts Page 308
One's own evolution is the most important hink in the life of the human beings, because a creational law is thereby fulfilled.


Might of Thoughts Page 314
In the life of the human being, enthusiasm for knowledge, truth, wisdom and evolution can work wonders, as the saying goes. Enthusiasm is like a magic spell which is able to newly form one's entire human existance.

Enthusiasm is an absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit; lively interest: Enthusiasm means a strong excitement of feeling; for example, She did her work with energy and enthusiasm. Enthusiam is an eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something. A synonym would be zeal.

I think I have enthusiasm when I can apply my creativity or learn something.

Begeisterung is the German word for enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm means intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. In Latin éntheos means having a god within. Enthusiasm originates from the Greek meaning "possessed by [a] god's essence", applied by the Greeks to manifestations of divine possession, by Apollo and other gods.

I see enthusiasm as related to the idea of Artistic Inspiration. Inspiration (from the Latin inspirare, meaning "to breathe into") refers to an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or other artistic endeavour.

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Might of Thoughts Page 316
Basically, what needs to be explained about that is that the human being has a spiritual self available to him/her in the form of the innermost, creational nature, as well as a personally-created self in the form of the inner nature.

Might of Thoughts Page 318
... the achievement of enthusiasm, which can be seen in the evolutive sense, means a complete re-education of themselves and the achievement of a fundamentally new capacity for understanding...

Might of Thoughts Page 320
Many human beings are only truly alive once they have created the capacity for the enthusiasm in themselves... enthusiasm helps one to overcome very many obstacles...

Might of Thoughts Page 322
Such a value only arises through the manifestation of wish-ideals and wish imaginations which are capable of manifesting and can therefore be realised by means of the moght of thoughts, when the might of thoughts is sufficently strengthened by means of the necessary created enthusiasm.

Might of Thoughts Page 324
The pictorial imagination is a pure consciousness-picture, which is fluidally constructed like an apparition, and works like a pictorial haze; recognisable for the consciousness and the subconsciousness, but it is not definitely tangible. However, in accord with one's power of imagination, the consciousness picture can assume very distinct forms; consequently, it can be very well recognized and defined.

Might of Thoughts Page 326
...An attitude is to prevail through which the work is executed with joy, then corresponding enthusiam must be created for it, which relieves all the self-torment and the aversion as well as the disapproval, rejection, revulsion and repulsion, and so forth.

Might of Thoughts Page 326
Therefore, all work must be tackled, carried out and completed with joy and enthusiasm, if indifference and destructiveness are not to arise in the consciousness and in the thoughts. Work is a legitimate necessity, without which no evolution can occur and no life can be maintained. Every single creature must execute its work, even if it is just the search for nourishment or nest building for the offspring. How much more then the human beings must take on the responsibility of his/her work...

Might of Thoughts Page 328
The human being who lives with this enthusiasm feels raised into evolutive heights every moment ...

Might of Thoughts Page 328
Enthusiasm gives life an unexpected power and success ...

Might of Thoughts Page 328
All righteous, evolutive enthusiasm gives the life and unexpected power and enables the human being to lead an existence which is successful in all areas. And the human being who lives with this enthisiasm feels rasied into evolutive heights every moment by the power of his/her joy...

Might of Thoughts Page 328
It is recommended to every human being that he/she nurtures his/her daily cheery enthusiasm

Might of Thoughts Page 344
Selbstmitleid (self-pity) - which in every form always leads to negation and to unfairness and finally, through the wrong, negative thoughts, demolishes the feeling and thereby also the psyche, which then, in turn, influences the thoughts and these, in turn, influence the feelings, and so on, and so forth.

Might of Thoughts Page 346
Optimism and hope are the result of a neutral-positive-equalised thinking, and thereby also of an affirming consciousness.

Might of Thoughts Page 348
A human being with a good, right, healthy and positive thinking always sees everything clearly and in a neutral form, and uses everything in order to work with it and make something form it as well as to gain evolutive advantage from it.

Might of Thoughts Page 350
Hope is a form of expectation which is directed as something quite definite and therefore at a zeil.

Might of Thoughts Page 360
However each achievement of a capability means that a battle must be fought with oneself...

Might of Thoughts Page 360
But this also means that many battles, tensions and obstacles only arise because the human being does not create any harmony in himself/herself or simply drops out of harmony and thereby sinks into pessimism.

Might of Thoughts Page 362
As a result of harmony, the consciousness and its thoughts, as well as the life and the work, flow in a stream which is not only extremely pleasant for the human being, rather it is also progressive...

Might of Thoughts Page 362
Everything is not so negative, evil, wild and depraved as the negative thinkers erroneously assume it to be, because the Earth itself -as well as the ntirety of its nature, and the human being as well as all creatures which creep and fly on the planet - is not so very negative and depraved or indeed hostile to life as is assumed by the negators.

Attitude and Stance Are The Most Important Factors In Regards To Solving Problems

Might of Thoughts Page 374
The most important thing regarding problems, errors and difficulties is the stance which is adopted. The right stance meanwhile determines that the form in which the bothers, errors and problems, and so forth, are seen and judged, and how they are thought about...

The most important thing is the stance and attitude that you take in regards to a problem. The problem must be seen and judged as a challenge to your inventive power.

Stance: is the mental or emotional position adopted with respect to something. The stance is the intellectual or emotional attitude. Haltung means stance in the German.

Attitude: an acquired or predisposed mental state regarding an object with some degree of positivity or negativity which is perceived from a social or personal stimuli. Einstellung means attitude in the German.

The stance and the attitude are more important than the fact that the problem exists. So to solve problems we must first adopt the correct attitude and stance. The correct attitude and stance is to see the problem as an opportunity to apply your inventive power. Remember these six or so items in regards to our thoughts.

Might of Thoughts Page 378
Therefore, in every regard, the human being must trust in himself/herself and in his/her own power and might

We should in some ways think of ourselves first. We should not be doing anything which produces a guilt. We should set a ZIEL. Never let tenseness arise.

Might of Thoughts Page 384
The human being must constantly practice being himself/herself and feeling his/her own powers, so that he/she can again and again renew himself/herself in his/her Wesen and in his/her powers.

Harmony is the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect. It also means agreement or concord. The term harmony derives from the Greek (harmonía), meaning "joint, agreement, concord",[4] from the verb (harmozo), "to fit together, to join".

Palestrina and Harmony

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c. 1525 – 2 February 1594)[1] was an Italian Renaissance composer of sacred music and the best-known 16th-century representative of the Roman School of musical composition. Here is a long and fantastic series of compositions by Palestrina. This is a great example of harmony.

Inner Most Creational Nature

Might of Thoughts Page 390
The human being is able to distinguish the various impulses and values of the innermost nature from the self-created personality; so he/she therefore learns to recognize the various forms of characteristic which, on one hand, radiate as guiding impulses from his/her innermost, creational nature, or which, on the other hand, attempt to drown out everything, as various piercing and often loud, seductive voices from the self-created "I".

FIGU BULLETIN 78 The spirit, i.e., the spirit-form of the human being is a pure high-fine-fluidal energy that has been created by the Creation and which enlivens the human being as his/her innermost nature. The spirit of the human being is more or less his/her high-fine-fluidal energy source, his/her indestructible inner life-power

This, your spirit-form is independent of the coarse-material body and of the material consciousness; it is immortal...

Mental Fluidalforce The mental Fluidalforce, is basically the emitted personal mental radiation/vibes resp. the oscillation and energy as well as the forces of the mental block of the person concerning his thoughts, feelings, of the psyche and the consciousness, so the mental oscillations that radiate from the human eventually holds itself in objects as well as places and in the skeleton etc. This can as be introduced comparatively as the breath of the body (= Prana) which enters invisibly by the nose into the lungs and flows out again through the nose, consequently in this manner the emission of the mental Fluidalforce can be compared

Might of Thoughts Page 390
The human being thereby creates in himself/herself the wisest leader that he/she could ever wish for: And once the impulses of his/her innermost nature - that is to say, his inner most creational personality gradually become stronger and clearer, the human being who makes effors in accord with the creational laws...

Might of Thoughts Page 394
Guides one's thoughts away from these gloomy illusory pictures, then the human being emerges from this procedure entirely change, and changed for the better. If feelings must thereby be controlled, or neutral-postively equalised and sterred in steered in evolutive forms.

Everything That the Human Conceives Can Bear Fruit

Might of Thoughts Page 394
Whenever doubts surface in any form, they must simply be regarded and treated as that which they actually are; namely, only obstacles on the way of one's development toward that which is higher.

Doubt, a status between belief and disbelief, involves uncertainty or distrust or lack of sureness of an alleged fact, an action, a motive, or a decision. The Meier information calls doubt an obstacle. An obstacle is a thing that blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress. So doubts are only obstacles that we encouter on the path to our higher development.

Might of Thoughts Page 394
Everything of which the human being ever conceives - and allows to become the ideals, the imaginations and wishes and other efforts and, ultimately, the setting Ziele - bears fruit.

Might of Thoughts Page 400
The purely thought-feeling-based or emotional love,created by the human being, is not the all-embracing and all-calming creational love which knows neither suffering nor pain in itself.

Other Sources of the Meier Material

    Some other good sources for the Meier material.
  1. https://billymeier.wordpress.com
  2. http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Main_Page
  3. http://theyfly.com/
  4. https://www.creationaltruth.org/

Peace Meditation

Peace be on Earth, and among all beings!

Spoken in Lyrian
Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!

The meditation sentence is composed of words from the Lyrian language, a language previously spoken on Earth 289,000 years ago and then again 13,500 years ago by the ancient Lyra-Vega descendants when the extraterrestrials inhabited this planet for a short period. By speaking (or thinking!) this sentence in unison as a group, certain impulses are released from the stored data banks. These records envelop the Earth and every thought and other impulse generated by all humans who have ever lived, currently live or will live on this planet in the future, are stored therein. Through the accumulation of stored unconscious impulses within every meditator, and because of the intensity they generate (after all, more than 3.5 billion extraterrestrials participate in the peace meditation as well), negative force fields are covered up and increasingly neutralized

Films on Meditation
Billy Meier/FIGU - Peace(Salome) Meditation Most Powerful Peace Meditation Ever
Salome - meditative sequence (with harmonizer) for figu.org Bill Meier Meditation Exercise
Billy Meier - 249th Contact - ET visitors, meditation, pyramids 1/4 Billy Meier - 12 points meditation

Intelligent Cells

Much of this information comes from articles written by Mariann Uehlinger Mondria, Switzerland.

The mental fluidal powers are vibrations that store the character, personality, thoughts and feelings, mentality and psyche of an individual. The mental fluidal powers are stored in the cells and they can actually accumulate in things that are around you a lot like clothes, furniture, jewelry and even trees. The mental fluidal powers come out from the consciousness and the body and can settle in things around your home. All mental fluidal powers are stored as firm remaining information in all of the cells of the body. When organ transplants are done the mental fluidal powers are then transferred to the person that is receiving the organ. In this way the person that is getting the organ can then get the fears and addictions of the person that originally had the organ.

In addition wrong thinking actually harms our organs; for example, anger harms the liver. An excess of anger is injurious to the liver and gall bladder. Protecting our psyche by neither retreating into one's shell nor shouting in anger isn’t easy at all. The degenerated negative frequencies which we send out by our mental block, when angrily shouting, are really toxic for our cells.

Saying to counter act anger
I am strong. I am indestructible, for in myself I am full of love, peace, freedom, harmony and feelings/compassion for all creatures.

God Delusion Insanity

To help to understand what is going on with ISIS take a look at this article about Billy's book God Delusion Insanity. So lets first ask the question What is god and what is the Creation Universal Consciousness? Lets first get the definition of God from the Meier information.

Fundamentally, god is an invention of the human being, respectively, of the human brain, whereby, in the human being, over millions of years, the imaginary divinity has been inherited in a form of schizophrenic, epileptic delusion and has established itself in the temporal lobes as well as in the parietal lobes. Religious experiences which arise thereby constitute forms of schizophrenic delusion and are the result of a genetically inherited religious belief.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder often characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to recognize what is real. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking... Schizophrenia does not imply a "split personality" or "multiple personality disorder" — a condition with which it is often confused in public perception. Rather, the term means a "splitting of mental functions". Its important to realize that god is described as an invention. An invention means to create or design to make up especially so as to deceive.

Films on Schizophrenia and Related Topics
Schizophrenia: Stolen minds, Stolen lives

A delusion is defined as an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder. A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. In Contact Report 10 when speaking of the body it says,

179. He surrounds it with pride, junk and a stupid delusion, while he lets his spirit become stunted.

In contrast to the personified notion of God is the term Creation. Creation is identical to 'Universal Consciousness', which guides and prevails in the BEING of consciousness; it is a double-helix, egg-shaped configuration that simultaneously constitutes the Universe in its growing expansion. Its pulsating double-helix arms live as spiritual energy, while rotating against each other.

Creation is an immense, neutral, energetical and evolutive Wesenheit* BEING that is not a Wesen as such but a Wesenheit as a pure natural state of energy, a natural evolutive spirit-energetical activity-energy. The Wesenheit Creation is a pure spirit-energetical BEING-state, a radiating energy of spirit-light, and therefore not a Wesen in the sense of a human being, other creature or other personified Wesen, therefore also not a divinity in superhuman form.

I find it very interesting that there is a genetic aspect to religious belief, implying that some how it might be passed down from parents in a biological way. I was sent a PDF by Marianne Uehlinger Mondria of Switzerland who wrote on this topic in the FIGU-Sonder-Bulletin Number. 49, August 2009. I believe the following is a quote from Billy's book "God Delusion Insanity". Note that it states that religious delusion insanity and all kinds of addictions can be passed on genetically to the children.

Hereditary and Religion

Apart from certain hereditary diseases, religious delusion insanity and all kinds of addictions can also be passed on, because these factors have nothing to do with the consciousness evolution of the new person, but are (mental) degeneracies of the respective progenitors or their progenitors, which settle in the brain of the foetus, as for example the god-delusion in the temporal lobe and the parietal lobe and addiction in the so-called dependence or addiction centre.

So I guess what this is implying is that certain forms of thinking are actually passed down from the parent to the child. This would include some forms of unhealthy thinking. The thought processes of the mother also affect the child to a great degree.

Nevertheless, the central figure throughout this period of development is the mother: how and what she thinks; what feelings she harbours; how she ‘handles’ the foetus; which music she listens to; how she moves; her relationship with her partner and with other people; her attitudes, her behaviour, what she eats and drinks and so on.

In Askets Explanations Part 1, Asket talks about the delusions generated by the Giza Intelligences.

186. For thousands of years they deceived the Earth human with religious “miracles” and “visions” of every kind, in order to maintain, and to yet further increase, the religious delusion. 187. Out of these grounds they have also created a mighty station under the Pyramid of Giza, in order to guide, from there, the religious delusional events of the Earth.

Epilepsy is a group of neurological disorders characterized by epileptic seizures.Epileptic seizures are episodes that can vary from brief and nearly undetectable to long periods of vigorous shaking.

Faith (Belief) and God
Thereby, all the elements that move the human being, which he tries to fathom, apparently reach explanations (become explained) that impose themselves upon him in the form of characters, figures, names, faces, and features, etc. In this way, there originated Re, the sun god of the Egyptians, Thoth, the god of the moon, Agni, the fire god of the Hindus, and Indra, the god of the rain, and so on.

Gods of the Ancient Past and Monotheism

There are many names for God, and different names are attached to different cultural ideas about God's identity and attributes. In the ancient Egyptian era of Atenism, possibly the earliest recorded monotheistic religion, this deity was called Aten,[3] premised on being the one "true" Supreme Being and Creator of the Universe. Some scholars think that names like Adonai, which appears in Judaism, and Allah, which appears in Islam descend from the Egyptian Aten.

Amenhotep IV initially introduced Atenism in Year 5 of his reign (1348/1346 BC), raising the Aten to the status of supreme god, after initially permitting the continued worship of the traditional gods. The Aten—the god of Atenism—first appears in texts dating to the 12th dynasty, in the Story of Sinuhe. the Aten "as the sun disk...was merely one aspect of the sun god Ra. All creation was thought to emanate from the god and to exist within the god. In particular, the god was not depicted in anthropomorphic (human) form, but as rays of light extending from the sun's disk.

Akhenaten praises Aten as the creator, and giver of life. The solar Aten was extensively worshipped as a god in the reign of Amenhotep III, when it was depicted as a falcon-headed man much like Ra. In the reign of Amenhotep III's successor, Amenhotep IV, the Aten became the central god of Egyptian state religion, and Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaten to reflect his close link with the new supreme deity.

[4] In the Hebrew Bible and Judaism, "He Who Is," "I Am that I Am", and the tetragrammaton YHWH are used as names of God. The Meier material states there is a universal consciousness, Creation, but there is no religious deity; however, there were in ancient times extra-terrestrial human beings on earth. They called themselves kings of wisdom by the word JHWH, which is translated on Earth as God. The JHWH are first discussed in Contact Report 5.

Man and His Gods by Homer W. Smith

I wonder if Ptaah, one of the contacts of Billy, might have connections back to ancient Egypt in an earlier lifetime. The Egytian God Ptah is depicted with green skin and a beard. He has certain characteristics which might be similiar to Ptaah. Some Ptaah is mentioned in Contact Report 70 in connection with the Giza Intelligences.

Contact Report 70
146. Jehav ruled wickedly, and always screamed for blood and revenge, until 3,320 years ago in your chronology, during which time he sired three sons, who were named Arussem, Ptaah and Salam.

Subordinate to Ra, though probably of greater age, was Ptah, the craftsman god of Memphis, patron of the arts and of wisdom, and famed for his miraculaous cures and divinations. Possibly a defied ancestor who on earth had been a skillful worker in metals and stones, he was represented as a bearded mummy. He was early conceived as an intangible being who was self-created, self-subsisting, eternal. He had created all things - earth, animals, and men, even the other gods - merely by thinking them into existence.

Ptah is the Creator god par excellence: He is considered the demiurge who existed before all other things, and by his willfulness, thought the world. It was first conceived by Thought, and realized by the Word: Ptah conceives the world by the thought of his heart and gives life through the magic of his Word. That which Ptah commanded was created, with which the constituents of nature, fauna, and flora, are contained. He also plays a role in the preservation of the world and the permanence of the royal function.

In Egyptian mythology, Set is portrayed as the usurper who killed and mutilated his own brother Osiris. Set was an evil God rather than a god of evil. In earliest times he ahad been credited with the murder of Osiris. He was a prime liar and a breeder of mischief and was forever trying to destroy the good works of Osiris. The legends of the contendings between set and Osiris is an interesting chapter in Egyptian literature.

ISIS and the Delusions Associated with Religion

The Islamic State, is an Islamic extremist rebel group controlling territory in Iraq and Syria. Billy stated the following about ISIS in Contact Report 593.

Contact Report 593
In the East-Ukraine there is still no rest with the separatists, as is not in North-Iraq with the ISIS gang of felons … The ISIS murderers cause havoc in North-Iraq, murder civilians and believers of other religions on a huge scale and want to create a god-state, whereby also New-Islamists from various non-Islamic states get involved.
Right…From many countries, thus also from Germany, Switzerland, England, Austria, Italy, Spain and France, as well as from former East-bloc states, Christian believers are converted to the Islam and then fanaticised and radicalised.

Christians are being converted to Islam and ISIS. They are told to convert or die. We in a sense created ISIS when we disbanded the Iraqi army. Many of the people in the Army of Iraq converted to ISIS. The new leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is now seen as more powerful than Al-Qaeda’s chief.

Contact Report 593
Also from Arabic and African countries as well as from the USA, Canada, Asia and South America fanaticised Islamists are called in this wise, in order to participate with the ISIS – which now calls itself IS, that is to say, Islamic State – and risk their life for the delusional idea of a lunatic, and indeed for the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was believed to be dead for the last ten years and who has appointed himself as the caliph.

He was born in Iraq in 1971 and joined the insurgency that erupted shortly after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, having earlier spent time in an American military prison. Baghdadi intends to follow in the footsteps of previous caliphs and carve his name into geographical history. The aim of the caliphate is to usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ or ‘Islamic House of Peace’. No doubt the Pied Piper will be fluting to Jihadis’ across the globe, before frogmarching them off to war.

A caliphate is a form of Islamic government led by a caliph. A Caliph is a person who claims to be a political and religious successor to the prophet Muhammad and a leader of the entire Muslim community.

ISIS has taken control of MOSUL in Syria. ISIS is said to be a former affiliate with the terrorist group AL QUAEDA. The aim of ISIS is to install a Caliphate.

The Islamic prophet Muhammad had sayings and actions recorded in something called hadiths. Hadith were evaluated and gathered into large collections during the 8th and 9th centuries and I think they used in the interpretation of the Quran. So the Hadiths are actually prophetic material. The hadith was used in forming the basis of 'Shariah' Law. Sharia (Islamic law) deals with many topics addressed by secular law, including crime, politics, and economics, as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer, everyday etiquette and fasting. I keep hearing that ISIS wants to establish SHARIAH law all over the world.

I have heard that harsh physical punishments such as flogging and stoning are said to be legally-acceptable according to Sharia. The introduction of Sharia is a longstanding goal for Islamist movements globally, including in Western countries, but attempts to impose sharia have been accompanied by controversy,[9] violence,[10] and even warfare. ISIL is a Sunni extremist, jihadist terrorist rebel group based in Iraq and Syria, where it controls territory.

Contact 251
1995 will also be a year when an unknown, powerful male individual begins to come into prominence who spellbinds the world and gathers followers around him in much the same rat-catching manner as the Pied Piper of Hamelin. For this reason, in one prophecy, he is called the rat-catcher. These events coincide with many innovations and discoveries in technology and science; for 1995 and the ensuing years bring incredible breakthroughs that will change civilization.

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How the US created ISIS.

Jesus vs. Jmmanuel

Clarification of a Defamatory_Claim
The Jesus Christ of the New Testament was simply, but incorrectly, placed into the same time period as Jmmanuel; he was considered and even presented as the identical person. This occurred in spite of clear and explicit explanation revealing that the term Jesus Christ was only invented approximately 150 years later, after Jmmanuel's activities and alleged death on the cross. The misconception was generated at a very early stage, however, by Jmmanuel's brother Jacob along with an individual known as Paul. As previously mentioned in his various conversations 2000 years ago, Jmmanuel's true spiritual teachings were greatly falsified shortly after he performed his activities in Palestine. The emerging Christianity initiated and established from his person a fictitious cult entity known as the "only-begotten son of God the Father". According to his own words, Jmmanuel states that he has had nothing to do with the concocted teachings of the imaginary Jesus Christ. It is well known that the term Jesus Christ is simply the invention of some elements who lost their way in religion, and falsified history. The instigators who first created this nomenclature were Jmmanuel's brother, Jacob, and a person called Paul.

First Council of Nicea

The First Council of Nicaea was a council of Christian bishops convened in Nicaea in Bithynia by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325. Nicaea or Nicea was an ancient city in northwestern Anatolia. The Anatolian peninsula, also called Asia Minor, is bounded by the Black Sea to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west. Anatolia would be in a part of Turkey today.

Roman Emperor Constantine was a Roman Emperor from 306 to 337 AD. As emperor, Constantine enacted many administrative, financial, social, and military reforms to strengthen the empire. The government was restructured and civil and military authority separated. One of the things that Constantine did was build The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, at the purported site of Jesus' tomb in Jerusalem. This church is a church within the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Letter J A great U-Tube Video

This is the great U-Tube video that opened my eyes to a whole new area of knowledge. - The History of the Letter J, Youngest Letter of the Alphabet. Important political figures that lived before the letter J, typically there names began with the letter I. Names like Julius Ceasar initially began with the letter I. Here is another helpful website on the history of letters, particulary the letter J.

The inescapable fact is that the Christian Savior’s name is not Jesus, and never was. What’s more, the Name of the Heavenly Father is not Jehovah, a designation that is only five centuries old. Here is a great website that elaborates on this information.

Not until the middle of the 17th century did this usage become universal in English books; in the King James Bible of 1611, for example, the words Jesus and judge are invariably Iesus and iudge.

No books written before 1600 had the letter J in them. Copies of the Gutenberg bible still exist and in them the Book of Job is called the Book of Iob. The Gutenberg bible was the first major book printed using mass-produced movable metal type in Europe. It was first printed around 1455.

The 1611 version of the King James Bible had no letter J. However, the 1769 version of the King James bible had the letter J. Trissino is credited with bringing the letter J into existence.

Where Did the Name Jesus Come From? - The name Jesus is a recent word when compared to the age of the Bible. Find out what the Hebrew name of Jesus is and how he can be found in the Old Testament.

History Channel - Constantine the Great

The Council of Nicaea

Up until the First Council of Nicaea, the Roman aristocracy primarily worshipped two Greek gods Apollo and Zeus; however, the great bulk of common people idolised either Julius Caesar or Mithras. Christianity was illegal in the empire until the emperors Constantine and Licinius agreed in 313 to what became known as the Edict of Milan. Julius Caesar was hailed as "God made manifest and universal Saviour of human life", and his successor Augustus was called the "ancestral God and Saviour of the whole human race". Constantine's intention at Nicaea was to create an entirely new god for his empire who would unite all religious factions under one deity.

From the website yahweh.com
Constantine’s intention at Nicaea was to create an entirely new god for his empire who would unite all religious factions under one deity. Presbyters were asked to debate and decide who their new god would be. Delegates argued among themselves, expressing personal motive for inclusion of particular writings that promoted the finer traits of their own special deity. Throughout the meeting, howling factions were immersed in heated debates, and the names of 53 gods were tabled for discussion. “As yet, no God had been selected by the council, and so they balloted in order to determine that matter… For one year and five months the balloting lasted…” (God’s Book of Eskra, Prof. S.L. MacGuire’s translation, Salisbury, 1922, chapter xlviii, paragraphs 36, 41).

The New God Hesus Krishna

Constantine was the ruling spirit at Nicaea and he ultimately decided upon a new god for them. To involve British factions, he ruled that the name of the Druid god, Hesus, be joined with the Eastern Saviour-god, Krishna (Krishna is Sanskrit for Christ), and thus Hesus Krishna would be the official name of the new Roman god. They actually voted on this new name and the vast majority agreed in the new name. A new god was proclaimed and "officially" ratified by Constantine. There was no letter "J" in alphabets until around the ninth century, the name subsequently evolved into "Jesus Christ".

According to Astral Theologists, the origins to the name Jesus Christ can be traced as far back as ancient Greek mythology long before the name came into existence. In ancient Greek the name "Yezues Christos" means the "Anointed son of Zeus" as a direct reference to the Greek deity of Dionysus.

Some of the following information comes from a web site called yahweh.com The pastor there is named Yisral Hawkins and I thought I would give him some credit for doing a lot of research. As always the listener must decide for himself how much if any of this information is true. Here is website called Evil One that has some interesting information regarding history and a different perspective on many things that most would consider religious.

The Origin of the Letter J and the name Jesus

There was no name Jesus in the ancient world because the letter J did not exist at that time. There was no letter J in the ancient world. The letter J did not exist until around 1550 or so. The letter J did not exist in the Hebrew, Greek, Aramiac or any other language in the ancient world. Here is an interesting site that talks about the Letter J

“J, a letter of the alphabet which, as far as form is concerned, is only a modification of the Latin I and dates back with a separate value only to the 15th century. It was first used as a special form of initial I, the ordinary form being kept for use in other positions. As, however, in many cases initial i had the consonantal value of the English y in iugum (yoke), &c., the symbol came to be used for the value of y, a value which it still retains in German:

The Greek spelling for "Jesus" began with the letter I; however, pronounced something like "Yeh-SOOS", and the Latin likewise was Iesus. Here is an interesting article about Yeh-SOOS.

Being a hybrid, the name “Jesus” has no distinctive etymological root meaning. In fact, the letter J did not exist in any language until the time of Christopher Columbus. This is a fact provable from any unabridged dictionary under the letter J. Therefore, no one referred to Him as “Jesus” until the 16th - 17th century or 1,600 years after His birth.

Classical Latin did not have a distinct J sound (the J as we know in English.) When I was followed by another vowel, it usually sounded similar to English /Y/. Thus we had Iulius which was as if you said /Yulius/ or /Yulyus/.

Here is the 1611 version of the King James with the name IESVS
Here is another website with some interesting things to say about this issues IESVS

How did the name Jesus come into existence? Read this article. Here are some things from this article.

The first time the name was first spelled (as far as my research indicates) precisely as "JESUS" was June 1632 in a court document in England. Ironically, the name was spelled this way in an official lawsuit filed due to the poor translation and printing quality of Bibles by a pair of owners of a print shop who were seemingly printing for profit and not for quality. The pair were sued for printing subpar quality and lost - having to pay a fine. But the spelling (which occurred just one time as JESUS) remained and became the Western Brand Name for a very famous Jew.

The letter 'J' originated as a swash letter long i, used for the letter 'i' at the end of Roman numerals. A swash letter is a fancy letter called a typographical flourish, such as an exaggerated serif. The history of the English language is much different than most people would suspect. English has developed over the course of more than 1,400 years and began in the 5th century. This early form of English is called Old English. Old English was spoken until some time in the 12th or 13th century and there was no letter J in old English.

The Old English alphabet consisted of the following letters A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T V X Y Z & ? ? Þ Ð Æ

There was no W, J, or U in Old English. Here is a good film that describes the origin of the Letter J. The Letter J No books written before 1600 AD had the letter J in them. Important political and religious figures whose names began with the letter I today are spelled with the letter J. For example Julius Ceaser originally was not spelled with a J nor did it have the sound of a J. The same with the name Jesus Christ. Some scholars believe that words that began with I were pronounced as if they began with Y. One interesting thing to note is that the 1611 version of the King James Bible had no "J"s in it.

Even the names of James and John were changed. James' real name was Ya'aqov. John's real name was Yahuchanon.

Gian Giorgio Trissino

The letter J is the youngest letter of the alphabet. The letter J never existed until about the year 1600. A distinctive usage emerged in Middle High German. Gian Giorgio Trissino (1478–1550) was the first to explicitly distinguish I and J as representing separate sounds. The letter j emerged when the scribes were creating fancy "i"s. In fact, I have heard some scholars say that the J was actually a mistake.

Does the Letter “J” exist in Hebrew, Latin or Greek? The answer to this question is no. The letter J never existed in any languages on earth until about the 1500 or so. The letter J still does not exist in the Hebrew language either. So we mis-pronounce all of the names of the Hebrew prophets as well; for example Elijah was actually known as Elia and Enoch as Henoch.

In the original languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew) which provide us with the names Jesus, Joseph, Justinian, etc., the sound which we write as J was pronounced as the English letter Y.

Acronym INRI

In many ancient paintings of the crucifixion you would see see the Acronym INRI at the top of the cross. These letters stood for a Latin saying . The words were “Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm.” Latin uses “I” instead of the English “J”, and “V” instead of “U” (i.e., Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum). The English translation is "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews."

The acronym INRI (Latin: Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum) represents the Latin inscription which in English we read today "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews" because we substitute the word Jesus for Iesus. For me this is proof that he was not called Jesus in the languages of the time.

This would be prounced as eye-ee-sus - Naz-uh-ree-nuss Rex eye-oo-day-oh-rum

Transliteration of the Word Yashua

Etymology - the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. In some ways English is a collage of many different languages. Many of the words of our language actually come from other languages. Some say that the word Jesus is a transliteration. Dr. Lee Warren has a website at http://www.plim.org/JesusOrigin.htm From Dr. Warrens perspective the original Hebrew name was Yashua.

Transliteration is the conversion of a text from one script to another. Note that a transliteration is not a translation. Transliteration is NOT concerned with representing the sounds of the original, only the characters. This name “Jesus” commonly used in Christianity today did not exist and would not be spelled with the letter “J” until about 500 years ago.

Upon their examination, faded yet fully legible pages of Aramaic text reveal a 2,000-year-old biographical narrative of a man named Jmmanuel who devoted his life to teaching about the true nature of the universe, the immortality of the human spirit through reincarnation, and a way of life that is liberating and free from the illogical constraints of human greed and lust for power.

Origin of Name Jmmanuel

The Meier information says the original name of the "Christ" figure was not Yashua. The following comes from Marianne Uehlinger Mondria who works directly with Billy in Switzerland almost on a daily basis. She says the following... That is an easy question ;-). Jmmanuel has the meaning "Der mit göttlichem Wissen" (The one with godly knowledge), and with godly the knowledge of an Jshwish is meant. Jmmanuel is one of the old traditional firstnames in its Ur-form. In other words it means that Jmmanuel (with J) is a very old name of the old Lyranians or Vegans or even further back. It is quite clear that such an old name of a real and true prophet cannot be changed just because of the English language which has no importance in the spiritual teaching.

The story of the life of Jmmanuel is told in the book called the Talmud of Jmmanuel. There have been attempts to destroy the Talmud, just like the books Henoch and Jezihra, among others, which were removed from the Bible because they had been too close to the truth when handed down. Unfortunately it must be mentioned that the document, Talmud of Jmmanuel, is no longer complete, since various pieces of the scrolls were completely illegible and decayed.

In Jerusalem, in 1963 - A Greek Catholic priest, Isa Rashid, discovers a small cave in the slope of a nearby hill. In that cave was an ancient manuscript called the The Talmud of Jmmanuel which tells a different story of the man that we today call Jesus. His Swiss friend, "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, removes the rubble partially obscuring the entryway, crawls inside, and exhumes a set of ancient scrolls wrapped in animal skin and encased in a dry, crumbly resin.

The name Jmmanuel is mentioned, with different spellings, in the Old Testament,

Isaiah 7:14: "Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, a young woman shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Imman'u-el."

And we find it again in the New Testament, Matthew 1:23:"Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel."

Isa Rashid used old, traditional Christian terms in the translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel which made it innaccurate in some respects. If the Talmud would have been more accurate it would have endangered Billy's life even more. In Contact Report 501 it states, "your life would have been endangered even more than it has been, if you had published the entire actual translation of the scroll."

Great Uncial Codices

Only four great codices have survived to the present day: Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Vaticanus, Codex Alexandrinus, and Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus. They were all written more than 3 1/2 centuries after the death of the Christ figure. These four scripts are the basis of the New Testament. Its interesting that they were all discovered after the Council of Nicea.

Codex Sinaiticus 330-360 Codex Vaticanus 325-350 Codex Alexandrinus 400-440 Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus 450

Some of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri date back to the second and the first Century; however, these are just fragments or a page here and there.

Goblet Of Truth

FIGU Information on the Goblet of Truth

Good or evil – what is human nature?

Goblet of Truth Page - XLVII (47 of 679)
No human being is fundamentally evil, because he or she is not genetically programmed by nature for Gewalt and manipulation. The abysses of the evil, the Gewalt, the revenge and retribution, the unhonesty and hatred as well as the jealousy and falseness as well as everything else that is ausgeartet and unworthy of human beings only develop during the course of the life.

Evil, can denote profound immorality. Evil is considered harmful or injurious. Elements that are commonly associated with evil involve unbalanced behavior, selfishness, neglect. Some synonyms for unbalanced are deranged, demented, disturbed, unhinged, insane. The German word böse is the word translated as evil.

To program means to provide (a computer or other machine) with coded instructions for the automatic performance of a particular task. To program can also mean to cause to absorb or incorporate automatic responses, attitudes, or the like; condition: So there is nothing in our genes that makes us automatically evil. Something is automatic when it is done or it occurs spontaneously, without conscious thought or intention.

Gewalt has nothing to do with the terms ‹heftig› (violent) and ‹Heftigkeit› (violence), because the old-Lyranian term with regard to ‹Gewalt› means ‹Gewila›, and it is defined as using, with all the coercive means that are at one's disposal, physical, psychical, mental, and consciousness-based powers, abilities and skills, in order to carry out and carry through terrible actions and deeds.

Happiness, Gewalt and other Behavioural-patterns of the Human beings (See Future of Mankind)
Happiness and Gewalt[1] as well as all other behavioural-patterns of the human beings are highly contagious and thus determine the behaviour of family members, friends, acquaintances, groupings and of small and large masses of human beings.

Contagious means tending to spread from person to person. This makes me think that our negative and destructive thoughts can re-surface in others. It also makes me think that our feelings and behavior can also be negatively affected by other's thought patterns. A behaviour pattern is a recurrent way of acting by an individual or group toward a given object or in a given situation. I think that sometimes the best thing to do is to avoid others for a while when they are exhibiting unhealthy thought or behaviour patterns.

Goblet of Truth Page - XLVII (47 of 679)
And when these abysses of the evil open, it is not seldom the case that they open so wide that a human being who has lapsed into the evil can no longer find his or her way back to the good. ...

The truth is that the evil in the human being is learned by him or her during the life, something which can happen even from an early stage of childhood or only later with advancing years...

Genetic programming only imposes on human beings reaction patterns and protection mechanisms, which are archaic, i.e. prehistoric reaction functions of fight, flight or freezing.

Goblet of Truth Page - XLVII (47 of 679)
The brain stem responds to any conceivable and acute threat towards the conscious of the consciousness in a fully unconscious wise, therefore the consciousness cannot control the entire scenario of the threat response. The unconscious reaction process to the acute threat therefore prevents a control function of the conscious of the consciousness with the result that the consciousness only be comes conscious of the whole procedure due to the unconscious perception and resulting feelings.

The unconscious is the part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but that affects behavior and emotions.

Here is an interesting video on the unconscious mind Pure Science Specials - Automatic Brain: The Magic of the Unconscious Mind .

The unconscious mind (or the unconscious) consists of the processes in the mind that occur automatically and are not available to introspection, and include thought processes, memory, affect, and motivation. Empirical evidence suggests that unconscious phenomena include repressed feelings, automatic skills, subliminal perceptions, thoughts, habits, and automatic reactions.

Happiness, Gewalt and other Behavioural-patterns of the Human beings (See Future of Mankind)
The behaviour of an individual is able to be contagious to many others, because the human brain, respectively, the thoughts proceeding from out of the consciousness and the feelings resulting from them are able to infect one another

  1. We are not genetically programmed for evil.
  2. Evil is a learned behaviour.
  3. So just because we have fallen into evil does not mean that we cannot come back to what is healthy and natural.
  4. Behavioural-patterns of the human beings are highly contagious (including bad behavior).

Goblet of Truth Page - XLVII (47 of 679)
Therefore, when faced by an acute threat, a danger, etc., the brain stem responds with an unconscious perception and therefore also with unconscious thoughts which take place without the conscious of the consciousness being involved. This unconscious perception and the resulting feelings lead to a lightning reaction which results in a fight, flight or freezing response, and only then penetrates the consciousness in a conscious wise.

This paragraph comes from the writing called the Goblet of Truth. and I think it does a good job of describing the creation.

What the Truth Knows to Say (Page 51 of 679)

Respect or venerability towards the entirety of nature and towards the Creation and its laws and recommendations must determine the human being's thoughts and feelings and his or her deeds. Human beings must live in harmony with the Creation, with nature, with Earth and the universe, as well as with all varieties of present existence that spring forth from these.

Rivers, stones, plants, animals, lakes, seas, brooks, springs, the air and water, trees and bushes and everything that crawls and flies here on Earth are life forms with a spirit-form, with very many of them being connected by psychic swinging waves.

All of them are Wesenheiten that communicate with one another, all knowing about their common existence amongst one another. The consciousness and psyche of all created creations are in turn bound on a journey through time incorporating very many bodily existences, through the innumerable forms in which life appears. In this process, death is a passage to rebirth as well as the conversion into the other world, the world of pure spirit.

Respect means a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something. Venerability means commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity.

The Gemut supplies the Psyche with harmonious swinging waves. These swinging waves are mentioned more than once in the Goblet of Truth and I think they are an important key to understanding what is going on in the human spirit.

I find it strange that the word Wesenheiten is used in the following passage because a Wesenheiten is an immaterial or material existence-form without a self-determining possibility of evolution. Yet, the Wesenheiten are said to be communicating with one another. A Wesenheit is not a Wesen as such but an immaterial or material form of existence without a self-determining possibility of evolution whereby however this possibility can be given to a certain extent, such as with the Creation Universal Consciousness, certain energies, stones, water and gases etc. Self-determination means determination by oneself or itself, without outside influence. Evolution is any process of formation or growth; development. Evolution in biology means a change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift.

The following passage talks about the tightly woven web of all life. Woven means to interlace (threads, yarns, strips, fibrous material, etc.) so as to form a fabric or material. To interlace means to cross one another, typically passing alternately over and under, as if woven together; inter twine. The other word there is indissoluble which has meanings like firm or stable and can also mean incapable of being dissolved.

This is the basis for the tightly woven and indissoluble web of all life, and in this wise no life form strives to rise up over the others within their group and to set themselves up over the others, because each life form contains a basic goodness and not evil, after all, evil is learned and practised as a result of inappropriate doings and Ausartung.

Ausartung noun – plural Ausartungen – a very bad get-out of the control of the good human nature

Nationalism, Fascism, Neo Capitalism, Cynical Materialism

Irrespective of what is involved, whether simple or fanatical religions and sects, stubborn nationalism, fascism, might-greedy politics, terrorism or neo-capitalism, etc., all of these directions are aberrations of the negative and evil, and represent an immense threat to all peoples of Earth, in particular in the third millennium. And truly, the danger of a catastrophe befalling humanity has never been so great as today and in the future.

A sect is a philosophical or political group, especially one regarded as extreme or dangerous. A fanatic often has intense uncritical devotion. Facism can be defined as a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism. The previous passage also talks about something called neo-capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system in which trade, industry, and the means of production are largely or entirely privately owned and operated for profit.. An aberration is the act of departing from the right, normal, or usual course. Some words that are similiar to aberration would be abnormality, eccentricity, illusion, delusion, hallucination. So I suppose our religions, facism and neo-capitalism are a departing from what is right and are an immense threat to the people of the Earth. A catastrophe is an extremely large-scale disaster, a horrible event.

Cynical materialism and unbridled neo-capitalism which have now overtaken the entire world are already leading to extremely serious damage to nature and the morality of the human beings of Earth, and this damage continues to grow in relation to the irresponsible increase in overpopulation.

Cynics are people motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity. Materialism is a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values.

Things have already reached the stage when a clash of industrial nations could occur, something which can scarcely be stopped any longer, and will also cast the nations of the Third World into the same darkness. And if this happens, a Third Global Conflagration will be imminent – in whatever form it takes.

A clash is considered a a violent confrontation. The industrial nations are countries with economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories. The Third World nations are the underdeveloped nations of the world, especially those with widespread poverty. Conflaguration is a term that can mean a large very destructive fire. The term can also mean a war or a conflict.

Indeed, the human beings of Earth are well on their way to this, therefore it is only a question of time and rationality as and when and whether it will actually occur. However, it is once again the case that the signs are pointing to the whole thing being unavoidable. However, this Third World Conflagration may take various forms, such as a collapse of nature that has been desecrated and flouted by the human beings of Earth, as have the atmosphere, the water, the planet as a whole and the animal kingdom; to put it simply, a global catastrophe. And this collapse would result in the collapse of civilization, leading in the final analysis to the total extermination of the human beings of Earth, or at least, a regression to the harshest forms of primitive living.

The word collapse means to break down; come to nothing; fail: Nature refers to the elements of the natural world, as mountains, trees, animals, or rivers. In this passage nature has said to have been desecrated. Descration can mean to treat with sacrilege; profane. Some of the synonyms mean to defile, violate, dishonor, pollute, outrage. Flouted means to treat with disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff at; mock: Civilization is an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached. This passage talks about the extermination of humanity on earth. Exterminate means to get rid of by destroying; destroy totally; The synonyms mean to eradicate, abolish, annihilate, eliminate. Regression means the act of going back to a previous place or state; return or reversion.

Primitive Anarchy Global Catastrophe

Falling back into total primitive anarchy is also possible, meaning that all the life forms still existing would only be capable of a vegetative existence full of suffering. Viewing the whole thing from this threatening perspective means no more and no less than that the human beings of Earth will sacrifice all their valueful achievements through a global catastrophe, and all because they had followed a flawed development for millennia in terms of true love, freedom, harmony and real peace amongst all life forms.

The previous passage talks about us falling back into an anarchy. Anarchy is a state of society without government or law. We may fall into a vegetative existance which would mean denoting or pertaining to those bodily functions that are performed unconsciously or involuntarily. So perhaps we would be almost unconscious or like zombies.

Indeed, in the present day, it is possible to see an apocalypse of this kind looming threateningly on the horizon and over the destiny of the human beings of Earth, because even long ago, the blossoming culture of the truth was destroyed globally, and evil, Gewalt and every kind of Ausartung set in its place, a thing that has happened in particular due to machinations of politicians, false laws, false penal codes as well as religions and sects.

Apocalypse can have two meanings. One, any universal or widespread destruction or disaster. Two, any of a class of Jewish or Christian writings that appeared from about 200 b.c. to a.d. 350 and were assumed to make revelations of the ultimate divine purpose: In the "Goblet of the Truth" the German "Gewalt" is also used in English, because there is no adequate word in English that explains this Gewalt that is above all might and force. Explanation of the Plejaren language scientists, given to Billy August 27, 2010: Ausartung = a very bad get-out of the control of the good human nature. Machinations crafty schemes; plots; intrigues.

Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church

In the Christian world, the blame for this undoubtedly lies fairly and squarely at the door of the Roman Catholic church. Christianity, as a monotheistic and strictly autocratically oriented religion, is guilty of developing completely new, evil and ausgeartet directions of thought and forms of state after the fall of the despotic Roman Empire, which spread all over Earth and under which all human beings are suffering in the new time.

The Roman Catholic Church is the Christian Church over which the pope presides, with administrative headquarters in the Vatican Also called Catholic Church, Church of Rome. The branch of Christianity headed by the pope. The Roman Catholic Church is governed by a hierarchy with the pope at the top and, at the lower levels, bishops and priests. The sacraments of Communion and confession are especially important in the Roman Catholic Church; Catholics also differ from most Protestants in emphasizing veneration of the saints, especially Mary, the mother of Jesus, and seeking the intercession of the saints (praying to them so that they will in turn pray to God). Autocratically means like an autocrat; tyrannical; despotic; domineering. A monotheistic religion has the doctrine or belief that there is only one God. A despot is a king or other ruler with absolute, unlimited power; autocrat.

The Roman Empire is described as despotic in this passage. The Roman Empire (Latin: Imperium Romanum) was the post-Republican period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterized by government headed by emperors, and large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The first two centuries of the Empire's existence were a period of unprecedented political stability and prosperity known as the Pax Romana, or "Roman Peace". The dominion of the Empire was gradually eroded by abuses of power, civil wars, barbarian migrations and invasions, military reforms and economic depression. The Sack of Rome in 410 by the Visigoths and again in 455 by the Vandals marked the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire in the west.

It was in particular the Roman Catholic church that inherited the practices of the inhuman Roman Imperium, establishing an evil, consciousness-conditioned tyranny in the place of the former Roman military tyranny, which reached its accumulation in the Inquisition, but has continued uninterrupted since then - even if in a reduced form. Christianity in general - and its numerous sects - imposed a vast narrow-mindedness by dictating monotheism, a philosophy which hatefully excludes anyone who thinks and believes otherwise.

Imperium means area of dominion; sphere of control or monopoly; empire. An Inquisition is an official investigation, especially one of a political or religious nature, characterized by lack of regard for individual rights, prejudice on the part of the examiners, and recklessly cruel punishments. One punishment in the Inquisition was called the Auto-da-fé where condemned heretics were burned at the stake. Some estimate that in the Spanish Inquisition there were 31,912 people burned at the stake. The passage we are discussing talks about consciousness-conditioned tyranny being formed.

The Holy See

According to the Meier Information many more people were killed during this time by the Holy See
The Holy See is viewed as analogous to a sovereign state, having a centralized government called the Roman Curia. The Roman Curia is the administrative apparatus of the Holy See. But the "Holy Ministry:' the "Holy See in Rome" and the Pope have always taken steps to build up or to save the erroneous cult religion of Christianity. In this connection the readers need only to think of the Inquisition (ordered by the "Holy See"), through whose command millions of people in Europe alone were brutally slaughtered, tortured and murdered. The number of murders on record committed by the "Holy See" amounted to nine million during the Inquisition, while the number of undocumented murders adds at least another nine million.

One of the first group that was attacked by the Catholic Church was a group called the Cathars. The Cathars existed between the 12th and 14th centuries and were killed by the thousands during the Inquisition.

Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings. To condition to means bring (something) into the desired state for use. A tyranny is a cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control..

Within the whole of Christianity and its sects, as well as in all other religions and their sects, absolute servitude reigns with regard to the obligation on believing the fallacious religious and sectarian teachings, therefore no consciousness-based liberty is tolerated but is instead condemned and dealt with as an outrage and heresy. A liberal thinking predicated on the Creation and nature with no religious divinity anchored in it or to be prayed to is not allowed, which means that the human being who has lapsed into a religious belief cannot either find or follow the way to the effective truth of the creational and therefore to the creationally given laws and recommendations.

Servitude the state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful. The word fallacious means to be based on a mistaken belief. Sectarian means narrowly confined or limited in interest, purpose, scope, etc. Sectarian can also mean narrowly confined or devoted to a particular sect. A heresy is an opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church or religious system.

Fear and terror as well as threats of divine punishment bar the way of devout members of religions and sects to the real truth of the Creation and therefore also the way to the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, the teaching of the life, making this into a crime against God and the beliefs. The pernicious effects of Christianity and all other religions have been experienced by the human beings of Earth for millennia, however, in their religious and sectarian narrow-mindedness, they refused to see and accept the terrible truth that religious and sectarian beliefs lead further and further from the effective truth.

Christianity is said to have pernicious effects. Something that is pernicious means it is causing insidious harm or ruin; ruinous; injurious; hurtful: Many of the religions on earth lead to narrow-mindedness which means not receptive to new ideas; having a closed mind. This passage mentions the effective truth. Something that is effective is adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result: The truth is conformity with fact or reality.

Over Population

And with the steady drift away from the effective truth of the creational and therefore also from Creation itself, away from Earth, nature and the universe as well as from true life, love, peace, freedom and harmony, more and more human beings are coming into the world, overpopulation is being stoked up further and causing more and more destruction.

In Aeronautics drift is the deviation of an aircraft from a set course due to cross winds. We are said to be in a steady drift from the effective truth. We are said to be in a drift from nature which consists of the elements of the natural world, as mountains, trees, animals, or rivers. We are also said to be on a drift from harmony. Some of the Synonyms for harmony include concord, unity, peace, amity, friendship. Ofcourse one of our major problems is overpopulation which means to fill with an excessive number of people, straining available resources and facilities: Human overpopulation occurs if the number of people in a group exceeds the carrying capacity of a region occupied by that group. The carrying capacity of a biological species in an environment is the maximum population size of the species that the environment can sustain indefinitely, given the food, habitat, water and other necessities available in the environment.

Truly, the life of the human beings of Earth once blossomed at a time when everything was still largely in good order, when there were no religions, sects, false ideologies and philosophies, and neither were there any politics or imperial machinations by human beings greedy for might, and no ausgeartet materialism either. Religions, sects, greed for might, materialism and the trappings of imperialism destroyed any identity striving for a balance, as a result of which the human beings of Earth who once lived in friendship and association annihilated each other in endless struggles for might and religious wars as well as through terror, feuds, hatred, jealousy, revenge, retaliation, murder and manslaughter.

At one time human beings of earth blossomed which means to flourish; develop. At this time things were in good order meaning there was a methodical or harmonious arrangement on earth. This was a time when there were no religions or false ideologies. An ideology is the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group There was no imperial machinations meaning domineering schemes at this time. Some synonyms for imperial would be despotic, high-handed, authoritarian. The humans beings at this time attempted to live in balance. Balance means mental steadiness or emotional stability with a habit of calm behavior. However wars started because of the religions and false idelogies.

One of the important reasons why religions and sects are wrong and false in their teachings concerns the indisputable fact that they all fundamentally misconceive the true nature of the Creation and its laws and recommendations, and therefore also the nature of the life and death. Religions and sects teach their believers errors and confusions of the most evil form, and they throw human beings into terrible, irrational fear, anguish and torture them in the most inhuman wise. However, this is an unpardonable crime quite apart from the fact that practically all religions and sects are responsible for innumerable other terrible crimes of the widest variety of forms. Take, for example, the persecution and barbaric killing of human beings who believe and think otherwise, the forms of torture and tribunals, religious or sectarian raids, wars, encouragement to murder, mass suicides and material exploitation as well as fanatical, religious and sectarian terrorism, etc. Therefore, over the course of time in which religions, sects, ideologies and philosophies have existed, criminal acts of the greatest extent and of the most extreme malice and Ausartung have been committed in their name and based on their beliefs, which have cost the lives of millions of human beings.

Religions teach confusion. Confusion is the lack of clearness or distinctness. Religions also lead to irrationality which means to be deprived of normal mental clarity or sound judgment. These religions and sects teachings result in fear. Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. Anguish means excruciating or acute distress, suffering, or pain: Toture the act of inflicting excruciating pain, as punishment or revenge, as a means of getting a confession or information, or for sheer cruelty. Persecution is hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs. A tribunal is a court of justice. Murder means to kill or slaughter inhumanly or barbarously. Ideology is the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group.

Truthly, none of the duplicitous religions, sects, philosophies and ideologies are philanthropic in nature, even though their representatives and believers would maintain the opposite, which is a lie. They all talk duplicitously and act accordingly. In truth, they do not know any humane world, because humanity is unbearable for them, so that they do not tolerate human beings who think and believe otherwise living next to them - and if they do, then it is only a pretense.

Duplicity speaking or acting in two different ways to different people concerning the same matter; Philanthropic altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes. A pretense is to allege or profess, especially insincerely or falsely.

However, this malignance has been practised since time immemorial and remains so in the present day, determining the might of religions, sects, ideologies, philosophies as well as politics, which – down the ages – have exerted huge constraints on human beings in order to control them. All in all, they have kept human beings in bondage to ensure their blind belief and obedience to the political, social, religious, sectarian, ideological and philosophical pressure that is exerted on them.

Billy describes the teaching of the religions as a maligance. Maligancy is characterized by uncontrolled growth; cancerous, invasive, or metastatic. Maligance also means disposed to cause harm or suffering. Billy describes the religious and political teachings as being a constraint on human beings. A constraint can be defined as a repression of natural feelings and impulses. A constraint is also a limitation or restriction. The religion and political teachings on earth have been designed to control us. Control can mean to dominant or command.

The effective truth stands for the life-giving energy and for life itself, as is predefined in the womb of creational laws and recommendations. Life-affirming creational energy links human beings directly to the laws and recommendations of the comprehensive Creation, and its power fills the entire Earth and universe. This is the same energy that wants to achieve harmonious concord with all life, with human beings, the planet and the universe.

When something is effective it is said to be successful in producing a desired or intended result. Truth is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality. The effective truth stands for the life-giving energy. This passage states, this is the same energy that wants to achieve harmonious concord with all life, with human beings, the planet and the universe. Concord means agreement between persons, groups, nations. So the creation is said to want to have agreement with all life. Interestingly, in music, concord means a stable, harmonious combination of tones; a chord requiring no resolution. Synonyms with concord include harmony, goodwill, friendship. The term harmony derives from the Greek meaning joint, agreement, concord, to fit together, to join. So perhaps this life giving energy and effective truth wants to join with all life.

However, the untruth, the lie, is powerless and an enemy of the creational, and has nothing to do with the womb of the truth, consequently the lie and untruth only lead a fictional life. However, those human beings who are dependent on this false life have removed themselves from the truth and from the care of creational laws and recommendations, as well as from the mother Earth and the goodness of the universe.

Merlin, King Arthur, Keridwena

And therefore this truth is also given in the book the entitled Goblet of the Truth, a first part of which, namely the teaching of Henoch, was also called the Cauldron of the Life by the druid prince Myrddin alias Merlin, and has nothing to do with the apparent grail of Christianity which is only based on lies and deception, never existed and therefore was not used by Joseph of Aramathea to collect the blood of Jmmanuel (Jesus) at his crucifixion.

Henoch There are three personalities with the same name that have incarnated here on the earth. All of the following individuals are incarnations of the same human spirit currently incarnated as Billy Meier.
  1. Henoch I - 13500 years ago
  2. Henoch II - 3-Feb-9308 v. - 1-Jan-8942 v.
  3. Henoch III - 4-5000 years ago

Merlin was considered a Druid prince. He was also a bard, a doctor, a teacher, a prophet, a historian and ultimately the king and prince of druids of the Demetier tribe from South Wales. A druid was a member of the educated, professional class among the Celtic peoples of Gaul, Britain, Ireland during the Iron Age. The Iron Age started around 1200 BC and is the period after the Bronze Age. Merlin is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in Arthurian legend. Dinas Brân is the castle where Merlin lived. Castell Dinas Brân is a medieval castle standing high on a hill above the town of Llangollen in Denbighshire, Wales. Both Merlin and his father were said to have paranormal abilities which lead the Christian world to falsely think that they were influenced by the devil. Merlin had developed visionary ability because of his meditations. Merlin was considered a seer and made prophetic statements. Some of these prophecies can be found in the Prophetiae Merlini. The prophecies of Merlin were written down later by a Welsh cleric named Geoffrey of Monmouth in about 1135 AD. In one prophecy two dragons fought, one red and one white. Merlin replies that the Red Dragon meant the British race, the White Dragon the Saxons. The Saxons would be victorious.

In one ancient manuscript Merlin creates Stonehenge as a burial place with the help of a giant; however, that incident is not supported by the Meier material as far as I can tell. The full story of Merlin from the Meier perspective can be found in Contact Report 469. Merlin was given a very powerful sword that was the product of high technology. The Caladvwlch sword (pronounced Caladfluch) was known as a “lightning sword“ because it emitted lightning-like rays. It later became known as Cliburn and was rendered falsely by the church and its Latin language as Excalibur. It was a light ray-weapon in the form of a sword, forged on the Isle of Avalon under the guidance and with the participation of the Plejarin Keridwena. Keridwena is Ptaah's “great aunt”. Keridwena gave the weapon to Merlin who in turned gave it to King Arthur.

King Arthur fought many bloody battles with the weapon. Finally, after the death of Arthur the sword was taken back by Merlin and then returned to Keridwena the Plejarin. King Arthur was not a good-hearted king as he is depicted today; however, he was a fierce "war king" who lead his blood thirsty murderous "knights" into many battles and raids. King Arthur, or Artus, was also known as the "Boar of Cornwall" and was pupil of Merlin the druid, for seven years. Arthur was a brutal and stubborn man to whom human life meant little or nothing. He ruled in the late 5th and early 6th centuries.

Holy Grail and Holy Chalice Legends

The true grail only existed as a holy place, and the composition was included in the Cauldron of the Life, a writing of the teaching of the true prophet Henoch from the series of seven of Nokodemion. The document was delivered to the druid Myrddin (The Laughing One), later known more generally as Merlin, as a transcription of the Plejara Keridwena (The Triple Goddess).

The Holy Grail is a dish, plate, stone, or cup that is part of an important theme of Arthurian literature. The Grail legend became interwoven with legends of the Holy Chalice. The connection with Joseph of Arimathea and with vessels associated with the Last Supper and crucifixion of Jesus. Joseph of Arimathea was, according to all four canonical Gospels, the man who donated his own prepared tomb for the burial of Jesus after Jesus' crucifixion. Jmmanuel was the fifth prophet in the incarnation line from Henoch to Billy. Jmmanuel was the same prophet who nearly 2000 years ago, under Jschwjsch Kalatan, attempted to spread the spiritual teachings in Israel. It has become a known fact that this herald was the true prophet Jmmanuel, with whom Billy and Asket personally visited during their time travel in 1956.

The true grail was actually a place and not a cup. The grail was a spring, surrounded by trees and plants, where the druids used to conduct their meditation. There was never a cup into which the blood of Jmmanuel was poured. There also never was a spear that was put into Jmmanuel's side. Nokodemion was a creation of the planet Sadr, which was in the Waron star system, which moved in the Lyren galaxy, 3,816,000,000 light years distant from the Sol star system. Nokodemion was the first incarnated personality of the same spirit-form that currently inhabits the human being known as BEAM.

The true grail only existed as a holy place, and the composition was included in the Cauldron of the Life, a writing of the teaching of the true prophet Henoch from the series of seven of Nokodemion. The document was delivered to the druid Myrddin (The Laughing One), later known more generally as Merlin, as a transcription of the Plejara Keridwena (The Triple Goddess). Myrddin poured the transcription into the goblet, which was known as the Cauldron of the Life, and misused as the basis for fabricating the grail through Christian falsifications, which by no means can be brought into connection with this Cauldron of the Life because the grail was a place with a spring, surrounded by trees and plants, where the druids used to conduct their meditations.

This Christian grail falsification has been delivered down to the current time since its origination, however once again in a further vast falsification which maintains that it was the goblet, i.e. grail of Jmmanuel (Jesus) which Jmmanuel and his disciples drank from during the Last Supper and in which the blood of Jmmanuel was collected by Joseph of Arimathea at the crucifixion. This enormous lie and falsification of the truth also applies to the so-called holy lance with which it has been said that Jmmanuel (Jesus) was stabbed in the side by a Roman soldier in order to find out if he was dead. Since then, this lance has been regarded as holy and carrying enormous might within it, capable of turning those greedy for might into rulers, therefore it has been highly honoured.

The Grail legend became interwoven with legends of the Holy Chalice. In Christian tradition the Holy Chalice is the vessel which Jesus used at the Last Supper to serve the wine. In the Holy Grail legend, the cup was used to collect and store the blood of Christ at the Crucifixion. During the Middle Ages, three major contenders for the position of Holy Chalice stood out from the rest, one in Jerusalem, one in Genoa and the third in Valencia. A fourth medieval cup was briefly touted as the Holy Chalice when it was discovered in the early 20th century; it is known as the Antioch Chalice and is in the Metropolitan Museum, New York.

The Holy Lance or the Spear of Destiny

The Holy Lance, also called the Spear of Destiny, is the name given to the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross. There have been three or four major relics that are claimed to be the Holy Lance or parts of it.
  1. Holy Lance - The Holy Lance in Rome is preserved beneath the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica. St. Peter's is the most renowned work of Renaissance architecture and remains one of the largest churches in the world. In 1546, Michelangelo was appointed architect of St. Peter's Basilica, Rome.
  2. Holy Lance in Vienna - The Holy Lance in Vienna is displayed in the Imperial Treasury at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria.
  3. Holy Lance in Echmiadzin - The Holy Lance in Echmiadzin (Armenian: Geghard) is conserved in Vagharshapat, Armenia. Armenia has Turkey to its West and Iran to its South West.
  4. Holy Lance of Antioch -During the June 1098 Siege of Antioch, a poor monk named Peter Bartholomew reported that he had a vision in which St. Andrew told him that the Holy Lance was buried in the Church of St. Peter in Antioch. Antioch was an ancient Greek city and was called the cradle of Christianity.
Trevor Ravenscroft's 1973 book, The Spear of Destiny claims that Adolf Hitler started World War II in order to capture the spear, with which he was obsessed. At the end of the war the spear came into the hands of US General George S. Patton. According to legend, losing the spear would result in death, and that was fulfilled when Hitler committed suicide and Patton died in a car accident in an army camp. Dr. Howard A. Buechner, M.D., professor of medicine at Tulane and then Louisiana State University, wrote two books on the spear. He claims he was contacted by a former U-boat submariner said the real spear was sent by Hitler to Antarctica along with other Nazi treasures.

The Shroud of Turn

In truth, however, this lance never touched Jmmanuel's side, because this is a Christian falsification manufactured only in the eighth century of the Common Era, therefore it was only made into a religious cult object because of the falsifications of Christian machinations, as is also the case with what is called the Turin Shroud, which is supposed to show a figure of Jmmanuel (Jesus) but is actually the death mask of an Italian merchant called Caesar Canova and was manufactured by his brother Luciano Canova, who was involved in alchemy.

The Shroud of Turin or Turin Shroud is a length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man who appears to have suffered physical trauma in a manner consistent with crucifixion. Radiocarbon dating tests date the Turin Shroud to the Medieval period; however, some still think it is the burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth. Radiocarbon dating at three different universities concluded with 95% confidence that the shroud material dated to 1260–1390 AD. In 1978, the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP), found no reliable evidence of how the image was produced. However, STURP did indicate that the Shroud image is that of a real human form of a scourged, crucified man. Some argue that the radio carbon dating was actually associated with a fragment that was used to repair the original shroud at a later date. The Meier information says the shroud is death mask of an Italian merchant called Caesar Canova. A death mask is a wax or plaster cast made of a person’s face following death. Death masks may be mementos of the dead, or can be used for creation of portraits.

Hitler reported the following when he saw the Spear of Destiny in Vienna. I knew with immediacy that this was an important moment in my life... I stood there quietly gazing upon it for several minutes, quite oblivious to the scene around me. It seemed to carry some hidden inner meaning which evaded me, a meaning which I felt I inwardly knew, yet could not bring to consciousness... I felt as though I myself had held it in my hands before in some earlier century of history - that I myself had once claimed it as my talisman of power and held the destiny of the world in my hands. What sort of madness was this that was invading my mind and creating such turmoil in my breast ?

The Dark Order

However, all the items named here only represent the start, because in secret there is a mighty organisation of the governing class and mightful ones as well as many of their obedient lackeys emerging from amongst your humanity, who are creating a secret order of darkness with their own evil laws and ordinances, who are bent on hatred for the poor and weak and against the economically imprisoned and all normal citizens. And it is their desire to seize ever more might, more money and entire mastery over the whole earth and your humanity for themselves, therefore it is spreading their evil supremacy over the world, supported by its obedient vassals of all kinds who are greedy for blood as well as profit.

There is an organization that is coming out of governing class that is referred to by the secret order of darkness. This dark order wants more money and entire mastery over the whole earth. A secret society is a club or organization whose activities, events, and inner functioning are concealed from non-members. This Secret Order is an organization that is spreading their evil supremacy over the world. Billy talked earlier in the Goblet of Truth, about a consciousness-conditioned tyranny when discussing the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church. A tyranny is the arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power. This organization has obedient lackeys who are appearing out of our population. Lackey is typically used as a derogatory term for a servant with little or no self-respect who belittles himself in order to gain an advantage. This Dark Order is a tyranny with its own evil laws and ordinances. An ordinance is a rule established by an organization to regulate itself.

Even the powerful ones of the economy are feeling the might and obeying the evil laws of the dark order which is spreading its dangerous and fatal poison of hatred everywhere, into everything and against everyone who does not share the same opinion as the dark might. Therefore, you human beings of Earth are no longer active to any great extent, but go along in idleness with an empty expression in your eyes, knowing not what you should do and where you should go, because you have nothing else to do that brings you joy and a good reward.

The Dark Order is spreading hatred everywhere. Hatred (or hate) is a deep and emotional extreme dislike. It can be directed against individuals, groups, entities, objects, or ideas. Hatred is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust and a disposition towards hostility. The word poison is used to describe this hatred that is being spread. In the context of biology, poisons are substances that cause disturbances to organisms, usually by chemical reaction or other activity on the molecular scale, when a sufficient quantity is absorbed by an organism. There is an idleness that is forming in humanity. In describing a person or machine, idle means the act of nothing or no work. A computer processor or communication circuit is described as idle when it is not being used by any program, application or message.

And you human beings of Earth, both young and old, are the ones who can no longer set down any roots in your life, you wander, demoralized and hopeless, bereft of work and home, with the result that you fight yourselves in all things and you hate your present existence, to the extent of finally bringing it to an end yourselves as has already been the case to an increasing extent since the twentieth century and will become ever more widespread in future.

Billy describes the earth humans as those that cannot set down roots. As people that are demoralized and hopeless. To be demoralized means having lost confidence or hope; disheartened. To be hopeless means feeling of despair about something. Billy talks about being bereft of work and home. Bereft means deprived of or lacking something. Billy talks about persons who lack permanent housing. Homelessness in the United States is an area of concern for social service providers, government officials, policy professionals, and society at large.[1] The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in January 2012 annual point-in-time count found that 633,782 people across America were homeless. There were an estimated 57,849 homeless veterans estimated in the United States during January 2013.

The phrase mentioned above as "bringing it to an end yourselves" sounds like suicide to me. The United States military veteran suicide epidemic is an ongoing phenomenon regarding a reported high rate of suicide among U.S. military veterans. About 6,500 former military personnel killed themselves in 2012. From 1999 to 2010, which showed that roughly 22 veterans were committing suicide per day, or one every 65 minutes. 97 percent of the suicides being male.

In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time. I think many people are experiencing cognitive dissonance today which may lead to suicide. In FIGU_Special_Bulletin_032 suicide is mentioned in relationship to overpopulation.

FIGU Special Bulletin 032, Hopelessness, Homelessness, Suicide, Overpopulation

And the origin of everything is overpopulation, which, however, neither humanity nor the responsible scientists, authorities and governments want to accept as true. The more humans there are, the bigger become the entire environmental problems of interpersonal relationships, humans living together, illnesses, epidemics and criminality as well as wrongdoing and wars, and so forth. ...
But overpopulation also brings with it, that the human's entire body suffers ever more from damage to its health, because it is ever more susceptible to it, and also, in regard to the inurement against suffering and illnesses, the human is ever softer and less capable of life, which often ends in cowardly suicide.

Goblet of Truth 25:137

Therefore, you humankind of Earth, you must strive and evolve as individuals in yourselves, from out of your own consciousness as well as out of the thoughts and feelings, in order to come to the truth and to the finespiritual perceiving of the love of the Creation, so there can be true love and harmony as well as freedom and peace in you, in order to then also carry forth these high values, so that you, you humankind of Earth, may profit from them and so that everything may turn to the best wellbeing amongst you all.

Fundamentally, the creational laws and recommendations impose cooperation on all life forms, according to which every individual must see itself as a valueful building block of the whole in all existence of the Creation, and this also applies to every political and religious, ideological and philosophical orientation as well as to Earth and the entire universe created in accordance with the creational plan.

Goblet of Truth Page 61

If you human beings of Earth search for the creational laws and recommendations, that form creational harmony and goodness, with intellect and rationality and with your intuition, you will find them everywhere, you will recognise and understand them at every turn, whether in the bubbling of a spring, in the face of a human being, in a flower, in the sounds of the forest or the sea, in the glint ing of the sun, the twinkling of the stars, in the eyes of an animal or in any other things that exist every where. And if you human beings of Earth make yourselves once again capable of linking this new and yet primeval truth in all forms with all real forms of life, then you will be able to tread a holistic path in the consciousness of truth.

Goblet of Truth Chapter 2

Everything in the firmaments (universe) and on earths (worlds/planets) is the work of Creation, but it has made it for you to be yours so that you might control everything respectfully, guide everything correctly and do everything for your own benefit and that of everything living and otherwise existing; therefore everything in the firmaments (universe) and on earth (Earth) has been given to you as your own, for you to care for well and protect so that nothing degenerates into the spilling of blood or into destruction.

Consciousness Spheres


Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of self-hood, and the executive control system of the mind. Bewusstsein is the German word for consciousness.

Contact Report 228 Quetzal states:

10. The higher the evolutionary state is, the higher also is the feeling of pain.
11. In this consequence, the human being is distinguished with the highest feeling of pain, as he is consciously able to perceive and judge pains through his conscious awareness and also has a psyche that can be affected by pains of a psychological as well as physical nature.

The censor exists in the consciousness and the subconsciousness. The censor regulates information between the consciousness and subconsciousness.

Bulletin 69

Destination of the human-consciousness-evolution is to harmonize the external and internal self with the human’s relatively highest possible level of the innermost, creative self (spirit-form). Our individual evolutionary level is of course decisive, depending on whether or not our predecessor-personalities – and now we for the ones who come after us – recognised their responsibility and evolutionised in consciousness as far as possible in a creational sense.


The human can be angry or ambitious without being directly aware of the ambitiousness or anger. The first thought that gets through the censor is typically the correct one.

Giza Intelligences

Contact Report 70 and the Lineage of the Giza Intelligences (Arrussem,Jehova, Kamagol etc...

  1. ARUS the Eleventh is murdered by his son JEHAVON
  2. JEHAVON ruled the earth until 3,660 years ago (Let himself be called as the creator)
  3. JEHAVON was murdered by his son Jehav 340 years into his father’s reign
  4. Jehav ruled wickedly, and always screamed for blood and revenge, he let himself be proclaimed as creator, and celebrated as such. Jehav sired three sons, who were named Arussem, Ptaah and Salam.
  5. Arussem murdered his father JEHAV

    152. But Arussem secretly returned to Earth, and settled down with his army, in the land of Egypt, in the old cubical constructions which had existed there unused for more than 70,000 years.
    153. Deep in the interior of the earth and deep below the pyramids, they established themselves securely, whereby they converted the rooms and constructions deep below the present pyramids of Giza, as a center for their wicked purposes, from where they and their descendants since then tried to realize their tyrannical plans, but as of now without noteworthy success, although their way of obtaining the goal of deceit, lying and intrigues was by wrong teachings and the leading astray of the uncorrupted Earth humans through religious teachings of madness and cults, and many kinds of other evil machinations.

  6. Far below the pyramids and deep within the earth the followers of Arrussem established themselves as the Giza Intelligences.

  7. ARUSSEM and his followers are known as the Giza Intelligences by the PLEJAREN
  8. ARUSSEM ruled until about 3,010 B.C.E.
  9. Jehovah who real name was HENN, took over after ARUSSEMs rule. Jehova was also known as the cruel One. The former phrase appears in Contact Report 38 line 23.

    If you search for the name Jehova using the Bible Gateway software you will get no hits if you are searching in the NIV version of the Bible. Bible Gateway is a search engine that will allow you to search for different phrases in various versions of the bible. The NIV began in 1956 with the formation of a small committee to study the value of producing a translation in the common language of the American people.

    However, if you switch your search context to the King James Bible you will get hits. The King James Bible is an English translation of the Christian Bible for the Church of England begun in 1604 and completed in 1611. I thought this is significant because there is a big split in the biblical community as to if the name Jehova is legitimate. I think it must certaintly be a name that appeared as late as 1600 or so because there was no letter J in the ancient world. So perhaps, Jehova was called Yehova or some similiar name.

    The first time that a word using the Jehova appears is in Genesis 22:14 it appears in the King James Version of the Bible. The story here is about the time that Abraham was about to sacrifice his son to the God Jehova. The word that appears is Jehovahjireh. In the Hebrew Bible Jehovah-jireh (Jehovah will provide) was a place in the land of Moriah. It was the location of the binding of Isaac, where God told Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a burnt offering.

    Genesis 22:14 King James Version (KJV)

    14 And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen.

    Now imagine for a moment that the creator of the universe tells you to burn your son alive! If we can take our minds out of the fog of religion we can appreciate the insanity of this. It is not so far fetched that the Meier information tells us that Jehova / Henn was one of the group of negative human extra-terrestrials that were using religion to control the people of the earth.

  10. Deuteronomy 20:16-18New International Version (NIV)

    16 However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. 17 Completely destroy[a] them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you. 18 Otherwise, they will teach you to follow all the detestable things they do in worshiping their gods, and you will sin against the Lord your God.

    In the former verse, Jehova commands the genocide of numerous groups of people.

    Mauro Biglino

    Here is a great translator of the Bible that says, "The Bible does not talk about God". His name is Mauro Biglino. Mauro Biglino says that the Bible that we was really created between the 7th and 9th Century AD. Here is another great film of Mauro Biglino The Eden Mess. Mauro is a translator of masoretic Hebrew. He translated for 10 for a company called "San Paolo" Publisher which is the Vatican's publishing house. Here is his free book in PDF Form.

    Mauro translated 17 volumes of literal translations from the Old Testament. Mauro has to split the Jewish words into their single components. He translates the Old Testament literally without interpreting. He also has to publish what is calls the philolotical analysis of all verbal forms. After a year and a half of translating he was amazed by what is was finding out and he asked himself what am I going to tell them. As soon as the book was published he lost all of his translation contracts with the "San Paolo" translater.

    I think he is talking about manly the Old Testament. He says our bible comes from a person Aaron ben Moses ben Asher was a Jewish scribe who lived in Tiberias in northern Israel and refined the Tiberian system of writing vowel sounds in Hebrew, which is still in use today, and serves as the basis for grammatical analysis.

    The first Bible was written as a sequence of consonants. So the work that was done by the people cnamed the Masorets (The Keepers of the Tradition was in first place to determine the words, that is, splitting the row of consonants and determing the words. These words can be split and established in many different ways.

    The second work they made was the inserting the vowels, that were not there. Inserting the vowels means actually inserting the meaning of the words. One problem those gentlemen didn't have was the linquistic question, they never asked themselves.

    These people were interested in inserting their theological thought. Thats what they made. This is a matter of fact. For example, we dont even know how the bible was vocalized when they wrote it. At the time when most of the Bible events happened, above all the fundamental ones, Hebrew did not even exist as a language.

    When many names were pronounced, Hebrew didn't exist, Moses didn't speak Hebrew. When they were in the desert they were not speaking Hebrew. During the Exodus they did not speak Hebrew.

    For example, Moses did not speak Hebrew. During the Exodus they may have spoke some sort of semitic language. But its more likely they spoke Amorite or Aramaic. A couple of centuries later, Jewish began to shape, which is a transformed Sub-Phoenician language. Now you can understand that the only certainty is that we know that we dont know.

    The Ruach in the Sumerian Pictograms Mauro Biglino job was to search for the original meanings. He tells you what is there in the Hebrew consonant roots. Lets do this one, lets frewheel lets ride the Elohims RVACH, that is the Elohims wind, the one that in the Bible is called or is translated as God's spirit. However, the term RUACH does not mean spirit it means wind, or anything flying in the air quickly and causing wind.

    The later theological elaboration, when god's figure was created , led to attaching to RUACH the meaning of spirit. During the speech, Mauro scetched what the RUACH looked like. It appeared very much like a flying disc that most people would call a U.F.O. The following shows how the RUACH was represented in the Sumerian pictograms. Ruach isn't Jewish but of Sumerian origin.

    The pictogram was made by those that saw the first RUACH, which is where the RUACH of the Hebrews came from. The RUACH hovers on the water. So Mauro decided to burrow a name from the Vatican. There is a book called the Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis published by the Vatican. The Vatican inserted the name "navis sideralis" which means "starship". The Vatican also inserted names that meant astronaut and UFO.

    Elohim's RUACH was hovering on the water. Hovering was used as a participle, which is melahephet. The same word RUACH is used in other parts of the Bible indicating the typical way of flying of rapacious birds. This refers to when they let themselves carry bt the wind, without moving their wings. The Sumerians depicted the Elohims RUACH that way.

    Something at the beginning of everything hovered on the water without moving its wings. The Sumerians depicted this graphically and the Hebrews had a description of the same thing.

    Contact 215 Jehova (Henn) Destroys Sodom and Gomorrah With Atomic Weapons

    118. On the one hand, a meteorite fell to the Earth and exploded high over the area of the two cities, which would now actually be designated as larger villages.
    119. This led to devastating destructions of both cities, triggering a massive earthquake, by which the earth was torn open – like in Petra – and by underground volcanic activity,
    small and larger chunks of sulfur were flung high and across the country, which also naturally caused much disaster, and by this – as also by the exploding meteorite – many people were killed.
    120. The remaining part of the total destruction was caused by the megalomaniac and crazy God of the Hebrews, an extraterrestrial who had his headquarters deep under the pyramid of Giza.
    121. His punishment for the disobedience of the population of Sodom and Gomorrah against his commands was that he let two small atom bombs ignite over the two cities, which finally leveled everything to the ground, killing all humans and animals.

  11. In 2,080, B.C. HENN (Jehovah) was forced out by his nephew KAMAGOL the First.
  12. KAMAGOL takes over leadership of the Giza Intelligences.
  13. KAMAGOL the Second takes over leadership of the Giza Intelligences at about December 1976.

Cargo Cults

John From is a figure associated with cargo cults on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. The Republic of Vanuatu is a Pacific island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. He is often depicted as an American World War II serviceman who will bring wealth and prosperity to the people if they follow him. The religion centering on John Frum arose in the late 1930s, when Vanuatu was known as the New Hebride. In 1941, followers of John Frum rid themselves of their money in a frenzy of spending, left the missionary churches, schools, villages and plantations, and moved inland to participate in traditional feasts, dances and rituals.

In many, ways our modern religions seem very similiar to the cargo cults that have popped up all over the world. When primitive groups come into contact with more technologically advanced societies then a cargo cult or something similiar often results. Under conditions of social stress, such a movement may form under the leadership of a charismatic figure. The Melanesian islanders in the years during and after World War II saw one of the greatest uses of technology in warfare in history. Many of these cults still exist today much like many of our religions.

Great Pyramid of Giza

Asket, Billy's second contact, discussed Billy experience with her deep below the Giza platue in Askets Explanations. This is in someways difficult to discuss because I also have been heavily influenced by the Christian religion.

182. In the Pyramid of Giza I well noticed your thoughts, and searched closer and thereby established that, to a certain degree, you are still doubtful in regard to the wrongness and false teachings of religions.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis. The pyramids were built for protection reasons (to give shelter from a prophesied catastrophe). Beside this, astronomical information was interwoven into the construction. In FIGU bulletin 11 the following excerpt is taken from one of the Contacts:

Billy: ...I would like to ask you something about the pyramids, which are not only found in Egypt but all over the globe. Asket told me once during a contact, that the pyramids were constructed under the direction of extraterrestrials.

As we shall see a little later in this contact the Pyramids were constructed under the direction of humans from the Orion constellation. Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. The celestial equator is a great circle on the imaginary celestial sphere, in the same plane as the Earth's equator. Orion is one of the most conspicuous and recognizable constellations in the night sky. Orion has 8 stars within 32 light years and the earliest depiction of the the constellation of Orion is approximately 32,000 to 38,000 years old. This star pattern was named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology. Orion was a giant huntsman in Greek mythology whom Zeus placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion. In ancient Egypt, the stars of Orion were regarded as a god, called Sah.

Statistics Regarding The Great Pyramid

Characteristic Description
  1. Currently, the Great Pyramid is 481 feet tall. However, the Meier information tells us that at one time it was 152.5 meters high. 152.5 meters is 500 ft in height, representing 1 meter per 1 million kilometers of the Earth-to-sun distance at the time.
  2. The number of elements (280) Multiplied in a sevenfold form with the original height of the Giza Pyramid, results in the current speed of light to the tenths place exactly. (See Contact Report 127 Line 59)
Construction Date According to the Meier information the pyramids across the world were built 36,650 years ago and 73,300 years ago. The Great Pyramid was built 73,000 years ago. Our scientists say it was built 2560 BC which is about 4,500 years ago.
Extra-terrestrial Involvement Extraterrestrial's from the Orion Constellation directed the building of the Great Pyramid.
Uses of the Great Pyramid
  1. King Sahluk because of visions of his son SAURID used the Great Pyramid as a refuge for his people to survive a great flood that occurred in 9,545 B.C.
  2. The utilization of the pyramids as tombs some 2,000 years ago
  3. Old cubical constructions far below the Giza Plateau used as the home of the Giza Intelligences.
Construction Facts
  1. A very small part of the work was done with the aid of telekinetic devices/forces.
  2. Most of the work was executed by about 200,000 workers(plus animals) over a time period of many decades.
  3. Astronomical information was interwoven into the construction

Films Related to the Constellation of Orion or The Great Pyramid

Film Name Film Description
Astronomy - Orion This short astronomy video introduces the constellation Orion and M42, the Orion Nebula. Interesting stars in and around the constellation include Betelgeuse, Rigel and Sirius.
The Pyramids & Orion's Belt - Nassim Haramein Nassim Haramein was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1962. As early as 9 years old, Nassim was already developing the basis for a unified hyperdimensional theory of matter and energy, which he eventually called the 'Holofractographic Universe.

Orion's Belt or the Belt of Orion, also known as the Three Kings or Three Sisters and consists of the following stars It consists of the three bright stars Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. All three stars in Orion's belt are between 700 and 1000 light years from earth. There is a list of stars in the Constellation of Orion on Wikipedia and there appears to be over 100 stars in that list at least I would estimate. Rigel is a blue supergiant that is the brightest star in the constellation Orion.The star is only 10 million years old, compared to the sun's 4.5 billion.

At the time, in 1956, she stated that the pyramids were built two times 36,650 years ago (from 1956)—hence, 73,300 years ago. Forty years have passed since then, which would put the pyramids' time of origin at approximately 73,340 years. And yet, scientists profess something altogether different. They place the construction time much later, just a few short millennia before the birth of Jmmanuel.

Ptaah: I am familiar with this misrepresentation and miscalculation. When you calculate back from today, the pyramids were indeed erected approximately 73,340 years ago. This includes not only the pyramids found in Egypt, but also all others located around the Earth—whose distance from the sun amounted to 152.5 million kilometers [95 million miles] during the pyramid's construction era.

The pyramids were covered on the outside with a solid layer of limestone and lime mortar, and they were accordingly higher than they are today. In those days the Cheops pyramid measured 152.5 meters [500 ft] in height, representing 1 meter per 1 million kilometers of the Earth-to-sun distance at the time. Over the course of millennia, the outer limestone layers were removed as were parts of the actual pyramids themselves due to erosion or when the material was removed by people to construct other buildings and the like. The pyramids' purpose changed repeatedly as well. In their last function they served as tombs, but in other locations they also served as cult temples.

The pyramid structures and the many interconnected, subterranean rooms were constructed under the direction of humans of extraterrestrial origin who had come to Earth in those ancient times from the Orion constellation.

For this reason the Egyptian pyramids were constructed to replicate this constellation, while the sphinx points toward the Leo constellation. The utilization of the pyramids as tombs and the like—along with the hieroglyphics—date back to more recent periods ranging from just prior to Jmmanuel's days, some 2,000 years ago, into the past of a little more than 13,000 years ago. Extensive subterranean spaces, components of each pyramid complex, became subterranean villages of varying sizes where their human inhabitants hid from the looming terrestrial dangers and threats from outer space.

Capital Punishment

The Meier material explains that a person that performs or endorses the death penalty is not better than the person that has been sentenced with capital punishment. It also states that the person that favors capital punishment is not better in their thoughts and feelings than the one receiving the death penalty. The German word Todesstrafe means capital punishment or the death penalty. The German word befürwortet can mean endorsed, approved or favored. The German word Gedanke refers to the thoughts, feelings and cogitations.

Capital punishment or the death penalty is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. The judicial decree that someone be punished in this manner is a death sentence, while the actual enforcement is an execution. Capital punishment has, in the past, been practiced by most societies, as a punishment for criminals, and political or religious dissidents

Methods of Capital Punishment Historically
Crushing by elephant
Devouring by lions, alligators, crocodiles, piranha and sharks.
Tearing apart by horses typically with four horses. A horse for each arm and leg.
Back-breaking which is a Mongolian method.
Tied to the mouth of a cannon, which is then fired.
Pulling the lungs out through the wounds in the victim's back.
Boiling to death using a large cauldron filled with water, oil, tar, or even molten lead.
Buried alive, Burning, Crucifixion, Decapitation etc ...
Capital Punishment, The Inquisition, The Talmud of Jmmanuel - Introduction

But the "Holy Ministry:' the "Holy See in Rome" and the Pope have always taken steps to build up or to save the erroneous cult religion of Christianity. The Holy See is viewed as analogous to a sovereign state, having a centralized government diplomatically, the Holy See acts and speaks for the whole Roman Catholic church. In this connection the readers need only to think of the Inquisition (ordered by the "Holy See"), through whose command millions of people in Europe alone were brutally slaughtered, tortured and murdered. The number of murders on record committed by the "Holy See" amounted to nine million during the Inquisition, while the number of undocumented murders adds at least another nine million. So regardless of what your thoughts on Capital Punishment is it can be seen that clearly the death penalty has been abused very much so in the past.

  1. 18 million people were killed by the Holy See in Rome under the concept of Capital Punishment.
  2. During World War 2 A total of 7.5 million were killed under the guise of Capital Punishment by the Nazi regime.

The Holy See, i.e. the Vatican, the Pope, cooperated with Hitler. The following comes from Contact 134

160. There were two popes who got their hands dirty in the game with the Nazi regime.
161. These were the Popes Pius XI., from 1922 to 1939, and Pius XII, who held his office from 1939 to 1958.
162. Both men have actively and consistently caused immense damage to the Jews through their machinations with Adolf Hitler and his henchmen, and both men completely and consciously accepted the murder of more than 4.5 million Jews and nearly 3 million criminals and people who were sick in psyche and consciousness by the Nazi regime.

The Laws and Directives of Creation

For More Information see The Laws and Directives of Creation Future of Mankind Site

The law of love is the most fundamental of all creational laws and this law also embodies the ground law for you Earth humans. Who therefore does not practice universal love to all offends against a directive of the order and against a law of the determination.

So perhaps Capital punishment is one of those practices on earth that violates the ground law of creation which is the law of love. OM tells us that the prophets have often taken their students into free nature to teach them because the works of creation themselves express the love of Creation.

From the OM

32. Truly, where can one be and where can one also speak with the most exalted language which can talk of the creational love so movingly as the works of Creation themselves speak?

You shall never, never speak an untruth This is called the Ninth Recommendation and it can be found at Future on Mankind on the page entitled Dekalog Dodekalog

Contact 155

Date/time of contact: Sunday, the 6th of December 1981, 10:45 PM

Synopsis Billy and Quetzal discuss corrections to the table of events regarding the Destroyer comet as noted in Contact Report 150, the second and most important reason why the Plejaren do not allow themselves to be photographed, (love) destiny, the mystery surrounding Billy which he does not unveil until the book "OM" is published (his spirit is of the lineage of Nokodemion's), among other things.

Love Destiny

41. In their lives, the determination of Ferdinand and Ingrid was set and ordered by them quite differently than how they shape their present lives.
42. Neither one of them has determined himself for the other, even if they have come together in a marital bond and witnessed descendants, which also doesn't correspond to their destinies.
43. Even their previously contracted commitments and their impacts didn't correspond to their destinies, but rather to the wild joining together with different sex partners, etc., by what means they very heavily disturbed and harmed their destinies.

In the earlier passage it states that, "Neither one of them has determined himself for the other". The English word determined here means decided; settled; resolved. It seems to correspond to some decision that was made prior to their current life. The German word Bestimmung is translated as determined but can also mean determination, purpose, appointment, settlement, assignment. Destiny can mean the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events. Notice that their engagement in wild sex has disturbed and harmed their destiny. The German word gestört means to trouble, disturb, impair, and violate.

From Marianne Uehlinger Mondria
Quetzal is talking about the Bestimmungen of Ferdinand and Ingrid which their former personalities had made during the great oath, about 13500 years ago.

The Great Oath

This is what Contact 229 says about the Great Oath

Contact 229
When the prophet of the new time speaks of codex as well as oath and law, only a few loyal ones will gather around him, and most human beings will not want to listen to him. At first, only a few human beings will hurry to pursue the truth when he spreads the teaching of the spirit, for to the many human beings his voice and teaching will go unheard as if in a desert.

Interview with Billy (1988)
For this reason, it is understandable that the immigrants from Lyra and Vega, as well as the 144,207 leaders remained on Earth. In due course everyone died, only to be later reincarnated into human bodies on Earth, however, without any memory of their former lives. This is true for all human life forms whereby the Creative laws and commandments prevent chaos and confusion from entering the human way of thinking and feeling. Nonetheless, all these many fallibles who had come to Earth, were unified by an Jshwjsh, and were taught all required Creative laws, commandments, and other guidelines, etc. This union led the fallibles, in particular the 144,207 ringleaders, to declare their willingness to make amends (in later incarnations) for previously induced damages. Simultaneously, they drew up a codex for themselves and all followers, which provided for severest punishment of those who did not strive to make amends for their past mistakes, or who would not pursue the resulting mission. This codex was to be valid for all future times until the day the reparations were completed.

Hence, the codex, with its purpose of fulfilling the mission of reparations is in effect to this day and will continue into the future. The ringleaders and their countless followers are all part of this agreement. In this new age, the supporters of the codex are regrouping once again, headed and led by the impulses of the reactivated codex, through the teachings of the Creative law and commandments, and with the help of the Pleiadians, who also feel responsible for the fulfillment of this mission. I, Eduard Albert Meier, called Billy, function as the mediator between the Pleiadians, the supporters of the codex, and the majority of Earthlings. I am doing this after having voluntarily placed myself at the disposal of this mission and task in ancient times, having a higher-developed spirit form, and having received the appropriate education. I must mention also, that from the facts and stories regarding the 144,207 ringleaders there evolved the false Christian-religious and sectarian legend concerning the alleged 144,000 chosen ones. This was accomplished by irresponsible sectarians who wanted to bind the faithful and other misguided followers to false religions, cults, and sects, in order to exploit them, in every way possible, to the last drop of blood.

I have never met Ferdinand and Ingrid, but they obviously are former old lyranians who would have a Bestimmung for a bond love together if they had not ruined it. They were a bit too oversexed as it seemed :-). Billy has no idea where Ferdinand and Ingrid are now, nor whether they are still together. They left before "my time". Those who should work for the mission have for this life only a "Bestimmung", but most of them don't listen to it, that is why they do not appear at the Center. Or if they do, they don't join or only half-hearted. The core group should have been full (49 persons) already a long time ago.

44. Both of them have even done this to such an extent that they destroyed their actual destinies, through which these cannot be rebuilt in their present lives.
45. The necessary psyche-vibrations have already been destroyed in the two, before these were ever fully developed.
46. Thus, both of them did not enter at all into the joy and sense of harmony of the destiny-vibrations, whereby it also remained denied to them to develop a true love.

The earlier mentioned passage talks about the psyche-vibrations which I am still researching. The psyche is the block which controls the thoughts and feelings associated to the material consciousness. It states that they did not enter into the joy and harmony associated with their destiny-vibrations. Bestimmungs-Schwingungen is the German term. Bestimmung meaning destiny and Schwingungen waves are electromagnetic waves associated with the human spirit and certain creational natural laws. These swinging waves can be of immense might.

On the Future of Mankind Site is a link that talks about destiny. Here is part of what was stated,

Depending on the decision the future will be shaped and brought into effect. The thought is the cause, the action the effect. Each human being is constantly determining his life.

Michael Uyttebroek Reincarnation and the Spirit-form

Here is a great video that gives the story of Michael Uyttebroek. Michael Uyttebroek (Looking Up)

The following is based on a superb film made by Michael Uyttebroek of FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada. Based on excerpts from the book "Wiedergeburt, Leben, Sterben, Tod und Trauer" (Rebirth, Life, Dying, Death and Sorrow) by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier. Here is a question and answer session with Billy that is related to some of the things described within this movie.

In order to evolve the Creation creates the human spirit form. The spirit form evolves independently through the human beings material consciousness. Prior to entering into the human being for the first time, the spirit form is a totally neutral, energy agglomeration in timeless existance. The goal of the spirit form is to collect wisdom and knowledge through countless reincarnations. An agglomeration is the the action or process of collecting in a mass. The material consciousness is the human brain, the cerebrum (big brain), It personifies the force in human in which all functions of decision-making, all thought-processes, considerations and deliberations and also speculations, so thus actual thinking.

Once the Spirit-form enters into the human being its goal is to collect wisdom, knowledge and love through countless reincarnations. Eventually the Spirit-form will merge back with Creation which help the creation further evolve. The following comes from the book called the DECALOGUE by Billy Meier. The creation is the being and the non-being of the life. It is the most immense mass of spiritual energy in the universe. It is spirit in its purest form and unmeasurable in its wisdom, knowledge, love, harmony and truth. It is something that is pure spiritual intelligence energy. The spirit us ungraspable for human beings. The creation prevails overall and stands in an unstoppable evolution. The creation is wisdom and love.

How does the Spirit-form evolve?

  1. In order to evolve the spirit form creates the Overall consciousness-block.

    Description: The Overall consciousness-block is a storage bank in the other world, created by the spirit form. Place where the consciousness-block is dissolved and a new one built up. The overall consciousness block creates and programs a new consciousness and new personality. I was under the impression that Creation created the new personality and consciousness; however, that appears to be done by the overall consciousness-block.

  2. The over all consciousness block creates consciousness block.
  3. The consciousness block contains the personality, consciousness, and ego. These gather values from the material life.

Evolution in the Material Realm

On day 21 after conception, the spirit-form and the consciousness block enter into the body and that is when the heart begins to beat. From the Superior Colliculus the spirit-form spreads it spiritual energy throughout every fiber of the body in a fine filigree. The spirit form enters within the human it remains in its own realm. The spirit-form is unable to be influenced by the material world through sickness, disease. The ego or the I represents the personality which is the material consciousness. The material consciousness indepently researches, percieves, consciously learns and processes results. Evolutive values are that which correspondes to truth and reality. These evolutive values transfered in an impulse based form from the material consciousness to the spiritual consciousness. The spirit form further processes these and stores them within itself for all time. In this manner the spirit form grows in its energy and power as it becomes wiser and more knowing. Neutral positive impulses are also transfered from the spiritual consciousness to the material realm.

Death of the Body

At the moment of death the spirit-form and the consciousness block go into the other wordly spheres. The consciousness block goes to the realm of the over-all consciousness block.

Evolutive Values

When the brains activity stops the consciousness block goes into the Overall consciousness block. The consciousness and its personality are dissolved and stored. The overall consciousness block creates a new material consciousness block with a new personality. A personality is never repeated; however, the spirit form can reincarnate.

Evolutive values are that which correspond to truth and reality. The evolutive values are transfered over from the material consciousness over to the spiritual consciousness in the form of impulses. The spirit form then processes and stores the evolutive values within itself for all time. The evolutive values are things like love, wisdom, logic and discernment. The evolutive vales are stored as essences and are then programmed into the subconsciousness of the new personality.

New Starting Point

The consciousness block only incarnates. Each life we come into the new life unburdened from the past. The new personality starts out where the old personality left off in terms of consciousness evolution. There are various levels of consciousness forms like:

  1. love
  2. honesty
  3. respect
  4. patience
  5. diligence
  6. humour
The highest level of each of the consciousness forms is called an essence. These essences are programmed into the subconsciousness of the new personality. In the subconsciousness of the new personality are the memories of the essences of all of the previous personalities. We have impulses that are affecting our interest and who we are. We are in a process of evolution and have developed certain essences.

In this manner the spirit form grows in its power and energy. The spirit form also becomes wiser and more knowing. Neutral positive impulses are also transfered from the spiritual consciousness to the material realm. The sub consciousness gets all of the evolutive values from previous incarnations. An example of a consciousness form is love. Patience is another example of a consciousness form. The material block is affected by the impulses of the storage banks which are made up of fine energy. There are unique frequencies associated to thoughts and feelings that are stored in the storage banks.

The spirit form is absolutely neutral in power and energy. The spirit form only perceives neutral positive impulses; however, it cannot think creatively. The spirit form has no ego in terms of a self-consciousness being. It only produces evoluted impulses; therefore, the spirit form can only evolve the material consciousness of a human being. After many incarnations we become one with creation itself.

Storage Bank Archives

Here is a very helpful study tool the FIGU Dictionary https://figu.org/dict/.

The storage-bank archive of the general Spiritual Teaching is called Srutil. An archive is a place where public records or other historical documents are kept. In general, archives consist of records that have been selected for permanent or long-term preservation on grounds of their enduring cultural, historical, or evidentiary value. The Srutil is available to all human beings that can access them. The Srutil are not physical records but rather information that is available as perhaps a kind of energy. The Book the Goblet of Truth is said to have been processed out of the Storage Banks in The FIGU Bulletin 43. The first 14 chapters of The Goblet Of Truth Billy pulled out of the terrestrial storage-banks. One of the key German words here is Speicherbank which can be translated as memory bank or storage bank. The German word zugänglich means accessible, available, approachable, open to the public.

In Billy's writing How It All Began the storage banks mentioned.

Then, words suddenly formed on my lips again, which said: “Since ancient times, you have lived among the stars”, and suddenly I knew who I was, how I am and what my mission is on this earth. And, suddenly, impulses came from somewhere, which I later recognised as impulses from the storage banks, and many good memories penetrated me and showed me the way I had to go in my life.

So sometimes what comes from the storage banks are impulses. An impulse can be defined as the influence of a particular feeling, mental state, etc. In physics (and mechanics) an impulse is something that changes the momentum of an object; the integral of a force with respect to time. Also an impulse can be sudden wish or urge. In medicine an impulse is the electrochemical transmission of a signal along a nerve fiber that produces an response at a target tissue. In science an impulse is a sudden flow of electrical current in one direction. The impression that I get is that an impulse in this case refers to a signal of some type.

Again from How It All Began the storage banks mentioned.

Already, at the age of four, this great recognition instantly changed my life, because, after I was familiarised with this insight and understanding by means of the impulses from the storage banks - and also learned who I really was, what I had to learn and do in my life and what my life-task was - I looked at human beings, animals and nature, as well as all existing things, in a completely new way, and I suddenly felt a great astonishment within myself about that, which I now discovered.

Impulses from the storage banks seem to be associated with understanding, guidance and memory.

In FIGU Special Bulletin 33 The storage banks are mentioned as follows.

It is a long known fact, which was already known here since ancient times, that peace meditation in large groups positively effects a great deal, whereby, above all, the provision must be that, with the peace meditation, an ancient, and the only effective, formula is employed, which was already lost in Indian Vedic teaching thousands of years ago, and is held in an ancient language which is constantly present in the subconscious of all humans via impulses from the storage banks.

So information from the storage banks is present in the subconscious of all humans. It later mentions in that Bulletin that the subconscious of humans can receive impulses from the storage banks during the peace meditation. A related subject involves Billy receiving information from the Arahat Athersata level which is discussed in Sfath's Explanation. Notice that the communication with Arahat Athersata was only once sided or that Billy was only receiving information.

105. Therefore also practice spiritual-telepathy, in which, along with many other things, I will also instruct you, because the level Arahat Athersata can only connect with you in this manner, whereby, however, this will only be one-sided, thus you will receive only that which is instructive.

Billy discusses the Strutin level with Queztal in Contact 228. Strutin is the highest Spiritual Teaching, whereby this highest Spiritual Teaching corresponds to a secret-teaching, which is available to only one, i.e. a Srut. The Srut is the next level up from the Jschwjsch.

Billy - Calm yourself, my son – and don’t do Sfath an injustice. He said nothing to me about it. (Speaking of the Srutin level). Besides, you’ve just now advised me that you yourself - indeed also Ptaah and Semjase – have evolved into the first grade of the Srut plane, otherwise you would have had no knowledge of this level of evolution and of the manifesting transmission out of the spiritual teachings' storage block.

Ban Srutin
Is information in the storage banks that is only available to the Ban Srut. The Ban Srut is the highest state of evolution that a human consciousness can achieve. It is higher than that of a Srut and an Jschwjsch.


This information deals with the essence of wisdom of all essence of wisdom. The German word Weisheit means wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to think and act using understanding, common sense, and insight. Understanding is a part of wisdom. Gregory Chaitin, a noted computer scientist, propounds a view that comprehension is a kind of data compression. In his essay "The Limits of Reason", he argues that understanding something means being able to figure out a simple set of rules that explains it. Wisdom often requires control of one's emotional reactions so that the universal principle of reason prevails. Essence of wisdom can mean a judicial sentence serving as a precedent. It can also mean knowledge, learning, experience.

The German phrase er/sie die betreffende Speicherbank zu erschliessen vermag could be translated as "he/she is able to open up the concerned storage-bank". I think some of the other meanings of the German word erschliessen provide some additional insight into the concept of opening up the storage banks. Erschliessen might be translated as to exploit, to tap, to develop, to extrapolate, to deduce and to open. To open might be the best translation in this case; however, its very helpful to look at the other meanings of the word in order to really get a feel for what is being said.

Contact Report 10 Part2

6. A human's yearning lies in the joy that remains, for the imperishable life, the permanent peace, the spiritual and consciousness-related wealth that never fades and lasts forever.
7. Heaven and Earth will perish, but truth, knowledge, wisdom and spirit will never be changing [change?] or perish.
8. The spirit and the consciousness are on the look-out for what is perfect, for harmony, for peace, cognition and realization, for knowledge, wisdom, truth and beauty, for love and for the true BEING, all of which are of absolute duration.
9. All of these lead to what forms the spiritual kingdom of wisdom; all are existing within what is creative.

A yearning is an intense longing for something. Yearning can be called deep longing, especially when accompanied by tenderness or sadness: Some synonyms for yearning include hunger, desire, longing and passion. The German word Sehnen can mean to long, to crave, to pine after depending on its usage. So perhaps this verse is telling us that we long for the spiritual existence. Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Joy can be defined as the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. The German word Freude is translated as joy here. We are said to long for the imperishable life. Something that is imperishable means that it endures forever. The German word unvergänglich means imperishable. Bleibend in the German means permanent. Peace means a freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. So perhaps in our final state of union with creation there we experience no disturbances. What a wonderful thought that is.

Bewusstsein means consciousness in the German. Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings.

Billys Trip in the Great Spacer Contact 31

Billy describes deep tranquility and this unbelievable peacefulness during the hyper-leap in the great spacer. Perhaps, this deep tranquility of the spiritual life is what the human's yearning is for.

69. But now I look at everything in peace and with clear eyes... and I can't describe the infinite vastness and size and the splendor and beauty of this Universe that stretches out before me. The words fail me.

114. This deep tranquility and this unbelievable peacefulness flowing through me is eternity itself, the absolute timelessness, which obviously is no longer subject to outside influences, such as the restlessness, strife and worries that trouble the consciousness. I realize suddenly that during these few seconds I was in the eternity itself experiencing myself as eternity, where I only exist as fine spiritual matter, and am completely free of all that can influence my material life. I actually travelled to eternity for a few seconds.)

In the next and longest hyper leap Billy describes this incredible feeling that he experiences in a different way.

272. This light, this radiant light, such profound love, calm and peace it has. Oh… now I understand; I can't see or hear, but I empfinde. I feel, I live, I empfinde. How beautiful is this peace…

The empfinde is best described in the Goblet of Truth 25:137 as "the finespiritual perceiving of the love of the Creation".

25:137 Therefore, you humankind of Earth, you must strive and evolve as individuals in yourselves, from out of your own consciousness as well as out of the thoughts and feelings, in order to come to the truth and to the finespiritual perceiving of the love of the Creation, so there can be true love and harmony as well as freedom and peace in you, in order to then also carry forth these high values, so that you, you humankind of Earth, may profit from them and so that everything may turn to the best wellbeing amongst you all.

11. The human may create wondrous worlds in a dream, just as Creation consciously creates the worlds.

Traum is the German word for dream here. Contact Report 229 talks about dreams.

The human beings will let themselves be blinded by illusory images, which they awaken to become reality, so they believe to touch something that does not even exist. Thus they will walk on paths that only the eyes can see but not the mind and reason. And this path will be a dream that will become reality. Therefore, the time will come when human beings will no longer be able to distinguish between what exists and what does not.

12. To the human, this capability arises from his consciousness, which is obtainable in existence within himself, in the same way that all wonders are available within himself.

Create can mean to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes. Wonder is an emotion comparable to surprise that people feel when perceiving something very rare or unexpected (but not threatening). But I think the main theme of this line is creativity.

We are said to be able to create wonderous worlds in a dream. Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Dreams mainly occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep—when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a stage of sleep characterized by the rapid and random movement of the eyes. Rapid eye movement sleep is classified into two categories: tonic and phasic. REM sleep typically occupies 20–25% of total sleep, about 90–120 minutes of a night's sleep. Tonic immobility (TI) is a behaviour in which some animals become apparently temporarily paralysed and unresponsive to external stimuli. In most cases, this occurs in response to an extreme threat such as being captured by a (perceived) predator. Here is a great movie from NOVA called NOVA | What Are Dreams? During REM, the activity of the brain's neurons is quite similar to that during waking hours; for this reason, the REM-sleep stage may be called paradoxical sleep. We speed about 36% of our life asleep.

This exact event is the coming to existence of the human spirit as new-spirit, and the start of its evolution in the material, consciousness-related and the spiritual which will last for about 420 billion years until re-emerging with the Creation as part of the universal-empfindungs-consciousness.[1]

14. That’s why the terrestrial philosophers of old spoke about the human as a microcosm within a macrocosm because everything that is included within the universe is included within the human.

Macrocosm and microcosm is an ancient Greek Neo-Platonic schema of seeing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale (macrocosm or universe-level) all the way down to the smallest scale (microcosm or sub-sub-atomic or even metaphysical-level). A microcosm a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristic qualities or features of something much larger.

Some of the repeating patterns of nature include the following:

  1. Perhaps, the pattern of an electron rotating around a nucleus is similiar to the pattern of a planet rotating around a star.
  2. Fractals can be found in trees. The branches of a tree grow with a repeating kind of pattern. The pattern found in the branches of a tree matches very much the pattern of the human circulatory system.
  3. The spiral that is found in a sea shell can also be seen in the rotating spiral arms of a galaxy.
A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. Scientists use their understanding of fractals to determine the amount of carbon dioxide a tree might be able to take in by looking at one of its leaves. A forest is said to have a structure just as an individual branches on a single tree have a structure. The relative number of large and small trees matches the relative number of large and small branches on a tree. A single tree in a forest can be used to determine how much carbon dioxide a forest might intake.

15. The inner dimensions of the human are endless.

A dimension is a measurement in length, width, and thickness. Space-time has three dimensions of space and one of time. The fourth dimension is often said to be time, as in the theory of General Relativity.

17. The spirit is the wonder of all wonders, and all power emerges from it.

A wonder is something strange and surprising; a cause of surprise, astonishment, or admiration. Power is capacity, strength and energy.

20. If a human is happy , his happiness comes from within, because happiness is a self-created state; never is happiness a location.
21. Joy comes forth from the human's inner part, created by spiritual poise.

Happiness is contentment, or joy. Satisfaction is part of happiness and means to fulfill the desires, expectations, and needs. Within means in or into the interior or inner part. Happiness is something that evolves from the evolution of our own thoughts. Poise can be defined as a state of balance or equilibrium; Poise also means a dignified, self-confident manner or bearing. Poise means steadiness, stability. The German word that is translated as poise here is Ausgeglichenheit which can also mean calmness, even temper, equilibrium, poise, balance and calmness.

34. Wisdom is an elemental, tremendous power.

Wisdom is having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right. When something is elemental it is comparable to the great forces of nature. Something is tremendous when its extraordinarily great in size, amount, or intensity.

35. Wisdom is light.

Like all types of light, visible light is emitted and absorbed in tiny "packets" called photons, and exhibits properties of both waves and particles. A photon is an elementary particle. In particle physics, an elementary particle or fundamental particle is a particle whose substructure is unknown, thus it is unknown whether it is composed of other particles. Everyday matter is composed of atoms, once presumed to be matter's elementary particles—atom meaning "indivisible" in Greek. For example, a single photon may be refracted by a lens thereby acting is a wave and its position can be measured so there its like a particle. The modern photon concept was developed gradually by Albert Einstein. This property is referred to as the wave–particle duality.

46. And therefore, there is only one existence that rules throughout the universe only one Creation, only one truth, one knowledge and one wisdom--and that is synchronous and unchanging for all times.

Existence means to have life, animation or being. The universe is considered the totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; Synchronous means to occur at the same time. This passage talks about "one knowledge and one wisdom" and this idea was echoed in Sfaths Explanation. Sfath stated, " in the entire universe, everything is one and bound together ". He also stated "However, this oneness and connectedness with all and everything, is the result of the might and the immeasurable love of Creation". Knowledge is the body of truths or facts accumulated in the course of time.

Wisdom-conditioned love is a harmonious state of absolute connectedness in all things, in indestructible form, without temporal limits.

57. A human who is filled with love is also rich in wisdom, and a human who is rich in wisdom is also full of love.

The previous passage is a quote from Billy's book Law of Love. The German word Verbundenheit is translated as connectedness. Verbundenheit can be translated as a spiritual affinity, closeness, connectivity, a bond. The Law of Love is a creational law. Some of Billy's book Law of Love can be found on the Future of Mankind website.

Love is absolute certainty of oneself living and existing in everything that exists: In fauna and flora, in the fellow-human being, in each material and spiritual life form of any kind, and in the existence of the entire universe and beyond it.

62 Love and wisdom belong together, because Creation and Its laws are love and wisdom at the same time

Liebe is the German word for love. Weisheit is the German word for wisdom, sagacity.

See FIGU Bulletin 69 Translation: Rebecca Walkiw, Deutschland and Mariann Uehlinger, Schweiz. Our individual evolutionary level is of course decisive, depending on whether or not our predecessor-personalities – and now we for the ones who come after us – recognised their responsibility and evolutionised in consciousness as far as possible in a creational sense. If not, our inner self is not congeneric (like-natured) with the innermost self or in other words with the knowledge, love and wisdom impulses of Creation, which flow via our spirit-form into our subconsciousness and on into our consciousness, where we – upon seizing them after they have passed through the censor – continue to work with them in our thoughts and feelings and to direct our inner according to them – at best.

63 Where there is wisdom and knowledge, there is love and cognition and where there is cognition and love, there is Creation. Growth within love and wisdom teach the human to recognize Creation.

Schöpfung is the German word for creation. The word cognition is the translation of the German word Erkenntnis. Erkenntnis can mean insight, perception, knowledge, cognition, understanding and awareness. Erkennen is the word translated as recognize. However, it can also mean to perceive, discern, detect and indentify.

84. Countless billion universes like this are held within the endless spiritual intelligence of Creation.
What is visible to the human's physical eyes is but a tiny iota within endlessness.

141 Therefore, the great sages of all times say: "The creative spirit is nearer to the human than his own breath."

241 . And within each human the infinite has its seat; however, very few are able to recognize this. To wake up the infinite requires reasonable logic and being free from unreal teachings. To wake up the infinite and let it become effective is the goal of life--spiritual perfection

244. Those who are rich in spirit become an instrument, through which Creation expresses the spiritual realm.

Each human has within him a human spirit which is a tiny, holographic copy of creation. The creation is a neutral positive entity that is neither good nor evil. The creation builds universes as a part of its own evolution. When we die the human spirit goes into the etheric energy band that exists around our planet. Our spirit spends time in this fine matter existance where the experiences of the previous lives are put together like pieces of a mosiac. At the appropriate time the creation places our human spirit back into the body of child about 21 days after the sperm fertilizes the egg. A consciousness block comes down which screens out most of our past life memories.

Synopsis of Contact 215

Date/time of contact: Saturday, February 28, 1987, 2:09 AM
Contact person: Quetzal

My first question today refers to the massacre of the Palestinian refugees in Sabra and Shatila in the year 1982.

1. There were 3,468 people who lost their lives in the massacres.
2. There were two real culprits, namely the Israeli Prime Minister at that time, Menachem Begin, and the Defense Minister, Ariel Sharon.
3. Together, these two secretly decided upon the massacre, which Ariel Sharon then arranged with the Christian militias, respectively the responsible persons of Gemayel's Phalangists, with the promise that the Israeli occupation troops wouldn't intervene, following which the murderous militias could then freely enter the refugee camps and carry out their atrocities.


Palestine is a geographic region in Western Asia between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. It is sometimes considered to include adjoining territories. The name was used by Ancient Greek writers and the region is also known as the Land of Israel the Holy Land or Promised Land. The Promised Land is the land promised or given by God, according to the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible), to the Israelites, the descendants of Jacob. Today, both Jews and Palestinians believe they are the intended inheritors of this "divine promise" (q.v. Holy Land).

Palestinian population continues to reside in historic Palestine, the area encompassing the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Israel. The Gaza Strip is right on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is on the north east border of Egypt.

Since the time of the Muslim conquests in the 7th century, religious conversions have resulted in Palestinians being predominantly Sunni Muslim by religious affiliation,

Ariel Sharon and Bachir Gemayel

Ariel Sharon was an Israeli politician and general, who served as the 11th Prime Minister of Israel until he was incapacitated by a stroke. Sharon was a commander in the Israeli Army from its creation in 1948. Sharon was considered the greatest field commander in Israel's history, and one of the country's greatest military strategists. Here is a 60 minutes interview of Ariel Sharon .

Bachir Gemayel was a Lebanese politician, militia commander, and president-elect. He was a senior member of the Phalange party. The Lebanese Phalanges Party, aka the Kataeb Party, is a Christian political party in Lebanon. According to the Meier material, the Phalanges Party, was responsible for the The Sabra and Shatila Massacre .

The Sabra and Shatila Massacre

The Sabra and Shatila massacre was the killing of between 762 and 3,500 civilians. Sabra and Shatila are refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon. Lebanon is north of Israel and on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. The massacre was presented as retaliation for the assassination of newly elected Lebanese president Bachir Gemayel. It was wrongly assumed that Palestinian militants had carried out the assassination. The following film is a good account of the Sabra and Shatila Massacre Noam Chomsky Sabra Shatila Massacre That Forced Sharon's Ouster Recalls Worst of Jewish Pogroms

11. Through Ariel Sharon, very much disaster, evil and pain, suffering and death will be spread in the new millennium because he will be able to indulge uninhibitedly in his murderous and inhumane ambitions, in utter irresponsibility and in uncontrollable hatred against the Palestinians in particular and also against the Arabs, without any great and serious objection being raised against it by the Israelis or by the world.

Through Ariel Sharon much evil is going to be brought into the world.

13. Ariel Sharon's actions will occur to the same extent as those of the Americans who, under the guise of the fight against terrorism and the preservation of peace, will run on the same tracks with their global military interventions in the affairs of foreign countries.

Genetic Engineering

Then to something else. For now, I have, once again, heard of enough evil that the future will bring. - How does it stand, then, with the progress relating to genetic engineering? You've already told me a few things, but now, in relation to this, the question arose in our group during a discussion: when will it have come so far that genetic science will merge plant and animal genes together, in order to cultivate plant-animals, respectively animal-plants? Do you have any knowledge about this and does such an action represent the natural scientific evolution of man?

Genetic engineering, also called genetic modification, is the direct manipulation of an organism's genome using biotechnology. A genome is an organism's complete set of DNA, including all of its genes. A gene is the molecular unit of heredity of a living organism. Genes hold the information to build and maintain an organism's cells and pass genetic traits to offspring. The cell (from Latin cella, meaning "small room") is the basic structural, functional, and biological unit of all known living organisms. Cells are the smallest unit of life that can replicate independently, and are often called the "building blocks of life". In cell biology, the nucleus contains most of the cell's genetic material. The cell nucleus contains the majority of the cell's genetic material in the form of multiple linear DNA molecules organized into structures called chromosomes. A chromosome consists of DNA and protein. Here is a good movie on chromosome called What is a Chromosome?

DNA is called Deoxyribonucleic acid and is often depicted in a shape called a double helix. The double helix is the spiral arrangement of the two complementary strands of DNA. The two strands of DNA are said to be anti-paralell in that they run parallel to each other but with opposite alignments. DNA is a molecule that contains the genetic instructions used in all living organism. New DNA may be inserted in the host genome by first isolating and copying the genetic material of interest. An organism that is generated through genetic engineering is considered to be a genetically modified organism. Here is a very good film on genetic engineering DNA - Episode 2 of 5 - Playing.God - PBS Documentary

Francis Crick and James D. Watson discovered the double helix structure of DNA and described it in an article in a scientific journal called Nature in 1953. Herb Boyer discovered a method to coax bacteria into producing foreign proteins, thereby jump starting the field of genetic engineering. Boyer spent his time working in a hospital studying bacteria. He saw an enzyme that actually would cut DNA. Herb Boyer met Stanley Cohen and the two scientists started to work together. They were able to use enzymes to cut DNA in a very specific way. Cohen used a gene from a toad and spliced it into bacteria DNA. The bacteria DNA started to produce toad DNA. The bacteria cells started to produce Toad DNA like a little factory. One lifeform started to manufacture millions of fragments of toad. Here is a movie called Genes vs. DNA vs. Chromosomes

16. The science of genetic engineering is established in the laws of overall evolution; therefore, it also cannot be prevented, even though in the future, irrational ones, who will unite together in whole organizations, will want to destroy such progress by all unfair means, even with lies and with false test reports and impact reports on genetically altered plants, animals, and humans.

Because of various events that have occurred on the earth our life spans have been greatly shortened. Initially our life spans were about 1007 years according to Contact 39. Notice that it states that genetic engineering is established in the laws of overall evolution. So to me it sounds as if ultimately genetic engineering will be very helpful to the human race

Contact 39
66. At the earliest times, when the human being of the Earth was also produced by his indirect ancestors, his average age was reckoned at 1,007 years of life, for he, trained and informed by his producers, possessed an enormous level of knowledge and abilities.

The religions with their erroneous teachings, the earth humans actions against the creational natural laws and other factors resulted in our lifespans being reduced lower and lower over thousands of years. Somehow our actions also affected our genes. The more that we turn to the truth. Genetic Engineering can be used to extend life by centuries. Life extension science is the study of slowing down or reversing the processes of aging. Here is a good movie on Genetic Modification of Foods that talks about the debate that is going on about genetic engineering.

Contact 39
74. But the more the Earth human being turns to the real truth and, with this, also to evolution in all areas, and so also in reference to life extension, the more his average age of life rises again.

Contact 217
22. the fallible ones could be completely cured of their criminal or other degenerate forms through genetic manipulation and be released into society.

In Contact 217 the Plejaren talk about how they have used genetic engineering to stop criminal behavior. So the Plejaren do gene therapy on criminals which allows them to be released back into society. In addition they can find genetic problems that children have in the womb. They do gene examination of children at the prenatal age of seven months, that way they can correct genetic problems before birth. In Contact Report 228 it talks about genes in part playing a role in consciousness and psychological impairment. Contact 228 briefly mentions polygenic influences which in this case I think is refering to polygenic inheritance. Polygenic inheritance is the heredity of complex characters that are determined by a large number of genes, each one usually having a relatively small effect. However, consciousness impairment can be caused by other things like trauma, technological sounds, drugs, alcohol and anxieties. I find it very interesting that sound can affect our consciousness so dramatically.

Contact 217
24. The development progressed rapidly, so already soon, early detections of gene damages of the aforementioned kind became possible, which naturally led to the fact that these cognitions were used and the genetic deformities, genetic abnormalities, and other harmful genetic influences were already repaired in the growing child in the womb. 25. Thus, an irrefutable law has been in force since then, namely that every child, so every girl and every boy, is to be arranged into a gene examination, i.e. a gene analysis, at the prenatal age of seven months.

Contact Report 228
67. Consciousness impairment and psychological impairment are based, in principle, on polygenic influences and are multifunctional, which means that they are simultaneously caused by genes and by external factors. 68. The genetic material, however, is not solely responsible but also viruses and trauma, technological sounds, alcohol, medicines, drugs, anxieties, and unjust or hysterical behaviors of others, etc.

Prehistoric People (Stone Age)

It isn't important now. One day, though, you'll understand it. Let's talk about something else. Guido and I were talking about the prehistoric people, respectively the Stone Age people, and there, the question arose as to when these had actually come so far that they banded together in larger groups and when these or their descendants built the first smaller and larger settlements, smaller or larger kraals or small villages, etc.

The Stone Age according to our researchers, is the period lasted roughly 3.4 million years, and ended between 6000 BCE and 2000 BCE with the advent of metalworking. Ofcourse, from the Meier material, we know that there were at least two advanced civilizations on the earth some 150,000 years ago. Humans had a predecessor species. Homo is the genus of hominids that includes modern humans and species closely related to them. Homo neanderthalensis, traditionally considered the last surviving relative, died out about 40,000 years ago. This interesting movie describes why Neanderthal died out its called Can Neanderthals run? - BBC science

Homo floresiensis ("Flores Man"; nicknamed "hobbit" and "Flo") is widely believed to be an extinct species in the genus Homo. The remains of an individual that would have stood about 3.5 feet (1.1 m) in height were discovered in 2003 on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Partial skeletons of nine individuals have been recovered.

The term "hominid" is also used in the more restricted sense "humans and relatives of humans closer than chimpanzees". In this usage, all hominid species other than Homo sapiens are extinct. Again at least according to our scientists. Here is an interesting movie on Homo Sapiens - The Birth of Humanity (NOVA Full Documentary)

35. And if I should provide some information about mammals and also predators, which appeared about 65 million years ago after the great catastrophe, then I must speak of the times of the Eocene and Oligocene.

Paleocene, Eocene and Oligocene Era

For the purpose of understanding the following information we must first define a few terms. These terms are the Paleocene,Oligocene and the Eocene eras.

  1. Paleocene - This epoch lasted from 66 to 56 million years ago. It is characterized by the formation of the Rocky Mountains and by the appearance of placental mammals.
  2. Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) -an interval of maximum temperature lasting about 100,000 years during the late Paleocene and early Eocene epochs (roughly 55 million years ago).
  3. Eocene - The time occured 56 to 34 million years ago. It is characterized by warm climates, the rise of most modern mammalian families, and the formation of the Himalayas
  4. Oligocene - This era was 34 to 23 million years ago and included the further development of mammals and the appearance of true carnivores.

The Eocene era is characterized by the advent of the modern mammalian orders. The Eocene epoch, lasting from 56 to 33.9 million years ago, is a major division of the geologic timescale. The name Eocene comes from the Greek (eos, dawn) and (kainos, new) and refers to the "dawn" of modern ('new') fauna that appeared during the epoch. At about the beginning of the Eocene Epoch, the amount of oxygen in the earth's atmosphere more or less doubled. Dr. Paul Falkowski, a member of the faculty of Rutgers, says that all electrons must be recycled and that photosynthesis provides the air we breath. Plate techtonics lead to our atmosphere being created. The Eocene Epoch contained a wide variety of different climate conditions that includes times of very warm climates. During this period of time, little to no ice was present on Earth with a smaller difference in temperature from the equator to the poles. The Eocene-Oligocene transition began 34 million years ago when the ice started to reappear on the poles. The Eocene period ends in an icehouse climate.

Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM)

Although the underlying causes are unclear, some authorities associate the PETM with the sudden release of methane hydrates from ocean sediments (see methane burp hypothesis) triggered by a massive volcanic eruption. The onset of the PETM was rapid, occurring within a few thousand years, and the ecological consequences were large, with widespread extinctions in both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Sea surface and continental air temperatures increased by more than 5 °C (9 °F) during the transition into the PETM. Sea surface temperatures in the high-latitude Arctic may have been as warm as 23 °C (73 °F), comparable to modern subtropical and warm-temperate seas. Although it is now widely accepted that the PETM represents a “case study” for global warming and massive carbon input to Earth’s surface, the cause, details and overall significance of the event remain perplexing. The deep-sea extinctions are difficult to explain, as many were regional in extent. General hypotheses such as a temperature-related reduction in oxygen availability, or increased corrosion due to carbonate undersaturated deep waters, are insufficient as explanations.

There was a great extinction event called the Eocene–Oligocene extinction event. This is the transition between the end of the Eocene and the beginning of the Oligocene, called the Grande Coupure (the "Great Break" in continuity) in Europe, is marked by large-scale extinction and floral and faunal turnover. The speculation is that the extinctions are related to several meteorite impacts that occurred about this time. One such event happened near present-day Chesapeake Bay, and another at the Popigai crater of central Siberia. Here is an interesting movie called Eocene Epoch - Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land.

The Oligocene is a geologic epoch of the Paleogene period and extends from about 33.9 million to 23 million years before the present. It is characterized by further development of modern mammals, including the rise of the true carnivores and their gradual replacement of the creodonts. Creodonts any of a group of extinct Tertiary mammals some of which are thought to have been the ancestors of modern carnivores. In the Oligocene era came the rise of the first cats, dogs, and related mammals.

36. As you know, the impact of a space projectile took place on the Earth about 65 million years ago, by what means all major life forms were killed and destroyed.
37. Only small creatures were able to survive, which only weighed up to 10 or 12 kilograms at most.
38. The first human forms, which can already be very well designated in their origin as human beings, emerged around 49 million years ago.
39. Nevertheless, their appearance wasn't human but rather in the form that the Earth person knows of the early hominid, due to his conceptions, because the first human forms still had nothing comparable with these.

There are 2.2 pounds for each kilogram. So after this great disaster of the Eocene Era the largest animals weighed about 25 pounds. The hominid is any of a family (Hominidae) of erect bipedal primate mammals that includes recent humans together with extinct ancestral and related forms and in some recent classifications the gorilla, chimpanzee, and orangutan. So the first human forms appeared about 49 million years ago; however, humans became recognizable as humans around 8.5 million years ago.

41. The development of these beings lasted for a very long time, with the most diverse species following from it, which developed into actually recognizable humans in their first species - even the early hominids, as the Earth person imagines them in their early stages - around 8.5 million years ago, while other species of the same genus appeared 4.5 and 6.5 million years ago.

46. There was, for example, the family of Hyaenodonts, but these aren't the ancestors of today's hyenas, yet they were aggressive, powerful predators, whose most distant, evolutionary altered descendants are the moles. 47. A Hyaenodont reached a size of 170 to 180 centimeters, had a set of razor-sharp teeth, and especially the molars were razor-sharp grinding tools, with which even the thickest bones of victims could be easily crushed for digestion.


Hyaenodonts Hyaenodon was found on almost all continents and lived from Late Eocene to Early Miocene which was nearly 26.1 million years. Hyaenodon had a very massive skull but only a small brain. The Hyaenodon was similiar in some ways to a dog and in other ways to a mole. Hyaenodon was a very effective, ruthless and powerful predator. The Hyaenodon might be as much as 6 feet long. There is a good film describing the Hyaenodon called Ancient Prediators and Their Razor Jaws . The family of Hyaenodonts, but these aren’t the ancestors of today's hyenas but were powerful predators.


Entelodonts — sometimes facetiously termed hell pigs or terminator pigs — are an extinct family of pig-like omnivores endemic to forests and plains of North America, Europe, and Asia.

Civil War in the United States

Yet the misery on Earth will continue, as two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.

A civil war is a war between citizens of the same country. The initial US civil war is the war fought from 1861 to 1865 between the North and the South, sparked off by Lincoln's election as president but with deep-rooted political and economic causes, exacerbated by the slavery issue. There are some researchers already saying that there is going to be a civil war in the United States.

Igor Panarin is a Russian professor and political scientist. He is best known for predicting in 1998 that the U.S. would disintegrate within the next few years. In the summer of 1998, based on classified data about the state of the U.S. economy and society supplied to him by fellow analysts at FAPSI, Panarin forecast the probable disintegration of the US into six parts in 2010 following a civil war triggered by mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation.

He forecast financial and demographic changes provoking a political crisis in which the following would happen:

  1. Wealthier states will withhold funds from the federal government effectively seceding from the Union.
  2. Social unrest.
  3. National division.
  4. Civil war.
  5. Intervention of foreign powers.

Potential causes for the Civil War and The Break Up of the US

    Special Bulletin 31

  1. Wealth Inequality - On a global basis, the world's 356 richest families own 40 percent of humanity's wealth, while the remaining 7 billion members of our global family have to more or less fight for a slice of the rest of the pie... If we as Americans and as a global humanity do nothing to stop this inequality, it will lead us deeper and deeper into a quagmire of irreversible consequences that include tyranny, dictatorship, violence, greed, hatred, terror, global war, civil war, national dissolution and anarchy.

  2. Profit Maximization
    After all, profit maximization is of greater value today than a human being. Why turn a mere profit of millions or billion of dollars a year, when it's possible to double or triple that profit by simply out-sourcing local American jobs to countries where labor is cheap.

  3. Irrationality and Irresponsibility
    In that same Bulletin 31 Ptaah is quoted as saying that irrationality and irresponsibility govern the Earth humans.

  4. Reference: Contact Report 544

  5. Enormous contradictions with regard to politics
  6. Economic Problems
    Reference: Warning to all the Governments of Europe

    1. Corrupt Business Leaders
      Criminal leaders of commerce will be amicable towards million dollar payments and million dollar golden handshakes and engage in maladministration and thereby drive even quite traditional companies to ruin ...

    2. Huge Government Debt
      maladministration, manage their own countries into ruin when they accrue such immense debts that they rise in such a fashion that the country must be declared bankrupt

  7. Biometric data in identification devices
    The citizens of all member countries will finally be brought under total control through biometric data in identification devices and in the form of small data chips in the head or body inserted in a "biometric identification system" that would be overseen and controlled through a "central data bank" whereby finally the whereabouts of every human can be exactly determined to the meter.

  8. The Loss of Morality
    The morals of very many people will completely sink, whereby many villages and every city will be a Sodom and Gomorrah as the prostitution of adults and children takes on completely boundless forms.

  9. Extremism Among the Youth
    Many young people will, in every form and manner, deteriorate to extremism in everyday life as well as in their professional life, whereby drug, medication, alcohol and narcotic addiction take the upper hand.
    Many young people will flock to extreme radical skinhead and neo-Nazi fronts and wave their flags, and form corresponding organizations, that cause much damage and harm, indiscriminately attack innocent people on the streets and not seldom beat them until they are cripples.

  10. Overpopulation
    Through the madness of his overpopulation, the human has already detrimentally altered the world and the climate in such a way that a climbing climatic warming becomes apparent that will be carried far into the Third Millennium and release monstrous natural catastrophes, yet that will not be the end, because everything goes further in the same style...

  • The military machinations
  • The decline of the culture
  • Climbing religion and sectarianism
  • Serious criminal activity or even felonies of the former Presidents of the USA
  • The gigantic mountain of national debt, of now more than 16 trillion dollars is now considered, which can no longer be repaid
  • Interviews by Igor Panarin and Related Topics

    1. USA will split in 6 pieces by 2010 Igor Panarin

    Explaining his theory in an interview with Izvestia, Panarin stated that The [US] dollar isn't secured by anything. The country's foreign debt has grown like an avalanche; this is a pyramid, which has to collapse. ... Dissatisfaction is growing, and it is only being held back at the moment by the elections, and the hope [that President-elect Barack Obama] can work miracles. But when spring comes, it will be clear that there are no miracles.

    This interview occurred September 2013 so now you might just insert the name of Donald Trump where Barack Obama is mentioned.

    Alex Jones and Michael Savage talk about the possibility of a civil war in the U.S. Michael Savage is an American radio host, author, activist, nutritionist, and political commentator. He is the host of The Savage Nation, a nationally syndicated talk show host with 8-10 million listeners. He is also has a string U-Tube prescense at rightsideradio He holds master's degrees from the University of Hawaii in medical botany and medical anthropology, and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in nutritional ethnomedicine. Dr. Michael Savage has written a book called the Stop the Coming Civil War in America .

    Dr. Jim Fetzer has warned about the military exercise called Jade Helm which promises to be one of the largest military exercises to be held inside the United States. He also talks about Operation Maple Resolve that is currently taking place in Canada.

    U-Tubes Related to coming Civil War in the United States
    Michael Savage on The Alex Jones Show- Full Interview (May 4, 2015)
    Max Igan & Jim Fetzer (Jim Fetzer comes on 1 hour in )

    Contact 31 Billys Trip in the Great Spacer


    1. On Thursday, July 17th 1975 at 10:14 AM Billy and his equipment ascends into the Semjase's ship in a transport beam.
    2. Billy photographs the ships departure point. The ship shoots off in different directions like a pendulum without Billy being able to feel any acceleration or other external forces.
    3. Semjase explains they are going first to Venus and she explicitly states that this planet carries no human life despite certain claims of alleged contactees.
    4. Semjase explains they have gone into our villages or cities to purchase a camera that is similiar to Billy's. They use electronic devices to protect them from the vibrations of earth humans when they walk among us.
    5. The flight to Venus doesn't take very long, so Billy has just enough time to examine in more detail the equipment for making the photos. The Plejaren have set up a viewing screen which Billy will use to take pictures. Billy gets pictures of Venus' cloud strata. Semjase states the planet is in a stage of early development of primitive life. Semjase explains there are still some things here about which Billy will have to maintain silence.
    6. Billy states that the cloud cover, of Venus, is unbelievably deep - many kilometers. The surface of Venus is displayed on two different screens and everything is bare and lifeless. Semjase's ship goes around Venus a number of times and certain observations are made that can't be mentioned.
    7. Semjase's ship travels to Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Mars. On these planets the existing forms of life are of an entirely different nature from that of humans, and in their low existence they are also completely uninterested on the humans of the Earth.
    8. However, there are existing stations of extraterrestrial intelligences, which exhibit human forms.
    9. Semjase's ship travels back to Earth and Billy can also see five objects which with certainty are extraterrestrial spaceships. Only one of the five ships belongs to Semjase's people, whereas the other four spaceships belong to other races, who are here to watch the Apollo-Soyuz joining.
    10. Billy looking at the Soyuz capsule says that is nothing more than a metallic flying coffin. Semjase states you still are not able to solve the tension within your own thoughts, which trace far back to a past life.
    11. Semjase states that the technology of the Plejaren is 3500 years ahead our development. Without another word she sets the beamship in motion again, and already a few minutes later the Earth has shrunk to the size of a large light object, shimmering blueish through space.
    12. Billy says, I can't describe the infinite vastness and size and the splendor and beauty of this Universe that stretches out before me. The words fail me.
    13. Semjase is sitting very attentively before her instrument panels, steering knowingly and carefully in the direction of the huge sphere, which looks to me like a small planet. Semjase steers her ship into a gap that is opening in the huge sphere, her craft enters a hanger and innumerable beamships of the same type as hers are standing there in orderly rows.
    14. Semjase says the Spacers are finding useful applications as self-sustained expeditionary ships and for intergalactic order keeping. They are able to move within all times and spaces, and for them negotiating the barrier between Universes is no longer an obstacle, whereby an all-universal community made of countless life forms can come into existence
    15. Billy asks, "How big is this spaceship, Semjase"? Semjase says: It's big, it's even very big, and it's the largest of its type. It's a truly special ship which embodies all the technologies known to us. Altogether it's its own perfect world, a world that's able to fly. In itself it contains a complete and inhabited city with 141,000 inhabitants.