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The Ohio Exopolitics radio program covers many topics including UFOs, extra-terrestrial contact and exopolitics. The favorite topic is the Billy Meier case. "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier has taken over 1,200 photographs of the Plejaren craft hovering near his home in Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. In addition, Billy has made many films of these craft flying near his home. These films are hard to find today; however, here is one of the Wedding Cake UFO. There are films that are much better than this but are difficult to find. There is a great movie called Contact that really does a pretty good job of giving an overview on the Meier information. There have been hundreds of other eye witnesses, metal samples and sound recordings of the craft. Billy has also passed lie detector tests associated to this information. The Meier writings are the most important part of the case. Billy has written over 40 books, over 2000 contact reports and hundreds of other documents.

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Disasters from 2011-2016

Date Description
03/11/2011 Fukushima was an energy accident at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. The Fukushima Disaster started on March 11th 2011 when an exceptionally powerful earthquake hit the area near northern Japan the Pacific coast of HONSHU the main Island of Japan. Less than an hour after the earth quake the Tsunami swept over the coast and went 10 miles inland the result was over 20,000 people dead or missing. Today, three nuclear cores contunue to melt down releasing very, large amounts of radiation into the environment for several years now.
08/17/2013 Rim Fire - The Rim Fire, in northern California, burned 402 square miles started Saturday August 17th, 2013. Ranks as the third largest fire in California history. The Rim Fire threatened the water supply of San-Francisco and almost destroyed the Yosemite National Park's Sequoia trees. The Rim Fire isdiscussed by the Inci Web website at the following link Rim Fire. The RIM fire destroyed 257,314 Acres of forest.
08/08/2013 The Pony Complex fire in Idaho was 12 miles northeast of Mountain Home, Idaho and was 149,384 acres in size. This fire started Thursday August 08th, 2013.
11/04/2013 Typhoon Haiyan leaves 1,774 dead, 'hideous' destruction the storm has injured 2,487 more, and displaced 660,000 people from their homes: Typhoon Haiyan (known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda) is unofficially the strongest recorded tropical cyclone to make landfall. This storm started on November 4, 2013. Typhoon Haiyan had wind gusts of up to 235 miles per hour. The cyclone caused devastation in the Philippines, particularly on Samar Island starting around November 2nd. In Leyte, where the governor estimated that at least 10,000 people
03/11/2013 Moore tornado was an EF5 tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma, and adjacent areas on the afternoon of May 20, 2013, with peak winds estimated at 210 miles per hour. Are We Entering The For Worst Period Natural Disasters In U.S. History?
01/01/2014 Polar Vortex Jan 2014 - Massive traffic jam occurred in Atlanta because of an ice storm. People were stuck in their car on the expressway for 14 hours with no food and no water. People were stranded in schools, drug stores, grocery stores. They looked like homeless people and a state of emergency was declared for 6 or 7 states. Hundreds of children had to sleep in their class rooms. Alabama highways were backed up and even down in Texas the same kinds of problems occurred. There were 4,400 flights cancelled and the major shipping routes in the Great Lakes were a foot thick. This thick ice made it almost impossible for the ice breakers to get through. North Carolina was in state of emergency even Fort Bragg was closed except non essential personal. South Carolina was also in state of emergency. There was more than a foot of snow that fell in Chicago and some 20 states were hit by these massive storms.
05/19/2014 Funny River Fire 193,597 Acres acres burned which is 302.50 square miles. Currently, with 60% containment.The location of the fire is at Kenai Peninsula and the Funny River in Alaska.
07/14/2014 The Carlton Complex fire in north-central Washington is now the largest fire in state history, having burned 390 square miles, an area four times the size of Seattle or about 256,108 Acres.

Cold Springs Fire This disaster hits close to home because it caused the evacuation of Solaris Blueraven a fellow radioshow host. Boulder officials ordered an additional 738 evacuations from the path of the Cold Springs fire outside Nederland on Sunday, as the blaze almost doubled in size to more than 600 acres during the afternoon.

7/05/2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire This fire is also known as the Horse River Fire. On May 1, 2016, the wildfire began southwest of Fort McMurray, Alberta. On May 3, it swept through the community, destroying approximately 2,400 homes and buildings and forcing the largest wildfire evacuation in Albertan history.[3][7] It continued to spread across northern Alberta and into Saskatchewan,[8] consuming forested areas and impacting Athabasca oil sands operations.[9][10] The fire spread across approximately 590,000 hectares (1,500,000 acres) before it was declared to be under control on July 5, 2016.[2] It is the costliest disaster in Canadian history.[
08/20/2016 San Bernadino Fire (Blue Cut Fire)

  1. 80,000 people evacuated;
  2. 58 square miles burned;
  3. 105 homes destroyed;


Hurricane Harvey is a currently active tropical cyclone that recently made landfall in Texas as a Category 4 hurricane. It is the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in 2005, By the afternoon of August 26, more than 20 in (510 mm) of rain had fallen in the Corpus Christi metropolitan area. There are some sustained wins of up to 110 mph; however, gusts of wind up to 140 mph. There are about 300,000 people without power now. More than 24 inches of rain fell in 24 hours in Houston. The drone footage gives you the best feel for how much damage there has been. Water in some areas is 12 feet deep because of the flooding and the walls of water moving inland from the storm surges. Current estimates are at 40 billion dollars worth of damage from Hurricane Harvey. Wind damage, water damage and fires are causing the greatest physical harm.

Harvey dumped more rain than any other Hurricane that has hit the continental United States, some rainfall totals are more than 50 inches. A measurement of 51.88 in (1,318 mm) of rain during Hurricane Harvey holds the record for the highest precipitation total observed with a tropical cyclone in the contiguous United States.


Hurricane Irma is a category five hurricane that is approaching Florida at the time of the writing. This storm has 185 mph winds and mandatory evacuations are occuring in Florida. As many as 650,000 people have been evacuated from Florida at the time of writing. At one point there were about 7 million people in Florida without power.

It is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin outside the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. It is tied as with another hurricane as the strongest landfalling cyclone on record in the Atlantic basin. Hurricane Irma caused 1 million people to lose power in Puerto Rico. U-Tube video from NPR on the storm Irma. Hurricane Irma PBS


Hurricane Maria devasted Puerto Rico as a category 5 hurricane with winds near 160 mph. Puerto Rico could be without power for 6 months and the country of Dominica was also hit very hard by the hurricane. The entire infrastructure of Puerto Rico has been destroyed; therefore, there is no electricity, no fuel, no cell service, no Internet and very little fresh water. Some estimate the damages in Puerto Rico to be about 80 billion dollars.

The damage in Puerto Rico is being called historic. The people in Puerto Rico are totally depended on supplies coming in from ships and planes. Maria was the most intense hurricane to hit Puerto Rico since 1928. There are about 3.4 million people in Puerto Rico who are without power. This natural disaster may have affected more people than any other disaster in history.

Greatest Source for Fire Information https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/

Complete List of California Fires 2017

Date Fire Name Forest Name Location Size
10/07/2017 The Rice Ridge Fire is a wildfire burning northeast of Seeley Lake in the Lolo National Forest in Montana in the United States. The fire, which was started by a lightning strike on July 24, 2017, became a megafire on September 3, growing from 40,000 acres (162 km2) to over 100,000 acres (405 km2), at which time it became the national #1 wildfire priority as of early September, 2017. Lolo National Forest Montana, USA 160,187
10/14/2017 Lolo Peak Fire Lolo National Forest Montana, USA 53,902
10/14/2017 Norse Peak Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Washington, USA 55,909

The Chetco Bar Fire is a wildfire currently burning in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Oregon, United States. The fire, which was caused by a lightning strike and first reported on July 12, 2017, has burned 182,292 acres (738 km2) as of September 10 and is currently 5% contained. The fire is so gigantic that it lights up the sky in a way that reminds of something from a science fiction movie.

Even the sixty minutes show is calling this the age of mega fires. We are now seeing fires many times greater than anything we have seen in the past. Watch the movie Mega Fires as seen by Sixty Minutes. Here is another move that talks about how the smaller fires are important for allowing the forest to get rid of the undergrowth.

This will stop the mega fires from coming into being. Meadows are also very important for keeping moisture in the soil which will also play a role in keeping the fires small. U.S WILDFIRES Forests Under FireFull Documentary HD In many places in the west we have lost the meadows and we have an overgrowth of trees and a drying of the soil which is creating the conditions for the mega fires.

Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Oregon, USA 191,121

List of Some of the California Fires in 2017

There were 8400 structures destroyed in the northern California fires of 2017. There were 500,000 acres damaged by these fires and 42 people were killed. Billons of dollars of damage caused by the fires in California. There were more than a dozen large fires that broke out in early October and were simultaneously burning in eight Northern California counties. There have been over 100,000 people evacuated from the fires.

Name County Acres Date Started Number of Structures Destroyed
Whittier Santa Barbara 18,430 July 8, 2017 16 homes, 30 outbuildings destroyed, 7 damaged
Atlas Napa/Solano 51,624 October 8, 2017 6 fatalities, 303 structures destroyed, 40 damaged
Tubbs Napa/Sonoma 36,807 October 8, 2017 22 fatalities, more than 5,000 structures destroyed
Detwiler Mariposa 81,826 July 16, 2017 63 homes, 68 structures destroyed (131 total), 21 damaged

Dangers of the Third Millenium

What must be made known comprehensively in a prophetic and predictive wise for the third millennium

If you human beings of Earth do not turn to the truth of Creation and its laws and recommendations in what is now the third millennium, if you do not turn to better and good things and do not follow the true rules of life as they exist in the creational laws and recommendations, then all evil events of all kinds will broaden in ever worsening succession.

  1. Creation is identical to 'Universal Consciousness'
  2. The Universe is Creation's internal and external body.
  3. The Gemüt in the human spirit is one controls the thoughts and the feelings of the spiritual consciousness. The Creation also has a universal Gemüt.
  4. Creation has a oneness associated with it. Within this oneness occur all life and all of the evolution allotted to it.
  1. I suppose the Third Millennium began in 2001.
  2. And truly, the danger of a catastrophe befalling humanity has never been so great as is today and in the future.(Goblet of Truth Page LI).
  3. Things have already reached the stage when a clash of industrial nations could occur, something which can scarcely be stopped any longer, and will also cast the nations of the ‹Third World› into the same darkness. And if this happens, a Third Global Conflagration will be imminent – in whatever form it takes (Goblet of Truth Page LI). THIRD WORLD WAR (english version)

Your greed for profit, you human beings of Earth, is continuing to abound more and more, and those of your world who have might are casting your populations of all states into ever deeper misery, making imperious and megalomaniacal decisions over your heads and taking all the might of determination away from you as a people.

Removal of Self Determination - Our leaders are taking all the power of determination from us. - I think is refering to the loss of our freedoms (gun control, loss freedom of speech, mandatory vaccinations etc). But perhaps the most important aspect of this removal of self determination is the use of Mind Control,

See the following film, A Globalist Agenda For a Dumbed Down Domesticated Society by Alan Watt. Alan Watt says that the Zbignew Brzezinski,National Security Advisor to President Carter, stated that shortly the public would be unable to think and reason for themselves. Eventually he said that the public would expect the media to do all of their thinking and reasoning for them. That has happened today and that is why people cannot think outside of the programming of television.

Some researchers, like Dr. Jim Fetzer, are saying that the Sandy Hook school shooting was really a hoax that was designed to attack our Right to Bear Arms (2nd Amendment United States Constitution). Wolfgang Halbig, who is a former Florida State Trooper, school principal and national school safety expert, heads for Newtown, CT, in pursuit of the truth about Sandy Hook. Wolfgang Halbig has questions like "Who and Why did they not request the Life Star Helicopters knowing that children and school staff are seriously injured and clinging to life?". Here is a U-Tube Video by Alex Jones where Wolfgang Halbig is speaking.

Therefore, you are becoming ever more indifferent to one another, more mistrustful of one another and increasingly emotionless, disinterested, indolent and obtuse in interpersonal relationships, which is causing simple human connections to be destroyed and entire families to be ruined. Under such unbearable circumstances, many amongst you will feel blazing anger rise up in you and will therefore torment other fellow human beings or even extract bloody revenge on them.

Larry Driscoll's translation of Contact Report 72 verse 39 also supports what is said about people's actions toward one another.

The reason for this rapid succession, is that the work is not allowed to lie fallow and must be continued forward so that the knowledge, despite all coming confusion and maliciousness, slowly spreads over your world, because only as a result will those of the enormously further growing humanity grasp the knowledge and be guided onto the path of true evolution.

Plejaren History

At this time the Lyrans had advanced to the point where some of the them mastered the almost unlimited powers of the human spirit. The abilities of telepathy and telekinesis eventually come to human races that continue to evolve. In ancient Lyra the people that excelled in these abilities were called Jschwjsch (Pronounced) "ish wish". The term Jschwjsch or IHWH in Ancient Lyrian means King of Wisdom. Ptaah and Pelegon were two examples of an Jschwjsch. Here is another interesting quote from the contact notes, "But this power still not controllably mastered, was used for wicked purposes and for mischief on many worlds." (more info).

Even on the Lyran home worlds the Jschwjsch leaders ruled with a cruel power. There was a time of about four centuries that the people that were under the rule of the Jschwjsch prepared secretly for a war of liberation. When the war finally broke out three of the Lyran home worlds were completely destroyed by some massive weapon. Here is what the contact notes say about this weapon "Three worlds of the Lyra-System were simply eliminated and dissolved to energy by a new process, which meanwhile on the Earth is already in the beginning of its development.". In Earth chronology, the outbreak of the liberation war in the Lyra and Vega systems was around 230,000 years ago. Asael was an Jschwjsch who eventually lead some 360,000 Lyrans out of the Lyra to escape the incredible wars that were going on there. However, it seems that Asael was in fact a commander of one of the armies for the contact notes state "The high commander of the terrorizing armies was an IHWH by the name of ASAEL" . Eventually Asael lead many people out of the Pleiades but at this point I am wondering if he might have in fact an Jschwjsch that was abusing his power. The saga that took place in the Lyra in the ancient past was very involved and is truly an incredible drama. At this point I cannot say if Asael was a "White Hat" or not; however, it kind of looks like may have been one of the Jschwjsch that was abusing his power.

This group wandered the cosmos for a while in 183 great spacer ships and 253 smaller ships until they found their new home. Eventually, Asael and his followers came to what we today call the Pleiades; however, the Plejarens of that time called this system of 254 young blue stars the "Asael System". The settled on planets near a star called Tayget. Another name for Plejares or Plejara, the star system containing inhabited planets Erra, Luseta and Askal. Here three planets were made inhabitable; however, it took three hundred years to make these planets inhabitable. Erra is about 500 light years away from Earth on the otherside of the Pleiades star cluster in other space time configuration. What exact mechanism they used to make the planet inhabitable is not entirely understood. Another important thing to note is that when the ships of Asael came out of hyper-space there was some kind of error that was made and then ended up in different time space configuration (space-time configuration has roughly the same meaning as dimension).


Erra is located about 500 light years away from Earth on the otherside of the Pleiades star cluster in a different time space configuration. Erra is the home-world of Ptaah, Quetzal, Semjase, Sfath and 550,000,000 others. Member of the Plejaren Federation. The following are some important facts about the culture that currently exists on this world. Its important to note that this culture developed over time and these conditions did not exist when this world was in its earlier stages of development.


  • Non-monetary
  • Robot-assisted manufacturing
  • Borrowed-asset scheme (e.g. flying cars etc)
  • Poverty eradicated
  • Food, energy and housing free


  • Both monogamy and polygamy exist - one man to many women but not the other way around (subsequent reincarnation as the opposite sex equals out the apparent inequality).
  • No men and women on Erra are homosexual or bisexual as this benign and natural genetic disorder has been eradicated through genetic manipulation.
  • There are virtually never any incompatible couples due to the use of advanced astrology and other social sciences.

Pleja and the Colonization of Earth, Mars, Malona (226,000 BC)

Seventy years later Asael walked the way of all perishable things- he died. He was succeeded by his daughter Pleja, an IHWH, in which consequence the home system was changed in name from Asael to the Pleja-System, because for the then human beings, who were Titans, the symbolization was still of much value, like still today for the human being of the Earth, corresponding to degenerate logic. A group of explorer’s lead by PLEJA, the daughter of ASEL, re-discovers Earth, Mars and Malona. Pleja and her ships were following in tail of the Destroyer Coment. The tail of the Destroyer comet contained debries from the orignal home world of the Lyra. When they got to earth they found native earth humans which could be traced back to the origin of earth. These native earth humans were brown skinned people. However, there were white people on the planet as well which were the descendants of the original 144,000 that came here from Lyra. The people of Pleja were able to detect the Lyran "spirit forms" of these colonists who had degenerated into a very primitive state. All of the people of earth at this time were existing in a very primitive state. Eventually Pleja colonists are sent to all of these three worlds (Mars, Earth and Malona). Within a very short time people came from the Pleiades and populated Mars, Malona and Earth.

Near Destruction of Earth by Warfare, Destruction of Mars and Malona(196,000 BC)

War broke out on earth but was stopped by the troops of Pleja. Eventually, war broke out in Pleiades and the rule of Pleja came to an end. The planets of Mars, Malona and Earth existed for more than 30,000 years without leadership from the Pleiades.War breaks out again on earth and people are evacuated back to the Pleiades. Some forty years later, the people of Malona destroy their planet by creating a great explosion. The explosion of the planet Malona, eventually creates the asteriod belt exists in our Solar System. Mars is thrown out of orbit and all life is gone.

Planet Malona

Here is some interesting information that Semjase told Billy about during their fourth contact in regards to the planet Malona (Contact Report 4).

111. A second race also had to experience this truth in your solar system.

112. In their unlimited hatred and unquenchable thirst for power, they destroyed themselves right down to the last man, and scarcely a creature survived the conflict.

113. They eliminated and destroyed their own planet with a huge explosion and nothing remained of it but the many thousands of asteroids, which today still circle your sun — as a reminder of the human beings’ deadly irrationality.

114. (These asteroids are) remnants of the once thriving planet "Malona", which was destroyed by its inhabitants in their barbarian thirst for power and irrationality.

Earth Is On Its Own (116,000 BC)

For the next 80,000 there are a few attempts at colonization but generally earth is left alone. The Plejaren have problems of their own and they left earth alone; except, sometimes criminals are exiled hear. The civilizations that were on Mars and Malona have been lost and the earth has just small colonies on it.

The Great Plan (58,000 BC) These dates are probably not correct

But then finally the time came when the great plan was finally started. In several hundred greatspacer and smaller ships, the Earth was again approached and occupied. A great culture was erected, which remained for 6,000 years, until once more the thirst for power increased among the highaiming scientists which led to horrible war activities and once more all was destroyed to the last piece. In this way, the Earth fell again into its earlier state, where all forms of life existing thereon grew savage. A war came about that was so devastating that it annihilated almost all life forms on Earth and erased every trace of their existance.

Pelegon and the Re-Colonization of Earth 150,000 Years Ago

Pelegon (see Contact Report 9) brings 70,000 people and 200 scientists from the Pleiades to settle on earth. Under the teaching of PELEGON this society reaches levels of spiritual development never before achieved on earth.One of the great Pleiadian leaders of this time was a man named Pelegon. There was a great war raging on the three home planets of the Pleiades. Pelegon had tremendous understanding of the spiritual laws and he could see that the wars in the Pleiades would lead to great destruction. He decided to take a group of 70,000 people out of the Pleiades along with 200 scientists. They looked for place of safety and refuge from the great wars that were bringing death to so many. Pelegon decided to go to earth to flee the tyranny and death that seemed to follow the Lyrian family. Pelegon had seemingly magical abilities to rule over life and death. He was once seen floating in the air held up by the power of his mind. He was also said to be able to cause plants to grow with his mind. Pelegon became for the first God image on earth. The spiritual leaders were eventually were able to gain control on the Pleiades. However, here on earth the followers of Pelegon were currently living in peace. As time goes we are able to solve the problems of life with more spiritual solutions.

After Pelegon died another IHWH took over named Jesas. Jesas was a cruel tyrant; therefore, many hundreds of thousands of people fled in great and small spaceships to the free cosmos, escaped and settled on Beta-Centauri (see Alpha Centauri.). It is interesting to note that science today recognizes that there is an earth size planet that is rotating around Alpha Centauri B. I think its very possible that this is the planet that these individuals fled to. Some of the people fled earth and went to the Barnard's Star.The Barnard's star is a low mass red-dwarf star about six light years from earth. It is the closest individual star to the earth; however, the closest star system to earth is the Alpha Centauri.

Alpha Centauri System

Alpha Centauri is a binary star system; however, there is an additional star, third star, in this system. Alpha and Beta Centauri rotate around a common center at a distance about the same as our Sun and Pluto.

  1. Alpha Centauri A - is a star with 110% of the mass of our sun and about 1.5 times the brightness;
  2. Alpha Centauri B - is a star with 90% of the mass of our sun and about 44% of its brightness. There is an earth sized planet that is rotating Alpha Centauri B which is the closest know exoplanet to earth. This planet is known as Alpha Centauri Bb and is the closest known planet to earth. The official announcement of its existance occurred in October of 2012 and is considered a landmark in research. This discovery was made by the Observatory of Geneva working with other organizations.This planet might be considered to be a Twin Earth in the immediate vicinity of the Sun.
  3. Proxima Centauri (also known as Alpha Centauri C)

A lot of material covered on this radio show deals with the Billy Meier case. Most of the big questions in life are answered by the information in the case. Questions like who we are, where we come from and what will happen in our future are answered by information in the contact notes. Let me recommend the following page from Michael Horns web site (http://theyfly.com/gaia/aryans.htm ). The previously mentioned page will provide more information about Lyran and Plejaren history. Ofcourse, the other great source of information for the Billy Meier contact notes comes from the Billy Meier Wiki which is called the The Future of Mankind.

Barnard's Star

The Barnard's Star is a low density Brown Dwarf Star that is the closest individual star to earth. The Alpha Centauri system is closer but it consists of three stars. The Barnard Star cannot be seen with the naked eye because it is too dim. Astronomers think its a possibility that the Barnard's Star has planets that rotate around it as well.


Hyperborea was located not that far from our North Pole; however, it is actually Florida and the surrounding area. In ancient times before the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, Hyperborea (ie Florida) was located near the North Pole. About 113,000 years ago, Arus the Barbarian returned to earth from Beta Centauri and conquered Hyperborea where the climate was moderate and very good. Beta Centauri should not be confused with Alpha Centauri b.

Alpha Centauri is a trinary star system that is very close to the earth (4.37 light years). Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to the earth and contains the following stars: Travelling to Alpha Centauri in a time machine

  1. Alpha Centauri A
  2. Alpha Centauri B
  3. Alpha Centauri C, which is a small faint red dwart star that is sometimes know as Proxima Centauri

Beta Centauri, in contrast to Alpha Centauri, is about 350 light years from the earth, which is quite a long distance. Beta Centauri is the where Arus the Barbarian came from. Hadar was the term used for Beta Centauri in Arabic. It is interesting that Hadar comes from the Arabic root's meaning is "to be present" or "on the ground" or "settled, civilized". Why would ancient people refer to a star using a term that "meant on the ground" unless visitors actually came from there?

So Florida was actually located in these northern regions before the pole shift and the upset of the earth's axis. The area in and around Florida was located in the far north in ancient times and was called Hyperborea. The forces of Arus conquered Hyperborea in ancient times. The sons of Arus existed on the earth for many centuries. The country India of today was at that time called Arien because it was named after Arus the second. In fact, Arus the 11th, was murdered thousands of years later by his third born son Jehavon. Jehavon is mentioned in Contact Report 70 as one of rulers in the line of the Giza Intelligences.

After the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria, about 11,500 years ago, Jehovan took over command of the Hyperboreas, the descendents of Armus, the descendents of the Aryans and the Hebrons.

Within Mount Shasta in northern California is a small city that contains 700 people who are called the Hyperboreans. They are the left over descendants of a group of extraterrestrial humans that lived on the earth in the ancient past. The golden colored spherical space craft are seen coming out of the Mount Shasta and are at times possibly seen at other locations like Mount Mammoth. To see a possibly genuine photograph of such a spaceship, click on the following link: Jeff Rense The city is found very deep in the center of Mount Shasta and the entrance is well camouflaged under the eastern mountain peak.

The Hyperboreans at times also get visits from extraterrestrials who come here from other worlds. The Hyperboreans carry beam weapons that are used to sometimes make Earth humans who come into their proximity temporarily "unable to move". Two smaller groups of the Hyperboreans are living unrecognized and deep underground on the Aleutian Islands and in Alaska

This Hyperboreans have been on the earth for about 180,000 to 190,000 years. They seem in someway to be related to the current white human race. From these Hyperboreans came the JHWH who gave Henoch his great wisdom and who commissioned Noah to build the great ark. According to the Meier material, Noah did not actually build the ark himself and the story of Noah and the ark has been changed greatly overtime. None of the large animals 4 legged animals could have ever made it down off of Mount Ararat. During the time of Henoch Contact Report 39 says the following about the polar regions of earth:

190. The Polar Regions at the time of Henoch were wondrous landscapes, filled with palms and other tropical vegetation. 191. You would say that it was paradise on Earth, for it had the most favorable climate of your world.

In Hyperborea, an uninterrupted summer prevailed... So I think that Hyperborea is essentially Florida. However, at that time it was physically located where Greenland is today because the pole shift had not occurred.

Ptaah states later, 202. In Hyperborea, in Florida, when it was still at the spot where today,...


This information is not even on the The Future Of Mankind site; however, it comes from one of Col. Wendelle Stevens books containing an early translation of Contact Report 70. This information was given to me via Larry Driscoll. It picks up were some of the People from the FIGU group there in Switzerland who are driving Billy out to the contact site. Billy gets to the site where Semjase takes him into the ship. Billy starts to ask Semjase questions. Billy is asking questions in regards to the history of the earth human and the various gods that have operated on the earth. The first thing that Billy mentions is that Noah (Noahkadnosser) was about 3 meters and ten centimeters tall. This makes Noah over 10 feet tall. He was commission to build the Ark by an JHWH. This is the same JHWH who gave Henoch his great wisdom. Remember that Henoch is one of the former personalities of the human spirit that is today incarnated as Billy Meier. Semjase later told Billy that Noah was not actually the one that ended up building the Ark. Much of the information that we have about the story of Noah has been falsified. This was actually built around 98,400 years earlier and, hence, around 100,000 years ago, calculated back from today. According to him (Quetzal) , the Ark landed about 100,000 years ago, and not on the peak of the 5,165 meter high Ararat but about 30 kilometers away and not at the height of a summit. The size of the ark also corresponds to the one given in the bible. With this, the many animals and only a few human beings had really survived an earlier deluge which, like the biblical deluge, was Contact Report 150

The events associated to the Ark actually took place about 100,000 years ago. The large 4 footed animals could have never climbed down from Mount Ararat. Contact Report 39 The biblical flood did not happen at the time as claimed by the bible but in the year 4613 B.C. and was brought about by the Destroyer. Destroyer falls into the Earth's orbit, which disturbs the Earth in its rotation and in its revolution around the Sun, triggering immense earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and elementary storms, and from the whole event, the Biblical flood arises.

Nevertheless, the event happened amazingly close to what the bible reports, only that the builder was a man named Noahkadnosser, and he maintained contact with an extraterrestrial named Zebalon ( He who Brings the Hosts of the Universe) who explained the approaching danger of the comet to him. He advised him to build the Ark, which he then did in cooperative work with his family and, hence, survived the immense deluge – along with his family members and many domestic and land animals. These factual events were handed down since around 98,000 years ago by word-of-mouth again and again, whereby the name Noahkadnosser was altered little by little into oblivion and finally ended in the name of Noah, while the extraterrestrial who was in contact with Noahkadnosser was unnamed and elevated to a god. This story is told in Contact Report 248.

The Hasters

82. For about forty days, there has been another station of extraterrestrial intelligences on Earth, provided by us to resembling human life forms from the planet HASTER in the GARON system of the JENAM galaxy.
83. This galaxy is located 483 million light years away from the Earth, and 413 different human races live on the habitable planets there throughout the entire galaxy, which is, relatively seen, very little for an entire galaxy.
84. Just a few years ago, we entered into connection with the highly sophisticated inhabitants of the planet Haster, who have progressed so far in their overall development as it will be for the Earth people in approximately 1,120 years.
85. With ethically and very highly distinct lifestyles, the inhabitants of Haster are very peaceful and loving, and besides this, they live in the same time-level as the SOL system, thus, in the present level, as this would be said or called by you.
86. Because the Haster inhabitants are now interested in life forms in the remote vastness of the Universe which is still inaccessible to them but cannot yet reach these areas with their technology, we have extended our connections with them in such a way that we brought an expeditionary command of the Haster inhabitants here in the Great Spacer.
87. We also helped them build their station, which was created in the depths of the North Sea and from where they will expand their expeditionary work across the whole world.
88. Since their mental, physical, and consciousness-related development has not yet progressed as far as ours, we can only maintain physical contact with them using our vibration-neutralizing devices, as we must also do so with the Earth people when it is necessary now and then.
89. However, this now means that the Haster inhabitants can freely move among the Earth people because their vibrations turn out to be bearable with those of the Earth people, but only briefly.
90. The Haster inhabitants cannot remain in the direct range of the vibrations of the Earth people for more than 17 hours; otherwise, they begin to lose control of themselves.
91. But since they have this 17-hour possibility, they have decided that they will seek contact with one or several people of the Earth for their study purposes and also for the instruction of the Earth people, but certainly with no more than three people, who must remain silent about it for their lifetimes, which is why especially upright people are to be selected for these contacts, who can be completely trusted.