Very rich people working in companies are collecting salaries that are absurdly high. The good people in government are silenced by the negative people that are in government. This is a kind of plague that has moved world wide. Banks and firms are really criminal and lawless. Larger and larger fortunes are being stolen from the labor force. The people that are working are being preyed upon by the capitalist sharks. The work force becomes even more and more explotied.

The populations allow all of these things to take place and they do not defend themselves against these things at all. Much of the population cannot think for themselves. The citizens are no longer free people but they are politically controlled. These people of today have become lacking in iniative. They do not even defend themselves at all. If these people wake up after their lethargy then sometimes they go into a blind rage. There is a raging dis-satisfaction that takes over the people.

We must consider the click of small power hungry people that are ruling the populations of the world. However, into the future there will be an equality and people will rule themselves. People must wake up from their slumbering lethargy. We must put a stop the disasterous globalization. Nature is actually being affected by this globalization. We must start to think independently. We must seek our information from various sources. The independent thinking must be a duty of the human being.

We must form our own opinions. Many people are not able to think independently. These people are incapable are questioning the opinion of others. The people are not able to recognize independ thinking. Billy had two vision of the coming futures that really shook him up. Billy made some probability calculations that lead for a future disaster. The over population is really the largest problem. Billy has seen the gigantic wild fires that have come to the United States. There are fire tornadoes in the US that have destroyed thousands of buildings and many forests.

There could be a huge extermination of human beings that will occur from the actions of the governments. There is a future that is monsterous as a probability. These two visions will be explained now. All of the bad people must be removed from their government positions.

Vision Number One

The people in power realize that they can only hope to stay in power by a drastic reduction of the world population. These global elites and capitalist powers are very much involved in religion and sectarian power and this will remain to be the case. These elite will perform war crimes that are much worse than was performed by the Nazis in World War 2. The global elite will show no mercy at all and will perform an extermination of human beings that could occur in a variety of ways. Some of the ways that the global elite will kill the population include the following:

  1. Plagues are created through artificially created diseases. Biological plagues will be used secretly for the destruction of humanity. These will be presented to the public as new and incurable plagues. These diseases will come in through the skin and through the respiratory tract.
  2. Wars and famines will be used to kill off many people. There will be the posioning of the food and drinking water. This posioning will take place on a world wide scale.
  3. An atomic war will be used to depopulate the human mass. This murder of humankind will take place on a scale never seen before.
  4. There are already very complicated changes that are taking place all over the world. These changes are economic, political and military in nature.
  5. The states small and wide will give their armies modern weapons.
  6. There will be attacks on polic organization by criminal groups.
  7. China is make a name for itself. China is becoming a confident super power
  8. The refugee problem will continue to grow worse in the future. About 350 million people will move all over the world and in Europe. This will bring about new diseases.
  9. There will be technological advancements that will be good and bad. The climate and the ecosystem will be more and more damaged. This environmental destruction will continue in the future. The destruction of nature will continue because of the indifference and hatred of people. The growing overpopulation will lead to much of the destruction of the environment.
  10. All over the world states will fall into civil unrest. There will be severe domestic revolts.
  11. The delusional believers in the religions will become more and more involved in wars. This will create more suffering for humanity.
  12. The governments will become more and more deceitful and lead the populations into confuse.
  13. Lobbying will take away the freedom of the citizens. The lobbyist bribe the politicians.
  14. The popular media will become more and more of a power. The false information will come out of these false media.
  15. There will also be some false conspiracy theories that will come out.
  16. Economic problems will continue. There will be a great danger that is brought about by wars.
  17. The global situation is actually worse than it was during the time of the cold war.
  18. The US is really the cause of all of these problems. The US is made with power
  19. There are treaties that are almost already broken
  20. The the rulers of the US will be in trouble with anti state actor and the population
  21. The US will break up into different population groups
  22. The hostilities are coming up between the states. The main reason for this is the US.
  23. All over the world states are in the brink of destruction with law and order lost.
  24. Russia will be the target of terrorists.
  25. The nuclear powers will wage nuclear wars.
  26. The natural resources will become rare commodities. This will create wars.
  27. The prosperity of all humans will be threatened.
  28. Humanity will create strange ruling governments will steer the world in ruin.
  29. Terrorism will become out of control.
  30. The political perils all over the world will create armed conflicts.
  31. The unemployment rate will increase and increase because of over population.
  32. The whole economy will cause the decrease of wages.
  33. The speculators will cause and global economic crisis.
  34. The will be martial law.
  35. The planned ban on cash will cause the elite to be hugely wealthy.
  36. The are secret plans to start a war against Russia.
  37. There are countries that are not really independent states. These are just enforced regions with criminals who are in charge.
  38. The retirement institutions will not be able to pay the people with pensions.
  39. Many states will be driven into financial destruction.
  40. Globally all social systems will collapse. People will die of starvation.
  41. Independant states will be treated as enemies of the US.
  42. The US will continue to bring terrible weapons into Europe.
  43. There are various regional powers like the EU dictatorship that are arming themselves.
  44. All over the world populations will become more discontent.
  45. The elites will corrupt politicians and will create surveliance states.

If we dont improve our systems then there will be create destruction. We need a world wide birth stop so that we can get to 529 million individuals. Things must be changed for the better. Ptaah and Billy have made similar calculations of what the future holds. The governments will not be able to control the people in the future.

The people are the rulers have such a descrepancy between them that there is no way to align the two groups at this time. There are many gangs and criminal organizations that are established. These gangs exist in China, Japan, The Middle East and in western countries. The humankind of earth, have had criminal organizations have existed for quite some time.

Fertile Regions, Psuedo Belief and Over Population

Fertile regions can no longer be cultivated properly and cities are being built on fertile regions. People no longer even lift a finger for the creation of their food. We cannot ignore the laws and directives of nature because of our unreasonable thinking. We are no longer able to recognize the problem of over population. Mankind supports relief organizations that feed people without bringing education to these people; however, this in turn causes more overpopulation.

Pseudo relief aid can eventually lead to the procreation of many more people. Some of these people will become criminals after they have been given relief aid. Over population leads to crime, wars, addiction and many other problems. Many ills of a religious and political nature will result in overpopulation. The steady production of new humans will lead to the suffering of many people, the fauna, and the flora of the planet. The entire planet is being destroyed by the rapidly increasing human population. The oxygen-rich rainforests regulate the climate. The clearing of rain forests and the burning of forests to access parcels of land for construction sites is a very destructive process.

Overpopulation also causes mass migration into foreign lands which can lead to the destruction of the native population. The host nations incur costs of billions of dollars to handle the people that are streaming into the country. Typically, these refugees have very limited financial security and these refugees make demands on the host nations.

More than 30 years, the members of the figu , humanity and especially the rulers try to make people aware that the rapid increase in population on earth is an immense danger and must be stopped immediately , and has that thereafter be made a reduction to a planet compatible Mass . ( This tolerable Mass was then determined according to our calculations on 529 million people because it can be ensured that the resources are abundant for this population that the regenerative capacity of nature is preserved and remain the flora and fauna of large areas where these can develop undisturbed . ) We are committed to this explanation , because we have realized that the fate of humanity decides on the solution or non- solution of this greatest of all pressing problems of our time . The overpopulation is indeed the decisive problem factor , because the more people live on the earth , the greater all other problems , and the more , the demand for energy sources such as oil , natural gas and uranium , but also in fresh water , shelter and food , etc.

Name: Born on: Died on: Son of:
Jeremia: Feb. 9, 662 BC Sep. 3, 580 BC the High-priest Hilkis (Hilkias) at Anathoth

The Prophet Jeremia

The prophet Jeremia, according to the Meier material, is one of the incarnations of Nokodemion.

Nokodemion is the first incarnation of the spirit form that inhabits Billy Meier / BEAM.

According to the Meier material the Bible contains a lot of inaccurate information. However, Jeremia is often called the "Weeping Prophet" and is credited with authoring the Book of Jeremiah, 1 Kings, 2 Kings and the Book of Lamentations in our bible. Jeremia's information are predictions meaning that they will take place as opposed to prophecies which may or may not take place.

Warnings Against Materialism

Jeremia: And when the second millennium ends and the third has begun, human beings will be blinded by gold and material values to such an extent that they will be counting talers* (silver coins) in all countries everywhere.

Contact 31 mentions how we have been negatively affected by materialism.
231. As since many millenia on many worlds in the Universe, the Earth human stands in the entire Universe as a purely materialistically developed life form, which solely represents a life form so deeply decayed to materialism, that every consciousness related evolution in this ground over millenia was harmful.

There is an article on the Future of Mankind site that warns of materialism and can be found at Peace and Harmony
18. Earth humans must learn not to solely pursue materialism and money from birth until death, and hence they should not listen just to those who have amassed political or military power or an immense fortune. And so they should neither aspire after them nor try to be like them, and devote neither their time, their work and efforts nor their initiative and lives to them, as well.

Introduction to Spirit Teaching states that maliciously and dishonestly they (the earth humans) strive only for power, greed, materialism, and hatred against their fellowman and themselves. On the day their life clock stops ticking they die, filled with fear, disharmony and hatred.

Warnings against religion

Jeremia: They will build cult places for cults to worship and will pay homage to a non-existent god as well as saints who are human beings canonized by human beings.

Who or what is god? ...No Creator-God exists in this sense. The Big Bang did not come about through the strength or might of one god, but did so, simply and exclusively, through spiritual- and material-physical as well as chemical processes, that were triggered and directed by a young Universal Consciousness, respectively Creation. The term "God" has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of the world or the universe, stars, galaxies and the like, for the expression "God" has existed in the vastness of the universe for billions of years, from ancient times to the present, and it represents nothing more than the title of a person. Initially this title was "Ishwish" which means "God" when translated into our languages. But Ishwish, respectively god, is nothing more than another term for "King of Wisdom." It is a purely human title assigned to humans who were particularly knowledgeable, wise, and who possessed great mastery in everything.

Predictions of Jeremia

These will occur at the time of the great development change.

  1. People will be blinded by the pursuit of materialism. People will only see gem stones and dollars.

  2. They will build cult places to pay homage to an unsubstantial god.

  3. Money will be lended and inventions will be shared for a fee.

  4. People that have done wrong will no longer be punished.

  5. Sexually immoral behavior will become common.

  6. The children will become a source of terror. The children will become a fiery cloud that destroys everything.

  7. Atomic bombs will be created (the building blocks of life will be transformed into death bringing weapons).

  8. The overpopulation will spread across earth, the sky, the oceans, the forests, the deserts and the mountains. People will come into conflict with one another because of the overcrowding.

  9. Humanity will start to panic and flee at this time. People will be whipping themselves into confusion and the unreal.

  10. It will be a time when huge towers and building are built in all lands. People will live and work in these towers.

  11. People will live in giganitic cities in which the human being spends his life. The space for living will become less and less.

  12. Barbarians will live in these cities.
Henoch and Related Prophecies

Henoch was born on 3rd February 9308 BC and died on 1st January 8942 BC. He was the son of Kretan of the Plejaren.


And the same will most likely be the case in the future, when I receive permission from you in the coming time to spread the prophecies of Henoch for the third millennium. But, nevertheless, I feel that Henoch's message for the future must be made known and distributed, because somehow it may bear fruit yet.

Quetzal: The point in time at which these prophecies will begin to be fulfilled will be when a Pope will no longer reside in Rome. All of Europe will then fall victim to a terrible punishment by evil powers. The Christian religion will collapse and the churches and monasteries will end up in ruins and ashes.

Henoch (Enoch) = born 3 February 9308 v. Chr., died 1 January 8942 v. Chr.
Henoch (Enoch) 3 personalities w/ the same name
Henoch I - 13500 years ago
Henoch II - 3-Feb-9308 v. - 1-Jan-8942 v.
Henoch III - 4-5000 years ago

Prophet Henoch Contact 215

167. Monstrous forces will be created by science and will be released by the military forces and armies as well as by terrorists, causing great destruction.

168. Millions and even billions of people will be killed by acts of terrorism, by wars and civil wars; and finally, in some parts of the world, every third human being, and, in other places, every fourth human being, will lose his or her life.

169. The nations of the East will rise against the nations of the West, the West against the East. 170. Many deaths will be inflicted upon the people by fighter and bomber aircraft, and bombs and rockets will destroy and annihilate smaller and larger villages and cities. 171. The people will be completely powerless against all this and will live through 888 days of Hell on Earth, suffering hunger and plagues which will claim even more lives than the war itself.

178. However, not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the countries and peoples of the Earth, as the great horror expands to a war that will encompass the entire world. ...


187. Due to the fault of scientists, enormous power will be seized by the power-hungry and their military, their warriors and terrorists, and power will be seized as well through laser weapons of many types, but also via atomic, chemical and biological weapons.

188. Also concerning genetic technology, enormous misuse will occur, because this will be unrestrainedly exploited for the purposes of war, not lastly due to the cloning of human beings for warring purposes, as this was practiced in ancient times with the descendants of Henoch in the regions of Sirius.


194. But that will not be enough, and, in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalization, American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.

195. And this will point towards the possibility that a Third World War could develop from it, if human beings as a whole will not finally reflect upon reason, become reasonable and undertake the necessary steps against the insane machinations of their governments and military powers as well as their secret services, and call a halt to the power of the irresponsible who have forsaken their responsibility in all areas.

Destruction in North America and the Henoch Prophecies Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction; But not even all the terrible happenings will hinder the USA in continuing to proceed with her actions against all countries. Even when the North American continent will be stricken by the most terrible catastrophe which has ever been recorded, evil military powers will wreak havoc with computerised and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, whereby it will also happen that computerised weapons become independent and cannot be controlled any longer by human beings.

To the Statesmen in Power and to Mankind of Earth
Billy addresses some of the leaders of the earth that have promoted wars, revolutions and war like actions. He talks about WW1 and WW2. He states that the loss of life with the dropping of the atomic bombs in WW2 was much higher than reported. Billy also talks about the fire-bombing of the City of Dresden in Germany. The bombing of Dresden caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. The actual number was closer to 250,000 people. The number of bombs that were dropped on the City of Dresden in WW2 was incredible.

As herald of this world, I see and hear and know what will happen in the very distant future. It will be in centuries, when the herald of the new time will raise his voice, and teach the world, and cause great turmoil and thus his life will be threatened. I see and hear and know because my eyes and ears are open, and see and hear in heaven what will be happening in the very distant days to come.

World War III cannot be averted if Man fails to finally become reasonable! The war will begin with conventional weaponry and escalate to nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. The world war will begin in November of a specific year, after 5 years of intensive effort are spent reaching this goal which is preceded by 4 years of unspecified preparations. Should war actually break out, it will last for 3 years and 11 months and will therefore end in October of the fourth year. By this time, Earth's northern hemisphere will be largely destroyed by nuclear fires and radioactive radiation that will annihilate the entire animal and plant world unless Man sees to it that the prophecy proves itself to be just a prophecy without fulfilling itself.

Contact 136 Prophecies

Contact Report 136 took place in October of 1980 and these prophecies announce the slowly approaching global decline;

  1. Assassination of John Lennon;
  2. The engagement of Prince Charles of England to Princess Diana and her death;
  3. Start of the trend of extreme Cold Weather;
  4. Severe earth quakes and floods in various parts of the world.
  5. The rise of Zionism
  6. Reagan setting the stage for World War 3 by turning America into an incredible military power;
  7. Assassination attempt on President Reagan by John Hinckley;
  8. The Israeli Air Force will attack and destroy an atomic power plant in Iraq;
  9. There will be the corruption of the Vatican in what is called the Holy See;
  10. Assassination attempt of Pope John Paul 2nd;
  11. Ayatollah Khomeini’s illness, death and Iran hostage issue.
  12. Ronald Reagan struck by Alzheimer's disease;
  13. Assassination of the President of Egypt Anwar Sadat
  14. The institution of the Peace Meditation by the Plejaren.

Semjase discusses the atom in Contact Report 70 (see also) Science And Technology

The primary or first molecule that became the mass of spirit or spiritual energy contains 49 atoms. Only a few people on Earth know of this. The earthly scientists had gone astray in what they considered to be atoms, but they are not. The atom is not of pure material nature, but an intermediate thing between course-material matter and the energy of the spirit.

This is a seven-fold synthesis of matter. In the structure of the atom, the seven planes are completely different. Previously, earthly science only knew of two of these planes, which are the seventh and sixth planes. Now they try to explore the fifth plane because they have just become aware of it.

The principle of how matter originates is very easy, but it cannot be revealed at this time. Every kind of energy can be changed into solid matter. It is only necessary to bundle the energy strongly together in highly concentrated ways in order for it to be converted into solid matter. This causes the elementary components of solid matter to be generated as neutrons, protons, and electrons. From these subatomic particles are formed into atoms and then into a variety of chemical compounds, from which their 3 different aggregation states form the solid outer wrap of matter.

The High Council

The Plejaren have developed a great alliance with semi spiritual creatures in the Andromeda Star System. I supposed the beings on the High Council would be considered to be at the Petale Level. It was decided that these beings in the Andromeda Star System there be called the High Council and the advice of these beings would be followed not only by the Plejaren but also their allies. The Andromedan High Council act as consultants to the Plejaren Federation who are under no obligation to follow such given advice if they so choose.
The following are decisions influenced by the "High Council";

Information on Hoaxed Apollo 11 Mission is to be with Held.

In Contact 240 Ptaah conveys advice to Billy from the High Council about why the release of the very sensitive hoaxed Apollo 11 "Moon landing" information could endanger him, the group members, the mission and could even cause war-like actions. The High Council stated that Billy might be murdered by members of the US Secret Service if they were to release the information about the hoaxed Apollo 11 moon landings to soon. The information about the hoaxed Apollo 11 moon landings were finally made public in 2004.

Institution of the Peace Meditation

In the spring of 1984 the High Council instituted something called the peace meditation to benefit Earth. Included in this effort will be everyone on Erra and many members from the federation, who total will comprise more than 3.5 billion humans.

Destruction of the Tomb of Jmmanuel

The original tomb of Jmmanuel was destroyed by direction of the High Council as described in Contact Report 213. Quetzal, describes the reason for the destruction of the tomb in the following: The fact that the tomb, respectively the tomb cave, is sought for corresponds to the truth, but the correct site wasn’t found because some time ago, I had destroyed this by order of the High Council, and to be sure, completely, by what means also the hillside collapsed and buried everything. The reason for this was so that no new Christian cult site could arise from this.

German is the Best Language for Billy's Written Material

In Contact 241 it states the following: The German language is the only one of the Earth peoples that can fully extensively clarify and explain the comprehensive teachings of the spirit to the full extent with all required words and terms and word-combinations, as is possible in no other language of the Earth peoples.

The Golden Age or Age of Aquarius
Contact Report 9 (165-170)

165. It treats of the "Age of Aquarius", also called the "Golden Age".
166. in this respect I must first explain the religious interpretations concerning this epoch are wrong.
167. A certain irresponsible fanaticism treats this as the religiously proclaimed "final days".
168. By no means is this new age a final time, because in truth it brings real life.
169. This epoch enables everything to develop to highest potential, including spirit, according to providence.
170. But it will take many centuries after entering that period to reach such advanced levels.

Contact Report 9 (177-180)

177.The culmination of this period will come in 2028 (our years).
178.The revolutionary force of this new epoch has begun in 1844, and since then the extensive alterations on Earth rush irresistably forward.
179.The New Age already demands its tribute, religious delusion, rapidly developing sciences, rampant crime, and wars of extirpation, characteristics of this time which can not be ignored.
180.The first half of the transition period lasted 92 years, until 1936, while the Earth felt the last of the "Age of Pisces" (as it was called).

Contact Report 10 The Human Spirit(88)

88. And the human is connected with this mighty spirit, with these elemental powers of existence, Creation, spiritual intelligence, because a fragment of this spirit-intelligence Creation dwells within, and enlivens, the human as spirit.
98. Therefore, it is necessary that the human constantly examines his thoughts and may see, of what kind they are.
99. He has to pay attention (to the fact) that, ultimately, he is always led, directed and determined by creative-philosophical principles and realities, by creative-natural laws.
100. Within the human, there should reign a continually conscious feeling of belonging to what is creative, with his essential spiritual breath, his essential spiritual BEING.
101. It shall be spiritually clear to him that his essential spiritual BEING is inseparably one with what is Creative, in order that he may--in this awareness--overcome the material outer world.

126. The mind which gives no shelter to negatively degenerated thoughts and supersedes all positively degenerated thoughts and actions.
127. Only a balanced mind that is rooted in what is creative--in creative service, in creative wisdom, its knowledge, its love and joy that are more real than all material walls
around (and more real than) the human environment--is valuable and serving the spirit's development.

Meditation And Controlling our Thinking

Meditation from Clear Visibility Book.

Some very import ideas regarding meditation in the Here is some meditation information from FIGU Canada. Belief is a path to destruction and devolution and leads to insanity and confusion as well as to a perturbed consciousness-bearing. The meditative thoughts and feelings are cultivated again and again by thinking or muttering several times daily - three to four times - a specific sentence for about five minutes and exercising deliberate attentiveness on what is spoken. The one and same sentence may have a use for a single day or for several days depending on need. There are 77 sentences that the Meier material says can be repeated or meditated and here are a couple of those.

Some Examples from the 77 Meditation Sentences

  • To live in today's world, I must be strong and develop tenacity with regard to my consciousness and my intellect.
  • Everything is achievable for me, and I master whatever I wish to accomplish.
  • I Always Remain Relaxed and Thereby Gain Might over Myself .

Some interesting thoughts on controlling and examining our thoughts FIGU Bulletin 69.

  1. Meditation is a form of concentration that leads to control of the mind;
  2. Most of the worries of the world are created by illogical thinking;
  3. By Controlling our thinking we control both our physical and mental health’
  4. By learning meditation we developed the meditation concentration;
  5. Meditation can be a method of creating a balance between negative and positive thinking. This state of balance is called neutral thinking;
    1. Neutral Thinking - neutrality must be learnt arduously by every individual human being.
  6. Telepathy is the ability for humans to send and receive thoughts using the WE-FORM sense that is in all of us.
  7. Meditation allows you to see something clearly, observe it clearly and recognize it clearly, without entertaining a thought.

Peace Meditation

The Meier material talks about something called the Peace Meditation

Listen to the Peace Meditation

The meditation sentence is composed of words from the Lyrian language, a language previously spoken on Earth 289,000 years ago and then again 13,500 years ago by the ancient Lyra-Vega descendants when the extraterrestrials inhabited this planet for a short period. By speaking (or thinking!) this sentence in unison as a group, certain impulses are released from the stored data banks known as the Akashic Records.
Listen to the Peace Meditation

How to Meditate

  1. As we mature we can realize that we are not in control of our thoughts and this can lead to depression, anger, anxiety and negative feelings that can rule our lives.
  2. There are many methods of meditation ranging from focusing on:
  3. A candle flame;
  4. A crystal;
  5. Breathing;
  6. Keeping the conscious mind clear of all thoughts;
  7. You do want to be influenced by outside energies our sound so find a comfortable and quiet location;
  8. Deep breathing can be used to release negative energies and bring the body into a relaxed state;
  9. Close your eyes and focus on the sides of your nostrils as you bring the breath in and out of your nasal passage;
  10. Do not affect your breathing consciously;
  11. As unwanted thoughts enter your mind you must order them to disappear and return to observation mode;
  12. Learning to concentrate will help us take control of our thinking process;

Meditation, then, is going to allow us to control our day-to-day thinking and give us access to the powers of our higher spiritual self. Consequently, meditation means this: Learning balance, learning clarity of vision and clarity of reflection, acquiring the ability to transmit spiritual consciousness into the spheres of the past and the future, and acquisition of spiritual capabilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, etc. Next, let's discuss the need for meditation, and then, how to perform meditation and what it can do for us.

The Need for Meditation

When we first come into life, our thoughts are very simple. Our conscious mind is functioning well, and all of our senses are working and are trying to interpret the new world we are in. We can see around us, but don't know what we are looking at. We can hear sounds, but have no idea what they
are. Touching things is a new discovery, and even the food we eat doesn't seem familiar.

The reason everything is so new and unfamiliar is that the material subconscious has very little information in it. We have very few memories yet, and at this point we have no data in our subconscious to flash us those SYMPATHY or ANTIPATHY feelings that are used to form thoughts.

Remember, our conscious mind creates thoughts by flashing to the subconscious, checking for any available data that we have on the object of which we are forming the thought. Since the subconscious is where we keep our memories and has nothing to flash back yet, our thoughts are
very simple indeed.

Contact Report 11

118. The human being only learns of his spirit through meditation, through knowing deliberate, inner contemplation, through deep immersion into the quietest chambers of the consciousness and the spiritual self, and by directly looking into the mirror of the inner and innermost life.

Being responsible for your thoughts and actions not only helps you learn towards the better and good for your current life time but also your future incarnations as a new personality and new human being. When you die it is only your body that dies and your personality, respectively your consciousness. Your material body is not immortal and never can be.

There is no immortal god or saviour. How long you live is, on the one hand a question of how responsible you are for the well being and care of your body and, on the other hand a question of natural disease and virus contracting which cannot be helped for the time being . There is no god or saviour that is responsible for the well being of your body or how long you live. Your body is your responsibility. Your personality, respectively your consciousness gets dissolved into fine spiritual energy known as the overall consciousness block.

The overall consciousness block records all your past lives knowledge and wisdom which has been learnt. Each time you die in a material body the overall consciousness block absorbs your consciousness which contains your knowledge and wisdom from the material life you just had. Thus through million fold incarnations into a human being on a planet you continually evolve and learn. No god or saviour is responsible for your learning and your evolution. You, as a human being, are solely responsible for your consciousness and how much you learn and evolve in each incarnation. Therefore, also there is no heaven or hell that exists in the entire universe where your spirit-form is judged to live for eternity by a god or saviour.

Clarification of a Defamatory Claim
Interesting Information Sent by Eve

"Something like an "universal evil" does not exist, but there exists an energy block around the planet that consists of the religious delusion and nonsense, and other negative thoughts emanated by the human beings who are thinking along such lines. The people who are living and held in bondage by the belief systems are constantly influenced by that negative block of energy, like in a vicious circle. Entities like devil, Satan, demons etc. are nothing real, but without exception just figments of religious delusion and imagination etc. Breaking the cycle will probably begin in about 800 years from now on a larger scale. People then will start to occupy themselves with the realization that there is truth. But until the broad masses succeed in profoundly thinking about the truth, much more time will pass." Billy Meier