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The Ohio Exopolitics radio program covers many topics including UFOs, extra-terrestrial contact and exopolitics. The favorite topic is the Billy Meier case. "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier has taken over 1,200 photographs of the Plejaren craft hovering near his home in Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. In addition, Billy has made many films of these craft flying near his home. These films are hard to find today; however, here is one of the Wedding Cake UFO. There are films that are much better than this but are difficult to find. There is a great movie called Contact that really does a pretty good job of giving an overview on the Meier information. There have been hundreds of other eye witnesses, metal samples and sound recordings of the craft. Billy has also passed lie detector tests associated to this information. The Meier writings are the most important part of the case. Billy has written over 40 books, over 2000 contact reports and hundreds of other documents.

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Ancient Lyra - Origin of the Lyrans, Binary Stars and Super Giant Stars

The Plejerans say that our fore-fathers are their fore-fathers. The oldest branch of the human race that the Plejerans have detailed information on is the Lyrans. Sfath even talked to Billy about the Lyra system back when Billy was much younger. The Lyrans first settled in our galaxy in the constellation of Lyra (but in a different space adn time configuration). The Lyra constellation is about 20-30 light years from earth.The ancient homeworlds were planets within the constellation of stars known to us as LYRA; and near the star VEGA.

Beta Lyrae variables are a class of close binary stars. Vega, Lyra's brightest star is one of the brightest stars in the night sky, and forms a corner of the famed Summer Triangle asterism. Beta Lyrae is the prototype of a class of stars known as Beta Lyrae variables. These binary stars are so close to each other that they become egg-shaped and material flows from one to the other. A binary star is a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common barycenter.

The barycenter (or barycentre; from the Greek heavy + centre) is the center of mass of two or more bodies that are orbiting each other

The term double star is often used synonymously with binary star;

Vega (a Lyr, a Lyrae, Alpha Lyrae) is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the fifth brightest star in the night sky and the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus. It is a relatively close star at only 25 light-years from Earth, and, together with Arcturus and Sirius, one of the most luminous stars in the Sun's neighborhood.

Contact Report 214 Super Giants Stars Of course, because you must be oriented over everything.

  1. But now, I have a question regarding the entity, or the giant star, as one always wants to say, which is called Betelgeuse. If I remember correctly, Ptaah told me, when he showed me the entity on my great journey in 1975, that this is about 620 times the diameter of our sun .

  2. In addition, Alnitak, also such an entity or star, should have a luminosity that is 19,000 times that of our sun.
Is this right, for I explained this to someone who asked me about it? If my information that I provided is wrong, then I would have to apologize to the man for it and rectify it.

Betelgeuse, also designated Alpha Orionis (a Orionis, abbreviated Alpha Ori, a Ori), is the ninth-brightest star in the night sky and second-brightest in the constellation of Orion.

Vega has been extensively studied by astronomers, leading it to be termed “arguably the next most important star in the sky after the Sun.”

The Ring Nebula (also catalogued as Messier 57, M57 or NGC 6720) is a planetary nebula in the northern constellation of Lyra.[5] Such objects are formed when a shell of ionized gas is expelled into the surrounding interstellar medium by a red giant star, which was passing through the last stage in its evolution before becoming a white dwarf.

The creation of new stars in Lyra and Vega Contact Report 182

Concerning Vega, your note refers to the fact that in the area of Vega and Lyra, a cosmic process takes place, which produces new stars.

Origins of Earth Humans Ancestors from Lyra/Vega

Billy's second contact person, Asket, had much to say about our ancestors that lived in the Constellation of Lyra near the Ring Nebula. (see U-Tube).

The Ring Nebula (also catalogued as Messier 57) is a planetary nebula in the northern constellation of Lyra.[5] Such objects are formed when a shell of ionized gas is expelled into the surrounding interstellar medium by a red giant star, which was passing through the last stage in its evolution before becoming a white dwarf.

Nebula are formed by the ionizing gas of a dying star. In Contact 238 It talks about the Ring Nebula being created by an King of Wisdom. Ptaah refers to the Ring Nebula using the word JHWHMATA. During Billy's trip in the mother ship he described it as a gigantic eye staring at him in space.
Ptaah refered to Ring Nebula in a negative way

Contact Report 31 line 156 ...
" It is for us a symbol of evil lust for power and domination, a symbol of hate, destruction and human madness, that in contrast to other similar and natural formations, is the work of man.".

Contact Report 238 line 692 ...
Not only that an Ischwisch [god/king of wisdom] created the Ring Nebula in his megalomania, which has since then been named the Eye of God, but his most distant descendents finally also came to Earth and terrorized this world here, and so on, which, at any rate, as a rough measure happened essentially for the first time only 389,000 years ago when one disregards those deportations and conquests and other skirmishes that go back to around 20,000,000 years ago.

That is right. The SOL system is a binary star system, where the SOL twin is a so-called Dark Star, as you say. Its size is about ten times smaller than the SOL itself, whereby this twin also has its own planets orbiting around it, as you have known since 1975. The radius of the Dark Star to the SOL encompasses more than a light-year, therefore, more than 9.5 trillion kilometres, and the circumnavigation of the SOL’s centre of mass, that is to say, SOL's own orbit, amounts to around 26 million years.

Billy ..... But lets leave this subject, and lets go to the next question, which relates to where the original Lyrans actually came from and when they settled in the areas of Lyra and Vega. Ptaah 51. The time of their first emigration dates back to 110 million years ago, and their place of origin was a planet named KADOS in a distant galaxy, known as NEGEREN Galaxy, at an average distance from the SOL system of 6.3 billion light years.

The LYREN galaxy also went the eternal way of coming into being and passing away. It dissolved itself and turned into energy, out of which new stars and planets and a new galaxy came into being. This happened 26,000,000 years ago, which is why Nokodemion left the home worlds with his peoples prior to that and settled on the worlds of the LYRA and VEGA star systems, however shifted a little and only about a fraction of a second from the present time. So Nokodemion and his peoples therefore came very far out of the depths of the universe and settled themselves in the oldest space-shifted system area of the Milky Way galaxy. However, this was already Nokodemion's third exodus, because before he established or created his people on the planet SADR, he came from other galaxies and planets that were older than the LYREN galaxy, and which also passed into the way of decay.

The following comes from part of an interview with Billy in 1988 that discusses the Lyrians and Vegans.

The first extraterrestrials who came to Earth were not Pleiadians but humans from worlds that exist within another dimension in the area of the Lyra and Vega systems. The first Lyrians, together with the Vegans, came to Earth initially 22 million years ago. Their stay here was very brief and they continued their travels to other star clusters and planets. Their history is largely obscure, even though assault groups occasionally continued to return to Earth.

Approximately 389,000 years ago, several million Lyrians and Vegans again left their native worlds, entered our order of space and time in this dimension, and came to Earth where they mingled with the Earthlings. They procreated in the normal manner and through the manipulation of genes by genetic engineers. From this interaction evolved the Lyrian and Earth human mixture of beings by normal reproduction. The results of the genetic engineering produced beings that were part human, part animal, and included giants, titans, and other creatures. In the course of hundreds and thousands of years these creatures were displaced once again, and eventually died out because they could not reproduce or because conditions for their life forms proved fatal for them.

In the constellation of Lyra are some very large planets that served as the home of the Lyrans. The Lyrans were titans standing 20-30 feet tall; in addition, they had blond hair and blue eyes. They had very advanced technologies and very advanced spiritual powers. The power of their human spirit allowed them to have long 2,000 year life spans.

Interplanetary War and The Lyrans and

The Lyrans were a people that would often take control of the planets of less developed civilizations. The moved their forces around the galaxy and took control of many lesser developed civilizations. Many of the battles that the Lyrans had were very one sided; for example, here is a quote from one of the Contact Reports Their weapons were of great power and fighting efficiency, in consequence of which, fights against whole nations of strange worlds were short and one-sided, in advantage for the conquerors (more info).

Over the years, the Lyran people mixed with many other civilizations creating many different colors and races which spread throughout the galaxy. Just at the peak of their civilization a comet known as the Destroyer Comet found its way into their solar system and ravaged the Lyran family of planets. This comet wiped out 2/3 of their civilization and set what was once a very advanced human society back to the stone age. The great Lyran empire then degenerated back to one planet with no technology to speak of. But through hardness and lots of privation, they soon found a new beginning, by which they built up after nine centuries, a new civilization and culture. After nine centuries of rebuilding the Lyrans restored their civilization and once again dominated thousands of worlds. The Lyrans went through a series of civilizations over the years. It was their pattern to rise to power, fight among themselves and then degenerate back to primitive society.

To begin with, in the constellation of Lyra we find the origin of man dating back as far as Pleiadian history extends. Here on these ancient planets are the ancestors of the oldest known form of human life of which they are aware. Twenty-two million years ago ancient Lyran travelers first came in to our system and built a colony (for more information see theyFly.com). Since these were among the first attempts at space travel for them, it took a long time to reach Earth. When they arrived, they recorded the existence of very primitive human beings here. They found that Earth was a planet where human life had naturally developed over the course of evolution but it was currently in a very primitive state. The Earth humans were a brown-skinned race who barely possessed any powers of reasoning or intellect and were of no concern to the celestial visitors. Over the course of the next few thousand years many expeditions were made to Earth, resulting in a variety of colonies being formed for short periods of time. The flight machines used by the Lyrans were of saucer-like form and had a beam drive. (These beam drive propulsion systems are described in greater detail in Contact Report 4 starting a line 30). By these means they flew out to the widths of the universe, towards other sun-systems and planets, which they expeditioned and colonized, either by peaceful means or by murderous wars.

There were 144,207 Lyrans that escaped the wars in the Lyran Constellation and set up a small colony on Earth. It is purely my own speculation that there were males and females in this group. In any case, the Lyrans made slaves out of the native earth humans. They also did experiments on them, mated them with animals, raped and disfigured them. Eventually the word of their crimes got back to the Lyran worlds. The Lyrans sent a fleet of ships to earth and took all of the technology of these 144,207 soldiers and left them stranded on earth. These Lyran soldiers no longer had their ships or any of their technologies. Over thousands of years these Lyran degenerated into primitive society and lost the knowledge of their own history. The spirits of the Lyran soldiers became part of the spirit world of Earth and they would now be incarnating here on Earth.

Asael and Followers Leave Lyra 230,000 Years Ago

At this time the Lyrans had advanced to the point where some of the them mastered the almost unlimited powers of the human spirit. The abilities of telepathy and telekinesis eventually come to human races that continue to evolve. In ancient Lyra the people that excelled in these abilities were called Jschwjsch (Pronounced) "ish wish". The term Jschwjsch or IHWH in Ancient Lyrian means King of Wisdom. Ptaah and Pelegon were two examples of an Jschwjsch. Here is another interesting quote from the contact notes, "But this power still not controllably mastered, was used for wicked purposes and for mischief on many worlds." (more info).

Even on the Lyran home worlds the Jschwjsch leaders ruled with a cruel power. There was a time of about four centuries that the people that were under the rule of the Jschwjsch prepared secretly for a war of liberation. When the war finally broke out three of the Lyran home worlds were completely destroyed by some massive weapon. Here is what the contact notes say about this weapon "Three worlds of the Lyra-System were simply eliminated and dissolved to energy by a new process, which meanwhile on the Earth is already in the beginning of its development.". In Earth chronology, the outbreak of the liberation war in the Lyra and Vega systems was around 230,000 years ago. Asael was an Jschwjsch who eventually lead some 360,000 Lyrans out of the Lyra to escape the incredible wars that were going on there. However, it seems that Asael was in fact a commander of one of the armies for the contact notes state "The high commander of the terrorizing armies was an IHWH by the name of ASAEL.

Eventually Asael lead many people out of the Pleiades but at this point I am wondering if he might have in fact an Jschwjsch that was abusing his power. The saga that took place in the Lyra in the ancient past was very involved and is truly an incredible drama. At this point I cannot say if Asael was a "White Hat" or not; however, it kind of looks like may have been one of the Jschwjsch that was abusing his power.

This group wandered the cosmos for a while in 183 great spacer ships and 253 smaller ships until they found their new home. Eventually, Asael and his followers came to what we today call the Pleiades; however, the Plejarens of that time called this system of 254 young blue stars the "Asael System". The settled on planets near a star called Tayget. Another name for Plejares or Plejara, the star system containing inhabited planets Erra, Luseta and Askal. Here three planets were made inhabitable; however, it took three hundred years to make these planets inhabitable. Erra is about 500 light years away from Earth on the otherside of the Pleiades star cluster in other space time configuration. What exact mechanism they used to make the planet inhabitable is not entirely understood. Another important thing to note is that when the ships of Asael came out of hyper-space there was some kind of error that was made and then ended up in different time space configuration (space-time configuration has roughly the same meaning as dimension).

Askets Explanations Part 1 line 10... Since then we again explored the expanses of your universe and, several centuries ago, discovered this solar system and, therewith, this world, whose inhabitants show a very old connection with the Pleiadians, as you name them for certain reasons, and in which we also are involved - also in the form of that which pertains to a mission. To be precise, the centuries, by your time reckoning, line up together to thirty-three, during which we were again able to travel and explore your universe.

Through our incessant explorations we again found this world, as well as also our original homeland, and the very distant descendants of those who, from the earliest time, were the responsible ones who were relevant to the human life of this world, because a portion of the humans of the Earth were not born here. Many are descendents of those who came out of the expanse of outer space, and indeed from that space that you name Lyra and Vega with the Eye of God, the Ring Nebula.

iIn those territories lie, namely, the real and ultimate original homeland of the later terrestrial human races.

Atlantis and Lemuria Pelegon-Comes to Earth and Builds a Civilization (From Contact 59)

Around 150,000 years ago in earth time, our home worlds finally found peace and liberty after very long times of wars and revolutions. A short time before the settling of the peace and quiet yet, a scientist by the name of PELEGON elected himself leader of a group of about 70,000 human beings, with whose help he took possession of several great spacer ships and fled. Being an important scientist, it was an easy thing for him to coerce the 70,000 head group under his control, and to bring them through space and time in his wild escape towards Earth.

On board the stolen spaceship were nearly 200 very good scientists in the most different fields of knowledge. By these themselves, as by the whole group, Pelegon was unanimously acknowledged as their god, which means, king in wisdom and leader. During the following millennium, they lived on the Earth and originated a highly developed culture. They built up many and great cities and inhabited all the continents of Earth. Their flourishing time lasted nearly 10,000 years. During this time, everything ran well and all found a very high position of development.

Pelegon (see Contact Report 9) brings 70,000 people and 200 scientists from the Pleiades to settle on earth. Under the teaching of PELEGON this society reaches levels of spiritual development never before achieved on earth.One of the great Pleiadian leaders of this time was a man named Pelegon. There was a great war raging on the three home planets of the Pleiades. Pelegon had tremendous understanding of the spiritual laws and he could see that the wars in the Pleiades would lead to great destruction. He decided to take a group of 70,000 people out of the Pleiades along with 200 scientists. They looked for place of safety and refuge from the great wars that were bringing death to so many. Pelegon decided to go to earth to flee the tyranny and death that seemed to follow the Lyrian family. Pelegon had seemingly magical abilities to rule over life and death. He was once seen floating in the air held up by the power of his mind. He was also said to be able to cause plants to grow with his mind. Pelegon became for the first God image on earth. The spiritual leaders were eventually were able to gain control on the Pleiades. However, here on earth the followers of Pelegon were currently living in peace. As time goes we are able to solve the problems of life with more spiritual solutions.

After Pelegon died another IHWH took over named Jesas. Jesas was a cruel tyrant; therefore, many hundreds of thousands of people fled in great and small spaceships to the free cosmos, escaped and settled on Beta-Centauri (see Alpha Centauri.). It is interesting to note that science today recognizes that there is an earth size planet that is rotating around Alpha Centauri B. I think its very possible that this is the planet that these individuals fled to. Some of the people fled earth and went to the Barnard's Star.The Barnard's star is a low mass red-dwarf star about six light years from earth. It is the closest individual star to the earth; however, the closest star system to earth is the Alpha Centauri.

Time of Pelegon

Around 150,000 years ago the Plejaren found peace; however, just before that occurred a scientists named Pelegon elected himself the leader of about 70,000 human beings. With the help of his followers he took possesion of several Great Spacer Ships and fled his home world. These people traveled through space and time and came to the Earth.

There were about 200 good scientists with them. They lived on Earth and inhabited all of the continents of Earth and lived in a very high state of development for about 10,000 years. Wendelle Stevens translation describes the war duing the time of Pelegon as "There happened an earthly world war of a measure, like never before nor in later time until today was brought upon the Earth. " Only a few thousand people escaped the destruction and fled in space ships deep in the cosmos where they settled on a strange world.

The Beginning of the Story of Atlantis (The Migration from Beta Centauri to Earth)

For 700 years the Earth was simply avoided, before the descendents of the refugees (on Beta Centauri, in another space-time configuration) set out to ounce again settle the beautiful blue world.

Beta Centauri, in contrast to Alpha Centauri, is about 350 light years from the earth, which is quite a long distance. Beta Centauri is the where Arus the Barbarian came from. Hadar was the term used for Beta Centauri in Arabic. It is interesting that Hadar comes from the Arabic root's meaning is "to be present" or "on the ground" or "settled, civilized". Why would ancient people refer to a star using a term that "meant on the ground" unless visitors actually came from there?

Beta Centauri, in our space-time configuration, is a trinary star system in the southern constellation of Centaurus. The distance to this system is about 350 light-years. The Beta Centauri system has three components: Beta Centauri A1, A2 and B. Beta Centauri A1 and A2 are both giant stars that have exhausted the hydrogen at their core. I believe the people that were settled in that area were refugees from the great war on earth that broke out after the fall of the civilization of Pelegon.

This was 133,000 Earth years ago, according to your current chronology, The returnees were led by an Jschwisch with the name Atlant, married to an Jschrisch named Karyatide. In the latest episode, under the leadership of Atlant, the continent of Atlantis, which had been headed for again and again, and used for millenia, was expanded and made habitable, while under the command of his wife Karyatide, Lesser Atlantis came into existence, as at the same time her cousin Muras built the gigantic city of Mu, which, like Atlantis, also found its origin in very early times.

The Rise of Atlantis And Lemuria

A small group of people remained on the destroyed earth where they quickly degenerated. After about 7,000 years the people that fled the earth in those space craft returned to find that the only people on earth were very wild and degenerated. The people that returned then built Greater-Atlantis and Mu.

The returnees were led by an Jschwisch with the name Atlant, married to an Jschrisch named Karyatide. Atlant was a man of obvious Lyran descent with broad shoulders and white skin. Atlantis was an Island continent that existed between South America and Africa. Lemuria was build near the current Gobi Desert. Below Lemuria were the under ground cities of Agarta Alpha and Agarta Beta . These two underground cities were connected by tunnels.

The cities of Atlantis and Lemura were built on two different continents. Greater-Atlantis and Mu were then the two biggest cities ever built on Earth. Muras built the gigantic city of Mu. In these cities a high culture developed and everything began to flourish. The peace lasted for about 2,000 years. For thousands of years unity and peace ruled, until once more some scientists degenerated in their thirst for power.

The Great War During the Time of Atlantis And Lemuria

Some scientists degenerated and got a thirst for power; thereby started to stir up trouble.However, the people of Atlantis resisted these scientists who eventually had to flee in space craft. This event occurred about 133,000 years ago. These people lived in a neighboring Solar System, produced many decendants and developed high technologies. These people after 2,000 years had developed lifespans of several thousands of years.

These people came back to earth under the leadership of ARUS. Arus had 200 leaders and sub leaders. One of his leaders was a great scientist named Semjasa that mated with an earth woman. The offspring they referred to as Adam. Semjasa is also mentioned in Contact 191 in reference to problems that occurred on earth in the ancient past.

In any case, the Atlantian's used their great fleet of ships to melt the city of Lemuria to the ground. Greater-Atlantis had an army of 4.83 million people and they had 123,000 one man beam ships. The best and most suited scientists of Mu were ordered to a suitable planetoid which could be used as a deadly and destructive missile against Atlantis. So they flew out in their beam ships into free cosmic space, and in the ring of asteroids outside the orbit of Mars, they found an object suitable for their purpose. It was a planetoid several kilometers in diameter, whose exact size we still have not determined.With atomic and electromagnetic energies, it was pushed out of its orbit and took a course towards Earth.

The Great Meteor

When the great missle was first sighted it looked something like a great falling star; however, it appeared larger and larger as it approached the earth. It began to glow and when it reached the top of the earth's atmosphere it emitted a great sound which was described as a "unbearable howling sound".

Then there was a fantastic heat that came from this great asteriod. The asteroid started to glow like a supernova producing a temperature of 34,000. Whole regions of land burnt to glowing ashes within seconds. The great meteor exploded at about 172 kilometers high into thousands of smaller meteors that had the power of 32,000 Hydrogen Bombs.

There were a couple of great parts of the planetoid that crashed like two titanic fists into the Atlantic Ocean. The impact of these two pieces tore the crust of the earth allowing large parts of the magma from the earth to come into the ocean.

The City of Mu

The city of Mu was said to be in the area of what is the Gobi Desert today. The Gobi Desert covers parts of northern and northwestern China, and of southern Mongolia. Mongolia is north of China and South of Russia. The Gobi is a large desert region about 1,000 miles long.

The reason for the contstruction of these cities so far apart was, that the humans head become cleverer through all the wars, and hoped for peace as a result of the great distace between the cities, if everyone stayed in their domains. So it went for many long years - a whole, 1,800 years, to be precise.

Then, however, again some scientists exactled themselves, whipped up by power lust, and tried to snatch up control for themselves. So before the scientists could strike, the people rose up against them. Through an accomplice, the scientists obtained possession of spaceships and fled into the space-time-shifted regions of Beta-Centauri. Power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. The scientists had a lust for power. Lust can be defined as a passionate or overmastering desire or craving.

The City of Atlantis 133,000 years ago
Contact Report 70

There are few myths or fables that capture the imagination of man more than the story of ancient Atlantis (see Contact Report 70). If it really existed, what happened to it, and why is there no trace of its existence? Stories have been passed down for centuries about the huge island continent that existed between what today is called Africa and South America, a place where our forefathers lived in a society even more advanced than ours and traveled the stars.

As an example of how Pleiadian technology can change fable to fact, here is the true story of Atlantis and our connection to it. After the great exodus to the planets in the Beta Centauri area and the destruction of life on Earth, there was a span of 700 years when travelers avoided coming here. The only life to be found was a few scattered tribes of brown-skinned humans who lived in primitive huts. They were the original Earth inhabitants, who were still very underdeveloped, and were of no interest to the star travelers.

Gone was the technology of the great society of Pelegon that had raised the consciousness of man to new heights. The Earth had fallen into a time of darkness and despair.ATLANT brings a large group of people from the Barnard's Star to settle on earth. These were the sons of the daughters of the society that was built by PELEGON. These people great the society on Atlantis. The settlements of Atlantis enjoyed peace for about 1,800 years.

Atlantis and Lemuria Timeline

However, the peace of Atlantis was threatened by some scientists. Contact Report 70 states "Then, however, again some scientists exalted themselves, whipped up by power lust, and tried to snatch up control for themselves. ". Their highest leader was the scientist "ARUS", who was also called "The Barbarian". Arus was an IHWH that made war against Atlantis. The people rose up against these scientists before they could do anymore harm. Through an accomplice, the scientists obtained possession of spaceships and fled into the space-time-shifted regions of Beta-Centauri (see Alpha Centauri Bb ). ARUS came back to earth about 13,000 years ago after being driven off of the earth.

  1. 133,000 Years ago ATLANT comes to earth from the Barnard Star.
  2. 1,800 Years of Peace
  3. Scientists stir up war and are forced to leave the earth and they flee to BETA CENTAURI
  4. 115,000 years ago
  5. 113,000 years ago ARUS comes back from BETA CENTAURI to stir up trouble
  6. Destruction of ATLANTIS and LEMURIA
  7. Large gap now historically with little information perhaps 100,000 years as the earth recovers from the war
  8. ARUS the Eleventh is murdered by his son JEHAVON
  9. JEHAVON ruled the earth until 3,660 years ago (Let himself be called as the creator)
  10. JEHAVON was murdered by his son JEHAV 340 years into his father’s reign
  11. JEHAV megalomaniacal like his father JEHAVON, he let himself be proclaimed as creator, and celebrated as such
  12. ARUSSEM murdered his father JEHAV

    • Arrussem wanted to take the power that his father had; however, his younger brothers Ptaah and Salam stopped him. Arussem had 72,000 followers; however, his younger brothers gathered people that would oppose Arrussem. The forces of Ptaah and Salam forced Arussem off of the earth. However, Arussem secretly returned with his followers to the old cubical constructions far below the Giza platue. This area had not been inhabited for 70,000 years.

    • Far below the pyramids and deep within the earth the followers of Arrussem established themselves as the Giza Intelligences.

  13. ARUSSEM and his followers are known as the Giza Intelligences by the PLEJAREN
  14. ARUSSEM ruled until about 3,010 B.C.E.
  15. HENN, who was called Jehovah, took over ARUSSEM’s rule.
  16. In 2,080, B.C. HENN (Jehovah) was forced out by his nephew KAMAGOL the First.
  17. KAMAGOL takes over leadership of the Giza Intelligences.
  18. KAMAGOL the Second takes over leadership of the Giza Intelligences at about December 1976.

Contact Reports 7 & 9

132. Overcome by their thirst for power, they left their world about 13,000 years ago and returned to Earth. 133. Their highest leader was the scientist "ARUS", who was also called "The Barbarian"..

Semjasa was one of the 200 sub leaders or scientists that worked under Arus. Semjasa mated with an earth women called an eva (see Contact Report 9 line 145). However, in the Pleiadian Mission Book, Randy Winters seems to indicate that Semjasa was doing some kind of genetic experimentation at this time. In any case, an earth woman was mated with someone of Lyran genetics and what resulted was a something that Semjasa called an Adam. The contact notes says that "The descendent of this act was of male sex and a human being of good form. Semjasa called him "ADAM", which was a word meaning "Earth human being"". The Pleiadian Mission book states that this Adam was blonde and stood 16 feet tall. We on earth are the off-spring of star travelers who mated with wild primitive humans that were here on earth (see Contact Report 7). The following verses are taken from Contact Report 7

119: But they are all equally the product of the celestial sons, i.e. they were begotten of them, just like the still existing Earth races.
120: The celestial sons or star travelers, as we will call our ancestors, were native to various planets of stars, in another space-time configuration or far away from the SOL system, where the planets were fundamentally different climatically; consequently, they also produced other races that were able to adapt themselves to the climate from the very beginning.

Contact Report 7 (155)

155: The extraterrestrials that came in the past were very diverse in their size ranging from 50 centimeters to 12 meters tall (39 feet).

The smallest ancestors of the Plejaren extraterrestrials were 50 cm high, while the largest and most vicious ones reached to twelve meters. A centimeter is equal to about .39 inches. So these extraterrestrials that were 50 centimeters were about 19 inches tall. One meter is equal to about 3.28 feet; therefore, the largest extraterrestrials ancestors of the Plejaren were over 39 feet tall. The differences in the height of the extraterrestrial humans are because of the gravity of the planet that they are on.

122. The heights of their bodies were also different because, depending on the gravity of the respective planet...

Contact Report 9 (142-143)

142. In a forbidden manner and secretly, they went out and caught wild Earth creatures and mutations who were distant descendants of former human beings from cosmic space. 143. wild and beautiful female beings were tamed and mated with by the sub-leaders who called themselves "Sons of Heaven".
144. Each, according to his own race, created mutated beings, completely new forms of life, who were of dwarf like stature, gigantic or animal-like

Outline for the Events of Atlantis and Lemuria

  1. Pelegon came to the Earth from the Plejaren System (150,000 years ago)
  2. Pelegon built up a large civilization on Earth that lasted 10,000 years
  3. A tremendous World War destroyed most of the Earth some people escaped to a nearby star system.
  4. 7,000 years later the descendants of the escaped people returned to the Earth
  5. The citites of Atlantis and Mu were built on Earth
  6. After thousands of years power hungry scientists started conflicts
  7. These scientists were forced off of the Earth
  8. The scientists driven from the Earth settled on another world
  9. After thousands of years these scientists returned to the Earth to attack. (113,000 years ago)
  10. Arus lead the scientists that returned to attack the people of the Atlantis and Mu
  11. Semjasa was one of the 200 sub leaders or scientists that worked under Arus. Semjasa mated with an earth women called an eva (see Contact Report 9 line 145) this started the line of modern humans.
  12. Atlantis attacked Mu with a fleet of space craft melting the entire city
  13. The scientists of Mu converted a large asteriod into a weapon which was crashed into the Earth.
  14. The entire Earth was devasted by this large asteroid at about 11,500 years ago.

After the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria

137. The one Earth people consisted of the very distant descendents of the Armus people who had lived there where today the region of Armenia is.
138. These were descendents of the Jschwisch Armus, who settled there with his race 133,000 years ago, after he had emigrated from the Plejaren systems. Armenia is a mountainous country that is south of Russia, East of Turkey and West of Iran. The distant descendents of the Jschwisch Armus as said to have settled here. I have not been able to find the Jschwisch Armus mentioned anywhere else in the Contact Notes. 139. The second Earth people which fell under the Jehavon's control were the (likewise very distant) descendents of the Aryans, who meanwhile had mingled themselves with the still very under-developed, pure Earthly and lethargic, native population, after the Sumerians were expelled.

140. The third Earth people was actually, in and of itself, no such thing, because it concerned a very widely disseminated alliance of gypsies, which was interspersed with Jehavon's spies and saboteurs, who, in unity with the gypsies, brought about dissention everywhere, greedily drawing everything to themselves and were always constantly eager to murder, burn and rob, for which reason one named them the Hebrons by the original language of our forefathers, therefore Hebraon and later then Hebrons.

In Sanskrit and related Indic languages, a-rya means "one who does noble deeds; a noble one". The term Arya is used 36 times in 34 hymns in the Rigveda. According to Talageri (2000, The Rig Veda. A Historical Analysis) "the particular Vedic Aryans of the Rigveda were one section among these Purus, who called themselves Bharatas." Thus it is possible, according to Talageri, that at one point Arya did refer to a specific tribe.

Jainism and Buddhism, use the term a-rya as an epithet of honour. By the late 19th century, among some people, the notions of an "Aryan race" became closely linked to Nordicism, which posited Northern European racial superiority over all other peoples. This "master race" ideal engendered both the "Aryanization" programs of Nazi Germany. The Nazis believed that the "Nordic peoples" (who were also referred to as the "Germanic peoples") represent an ideal and "pure race" that was the purest representation of the original racial stock of those who were then called the Proto-Aryans.

Habitable Planets Found In Lyra

Kepler-62 and Kepler-69 (see u-tube) and another at Kepler-186f (see u-tube)

Published on Apr 19, 2013 The habitable zone, that is: In a paper published today in Science, a team of astronomers announced that they've identified two planets orbiting a star not too unlike our own in a system in the Lyra constellation, 1,200 light years away. These two planets are water worlds. What makes their discovery special is the size of the two planets. One is Kepler-62f, named after the Kepler Space Telescope that helped astronomers find these new worlds. It moves around its star in 267 days. "It's about 40 percent bigger than Earth, which is the smallest that's been found in the so-called habitable zone," said Eric Agol, a University of Washington associate professor of astronomy and the second author of the Science paper — a designation that recognizes his role in discovering Kepler-62f.

Kepler 186-f Published on Apr 17, 2014

Planet-hunters think they have evidence of a planet about Earth's size -- that could have liquid water -- in orbit around another star. Kepler 186f, the outermost world of a 5-planet system, about 3 times closer to its star than Earth is to the Sun. The planet -- discovered using the transit method by the highly successful Kepler Mission -- is about 1.1 times the diameter of our planet.

Mars Off Earth Beginnings for Earth Humans

Currently on earth we have the remnants of 5 different kinds of human beings who are of extra-terrestrial origin. These human beings come from the following:

Contact Report 210

While visiting Mars, Ptaah explained to me that Mars had larger amounts of water led into its rivers, which are now partially filled-in by dust and volcanic ash, than what was ever the case or what is still the case with the largest rivers on Earth. In addition, he talked about thousand-fold more water than what is found in the largest rivers on Earth.

On Mars, there are always violently raging sandstorms which, as Ptaah explained, often cover the entire planet. There, it’s no wonder that enormous rivers of water, or even the canals, were partially covered with sand, dust, and volcanic ash. Earth, but which were truly enormous rivers that were dozens and even almost a hundred kilometers in diameter and that were thousands of kilometers in length.

Contact Report 251 Talks about wars on Mars in the Future
Aggressions with Martian inhabitants will begin again and result in the actual launching of attacks on the 13 colonies of mars. These events will be followed by fifteen years of relative calm, finally bringing good fortune to the Earth's human inhabitants in their quest to find their actual origins. A very vicious and aggressive act takes place on Man's neighbor planet, Mars, when numerous spaceships will attack and completely annihilate the planet until even its substance is eliminated. These events will be followed by fifteen years of relative calm.[19]

Sirius System

Technically-advanced humans, from the Sirius system, called the creator-overlords, created a new human race with a limited life-span of 100 years. These people bore barbaric traits that tended toward degeneration and cruelty. This new genetically-manipulated race fled the Sirius regions, found a way to the SOL System, where several thousands of rebellious genetically-manipulated people had previously been banished to a myriad of terrestrial locations as a punishment. These masses of diverse races found refuge on the planets Mars and Malona/Phaeton, respectively, where they constructed cities, pyramids, stations and other things. They led a good life on Mars until the planet become uninhabitable through cosmic influences.

Ponder merely the fact that powerful intelligences exist in the Sirius regions who have been revengefully searching for millions of years for those defectors who had escaped from their, the ET's, control and whom they had genetically manipulated—namely the terrestrial human population— in order to subsequently exterminate them. It is fortunate for us that these Sirians live in a constellation located in another space and time configuration from ours.

In ancient times the Destroyer, a large comet with 1.72 times the mass of the Earth, penetrated the Martian orbit and wrenched Mars with it into another SOL orbit. The destroyer comet had moved Mars into the orbit of another planet in our solar system named Malona, where it remained. Subsequently, Malona drifted away, however, because of the Destroyer's powerful forces, but managed to exist in this orbit until the time when it was destroyed by its inhabitants many millennia later. The exploded fragments of the destroyed planet Malona eventually became the Asteroid Belt.

A planet in our star system that is now the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter, it was once a home for over 400,000,000 human beings who were descendants from the genetically manipulated peoples that originated from the Sirius star system, long ago. 73,000 years ago the human beings on Malona fought each other in a war that ended with the planet's destruction.

War broke out on earth but was stopped by the troops of Pleja. Eventually, war broke out in Pleiades and the rule of Pleja came to an end. The planets of Mars, Malona and Earth existed for more than 30,000 years without leadership from the Pleiades.War breaks out again on earth and people are evacuated back to the Pleiades. Some forty years later, the people of Malona destroy their planet by creating a great explosion. The explosion of the planet Malona, eventually creates the asteriod belt exists in our Solar System. Mars is thrown out of orbit and all life is gone.


Here is some interesting information that Semjase told Billy about during their fourth contact in regards to the planet Malona (Contact Report 4).

111. A second race also had to experience this truth in your solar system.

112. In their unlimited hatred and unquenchable thirst for power, they destroyed themselves right down to the last man, and scarcely a creature survived the conflict.

113. They eliminated and destroyed their own planet with a huge explosion and nothing remained of it but the many thousands of asteroids, which today still circle your sun — as a reminder of the human beings’ deadly irrationality.

114. (These asteroids are) remnants of the once thriving planet "Malona", which was destroyed by its inhabitants in their barbarian thirst for power and irrationality.

The planets of Lyra/Vega and the Sirius region are shifted from our space and time configuration. This means that they cannot be seen from earth. Over a long period of time the people from the Sirius region also established themselves on Mars and Malona. On Mars there were pyramids and space stations that were build by these early civilization. These artificates were eliminated a couple of years ago by forces from the Sirius region.

Origin of the Chinese and Japanese Races

The Chinese and Japanese races are said to be the youngest inhabitants of planet earth. The two yellow races were created and lived in their original native land on the other side of the Milky Way. The lived on the other side of the central sun of our galaxy in a system called NISAN on a planet called KUDRA. The CHINESE (Kinten) and JAPANESE (Niiper) were discovered bv a group from the Lyran system some 16 million years ago. The people from Lyra brought some of these people back the Lasan. The issue of the Origin of the Chinese and Japanese races is discussed in more detail in the article called Attacking Questions from Japan.

Planet KUDRA was discovered by an expedition fleet from Lasan when it left the Lyra systems approximately 16 million years ago to conduct its research and search for human life on the other side of the Milky Way. In the process, the fleet came upon the yellow human KINTEN and NIIPER races who, on Earth, are now called CHINESE (Kinten) and JAPANESE (Niiper). Their expedition troops at the time brought roughly 4,000 people back to Lasan, whereupon they were settled on various planets, which was their wish.

The oriental races then settled on various planets in the Lasan System but, but after some elapsed years fought wars and had power struggles. These people then left in nine spaceships to look for more worlds to settle on. Eventually they found the earth and the planet Malona in our solar system.

Naturally Developing Earth Humans

About 5 billion years ago the earth was formed into a solid mass. There was no instant creation of the human beings or the planets. Humans started evolving naturally on earth about 9-12 million years ago. The life form that started to evolve into mankind was know as ADELOBASILEUS CROMPTONI. Adelobasileus cromptoni is a species of an extinct genus of mammal from the Late Triassic (Carnian), about 225 million years ago. Adelobasileus cromptoni is thought to be the common ancestor of all modern mammals or a close relative of the common ancestor.

About 5 billion years ago the earth was formed into a solid mass. There was no instant creation of the human beings or the planets. Humans started evolving naturally on earth about 9-12 million years ago. The life form that started to evolve into mankind was known as ADELOBASILEUS CROMPTONI. Adelobasileus cromptoni is a species of an extinct genus of mammal from the Late Triassic (Carnian), about 225 million years ago. Adelobasileus cromptoni is thought to be the common ancestor of all modern mammals or a close relative of the common ancestor. In America's south west was made the discovery of what may be common ancestor to all mammals. The fossil of the earliest know mammal was found by palentologist Andrean Hunt (see u-tube) . He spent years studying long extinct animals. He found the oldest known mammal fossil which was a tiny skull less than an inch long .

FIGU Special Bulletin 032

And finally, yet to explain, is that on all the worlds in the universe which bear higher and high life, the evolutionary path to humans - respectively becoming human through evolution - is the same. Consequently, primate beings, respectively primary beings, come into being everywhere; out of which, on one hand, through further evolution, the human species develops, while the remaining primary-beings succumb to a degeneration of the form of consciousness, and thus remain primates, respectively, become ape-beings, as they are called by Earth humans.", . Human beings and apes develop as completely seperate beings. The human beings do not live a life based on instinct but have have a consciousness that was developed over millions of years. When the universe was formed there were originally 343 different skin colors. Currently on earth we have the remnants of five different races of human beings. People from the Sirius regiions also established themselves of Mars and Malona. Currently, the earth is over populated with a mixture of terrestrial and extra terrestrial

Extraterrestrials Mixing With Earth Peoples and The Story of Adam

In Contact Report 9 Semjasa is described as one of the sub leaders that came to the earth under a King of Wisdom called Arus the Barbarian. Semjasa was an extraterrestrial human who was on the earth thousands of years ago during the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. Semjasa, is a part of the Nokodemion Lineage. However, only one of these Semjasas is a part of the Nokodemion Lineage. There were actually two Semjasas who fathered two Adams in different time periods in earth history. These time periods are separated by tens of thousands of years.

Contact Report Nine Line: 145. Semjasa,[11] the highest leader of the sub-leaders, mated with an Eva, a female being, who was still mostly human-like and also rather beautiful (in feature and form). The descendent of this act was of male sex and a human being of good form. Semjasa called his son "Adam", which was a word in his language which meant "Earth human being". A similar breeding produced a female, and in later years they were mated to each other. Similarly meanwhile, others had been produced, who then formed groups and tribes. From these, present Earth mankind developed...

The ET Asasel created Ledon, the father of the dark race (the native African race) with an Earth human female. Semjasa created Adam, the father of the white human race.[22] Sartael created Tet-el, the father of the red (American Indian) human race. Giant humans of up to 33 feet height arise from the mixing of ET human and Earth human over several generations.

Giants and Interbreeding

We on earth are the off-spring of star travelers who mated with wild primitive humans that were here on earth (see Contact Report 7). The following verses are taken from Contact Report 7

Contact Report 7 (119-120)

119: But they are all equally the product of the celestial sons, i.e. they were begotten of them, just like the still existing Earth races.
120: The celestial sons or star travelers, as we will call our ancestors, were native to various planets of stars, in another space-time configuration or far away from the SOL system,
where the planets were fundamentally different climatically; consequently, they also produced other races that were able to adapt themselves to the climate from the very beginning.

Contact Report 7 (155)

155: The extraterrestrials that came in the past were very diverse in their size ranging from 50 centimeters to 12 meters tall (39 feet).

The smallest ancestors of the Plejaren extraterrestrials were 50 cm high, while the largest and most vicious ones reached to twelve meters. A centimeter is equal to about .39 inches. So these extraterrestrials that were 50 centimeters were about 19 inches tall. One meter is equal to about 3.28 feet; therefore, the largest extraterrestrials ancestors of the Plejaren were over 39 feet tall. The differences in the height of the extraterrestrial humans are because of the gravity of the planet that they are on.

122. The heights of their bodies were also different because, depending on the gravity of the respective planet...

Contact Report 9 (142-143)

142. In a forbidden manner and secretly, they went out and caught wild Earth creatures and mutations who were distant descendants of former human beings from cosmic space.
143. wild and beautiful female beings were tamed and mated with by the sub-leaders who called themselves "Sons of Heaven".
144. Each, according to his own race, created mutated beings, completely new forms of life, who were of dwarf like stature, gigantic or animal-like

DERN Universe and the Billy For Kids Web Site

Humans in the Universe Our universe was created through the Big Bang 46 trillion years ago. Two parallel universes were created the DERN universe and the DAL universe. We are living in the DERN universe in a galaxy that we call the MILKY WAY. The stars in our universe are much more spread apart than in the DAL Universe. There are about 7.5 million solar systems that have higher forms of human life. The MILKY WAY galaxy is inhabited by 7.5 million human civilizations that are in different stages of development. There are many human civilizations that are more advanced than us. There were 79 pure human races created by Creation; however, now there are incredible numbers of different human races the exact number of races would be expressed by a number with 63 zeroes.

As stated earlier, the life spans of human beings, on other worlds, can extend to thousands of years and even much longer. The diversity of human beings in terms of their size is also incredible. There are people that are only 16 inches tall and on other worlds there are people that reach 40ft. tall. The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy 100,000–120,000 light-years in diameter containing 200–400 billion stars. It may contain at least as many planets.

The Solar System is located within the disk, around two thirds of the way out from the Galactic Center, on the inner edge of a spiral-shaped concentration of gas and dust called the Orion Arm. The Milky Way contains at least 100 billion stars[23] and may have up to 400 billion stars. The exact figure depends on the number of very low-mass, or dwarf stars, which are hard to detect, especially at distances of more than 300 light years (90 pc) from the Sun. As a comparison, the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy contains an estimated one trillion (1012) stars (more info).

Erra The Plejarens Planet

Erra is located about 500 light years away from Earth on the otherside of the Pleiades star cluster in a different time space configuration. Erra is the home-world of Ptaah, Quetzal, Semjase, Sfath and 550,000,000 others. Member of the Plejaren Federation. The following are some important facts about the culture that currently exists on this world. Its important to note that this culture developed over time and these conditions did not exist when this world was in its earlier stages of development.


  • Non-monetary
  • Robot-assisted manufacturing
  • Borrowed-asset scheme (e.g. flying cars etc)
  • Poverty eradicated
  • Food, energy and housing free


  • Both monogamy and polygamy exist - one man to many women but not the other way around (subsequent reincarnation as the opposite sex equals out the apparent inequality).
  • No men and women on Erra are homosexual or bisexual as this benign and natural genetic disorder has been eradicated through genetic manipulation.
  • There are virtually never any incompatible couples due to the use of advanced astrology and other social sciences.

Pleja and the Colonization of Earth, Mars, Malona

Seventy years later Asael walked the way of all perishable things- he died. He was succeeded by his daughter Pleja, an IHWH, in which consequence the home system was changed in name from Asael to the Pleja-System, because for the then human beings, who were Titans, the symbolization was still of much value, like still today for the human being of the Earth, corresponding to degenerate logic. A group of explorer’s lead by PLEJA, the daughter of ASEL, re-discovers Earth, Mars and Malona. Pleja and her ships were following in

tail of the Destroyer Coment. The tail of the Destroyer comet contained debries from the orignal home world of the Lyra. When they got to earth they found native earth humans which could be traced back to the origin of earth. These native earth humans were brown skinned people. However, there were white people on the planet as well which were the descendants of the original 144,000 that came here from Lyra. The people of Pleja were able to detect the Lyran "spirit forms" of these colonists who had degenerated into a very primitive state. All of the people of earth at this time were existing in a very primitive state. Eventually Pleja colonists are sent to all of these three worlds (Mars, Earth and Malona). Within a very short time people came from the Pleiades and populated Mars, Malona and Earth.

Alpha Centauri System

For the next 80,000 there are a few attempts at colonization but generally earth is left alone. The Plejaren have problems of their own and they left earth alone; except, sometimes criminals are exiled hear. The civilizations that were on Mars and Malona have been lost and the earth has just small colonies on it.

Alpha Centauri is a binary star system; however, there is an additional star, third star, in this system. Alpha and Beta Centauri rotate around a common center at a distance about the same as our Sun and Pluto.

  1. Alpha Centauri A - is a star with 110% of the mass of our sun and about 1.5 times the brightness;
  2. Alpha Centauri B - is a star with 90% of the mass of our sun and about 44% of its brightness. There is an earth sized planet that is rotating Alpha Centauri B which is the closest know exoplanet to earth. This planet is known as Alpha Centauri Bb and is the closest known planet to earth. The official announcement of its existance occurred in October of 2012 and is considered a landmark in research. This discovery was made by the Observatory of Geneva working with other organizations.This planet might be considered to be a Twin Earth in the immediate vicinity of the Sun.
  3. Proxima Centauri (also known as Alpha Centauri C)

Barnard's Star

The Barnard's Star is a low density Brown Dwarf Star that is the closest individual star to earth. The Alpha Centauri system is closer but it consists of three stars. The Barnard Star cannot be seen with the naked eye because it is too dim. Astronomers think its a possibility that the Barnard's Star has planets that rotate around it as well.


Hyperborea was located not that far from our North Pole; however, it is actually Florida and the surrounding area. In ancient times before the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, Hyperborea (ie Florida) was located near the North Pole. About 113,000 years ago, Arus the Barbarian returned to earth from Beta Centauri and conquered Hyperborea where the climate was moderate and very good. Beta Centauri should not be confused with Alpha Centauri b.

Alpha Centauri is a trinary star system that is very close to the earth (4.37 light years). Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to the earth and contains the following stars: Travelling to Alpha Centauri in a time machine

  1. Alpha Centauri A
  2. Alpha Centauri B
  3. Alpha Centauri C, which is a small faint red dwart star that is sometimes know as Proxima Centauri

Beta Centauri, in contrast to Alpha Centauri, is about 350 light years from the earth, which is quite a long distance. Beta Centauri is the where Arus the Barbarian came from. Hadar was the term used for Beta Centauri in Arabic. It is interesting that Hadar comes from the Arabic root's meaning is "to be present" or "on the ground" or "settled, civilized". Why would ancient people refer to a star using a term that "meant on the ground" unless visitors actually came from there?

So Florida was actually located in these northern regions before the pole shift and the upset of the earth's axis. The area in and around Florida was located in the far north in ancient times and was called Hyperborea. The forces of Arus conquered Hyperborea in ancient times. The sons of Arus existed on the earth for many centuries. The country India of today was at that time called Arien because it was named after Arus the second. In fact, Arus the 11th, was murdered thousands of years later by his third born son Jehavon. Jehavon is mentioned in Contact Report 70 as one of rulers in the line of the Giza Intelligences.

After the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria, about 11,500 years ago, Jehovan took over command of the Hyperboreas, the descendents of Armus, the descendents of the Aryans and the Hebrons.

Within Mount Shasta in northern California is a small city that contains 700 people who are called the Hyperboreans. They are the left over descendants of a group of extraterrestrial humans that lived on the earth in the ancient past. The golden colored spherical space craft are seen coming out of the Mount Shasta and are at times possibly seen at other locations like Mount Mammoth. To see a possibly genuine photograph of such a spaceship, click on the following link: Jeff Rense The city is found very deep in the center of Mount Shasta and the entrance is well camouflaged under the eastern mountain peak.

The Hyperboreans at times also get visits from extraterrestrials who come here from other worlds. The Hyperboreans carry beam weapons that are used to sometimes make Earth humans who come into their proximity temporarily "unable to move". Two smaller groups of the Hyperboreans are living unrecognized and deep underground on the Aleutian Islands and in Alaska

This Hyperboreans have been on the earth for about 180,000 to 190,000 years. They seem in someway to be related to the current white human race. From these Hyperboreans came the JHWH who gave Henoch his great wisdom and who commissioned Noah to build the great ark. According to the Meier material, Noah did not actually build the ark himself and the story of Noah and the ark has been changed greatly overtime. None of the large animals 4 legged animals could have ever made it down off of Mount Ararat. During the time of Henoch Contact Report 39 says the following about the polar regions of earth:

190. The Polar Regions at the time of Henoch were wondrous landscapes, filled with palms and other tropical vegetation. 191. You would say that it was paradise on Earth, for it had the most favorable climate of your world.
In Hyperborea, an uninterrupted summer prevailed... So I think that Hyperborea is essentially Florida. However, at that time it was physically located where Greenland is today because the pole shift had not occurred.
Ptaah states later, 202. In Hyperborea, in Florida, when it was still at the spot where today,...


This information is not even on the The Future Of Mankind site; however, it comes from one of Col. Wendelle Stevens books containing an early translation of Contact Report 70. This information was given to me via Larry Driscoll. It picks up were some of the People from the FIGU group there in Switzerland who are driving Billy out to the contact site. Billy gets to the site where Semjase takes him into the ship. Billy starts to ask Semjase questions. Billy is asking questions in regards to the history of the earth human and the various gods that have operated on the earth. The first thing that Billy mentions is that Noah (Noahkadnosser) was about 3 meters and ten centimeters tall. This makes Noah over 10 feet tall. He was commission to build the Ark by an JHWH. This is the same JHWH who gave Henoch his great wisdom. Remember that Henoch is one of the former personalities of the human spirit that is today incarnated as Billy Meier. Semjase later told Billy that Noah was not actually the one that ended up building the Ark. Much of the information that we have about the story of Noah has been falsified. This was actually built around 98,400 years earlier and, hence, around 100,000 years ago, calculated back from today. According to him (Quetzal) , the Ark landed about 100,000 years ago, and not on the peak of the 5,165 meter high Ararat but about 30 kilometers away and not at the height of a summit. The size of the ark also corresponds to the one given in the bible. With this, the many animals and only a few human beings had really survived an earlier deluge which, like the biblical deluge, was Contact Report 150

The events associated to the Ark actually took place about 100,000 years ago. The large 4 footed animals could have never climbed down from Mount Ararat. Contact Report 39 The biblical flood did not happen at the time as claimed by the bible but in the year 4613 B.C. and was brought about by the Destroyer. Destroyer falls into the Earth's orbit, which disturbs the Earth in its rotation and in its revolution around the Sun, triggering immense earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and elementary storms, and from the whole event, the Biblical flood arises.

Nevertheless, the event happened amazingly close to what the bible reports, only that the builder was a man named Noahkadnosser, and he maintained contact with an extraterrestrial named Zebalon ( He who Brings the Hosts of the Universe) who explained the approaching danger of the comet to him. He advised him to build the Ark, which he then did in cooperative work with his family and, hence, survived the immense deluge – along with his family members and many domestic and land animals. These factual events were handed down since around 98,000 years ago by word-of-mouth again and again, whereby the name Noahkadnosser was altered little by little into oblivion and finally ended in the name of Noah, while the extraterrestrial who was in contact with Noahkadnosser was unnamed and elevated to a god. This story is told in Contact Report 248.

The Hasters

82. For about forty days, there has been another station of extraterrestrial intelligences on Earth, provided by us to resembling human life forms from the planet HASTER in the GARON system of the JENAM galaxy.
83. This galaxy is located 483 million light years away from the Earth, and 413 different human races live on the habitable planets there throughout the entire galaxy, which is, relatively seen, very little for an entire galaxy.
84. Just a few years ago, we entered into connection with the highly sophisticated inhabitants of the planet Haster, who have progressed so far in their overall development as it will be for the Earth people in approximately 1,120 years.
85. With ethically and very highly distinct lifestyles, the inhabitants of Haster are very peaceful and loving, and besides this, they live in the same time-level as the SOL system, thus, in the present level, as this would be said or called by you.
86. Because the Haster inhabitants are now interested in life forms in the remote vastness of the Universe which is still inaccessible to them but cannot yet reach these areas with their technology, we have extended our connections with them in such a way that we brought an expeditionary command of the Haster inhabitants here in the Great Spacer.
87. We also helped them build their station, which was created in the depths of the North Sea and from where they will expand their expeditionary work across the whole world.
88. Since their mental, physical, and consciousness-related development has not yet progressed as far as ours, we can only maintain physical contact with them using our vibration-neutralizing devices, as we must also do so with the Earth people when it is necessary now and then.
89. However, this now means that the Haster inhabitants can freely move among the Earth people because their vibrations turn out to be bearable with those of the Earth people, but only briefly.
90. The Haster inhabitants cannot remain in the direct range of the vibrations of the Earth people for more than 17 hours; otherwise, they begin to lose control of themselves.
91. But since they have this 17-hour possibility, they have decided that they will seek contact with one or several people of the Earth for their study purposes and also for the instruction of the Earth people, but certainly with no more than three people, who must remain silent about it for their lifetimes, which is why especially upright people are to be selected for these contacts, who can be completely trusted.

Destroyer Comet

Contact 236 describes that 22,000,000 years ago, as the Destroyer had done its work of destruction in the Lyran home systems. The Wanderer, or the Destroyer, as it is called, is about 5,000,000,000 years old, as a solid body according to Contact Report 238.

Colonel Wendelle Stevens complete version of Contact Report 70 says the following about the Destroyer Comet : 65/ Under the command of the new leader Pleja, further expeditions were prepared, which would explore a very remote and outlying solar system, which according to all calculations must have gained possession of a part of a planet from the Lyra-System, when many million years ago the Destroyer had killed the original homeworlds.

King Sahluk

During Billy's fourth contact with Asket, she provides insight into the Great Pyramids and Destroyer Comet. She described how the Great Pyramids were used to save mankind during the Great Deluge in 9545 BC which was caused by this great comet. The coming of the Destroyer Comet was foreseen by the seer Saurid, son of King Sahluk, 300 years prior. The Destroyer Comet penetrated this universe and this solar system from another space-time configuration. The people of the earth made their way to the pyramids and underground villages and shut themselves into them as the Destroyer passed by the earth. The comet turned the Earth, flooded it with all the bodies of water and annihilated everything which was at its mercy. Once again Earth humanity had to find a new start after this catastrophe, as had already repeatedly been the case in earlier times.

Reversal of Position of Mars and Malona

According to Contact 251 the Destroyer Comet caused the reversal of the position of planet Mars and planet Malona: The SOL System's Asteroid Belt contains fragments of this former planet, whose orbit was not where the Asteroid Belt is today but was located where Mars orbits the Sun today, and Mars at one time was located where the asteroid belt is today. This position reversal was caused by immense upheavals in which the Destroyer (planet) played an important role.

Destroyer Comet No Longer A Threat

The Plejaren have moved the Destroyer Comet as described in Contact 311 so it will no longer come back to our Solar System; therefore, the prophecies associated with it are no longer relevant. The following is an excerpt from Contact 311: I’m glad about that. Thanks. Then I would immediately like to ask you some questions: since you’ve catapulted the Destroyer from the SOL system a fairly long time ago, or in some way removed it, the prophecies associated with it are probably no longer relevant, right?


Billy: ...I would like to ask you something about the pyramids, which are not only found in Egypt but all over the globe. Asket told me once during a contact, that the pyramids were constructed under the direction of extraterrestrials. At the time, in 1956, she stated that the pyramids were built two times 36,650 years ago (from 1956)—hence, 73,300 years ago. Forty years have passed since then, which would put the pyramids' time of origin at approximately 73,340 years. And yet, scientists profess something altogether different. They place the construction time much later, just a few short millennia before the birth of Jmmanuel.

Ptaah: I am familiar with this misrepresentation and miscalculation. When you calculate back from today, the pyramids were indeed erected approximately 73,340 years ago. This includes not only the pyramids found in Egypt, but also all others located around the Earth—whose distance from the sun amounted to 152.5 million kilometers [95 million miles] during the pyramid's construction era. The pyramids were covered on the outside with a solid layer of limestone and lime mortar, and they were accordingly higher than they are today. In those days the Cheops pyramid measured 152.5 meters [500 ft] in height, representing 1 meter per 1 million kilometers of the Earth-to-sun distance at the time. Over the course of millennia, the outer limestone layers were removed as were parts of the actual pyramids themselves due to erosion or when the material was removed by people to construct other buildings and the like. The pyramids' purpose changed repeatedly as well. In their last function they served as tombs, but in other locations they also served as cult temples. The pyramid structures and the many interconnected, subterranean rooms were constructed under the direction of humans of extraterrestrial origin who had come to Earth in those ancient times from the Orion constellation. For this reason the Egyptian pyramids were constructed to replicate this constellation, while the sphinx points toward the Leo constellation. The utilization of the pyramids as tombs and the like—along with the hieroglyphics—date back to more recent periods ranging from just prior to Jmmanuel's days, some 2,000 years ago, into the past of a little more than 13,000 years ago. Extensive subterranean spaces, components of each pyramid complex, became subterranean villages of varying sizes where their human inhabitants hid from the looming terrestrial dangers and threats from outer space.


Lets start out this page with a quote from Giorgio A. Tsoukalos a guest on Coast to Coast AM on Jul 31, 2011 Hour 3 at 16:50 into the interview stated that,

"There is an ancient manuscript from Egypt called the Al-HiTat (also spelled Al-KhiTat) That says the pyramids were built by the Egyptians with the assistance of the guardians of the sky or the watchers from heaven."


Let's start with Aswan which is in southern Egypt. Aswan, is also known as the ancient city of Swenet. In Aswan there are stone quarries which are located along the Nile. Out of these quarries came the granite which was used in creating the colossal statues and obelisks in Egypt. Aswan has a hot desert climate like the rest of Egypt.

Red, grey and black granite come from Aswan. By definition, granite is a rock with at least 20% quartz.

Much of the following information comes a U-Tube presentation by Nassim Haramein.

Nassim Haramein says that its very hard to explain the building of the Pyramids using vine ropes, copper tools, no pulley and so-on. There are millions of tons of rock that have been used in these constructions. The great pyramid of Giza is made with 2,300,000 stones. The great pyramid stands at 481 feet of altitude and the base is 13 square acres.

The apex of the great pyramid of Giza is 1/4 of an inch off the center of the base which is 13 square acres and that is after placing 2,300,000 stones. That were supposedly cut out with copper tools. There is no way that engineering companies on this planet could ever reproduce that kind of precision. Even with all of our modern technologies we could give these companies billions of dollars and they would never be able to re-produce the Great Pyramid.

If you divide 2,300,000 by a quarter of an inch error that accuracy that you are placing these stones is amazing. We are told that the pyramids were built by people pulling on vine ropes because in the 1800s English archaeologist with PHDs could not come up with any better of story. Since then everyone has been repeating the same lie over and over again. Somehow a theory that is completely unproven has become a fact. You cannot get a PHD by telling a different story.

Unfinished obelisk

The unfinished obelisk is the largest known ancient obelisk and is located in the northern region of the stone quarries of ancient Egypt in Aswan (Assuan), Egypt. If finished it would have measured around 42 m (approximately 137 feet) and would have weighed nearly 1,200 tons. To put that in perspective the structure would weigh 2,400,000lb. The obelisk's creators began to carve it directly out of bedrock, but cracks appeared in the granite and the project was abandoned.

Colossi of Memnon

The Colossi of Memnon are are two massive stone statues 60 ft in height and weigh an estimated 720 tons each. These statues stand in Thebes, Egypt.

To get a better understanding of the weight of these statues is helpful to understand that 720 tons is equal to 1,440,000 pounds.

The statues were transported 420 mi overland to Thebes. Memnon was said to be the son of Aurora; the goddess of the morning. The statues are said to depict Amenhotep III; however, your guess is as good as mine as to if that is true or not. Monolithic architecture covers buildings carved, cast or excavated from a single piece of material and these two statues are monolithic statues.

The twin statues depict Amenhotep III (fl. 14th century BC) in a seated position, his hands resting on his knees and his gaze facing eastwards (actually ESE in modern bearings) towards the river. Two shorter figures are carved into the front throne alongside his legs: these are his wife Tiy and mother Mutemwiya. The side panels depict the Nile god Hapy.

Colossal statue of Rameses II weighs 83 tons or 166,000 pounds. Situated in a special shelter, this limestone statue depicts the handsome and muscular pharaoh. Its a very beautiful statue that has been damaged and is stored inside. The Statue of Ramesses II is a 3,200-year-old figure of Ramesses II, depicting him standing, that was discovered in 1820 by Giovanni Battista Caviglia at the Great Temple of Ptah near Memphis, Egypt. It is made from red granite.

The statue was found broken in six pieces and earlier attempts at restoration failed. In 1955, Egyptian Prime Minister Gamal Abdel Nasser moved the statue to the large Bab Al-Hadid square in Cairo that was then renamed Ramses Square.[1] There the statue was restored to its full height of 11 metres and erected on a three metre pedestal at the edge of a fountain. It was stabilized by iron bars inside the body.[2]

Over time Ramses Square turned out to be an unsuitable location, as the statue continued to be exposed to noise, pollution, and vibration from traffic and subways. The Egyptian government therefore decided to relocate the statue to a safer and more dignified location. At a temporary location on the Giza Plateau it will undergo restoration. The eventual resting place of the statue of Ramesses II will be the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) that is under construction. It is planned that the statue will greet visitors at the entrance to the GEM that is scheduled to open in 2018.[citation needed]

The transport of the statue from Ramses Square to Giza was a technological challenge that had been in the planning since 2002. The statue weighs about 83 tons. A replica had been made and was transported several weeks before the scheduled actual move along the planned route to Giza to test the proposed relocation process. The move took place on August 25, 2006.[3] During its ten-hour transport the statue was wrapped and covered in rubber foam. Two flat-back trucks carried the weight of the statue and its support structures as it travelled in a vertical position.[3][4]