Harmful Computer Games and Motion Pictures Excerpt from 633 Contact Report and Nokodemion lineage

Computer Games, Nokodemion lineage

This contact report occurred in 2015. The Plejaren have done studies for many years about our our computer games and films. The studies will last for 30 years and will be complete in 2017. Through such computer games and films, The majority of the people that play such computer games are very adversly affected. Earth human beings are very strongly affected in a negative way. The earth human beings are very strongly affected and in a form that is very badly out of control of the good human nature.

These humans start to compulsively act in regard to torture, hate, guile, murder and revolution. There are other negative affects that I have not listed here.

People playing these games also loose the sense of what the effective reality is. Also people playing these games have start to have personality disorders.
Computer games and films of gewalt cause coercion and aggressive behavior. Every single human being is affected by these films and games; however, that does not mean that these all people will have obvious effects.

These games and films can lead to people turning to coercion and they negatively affect all people. It is possible that these games and films will affect a persons inner nature to the extent that they will have an aggressive outer expression or response. Children and adults learn aggression from observation so both films and computer games cause us to learn aggression. Football and combat sports also have the same kind of effects that computer games have on peoples minds. In these childish games gewalt often prevails.

People that play these games or watch these programs develop more of tendency towards aggression, gewalt and coercion. These tendecies towards aggression build up in the subconsciousness. This tendency towards aggression, gewalt and coercion are awakened in the people that play these games. These films and games are aggression triggering and they affect our socail skills.

Things caused by the violent computer games and films
  1. Guile is sly or cunning intelligence.
  2. Coercion is the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.
  3. Loss of the sense of what the effective reality is
  4. The violent films and games create a kind of emotional deadness
  5. Sometimes these tendencies towards aggression are etched into the inner nature for the long term.

Sometimes these tendencies towards aggression are etched into the inner nature for the long term. The more these programs are watched and the more these games are played the greater chance that aggression, gewalt and coercion will appear in the real life. These games create an illusion in people that the world around them is very hostile.

These games create a kind of battle-readiness; however, each individual is affected in a different way and to a different extent. The intense gewalt that comes out of movies and video games can really have a negative influence on the viewer. These violent games can cause concentration disorders and decreasing accomplishments of every kind. These violent games, movies and sporting events cause depression and a self destructive state. Football, films, boxing and combat sports have the same effect.

The requirement for aggressive starts to work in a subconsciousness way. The observation of violence affects the inner nature even if its a game. Television, films, radio, computer games and the internet. Football is marked by gewalt. Gewalt is exerted and rewarded with these games. This makes people more open towards aggression. This happens also when people are influenced by film heroes that do the Gewalt.

The killing and the murder in the computer games affects the inner nature and the subconscious. Many peoples socail skills are influenced by playing these games. All that was visually experienced in the games influence the inner nature. People get the opinion that the world all around is filled with violence and that there must be a battle readiness that is there all of the time.

Gewalt - There is no English word that conveys the true meaning of the German word ‹Gewalt›. ‹Gewalt› is the brutal execution of elemental might and force, but it is far above all might and all force. ‹Gewalt› exists in different and relative forms, one example being a ‹gewalttätige Gesinnung› – expression from the character, personality, thoughts, feelings and emotions that shows the inclination to act with Gewalt. When human beings possess or carry out acts of Gewalt and it is not based in logic, then this usually involves violence, brutality, degradation and is terribly destructive.

Human beings that play this games can develop concentration disorders, also the need for violence is stored in the subconscious. The earth human beings already have a tendency towards aggression. These games contain the glorification of gewalt. Human beings are affected by watch aggression during films and video games. Combat sports also affect people as well.

Contact Report 663 - President Donald Trump, ears of the walls in the Centre

Watch U-Tube Video Michael Horn's Blog

There would have been a catastrophic global atomic war had Clinton won. Choosing Trump over Clinton avoided a catastrophic global atomic war at this time.

The people of earth really selected the lesser of two evils when they chose Trump. Billy could not speak much about this because of the "center having ears". Here is an excerpt from the contact. This in contrast to Clinton, who harbours sneaky and evil warmongering thoughts against Russia and therefore wants to carry out military actions against the Russian military in Syria first, and then also wants to carry out war-attacks against Russia itself. A fact in regard to her thoughts of attack, which she, as an enemy of Putin and Russia, has been harbouring for a long time and which she also wants to carry out. And if she won the presidential election then a nuclear war would be unavoidable.

Our last election was one where the lesser of two evils was chosen. Billy was not allowed to talk too much about this information. There would have been attacks against Trump if Billy would have talked about this anymore. Billy says that Trump represents his own party and not really the republican party. Billy says that Trump is well meaning and not evil. Billy stated the Clinton had sneaky and evil war mongering thoughts against Russia. If Hillary would have won the presidency then an atomic war would have been inevitable. Trump does not have the most cultivated way of talking but he has good approaches on things in several ways.

Trump will fight against the globalization but time will tell. There are power obsessed ones around him that will try to stop Trump. The Meier information calls Trump a catastrophic person, but they say that he is not stupid or evil. Trump is said to be misinformed in terms of climate change. Trump has good approaches in various directions. Trump will also fight against the globalization.

Creational Naturals Laws and Directives

The creation is without gender and is neither man nor woman. It is neither space nor non-space. Creation is not time or beyond time. The Creation is pure spirit energy in conscious form.

Success and Advancement will be achieved by pensive thought (this is a creational natural law). Pensive thought is reflecting deep or serious thought. If the laws of Creation are followed it helps to keep the creature from experiencing anykind of harm. A Law is rule that cannot be changed or removed.

Recommendations or directives are intended to guide a person in specific direction. The following are examples of directives:

  1. You shall not kill in depravity
  2. You shall not steal from others.

Arahat Athersata is a we-form which means the precious one that contemplates the times.

As one of the most important duties of the material life-domain of the earthly humanity, it is to heed, that the overpopulation is contained in the strongest measure, and the number of human beings finds its state in the normal 500 million-norm. This comes from the Arahat Athersata

Nokodemion, His Successors, and the Sevenfold Prophet Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Questions and answers about the Nokodemion lineage

In the book 'Nokodemion, His Successors, and the Sevenfold Prophet- Bernadette Brand's 'series on earth', which is available in expanded and reworked Version 2013 was published by the Wassermannzeit-Verlag of the FIGU, will be available under the Title 'Origin of the Mission' from page 71 onward by Billy/BEAM Questions on the career path answered by Nokodemion. In this respect have now recently (January 2018) seemingly contradictory interpretations regarding the frequency of the back and forth Changing the Nokodemion spirit form between the immaterial level 'Arahat Atherata' and the material level in which we live.

It was shown in the formulation of the corresponding question. In the formulation of the corresponding question, however, what happened in Considering the immense dimensions of the topic practically unavoidable was that a whole chain of further questions had arisen whose beant- would shed further light on the still hidden, enormously diverse aspects etc. of the universe.

Thats why in the course of the whole earth- and earth- history that unique time windows, answers from the single reliable time window, answers from the single reliable time window. and responsible source, namely from the modern-day kunderer, 'Billy'. Eduard Albert Meier/BEAM, who as a carrier of the Nokodemion spirit form has exclusive access to the has on their knowledge stored in the memory banks, etc., namely back about the whole 9.6 billion or 9,600 million years - a number that can be expressed as which, however, conceals aeons and aeons, is a tremendous Duration that overtaxes any human imagination.

Before the questions are formulated, however, we would like to ask the readership to understand recapitulated some data from the above mentioned book: - The DERN universe with its seven universe belts is already located for 46 trillion years in the 155.5 trillion years of the expansion of the The first phase of the contraction (which is then followed by an equally long contraction phase). - Approximately 10 billion years ago in our DERN universe, the following were formed in the fourth universe belt, the solid state universe, the first humans.

- Approximately 400 million years later, the Nokodemion spirit form began its development. of many reincarnations and as different personalities, and as a during 52 million years, before Nokodemion after one last, 1763 years of material life for a further 56 million years via semi-material level 'High Council', until he or the Nokodemion spirit form entered the pure spirit plane 'Arahat Athersata'. - After 8.7 million years of further development in the 'Arahat Athersata' spirit - a cumulation process lasting more than 1.2 billion years began for the spiritual energetic impulse knowledge of a universal customer, according to which the

Nokodemion spirit form via the semimaterial level 'High Council' into the material level of the and then for 52 million years as a ver - the peoples and the most distant descendants of the first Nokodemion taught. And now follows that information which has a special explanation on the part of Billy/BEAM bedarf (quote): "After that, the Nokodemion spirit form was followed again by more - times back and forth between the material world, 'High Council', the plane 'Arahat Athersata' and again the material world, until 1.3 billion years ago. The was then the time, since the Nokodemion spirit form as so far last time from the level Arahat Athersata' and the 'High Council' level, in each case to the "I have been trying to 'begeisten' new human bodies over and over again today."

Question 1
How now is this "... to understand repeated back and forth ...", since the Nokodemion- spirit form obviously - as you recently confirmed - but only once from the spirit plane 'Arahat Athersata' has returned to the material plane, thus since 9.6 billion years in the material world exists?

The back and forth between the material world, 'High Council': The back and forth between the material world, 'High Council', the plane 'Arahat Athersata'. and back to the material world, was not carried out according to the Speicherbank version by a Dying of Nokodemion, but solely in a form of a 'spirit energy - impulse migration', which can be understood to mean that a process took place, in which a communicative impulsive spiritual energy connection is established between Nokodemion and the levels 'High Council' and 'Arahat Athersata'.

Parable This could be moderately explained by telepathy, when two people talk about giant communicate telepathically across distances, e.g. between far-flung Planets.

Question 2
Nokodemion was the first person from 'our' DERN universe, whose spirit form themselves up via the half-spirit level 'High Council' into the spirit level 'Arahat Athersata' - and took over the task of a universal prophet.

Was this the case, because the Nokodemion spirit form already from its first incarnation into a human body (9.6 billion years ago) predetermined by a law of creation was once the first spiritual form to be integrated into the already existing levels of the High Council and Arahat Athersata', or did this denunciation only occur because of the first appearance of the spirit form in the 'Arahat Athersata' plane?

Or were they other reasons - or a combination of several - for the Nokodemion- Geisttform took over or had to take over the Universal prophet?

Answer 2 True prophets or wise men: True prophets or messengers and wise men usually grow out of the peoples of the of the respective planets, in that they themselves have the creative-natural laws and commandments in causality and in the development and decay of nature, fauna and flora. flora, climate, universe, people and all existing things- to recognize the main.

Real, truthful prophets are people who, as real - The only thing that is not important for the reality thinker and the truth thinker is the effective reality and the reality that results from it. to perceive, recognize and acknowledge emerging truth.

In this form they become knowledgeers who elaborate the essence of their knowledge to wisdom and thus become sages. By then stepping among men, teaching them and as sages and heralds they spread their knowledge regarding the creative natural laws and commandments, which they have to follow as seekers of reality and truth. have perceived, recognized and developed into knowledge and wisdom.

In her knowledge and her wisdom it is given that she is also able to work in many different relationships. and recognize which effects are caused by certain causes. just as they recognize it from the causality of all things. From this arise then prophecies that demonstrate that certain effects are caused by certain causes but as a rule only negative ones are used to teach people.

As a rule, however, only negative prophetically offered effects for the purpose of making people to learn how to deal with negative causes through progressive actions, deeds and to improve behaviors in order to deliver the predicted negative effects. and to achieve better and good things to the contrary.

True prophets who never mislead religious and sectarian nonsense, but solely and solely connected to reality and its truth, lift up always emerges from the peoples of the respective world, whereby it is from the and their whole knowledge and wisdom and their ability to give birth to normal people. love etc.

absolutely through own conscious and responsible efforts so they will not be born with other stars. So they will not be born by people of other star- and planetary systems, but only to the extent that it is possible to by themselves. True prophets or announcers, who are also called wise people in the vernacular, are completely normal people, who, on their own initiative and in their own interests and to develop their prophethood and their dismissal in order to be able to to teach and draw their attention to the fact that, according to the creative-natural laws and commandments exists and is to be lived (Commandments = Recommendations - Commandments). that result from the existence and life of nature and are suggestive or suggestive. influencing the human being in such a way that he or she is able to and exist in a creative-natural way and lead his life). In this way true prophets/claimers lead people on their way of perception, self-thinking, self-decision, self-learning, self - self-knowledge as well as self-action, self-acting and self-determination. 3 Exercising self-responsibility, etc. etc. In principle, however, all people are and other forms of life that contribute to a conscious development of consciousness - are orderly, normally capable, of their own ability and strength and in their own interest and with mind, as well as reason and own free will everything itself to learn at the Siebnerreihe. At the Siebnerreihe of the earthly prophets from the Nokodemion line the history, however, can be traced back to a person of extraterrestrial origin, namely on the universal prophet Nokodemion, who created relations with the Earth and consequently also came here and practiced his prophethood. In this episode reincarnated his spirit form seven times in different personalities, who were of his spirit-forming line as Nokodemion-following prophets (see book 'Nokodemion' by Bernadette Brand, Wassermannzeit-Verlag, FIGU). But now there is probably one more defining word to be said in relation to the to make them understandable: Effective Wisdom is a universally valid human ability that is timeless. It is characterized by an un- indefinable Usually deep insight and knowledge into the structure of existence, nature, of the fauna and flora, of life, of society, as well as through a special Knowledge in relation to life experience, general psychological understanding and especially to the creative-natural laws and commandments. For a truly wise people are the high values of existence and life of special value, especially the creative-natural laws and commandments of the and all virtues and natural humanity. So a man to whom the wisdom

Universal Prophet


Best example of Universal Prophets Line
Nokodemions Page

This is important information from the Universal Prophet. Each universe brings forth a universal prophet who is repeatedly materializing again as a human being in order to help the various humankinds speeding up evolution. Evolution

is a very important concept and different living beings have different kinds of evolution. One example of evolution is called the conscious evolution of the consciousness, which is the kind of evolution the human life-form goes through.

Nokodemion spirit form enlived a human as the universal prophet which returned from the Arahat Atheresata into the material world after having achieved the evolutionary levels of Jschwisch, Srut and Ban-Srut. The Arahat Athersata is also the first level (or plane) where dwell the pure spirit forms.

It takes a spirit a very long time to evolve into this pure spirit form. Nokodemion was originally from a planet named Sadr which existed some 3 billion light years from the earth in the Lyren Galaxy. The knowledge taught by the herald, will be be integrated by the human and verbally further carried, like it is also through the collective subconscious forms and through other swinging-waves continues to ever continuously be disseminated through the entire universe.

Nokodemion Brings Rationality to His People in the LYRA and VEGA star systems Thus he came back out of the Arahat Athersata spirit level for the sake of his peoples, who followed no creational laws and commandments at all, to bring his peoples to reason and therefore to rationality.

The Lineage of the Universal Prophet

  1. Nokodemion 9.6 Billion Years Ago
  2. Henok 8 Billion Years Ago
  3. Semjasa 389,000 Years Ago
  4. Semjasa About 14,000 Years ?
  5. Henoch 1 13,500 Years Ago
  6. Henoch 2 9308 Years Ago
  7. Henoch 3 4000-5000 Years Ago
  8. Elijah 891 BC
  9. Isaiah 772 BC
  10. Jeremiah 662 BC
  11. Socrates 469 BC
  12. Aristotle 384 BC
  13. Jmmanuel 2 BCE
  14. Mohammed 571 AD
  15. Johann Georg Faust 1480 AD
  16. Galileo Gallilei 1564 AD
  17. Mozart 1746 AD
  18. Mendelssohn 1809 AD
  19. Rasputin 1860 AD
  20. Billy Meier 1937 AD

Critical errors in the book 'Existing Life in the Universe' and in other publications

...that the earth-human being up to the complete evolution to the half spirit-form altogether requires a maximum of 60,000,000 years, of which 18,000,000 years constitutes pure, effective material lifetime with a physical body, while the spirit- form of the human beings spends 42,000,000 years in evolutive form in the realm of the other world.

Seven Stages of Human Evolution

    40-60 million Years Of Reincarnation (18 Million In a Physical Body - 42 Million In Spirit Realm)

  1. Primitive Life 1
  2. Rational Life 2
  3. Intelligent Life 3
  4. Real Life 4
  5. Life in Creational Wisdom 5

  6. 56 million years Half Spiritual and Half Material

  7. During this time the spirit form evolves in the half-spirit-level 'High Council' as waver- ing half-spiritual, i.e., half-material form, until it passes over into the pure-spirit-form.

  8. 7 x 52 million = 364 million Years Total Seven Spiritual Levels

  9. 364 million years; during this time the pure- spirit-form passes through the seven main levels (Arahat Athersata-level, Lantano- level, Absaly-level, Darmen-level, Euchare- level, Logon-level and Petale-level). The seven main levels each are to be calculat- ed with a time of stay for the spirit form of 52 million years. The main levels have in turn additionally each 7x7 (thus 49) further sub-levels, whose iteration for the spirit form each amounts to about 7.4 million years.

  10. 343 x 7.4 million years= 2,538,200,000 Years Total (Merge With Creation)

  11. During this time the spirit form evolutively passes through the 7x49 [= 343] sub-levels, until it unites with the Creation-spirit energy-form, i.e., coa- lesces with it.

Universal Prophet Part2 and Humanitys Collection Subconsciousness

Contact Report 31
165. In reality this is only the truth to the extent that these Earth humans are connected with other terrestrial life forms, through the Earth humanity's collective subconscious , and are inspired or even misled, cheated and swindled by these, which are themselves still at very low levels, and which compared to the great mass of Earth humans are not, or are only in a few things, further developed in consciousness.
166. In addition however, there also appear low Earth human intelligences, who in their thirst for might would like to hold the scepter over their fellow Earth humans, and being aware of the earthly religious heresies they try to take advantage of this and thus, according to their lust for power they influence the ones who have fallen into religions and sects.

170. In many cases powerful leaders on the Earth have also subconsciously been maliciously influenced by such collective human subconscious intelligences, and as desired trigger death and destruction, ignorance, doom, deception, hatred and annihilation; this in political as well as in religious areas, however individuals are also affected by these malicious collective subconscious forces, and as a consequence then, in delusion or delusional belief, they commit murders, suicides and mass murders, and trigger catastrophes.

171. These human beings who are influenced by such collective subconscious intelligences, resp. collective subconscious forces, belong however and without exception, to sectarian religious beliefs, which constitute the main breeding ground.

172. These Earth humans will be approached through the collective subconscious forces in the form that they are transmitted the delusion that God personally, or Christ or Satan, etc., has issued them the command for murder, war or suicide, etc...

Knowledge can be passed to other human beings via the collective subconscious as described in the following Sixth_And_Seventh_Senses

for example, a human being invents something or says or writes something particular, and so forth, which is then picked up by another human being somewhere in the world in a feinstoffsinnlich way -which is, however, also possible through the collective subconscious... The feinstoffsinnlich can be translated as fine-fluid-sensual or The supernatural fluidal-powers. In any case, there is a collective subsconscious and information can be discovered using it.

Quetzal discusses the line of Henok

Contact 228
Semjase and I, as well as Ptaah and his father Sfath as well as my father, have always belonged paternally to a line of descendents that leads back to Henok and Nokodemion as well as their sons. These sons were the ones who were under an obligation to the mission, to instruct all who come from the Nokodemion and Henok lineage in hereditary series in the teachings of the spirit, and to preserve the entire knowledge regarding this...

These sons were the ones who were under an obligation to the mission, to instruct all who come from the Nokodemion and Henok lineage in hereditary series in the teachings of the spirit, and to preserve the entire knowledge regarding this, which had been constantly worked out to the present time and was recorded, and now encompassed more than 77,000,000 OM canons.

The line of Henok is mentioned in Sfaths Explanation

56. For the spiritual teaching, which has been the teaching of Nokodemion, Henok and all your former personalities since time immemorial, you should, as it was in all past times, only require as a reciprocal gift, a will to learn, love, peace, freedom, harmony, joy, diligence, equitableness and humaneness as well as the quality of being human, not, however, any material things through which you could achieve wealth, because if you want to acquire such, you should create this through the work of your hands, not, however, by growing rich through the teaching.

Nokodemion's Origin and Semjasa

There is a Semjasa that is mentioned in Contact Report 9 and this Semjasa was on the earth about 13,000 years ago.

Semjasa, the highest leader of the sub-leaders, mated with an EVA, a female being, who was still mostly human-like and also rather beautiful (in feature and form). The descendent of this act was of male sex and a human being of good form. Semjasa called him "ADAM", which was a word meaning "Earth human being".

However,there appears to have been an earlier Semjasa that appeared on the earth 389,000 years ago. Nokodemion the unblemished precious one who was born 9.6 billion years ago PDF of Nokodemion Lineage

That’s a normal occurrence. Nokodemion was a creation of the planet Sadr, which was in the Waron star system, which moved in the Lyren galaxy, 3,816,000,000 light years distant from the Sol star system. Nokodemion was the first incarnated personality of the same spirit-form that currently inhabits the human being known as BEAM.

Nokodemion Lineage Continued

  1. Henok - Notice that name is spelled with a "k". He was born 8 billion years ago. There is also something mentioned about 389,000 years ago. He is called the "Wise Man of TIme/ The Initiate".
  2. Semjasa 1 - Here at about 389,000 years ago during the time when the Lyrians were here. Semjasa father the first Adam.
  3. Semjasa 2 - sometimes refered to as the Demigod. I believe this man was here during the time of Atlantis and Lemura. He was a scientist who worked under Arus the Barbarian. He fathered the second Adam about 13,035 years ago.

    This information is mentioned in Contact Report 9 starting at line 145. Semjasa,[11] the highest leader of the sub-leaders, mated with an Eva, a female being, who was still mostly human-like and also rather beautiful (in feature and form). The descendent of this act was of male sex and a human being of good form. Semjasa called his son "Adam", which was a word in his language which meant "Earth human being". A similar breeding produced a female, and in later years they were mated to each other. Similarly meanwhile, others had been produced, who then formed groups and tribes. From these, present Earth mankind developed...

Semjasa Demigod-> Henok (Four Henoks) ->Elijah->Isaiah->Jeremiah->Socrates->Aristotle->Jmmanuel

Henoch (Enoch) I - also called the The wise man of time/the initiate. He was born about 13,500 years ago. Henoch wrote the Henoch prophecies which talk about potential great troubles for the United States in our very near future. He was the son of Kretan of the Plejaren. Henoch composed a very interesting prayer.

This prayer was actually directed to his to his material consciousness block. Each human being has a spiritual consciousness and a material consciousness. There was no word or words to describe the material consciousness block in ancient times so they just used the word spirit. The consciousness has to be taken care of by controlling the thoughts and feelings and making an effort to live according to the natural creational laws. In this way the human being becomes a master of his own life.

At the time of Henoch, the North Pole was situated differently than what is the case today. Through cosmic influences and through an upset of the Earth, the North Pole at that time shifted far to the west. The central point of the North Pole at that time is identical to present day Florida in America. The Polar Regions at the time of Henoch were wondrous landscapes, filled with palms and other tropical vegetation. This information is mentioned in Contact Report 39

Aristotle was the incarnation just prior to the JJmanuel

The prophet Jmmanuel is born on February 3rd in Bethlehem, Palestine. His biological father was the Plejaren Gabriel and his mother was the Earth woman called Mary.

Elijah and Other Meier Incarnations

Elja (Elia/Elijah) born at about 891 BC. He was known as the Lover of Creation/ The JHWH is my teacher. His disciple was named Eljas or Elias and is mentioned in the Talmud of Jmmanuel. In contact 229 Its explained that Elia was flown to Srinagar/Kashmir in India by a beamship on April 7, 842 BC.

Contact Report 230 has pages on the predictions of the prophet Elia. Elia writes about Billy in the following words. He will be a seeing and knowing one, and a mediator whose hand writes down the words of those who will come from the stars. And he will be the third one to follow me, and will be a continuation in the living again of those prophets who were before me as "other personalities of me". And the herald will wait for the right day on the mountain of the horseshoe, where he will have his homestead, and where a flag will flutter in the wind as a sign of the bond with human beings from the sky.

Jesaja (Jesaia/Isaiah) Known as the one with creational healing or the One with Jschwisch healing. He was born about 772 BC.

Jeremja (Jeremia/Jeremiah) Known as the one Raised by the Gods. He was born about 662 BC.

Socrates born in Alopeke, Athens He was born about 469 BC.

Aristotle born in Strageira (?) He was born about 384 BC.

Jmmanuel One with divine knowledge/One with JHWH knowledge. Unfortunately, called Jesus today. His original teaching has been highly distorted in the New Testament (according to the Meier Information).

Mohammed (Muhammad/Muhammed) The praised One. Born on 571 AD.

Johann Georg Faust Born on 1480 AD. Mentioned in wikipedia as a itinerant alchemist, astrologer, and magician of the German Renaissance.

Other Meier Incarnations
  1. Galileo Galilei Born in 1564 AD. mentioned in wikipedia as astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician, he played a major role in the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century.

  2. Wolfgang Amadues Mozart Born in 1756 AD. mentioned in wikipedia

    Born in Salzburg, he showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood. Already competent on keyboard and violin, he composed from the age of five and performed before European royalty. At 17, Mozart was engaged as a musician at the Salzburg court, but grew restless and traveled in search of a better position. While visiting Vienna in 1781, he was dismissed from his Salzburg position. He chose to stay in the capital, where he achieved fame but little financial security. During his final years in Vienna, he composed many of his best-known symphonies, concertos, and operas, and portions of the Requiem, which was largely unfinished at the time of his death.

  3. Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy born on February 3rd 1809 and widely known as Felix Mendelssohn, was a German composer, pianist, organist and conductor of the early Romantic period. Here is a great video containing some of his greatest works.

  4. Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin born in 1869 was a Russian peasant, mystical faith healer, and trusted friend of the family of Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia. He became an influential figure in Saint Petersburg, especially after August 1915. Rasputin is mentioned in the following Contact Report 487.

    Historically, it was said that Rasputin lived a dissolute, life that was lax in morals; however, this is false. Although he was married and had a family, Rasputin was an itinerant monk, that is to say, an itinerant preacher, who, through suggestive influence, carried out "miraculous healings" which were truly self-healings of the sick.

  5. Billy Eduard Albert Meier born in 1937, Billy means the protector, Eduard means guardian of the treasure, Albert means the shining one, Meier means supervisor of practicing/the respected/ the higher standing... He is considered the prophet of the new time.


So we are actually able to create (Spirits) Wesenheiten that come to life through the power of our own thoughts and feelings.

Wesenheiten is a non-translatable German term. A ‹Wesenheit› – pl. Wesenheiten – is the German word for an immaterial or material form of existence without a self-determining possibility of evolution, whereby, however, this possibility can be given to a certain extent, such as with the Creation Universal consciousness, certain energies, stones, water and gases etc.”

Comments from Switzerland Marianne
It is actually an obsession and very often comes through a wrong meditation, when the meditating human beings imagine things. Sometimes they (humans) have problems and then imagine a help, and the stronger the wish for such a help is, the more it manifests inside the one who wishes it. I hope you understand what I try to say

These Wesenheiten are created through our unconscious powers.

Comments from Switzerland Marianne
If a believer believes in angels and talks to them, its the same, or when believers tell you, they are in contact with god and get an answer. Its the same as well. Or if cheaters tell you they have contact to the Plejaren or even worse to the level of Arahat Athersata then its also the same Angels and a god dont exist, and for a one-sided contact from the level Arahat Athersata; they are by far not evolved enough in their consciousness.

These Wesenheiten have the ability to communicate to us in the voices of people that have passed away and these could be people that the creator of the Wesenheiten did not even know.

Comments from Switzerland Marianne

Billy says that create is actually not the right word. The human being in question makes or prepares it. Which is why I mostly wrote make oder made in German der Erzeuger; die Erzeugerin. Billy said, an Erzeuger prepares the process, he/she doesnt create it. Its like the man who prepares with his sperma the child, he doesnt create it, he only prepares or induces the whole.

The rest happens in the womans body according to the creational laws. Perhaps you have to think of yourself. We all are constantly talking to ourselves. In the morning, when we wake up, one voice says: Get up. the other: Its so nice in bed, lets stay in bed. etc. These voices are called Widersachermchte, in English: antagonistic mights. In the mentioned case it is harmless, but when a human being really has problems, than it could be dangerous. Billy sais about these antagonistic mights: These antagonistic mights are nothing other but those deep, hidden inner wishes and drives of the human being.

The We Form

Consider, you, as humankind of Earth, are a we-form and as such are connected more or less with one another through your thoughts and feelings as well as through your subconsciousness, and as you nourish and cherish negative or positive thoughts and feelings, so they strengthen themselves once you call them forth, and in this strengthening they can strike any of your fellow human beings, through which they awake something resting in them that they bring to the coarse effect, although they had never previously thought about bringing it out and realising it; therefore you comprehensively bear the responsibility for your thoughts and feelings also for your fellow human beings, at least for those who are influenced through your mental and feeling-based impulsations and thereout carry out corresponding deeds or call forth thoughts and feelings in themselves of the same kind.

So many of your fellow human beings very often have thoughts and feelings in them or carry out actions that in their origin lead back to you yourselves and that through the strengthening take effect in the others and call forth the corresponding reactions, which they then themselves reject and condemn, although they, like you, are also jointly responsible for them in accordance with the creational laws and recommendations, because they nonetheless act from out of themselves with the foreign thoughts and feelings that are striking them; and thus you can have thoughts and feelings for any things in you that you would never carry out into deeds etc., however, your fellow human being who has been struck by your thoughts and feelings, and who is not able to work them out and bring them under control, does carry them out.

We on earth are building a we-form in material subconsciousness and spiritual connectedness

Economic Trouble as Revealed by Sfath
Click here to see source of new material on Sfath, Talks With Sfath Sunday May 5th, 1946

Sfath As already in recent years, also today I have to make familiar with many facts, which you will certainly understand as well as consciously accept and work out, which however, will only be possible for you, because due to may action into your consciousness-development, you are already many times further-developed in your rationality and in your intellect, than normally can be the case with an earth boy your age...

The future of terrestrial banking, companies and corporations as well as politics, governments and the economy will be very profitable in the coming decades, after which, however, an extensive mismanagement will appear in all areas and will from the 1980's well into the new millenium let many things collapse.

... companies and corporations will fall into great difficulties and must make use of state aid for their continued existence, although for some their mismanagement will lead to bankruptcy. ... financial indebtedness will likewise develop on a private basis such, that they can no longer meet their financial obligations, just as this will also be the case in regard to the national budgets of many countries...

The whole leads to heavy economic breakdowns and to the dissolution and bankruptcy of long-established and decades-long rightfully managed banks, companies and corporations...

A senseless and uncontrollable squandering of money for a lot of unnecessary things runs widely rampant and will even bring about family quarrels and destruction of families...

The future of the financial economy will be difficult, because starting from the year 1988, it will become quiet dark all over the world with regard to money, because then the foundation of a capital power take splace in the USA, which will intervene as a worldwide effective shadow-bank and world shadow-government...

Contact Report 229 When the Prophet of The New Time Comes

Everything is complete. The biblical "handed down" data and stories in truth based on legends, deliberate lies and falsifications, and on a deceitfully produced chronicle that is incorrectly arranged and wildly imaged. This also applies to the dates of the ancient and genuine prophets Jeremia, Jesaia, Elia and Henoch. Converted to the Christian Calendar of today, the true dates of these prophets are the following:

  1. Henoch: Born Feb 3, 9308 BC and Died Jan 1, 8942
  2. Jeremia: Born Feb 9, 662 BC and Died Sep 3, 580 BC
  3. Jesaia: Born Feb 7, 772 BC and Died May 5, 690 BC
  4. Elia: Born Feb 5, 891 BC and Died June 4, 780 BC

Elia was flown to Srinigar/Kashmir in INdia by a beamship on April 7th, 842 BC

When the prophet of the new time spreads his teaching in the new time, the time of the great transformation has begun. During the third millennium, human beings will be blinded by gold and material values to such an extent that they will be counting silver coins in all countries everywhere...

... They will build cult places to worship and will pay homage to a non existent God. The place for the worship to a non-existent god will become sites for merchants who lend various things for a fee. Judicial authorities will be unlawful and will impose insignificant penalties on wrong doers.

Every city and town will be a place of fornication... And also their children and children's children will live a life of degeneration. They will raise old flags dripping with blood and spread terror...

The powerful of the world will ruthlessly abuse their power... They will transform the building blocks of life into death-bringing wepaons in order to destroy nature and to kill human beings in vast numbers...

When the new time prophet appears... The sky, oceans, the forests, prairies and the deserts, as well as the mountainous regions will be populated to such an extent that no human being is able to take one step that is unnoticed...

It will be at a time when gigantic buildings and towers reaching up high into the sky are being built in all countries of the earth. The human beings will live and work in these towers and buildings.

There will not be enough bread for everybody and also water will become increasingly scarce...

Flattering words are spoken by human beings who desires are directed at profit and advantage;

Human beings ought to always be reachable for each other, because it is possible that they need each other.

It is useless to reproach a human being about something which has already run its course... However, the mistakes which are pointed out can lead to thier rectification in the future.

A human being who, with his/her thinking and actions always has only his/her own advantage and profit in mind, will never choose an honest form of the life, but instead, earns much vexation, resentment, un-hunderstanding and hate.

True Love as Compared to Artificial Love

Every morning, may the human being greet the new day with inspired love, and in waking, give the life the appropriate thanks and promise that he/she will daily contemplate the delight of the true love and will never rest in creating the truthly love inhimself/herself; and may the human being return home every evening, satisfied by the fulfilling of his/her day's work, full of gratitude and love and may the human being then go to sleep with words of love in his/her lips for the almightiness of the Creation and its truthly, all-embracing love.

True love has no wishes at all... Thus his/her main wish shouldl be that he/she becomes free of the burden of the unknowledge and of the disharmony; that he/she may melt like the cold glacial ice through the glow of the Sun, and become a rushing brook which, splashing, pours down to the valley and sings it's incomparable melody, to then wind through the country and flow into the ocean, to become one with it in loving connectedness;

A truly peace-loving human being avoids quarreling, but if it is unavoidable, then the peace-loving one remains correct and polite, because even in the quarreling he/she remains a peace-lover.

Just as the love crowns the human being, it also tortures him/her; and the love tortures because inherent to it are renunciation and demands, into which the human being has to integrate himself/herself which often very much goes against his/her will...

However, this is the wrong form of the love, which is only artificially created in order to fulfill emotional or lustful wishes. In this form of the love it is better for the human being if he/she covers the nakedness of his/her greed and searches for the true value of the love.

True love is a concentrated form of the fine-spiritual perception and is not built upon emotions.

The love is not located in the heart and it is not the power of a god, rather it is the purest fine-spiritual perception of the spirit and of the consciousness of the human being who creates it in himself/herself by means of the fine-spiritual perceptions.

The truthly love in the form of fine spiritual perception is all-embracing, is never fickle and is absolutely indestructible; it is creational-natural and connaot be impaired by any kind of things, bad habits, negative or evil powers; thus the course of true love is not to be directed. while it however, as the creational-naturally highest factor of all life and of logic, directs the human being in dignity during the course of his/her life: this is not the casw with false love, which results from emotions and drive, because this artificial love, which is steered by the human being is directed always according to the emotional and libidinous wishes and thoughts.

Contact 544 - The seven major forces of nature of which only 4 are known to Earth scientists.

The other four forces of nature exist as only ultra tiny particles, as related to gravity, the electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear power... Originally everything evolved from pure spirit energy. Our particle physicists on Earth, lack the inner and fundamental knowledge about the actual spirit-energetic structure of these things. The existance of the universe cannot be explained purely from the perspective of the material realm.

Energy alone is absolutely the one and only origin of all things and all matter of any kind.

Druans Human ETs from the NOL System

Contact Report 184/569
Time of Contact: Saturday, April 9, 1983, 11:16 AM

The Druans are Human ETs from the NOL System 3.1 million light years away. The Druans have been appearing in the skies of earth without any kind of cloaking. One of the most recent sighting of the Druans, that I am aware of, occurred in 2001 during Contact 311. Evidently, the Druans didn’t protect themselves from view, or else they deliberately opened their view protection screen toward the direction of Freddy, so that he could capture the aircraft on the film. Freddy Kropf, someone know by Billy, photographed a ship of the Druans in 2001 on August 11. The ship was photographed near the The Breithorn, a mountain of the Bernese Alps in southern Switzerland.

The Sighting of the Druans Ship

Also, the Druans were urged, in accordance with our and the High Council’s decision, to make themselves visible to the group members if the opportunity should arise for it.

Billy: High in the eastern sky, I noticed a bright light at 8:14 PM, about 4 to 5 times as large as Venus. At first, I thought of the evening star, thus Venus, before it dawned on me that Venus is only visible to us in the southern and western hemisphere. Then, I looked at the bright light a little more closely, and I noticed that it was located in strange shifts of color, which permeated all the colors of the rainbow spectrum, and changes in form also arose.

We saw a structure in the sky, without a definite shape, which constantly changed its form, whose color also slowly changed, fading into a variety of shades.

I estimated the altitude of the object to be about 35,000 meters and that it was at a distance of about 18 to 20 kilometers away from our vantage point.

Now, if I consider the size of the light of the object together with its distance, then I calculate that the ship’s size must have been around 320 to 340 meters in diameter. For security reasons, which were made known to you by us, the aircraft was shielded from view, and it creates a form of reflection that is completely alien to our technology, which becomes visible in the atmosphere many kilometers away.

Billy starts this contact talking to a person named Taljda. The name Taljda means one who walks through the rainbow. Meier records the speech made by the extraterrestrial Taljda using a tape recorder. He then plays the cassette in the presence of his group members. The occurred on March 5,1983 17:30. There were 20 witnesses to this event.

Queztal and Ptaah will not be talking to Billy for a few months they have to make some decisions regarding group members. Taljda will be Billy's contact in the mean time.

Taljda, who is female from the Lyra System, does not seem like the kind of person that will tolerate any thing that does not go according to the plan. In Contact Report 183 Taljda seems to be very dogmatic and stern. In Contact Report 187 it states that A single violation of an individual group member will automatically have the consequence that all contacts, including ours, will finally be discontinued and never be resumed. So Taljda was a force to be respected.

13. The aircraft is a spaceship of the planet Druan, whose human life forms we, thus, call the Druans.
14. They are a very far-developed and extremely peaceful human race that can bring some innovations to our own technology.
15. The planet Druan lies in the NOL system, which belongs to a galaxy whose size is about 1.7 times larger than ours, and this galaxy is located 3.10 million light-years away from the SOL system.

China Joining Russia In Syria While Germany Prepares to Leave NATO-WW III Is Here

WORST NIGHTMARE for US : 10 facts of Russia’s ‘aircraft carrier killer’ ‘Moskva cruiser’

U-Tube Talmud of Jmmanuel a Four Hour MovieWORST NIGHTMARE for US : 10 facts of Russia’s ‘aircraft carrier killer’ ‘Moskva cruiser’

Jmmanuel translates as the one with spiritual knowledge. Jmmanuel was part of the linage of Adam. Adam was begotten by Semjasa the leader of the celestial sons.

Talmud of Jmmanuel, Giza Intelligences and Other Topics

The Actions of The Giza Intelligence Before The Time of Jmmanuel

146. Jehav ruled wickedly, and always screamed for blood and revenge, until 3,320 years ago in your chronology, during which time he sired three sons, who were named Arussem, Ptaah and Salam.

147. Megalomaniacal like his father Jehavon, he let himself be proclaimed as creator, and celebrated as such, and like his father, he caused terrible devastation among the three human races, and he demanded blood and death.

148. As addicted to power as his father Jehav, was also his firstborn son Arussem, who constantly wanted to take over his father's power.

149. So he also finally murdered his father Jehav , and wanted to snatch up the power for himself.

150. But he failed profoundly, because his younger brother Ptaah and his youngest brother Salam positioned themselves against him, in order to expel and ban him into exile, because, having become disgusted by the constant wars, power struggles and bloodshed, Ptaah and Salam already made an effort themselves for many decades to lead humane forms of life.

After His Expulsion Arussem Establishes the Giza Intelligences

151. Therefore already for a long time, they assembled around themselves many like-minded people, with whose help they gained control of Arussem and his 72,000 followers, and expelled them.

152. But Arussem secretly returned to Earth, and settled down with his army, in the land of Egypt, in the old cubical constructions which had existed there unused for more than 70,000 years.

153. Deep in the interior of the earth and deep below the pyramids, they established themselves securely, whereby they converted the rooms and constructions deep below the present pyramids of Giza, as a center for their wicked purposes, from where they and their descendants since then tried to realize their tyrannical plans, but as of now without noteworthy success, although their way of obtaining the goal of deceit, lying and intrigues was by wrong teachings and the leading astray of the uncorrupted Earth humans through religious teachings of madness and cults, and many kinds of other evil machinations.

168. With the heaven's sons, the Hyperboreans and the emigrants from the Plejaren system, Ptaah and Salam, the sons of the murdered Jehav, led the further rule by common agreement.

169. They governed well and created peace, and only occasionally mixed in the affairs of the Earth-born Earth humans.

Salam Turns Over Leadership of the Earth to Plejos

170. After his 93rd year of government Ptaah was stricken by malicious and unknown disease, from which he succumbed a few days later, consequently his brother Salam continued to lead the government alone, until, weak from his great age, he handed over command to his son Plejos, 2,040 Earth years ago, after he had taken up connections to the home worlds already centuries before and had placed himself and his people under the home form of government, namely, that of the spiritual teachers.

171. His son Plejos was, like his father, very wise and a kind governor, and, as 1,999 years ago of earthly chronology, the home worlds, after an interruption of around 240 years, newly positioned themselves under the guidance of the "High Council", he also arranged himself and his people under it.

Pleos came far from the depths of space and escaped from a place where his people were in bondage. Pleos explained that terrible things will happen if the people of the earth do not follow the laws of creation. The knowledge of consciousness itself, the Universal Consciousness, is greater than Pleos. Plejos, was the Ischwisch [king of wisdom] that was in charge of the earth during the time of Jmmanuel. At 1 BCE, Plejos and his people depart Earth for the Plejares.

Jmmanuel was the son of a Plejaren extra-terrestrial man, Gabriel who mated with the earth woman Mary. Jmmanuel was born in a stable in Bethlehem during the time of Herod Antipas. Gabriel would later reincarnate as Queztal one of Billy Meiers contacts. Gabriel also reincarnate as the man known as the feathered serpent in South American. Wise men came to learn where the new born King of Wisdom was born. These wise men knew that Jmmanuel would have the knowledge of Plejos and he would learn to use the great power of his spirit.

The Human Being and Creation

Herod Antipas told the wise men to search diligently for the boy. The light with the long tail had hovered directly over the stable where the boy was found. Herod feared the boy because he realized that this boy would have a great power one day. Eventually, Herod had a change of heart and no longer desired to harm the boy.

The light with the long tail also made a singing sound. The Celestial Son Gabriel's space ship was the light with the long tail that made the singing sound.

The boy Jmmanuel was taken to Egypt for safety. Mary and Joseph followed the space ship that made the singing sound and had the long tail of light. They followed the light all of the way to Egypt.

Gabriel Reincarnates as Quetzal (Contact Report 154)

Once that it became safe, Jmmanuel and his parents left Egypt and moved to Nazareth because Herod Antipas had a change of heart.

John the Baptist, talked about creation, the universal consciousness. He said it was the consciousness of the universe as a whole. John taught that Pleos followed the laws of creation. John ate locusts and wild honey. John called the teachings of the pharisees illogical. John talked about the great knowledge of Pleos the King of Wisdom. John taught that in 2,000 years the people on earth will start to comprehend the teachings of creation. In the future, John said, that the people of earth would build space craft that would also make the singing sounds and allow them to travel to other worlds.

Jmmanuel eventually came to John Baptist and was baptized by him. Suddenly, a metallic space craft appeared and there was a large voice from the craft that said this is my son in whom I am well pleased. All of the people that were there fell on there faces in fear. Jmmanuel got on that space craft and was gone for forty days and forty nights. For forty days and nights Jmmanuel no longer lived among the daughters and sons of the people of earth.

Jmmanuel was said to have stayed between the winds of the north and the west. He recieved a great deal of knowledge while he was there. During this instruction period, he stayed with the wise guardian messengers of Pleos. They taught him much wisdom and knowledge. They explained to Jmmanuel, the great power of creation which is the consciousness of the universe itself. They taught him about the immortality of the spirit through re-birth.

Jmmanuel went to the place at the end of the earth where the chariots of fire and space craft came from. There at the ends of the earth Jmmanuel saw a great and marvelous thing. Jmmanuel saw the celestial portals open up which radiated an area as great as the lifeless sea.

  1. In the first portal, Jmmanuel saw the people of Isreal and their animals. The radiance went all over in this first portal and revealed intimate details.

  2. In the second portal, there arose might mountains whose peaks reached into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. There were were massed of snow. Below this snow the brown skinned people built their huts.

  3. The third portal, was a gigantic land with rivers, lakes and seas. Here another population of people lived. The palace of Pleos was not far from these three celestial portals. Pleos was both a ruler of the people of the earth and the ruler of the people that traveled to the earth from the stars.

From this palace Pleos ruled over the three peoples that had been fathered by him. Pleos had a very ancient spirit and he was of giant size just like the celestial sons. In the palace of Pleos, Jmmanuel saw very tall men the likes of whom he had never seen on the earth.

Talmud of Jmmanuel and The People Whos Faces Shone Like the Sun

There faces shone like the sun, their eyes looked like burning torches and from their mouths issued fire. Their clothing looked like a covering of film. Their arms looked like golden wings. These people inhabited an environment of their own because the air of the earth would have been fatal for them. These men were said to be from the constellation of the Seven Stars (Plejaren?). These men were great teachers and they were with two smaller men who said that they were from Bali.

The people from the heavens stayed on earth for a long time and pro-created the white linage of people on the earth. The people that were begotten by the celestial sons were different in a unique way, they were not like other people on the earth.

Their bodies were as white as snow and red as the rose blossom. Their hair was white as wool and their eyes were beautiful. The people on the earth inherited this beauty and propagated it further. However, during the course of the millennial they pro-created with people of other star systems. This created a new and special linage.

Jmmanuel you will make the impossible, possible. The rode ahead for you will be difficult because of the ignorance of the people of earth. Pleos is only a man which is vastly greater in wisdom than the people of the earth. Jmmanuel you are the son of Gabriel and are a king of wisdom. Do not be bothered by the irrational teachings of the scribes and pharisees.

The people of the earth will not begin to understand until the time that they have created space craft. Jmmanuel was brought back to Jerusalem by the space craft. Jmmanuel started to teach and found Simon and Peter. Jmmanuel saw two other men named James and John. Jmmanuel taught in the Synagogues about the human spirit.

Likewise in the eighties of this Twentieth Century it will happen that that the human can be bred through artificial fertilization, while already at the turn of the Third Millennium humans and animals will be able to be cloned out of single cells without any actual act of procreation.

Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human. The term is generally used to refer to artificial human cloning, which is the reproduction of human cells and tissue. It does not refer to the natural conception and delivery of identical twins.

The Human Cone Alive Today Contact Report 202

In the not too distant time because genetic and cloning attempts have already been underway for many years, whereby a lot is still kept secret. Thus, already for six years, a clone-mutant has existed, which is kept behind closed doors in a secret laboratory and is kept alive for research purposes. Transplantation technology is already on its way to becoming routine technology, which will also soon happen with genetic engineering, and in particular, only plants and animals are used and genetically altered for research purposes. So then, already the first animals are cloned, after which efforts will then also arise to create human clones in an open and, thus, official form.

Clones Mentioned in the Henoch Prophecies

The irresponsible politicians will unscrupulously exercise their power, assisted by scientists and obedient military forces serving them, who together hold a deadly sceptre and will create clone-like beings which will be bred in a total lack of conscience and will be scientifically manipulated to become killer machines. Division by division and devoid of any feelings, they will destroy, murder and annihilate everything.

...the military clones, will gain their independence and under their own management will bring death, devastation, destruction and annihilation to the human beings of Earth and to the planet.

Yet all the apocalyptic events will not only be brought about due to the use of unbelievably deadly and destructive weapons—such as chemical, laser and others—and by cloned murder machines...

Clones and the Spirit Form Contact Report 225

I will use your words when I fulfill the task intended for me. But now, I would like to talk about something else: already several times, we’ve had discussions about the cloning of animals and humans. For me, it is completely clear as to what a clone basically is, just an internal and external organic reproduction of a person, of whom a cell is used for the cloning. It is also clear to me that the consciousness of the male cell donor or female cell donor will not enter into a clone but that the clone is animated by another spirit form and, thus, also by another overall consciousness block and, accordingly, also by another consciousness or by another personality. Also, it is a matter of impossibility that by a male cell donor or female cell donor, his or her consciousness can be transferred into a clone. And since that time now comes soon, as you’ve already explained several times during earlier conversations, when researches become acute and open to cloning worldwide, then a few more explanatory words from your side will certainly be advantageous. At the same time, if you could even address, for example, the greatest danger of cloning, I mean in terms of what can impair the lives of clones, then this would, perhaps, be of use.

Time in Each Phase of Life

  • We spend 40-60 million years incarnating in a physical body, this also includes the time in the spiritual realm.
  • We spend 56 million years incarnating into the half physical and half spiritual body
  • We are in the spiritual planes for 2.9 billion years
  • Spirit Form

  • Is not able to think creatively
  • It not really conscious until it merges with creation
  • The human being cannot enter into an animal or a plant
  • There is no heaven or hell.
  • In order for the spirit form to evolve it creates the over consciousness block.
  • The over all consciousness block creates the consciousness block.
  • The spirit form resides in the superior coliculus but spreads its energies through the entire body.
  • The Spirit Form is not affected by anything in the material realm.
  • Creation

  • In order to evolve the creation creates the spirit form
  • The spirit form needs the physical existence to evolve.
  • The creation creates everything in this universe.
  • It expands for 155.5 trillion years and then it contracts for 155.5 trillion years
  • The Creation goes into a rest phase after the the expansion and contraction phase.
  • The Creation is the being and the non being of life
  • The Creation is unmeasurable in its knowledge
  • Everything is in an evolution process and there is a purpose to life. Our purpose is evolving our consciousness as well as the universal consciousness
  • We have to go through the re-incarnation process as our evolution.

  • The Uniting of Humanity and the Creating of the Global Language Only then will you human beings learn to establish good interpersonal and true personal relationships with one another, to understand one another and then finally live in truth, peace, love, freedom and harmony. Only then will it come about that your earthly humanity will become united, a oneness in which case the best language will be chosen from all the languages of all peoples in order to make this into a single and uniform global language, although all other languages of all peoples will be retained.

    The Meier Information says we should strive to make German the world language. And through this world language, every person will be able to understand the other, irrespective of which people he or she belongs to. And this will then be the time when you human beings of Earth will fly through the broad expanse of space in an effective way, creating new living spaces for yourselves.

    The oneness mentioned in the Book of OM
    Indeed he may identify with his coarse material physical body and correspond to its requirements, and he may equate himself with the conscious understanding, or himself feel his oneness with the real self of himself, which is the eternal, imperishable witness of both, yet he may not create himself.

    Oneness Discussed in the Talmud of Jmmanuel

    The Oneness of the Creation and the Human Spirit

    And since the body is a part of the spirit in a different form and matter, it is therefore one with the spirit; consequently it is not two...

    The teachings state that there is a unity and not, in any way or form, a duality or trinity

    If it appears to people that there is a duality or trinity, then they are the victims of deception, for they do not think logically but according to human knowledge.

    For this reason, it is said that everything emanates from a unity, and a duality seems apparent only because humans, in their limited thinking, cannot grasp the truth.

    This is a great article that has tremendous importance. I have been working to understand this on and off, overtime. The following are some phrases from the article that seem to be entering into my stream of consciousness. Sometimes the Meier information comes to me in small steps or phrases initially and then builds to a clearer understanding.

    Embrace the power within yourself and use it for yourself...

    ...the entrance into yourself...

    The "Power within" is a phrase that is used in other Meier writings. Here is an example, The Creational-natural power is within myself, and I use this, putting it into effect in my thinking and acting. This phrase comes from the Meditation from Clear Visibility book.

    The whole universe is a oneness which flows through all things... In line 70 of Sfath's Explanation the oneness of creation is mentioned.

    70. However, this oneness and connectedness with all and everything, is the result of the might and the immeasurable love of Creation, which gives everything selflessly and demands no payment for it.

    The oneness and the flow of creation is described in Bulletin 38 FIGU Special Bulletin 38.

    The vibrations' energies and their powers consist of tiny fine-material, respectively, fluidal, units of information, which individually and collectively constitute a oneness and which - like the electrical current through wires - flow, in an invisible form, through the brain and through the body to finally leave these and to reach into the environment and into the ether from where they are picked up by sensitive humans, respectively, by humans who have at their disposal the ability of fine-material perception.

    The Plejaren Do not Hunt Animals Contact Report 297

    Adolf Hitler, Hermann Steinschneider, Giza Intelligences
    Contact Report 260

    Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party , Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F�hrer ("leader") of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of the German Reich, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of the Holocaust.

    Adolf Hitler was, in many respects, a genius. His knowledge ranged from a variety of areas of art and technology concerning a variety of sciences up to the use of the power of suggestion. In his internal form, he was an incarnate life form of very good values. Nevertheless, he wasn’t a man of highly developed spirit but rather a man of intellect and reason, who was destined to lead the overall earthly politics and economy as well as all nations in a certain positive direction.

    The Giza Intelligences succeeded in taking possession of Adolf Hitler’s being and in misusing him for their dark and malicious purposes. For thousands of years they deceived the Earth human with religious “miracles” and “visions” of every kind, in order to maintain, and to yet further increase, the religious delusion.

    Contact Report 260 Line 110. The reason for his wrongly chosen path developed quite early on, when he secretly came in contact with the Thule Society of that time, in consequence of which he also came in contact with Hermann Steinschneider, who also belonged to the Thule Society and supported its unfair goals and who called himself the clairvoyant, Eric Jan Hanussen.

    The Coming Race is an 1871 novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, reprinted as Vril, the Power of the Coming Race. Among its readers have been those who believed that its account of a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called "Vril". These ideas come from something called the New Age which is discussed in the FIGU Bulletin 32.

    The term "New Age" is however much older than the current trends and leads back into the 19th century, and indeed to occult and esoteric world-views, which, as said, were also influenced by Helena Blavatsky. Their symbols were the swastika, respectively, the hooked cross and the Germanic runes.

    The efforts of the leaders at that time of the Thule Society went out for the acquisition of world domination; consequently, already very early on, they allowed Steinschneider to influence and shape Hitler in this direction, by what means this then began, in accordance with their will, with terror and murder, to trigger World War II in the end.

    At the same time, Steinschneider became ever more powerful in the course of time, with respect to his domination over Adolf Hitler, which didn’t appeal to various people who were against Hitler and his machinations.

    What is to be said further in relation to your question is that Adolf Hitler had already been instructed by our forces through telepathic impulses in his earliest youth, in terms of his determinations and guidelines, and indeed, on an ongoing basis and at every place where he always stayed.

    From that point in time, he rapidly fell more and more toward the negative and evil; consequently, he soon fell outside of our control, and our telepathic impulse attempts remained fruitless.

    Erik Jan Hanussen, born Hermann Steinschneider (2 June 1889, in Vienna – 25 March 1933, in Berlin), was an Austrian Jewish publicist, charlatan and clairvoyant performer. Acclaimed in his lifetime as a hypnotist, mentalist, occultist, and astrologer, Hanussen was active in Weimar Republic Germany and also at the beginning of Nazi Germany. He is said to have instructed Adolf Hitler in performance and the achievement of dramatic effect.

    Predicting the Reichstag fire,[citation needed] a decisive event that allowed recently appointed Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler to seize absolute power in 1933, was Hanussen's most famous feat of clairvoyance. It also was possibly a miscalculated use of inside information[citation needed] that led to his death shortly thereafter.

    Original Home of Japanese and Chinese People

    Billy Meier Questions and Answer Session

    Attacking Questions from Japan

    1. About 16 mllion years ago an expedition fleet from the Lyra Systems discovered the yellow races on the planet Kudra. Kudra was on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy and was the home of the Kinten and Niper races (Oriental). The research ships brought 4000 oriental peoples back to Lasan and they populated five planets in the Lasan alliance of planets.

    2. Millions of years passed, the Kinten and Niper races fought wars and 38,000 people left their planets in the Lasan alliance and traveled in 9 spaceships to the planet earth. They settled on earth 6.7 million years ago in the north eastern corner of a large land mass that appeared in what was a global ocean on earth at the time. The ships deteriorated because of the atmosphere on earth and these people eventually perished.

    3. During this time the people back on Kudra were living a degenerate life that lead to a massive population explosion. Billions of people left their world in millions of spaceships. These millions of space craft traveled through space looking for a home; however, they became lost and billions of people died on the ships because of diseases. Finally, only 418,000 people found the planet Nissan in the Lyra system. They settled on Nissan about 2.4 million years ago.

    4. About 26,000 years ago people came from Kudra and settled on earth in the areas of Japan and China. Ofcourse, since then they have lost their history and technologies as is the case with other groups of people on the earth.

    German Terms
    Ur is a German prefix signifying earliest, most ancient, initial, primeval.
    Sch�pfung is the German word for Creation. .
    The German word for spirit-form is Geistform.
    The German word translated as realm is the word Reiches
    The Gemutsmenschen is generally understood by German speaking people as follows: Someone that radiates equanimity and does not get worked up easily.
    It also has a swinging wave which is called Schwingung in the German. Electromagnetic swinging waves in the teaching of the spirit are periodically built up electric and magnetic fields, which are not bound to any matter.
    impulsation: translation for the German, Regung, According to Billy, a "regung" is an impulsation. Impulsating or impulsation are new words, with the meaning; something goes in, something develops. There are various forms of Regungen, such as thought-Regungen, feeling-Regungen, and so on.
    The German word b�se is the word translated as evil.
    Gewalt that is above all might and force. Explanation of the Plejaren language scientists, given to Billy August 27, 2010: Ausartung = a very bad get-out of the control of the good human nature.
    Bewusstsein is the German word for consciousness. The German word Todesstrafe means capital punishment or the death penalty. The German word bef�rwortet can mean endorsed, approved or favored. The German word Gedanke refers to the thoughts, feelings and cogitations.
    Bestimmungs-Schwingungen is the German term. Bestimmung meaning destiny and Schwingungen waves are electromagnetic waves associated with the human spirit and certain creational natural laws. These swinging waves can be of immense might.
    One of the key German words here is Speicherbank which can be translated as memory bank or storage bank.
    The German word Weisheit means wisdom. Wisdom
    The German word Sehnen can mean to long, to crave, to pine after depending on its usage.
    The German word Freude is translated as joy here. We are said to long for the imperishable life. Something that is imperishable means that it endures forever. The German word unverg�nglich means imperishable. Bleibend in the German means permanent.
    The German word Verbundenheit is translated as connectedness. Verbundenheit can be translated as a spiritual affinity, closeness, connectivity, a bond.
    Liebe is the German word for love.
    The word cognition is the translation of the German word Erkenntnis. Erkenntnis can mean insight, perception, knowledge, cognition, understanding and awareness. Erkennen is the word translated as recognize. However, it can also mean to perceive, discern, detect and indentify.
    This is from an article written by Marianne Uehlinger. Marianne Uehlinger has decided not to be a core member of the FIGU group. Instead, at the time of the great oaths, her personality decided on a different kind of help. Her story is described in more detail in Contact Report 235. Her name at that time was XANDAALA, which means “The Conscientious One.” At that time, out of her own free will, she committed herself to the fulfillment of the mission and to the appropriate assistance of the same, but without having to be a member of the group.

    "Goblet of Truth", section 9:
    And if you are not prepared with good knowledge in the Teaching of Truth, the Teaching of Spirit and the Teaching of Life, then do not decide to set forth, to spread the Teaching of Truth...

    After death, the spirit-form and consciousness-block pass over into their respective levels in order to process the accumulated data. The content of the consciousness-block is downloaded into the storage-banks of the overall consciousness-block. All data—in reality these are impulses—of the consciousness-block-programs, such as consciousness, memory of the consciousness and of the subconsciousness, and the personality pass into the storage-banks of the overall consciousness-block.

    Learning much in this lifetime enables us to gain control over ourselves. One of Billy's sayings is I Always Remain Relaxed and Thereby Gain Might over Myself... The essence of all knowledge, experience and wisdom from our predecessor-personalities is "loaded" into the new memory of the subconsciousness. So what you have learned from previous lives is placed into the memory of the subconsciousness. The memories can inspired us in future lifetimes even if they are not consciously recalled. So the knowledge of our predecessor-personalities is in the memory of the subconsciousness and in the data-impulses in all the external storage-banks.

    The body itself as well as the consciousness are animated by an impulsating, spirit energy, just as a plant is. Everything in the entire universe is composed of moving impulses or impulsations, including all cells. An impulse can be defined as a driving or motivating force; an impetus. An impulse can be a psychic drive or instinctual urge. An impulse can also be called a force so communicated as to produce motion suddenly.

    The Moon Hoax

    Contact 471 The Moon is in a synchronous rotation with the Earth, therefore always showing the same face to us in the nights sky. The moon's distance from the earth is increasing at about 1.5 inches per year. The increase in distance between the Earth and the moon is not constant because of a spinning wobble that the earth now has because of our testing of nuclear weapons. Lunar water ice is in permanently shadowed craters at the poles.

    The moon is not our original moon. The current moon is older than the earth and was brought here. The moon is a fragment of a planet from an entirely different star system and is 4 to 5 million years older than the Earth. The origin of the moon has been described in detail in Contact Report 005.

    According to the Meier information there were actually 6 moon landings and not 5. Interestingly, he clubs Apollo 13 (the failed mission) with Apollo 12,14,15,16,17. This is mention in an article on the Billy Meier Wiki entitled The Moon. Apollo 13 was not a failed landing, but was used to deposit various artifacts, footprints etc onto the surface of the moon. This was used to show future landings by other countries that Apollo 11 was indeed the first landing, although it really wasn't. This was achieved by having Apollo 13 land in the same location as the supposed Apollo 11 years before..... Billy also went onto to mention drugs and hypnosis was used to implant false memories into the astronauts for both Apollo 11 & 13.

    Contact 201 discusses the Moon landings.

    As we have already explained several times, the Americans' Apollo-11 Moon-landing on July 20th, 1969 did not take place, because everything was a great designed swindle, through which the entire world was fooled

    Where were a total of precisely 37 persons who were involved in the hoax. There have been people that were killed who did not keep the secret.

    Further to say is, that the Moon-landing swindle is also connected to murder, and indeed in the respect that in spite of the duty of silence of those involved, a great number cannot be silent, respectively, could not be silent, which led, and will further lead, to arranged "accidents" and "illnesses" with fatal consequences, until the last involved person is no longer alive whose silence is not securely established. Remaining alive are only those who are hypnotically bound with their Moon-landing lies, so they themselves believe that the Moon-landing actually was realised or at least that they have thereby cooperated.

    The Moon-rover and the landing devices that remain on the moon where brought there during later landings. The purpose of the faked moon landings were to trump the Soviet Union in the so-called space race.

    Attempts on Billy's Life

    This comes from an article Attempts on Billy's life currently there have been 22 attempts on Billy's life at the time of the writing of this article. Some of the attempts on Billy's life have come from a group called the Men in Black. The men in black are from three groups that are operating seperately:

    1. Government Agents
    2. Secret Neo Nazis Group
    3. Old Sirians - The old Syrians are from a Sirius system in a different time and space configuration. However, they did travel to the Sol system where they had headquarters are Mars for a while. Unfortunately, for us, the lawful Sirians after they rounded up the MIB removed all of the artifacts associated with human settlements on Mars. In fact the Sirians destroyed all evidece of the civilization that was on Mars.

    Climate Change, Over population,Desertification
    Climate Change Caused by Overpopulation

    Ptaah - The climate warms ever faster, whereby the snowfall is also absent ever more frequently in the deeper sites, while the Earth's polar ice masses, as well as the glaciers, melt ever faster, which leads to this: that by the year 2100, in some cases, the water of the seas will rise up to 160 centimeters. [5'3"]

    Overpopulation Bomb

    The ice caps at the Arctic and Antarctic poles, the icy plains of Greenland and the mountain glaciers are melting down rapidly and may raise worldwide ocean water levels. Entire low-lying island nations, as well as coastal regions will b endangered and could eventually vanish beneath the rising waters.

    The overpopulation problem increases with every newborn child because the 12% arable landmass neither increases nor remains constant. Arable land (from Latin arabilis, "able to be plowed") is, according to one definition, land capable of being ploughed and used to grow crops. On the contrary, the surface is reduced daily and dwindles through erosion, desertification and the construction of homes, streets, airports, villages, mega-cities and all types of large sport facilities, etc. etc. Desertification Desertification is a type of land degradation in which a relatively dry land region becomes increasingly arid, typically losing its bodies of water as well as vegetation and wildlife. Desertification is a significant global ecological and environmental problem. The immediate cause is the removal of most vegetation. This is driven by a number of factors, alone or in combination, such as drought, climatic shifts, tillage for agriculture, overgrazing and deforestation for fuel or construction materials.

    Desertification Videos

    David Attenborough Explains Desertification

    David talks about the Sarah desert. However, he shows the wild animals that are painted on the rocks that indicate that there were various kinds of animals there in the Sarah in the past.

    Allan Savory: How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change

    Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert," begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk. And terrifyingly, it's happening to about two-thirds of the world's grasslands, accelerating climate change and causing traditional grazing societies to descend into social chaos. Savory has devoted his life to stopping it. He now believes -- and his work so far shows -- that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert

    Planting China�s Green Wall to fight off desertification Planting China�s Green Wall to fight off desertification

    A Prediction

    What the future brings for the Earth humans in regard to the climatic catastrophe and environmental destruction

    In other locations the living space for many humans is endangered and destroyed because the rainforests are being felled, and, from that, devastating climatic changes and uninhabitable areas result, as through desertification, respectively, the advancing of deserts, right up to the areas inhabited by humans.

    Groups of humans and entire peoples also flee from the spreading desert areas, from the climbing sea levels, the destruction of fields and farmland and of mountains as a result of fun parks and sporting facilities of all kinds, but also because the air necessary for life is pregnant with poisonous exhaust fumes so that it is damaging to the health.

    Greenland Videos

    1. What Scientists Are Seeing Over Antarctica

      Operation IceBridge is a 2009–2016 NASA mission that aims to monitor changes in polar ice from a fixed-wing aircraft. It is a temporary replacement for the ICESat satellite until ICESat-2 launch in 2017., Ice Bridge will be Flying high-priority missions measuring polar ice from a base of operations at the tip of Patagonia on the Strait of Magellan. Patagonia is a sparsely populated region located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile.
    2. Greenland Ice Sheet Thinning

      Greenland ice sheet collapse...
    3. Greenland Ice Sheet Starting to Slip

      Published on Jul 29, 2013 Research scientists provide insights on recent 'unprecedented' melting of Greenland's interior ice sheet.

    Then I have a question in reference to wisdom teeth, if you can give me an answer to it. Our scientists say that wisdom teeth of modern man are an unnecessary leftover from prehistoric man’s time and are absolutely unnecessary today. Is that right?
    10. Wisdom teeth are a necessity for humans because if these are missing, then the food is no longer chewed properly and is only crushed poorly.
    11. However, especially the chewing and crushing of the food are necessary and of great significance and importance for the stomach and the intestines and for their digestive processes and, thus, for the breaking down and burning of the food.
    12. Well-chewed and crushed foods facilitate these processes quite tremendously.
    13. The front teeth, i.e. the biting teeth or the tearing teeth, are not sufficient for the chewing process and crushing process, which is why these functions are assigned to the molars, and these include the so-called wisdom teeth.
    14. If the food isn't chewed properly and is crushed poorly, then health problems will arise from this in the course of time, which can spread to and affect the stomach as well as the intestines and even the immune system, which appears with many people on the Earth, without them knowing what causes their suffering.
    15. Stomach ulcers as well as intestinal ulcers are fairly often a result of a lack of quality with regard to the chewing and crushing of food.
    16. Even the earthly physicians, etc. have, so far, gained no insights in this respect.
    17. Indeed, by them and the scientists, it is even accepted - erroneously - that wisdom teeth are a useless leftover from the early days of the Earth people, but this corresponds to a misconception beyond compare.
    18. Thus, even we, who are not only superior to the people of the Earth in consciousness but also in physical evolution, have wisdom teeth, of course, because these are, in fact, vitally necessary.
    19. If humans are missing these teeth, then health problems, as I said, can appear.

    Good Videos and Website for Tooth Care

    1. Cure Cavities and Repair Tooth Decay Naturally - CURETOOTHDECAY.COM
    2. http://www.curetoothdecay.com
    3. Ramiel Nagel has written a great book called "Cure Tooth Decay" which advocates healing your teeth through nutrition. There is a wonderful intersection, at least from my perspective, with the Meier material. Ramiel talks about the Dentist Weston Price who discovered people living in the Loetschental Valley, Switzerland who have neither no physician, dentists, jail or policemen because they had no need of them. The people in the Loetschental Valley had less than 1 percent of their teeth affected by tooth decay. The percentage was actually .3% which again is less than 1 percent. They ate only raw milk, cheese, organ meets like heart, liver, gizzards, natural butter and soured rye bread. They ate food that was only high in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A,D,E, K.