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Perhaps, Billy's most important book is called the Might of Thoughts. The Might of Thoughts book contains information that will help you control your thoughts. This writing teachs us that we should maintain a neutral positive attitude at all times.

Being neutral positive means that we are just a little positive but mostly in a neutral state of mind. For example you should be confident but not over-confident. We should be cheerful but still level headed. We should be enthusiastic but still realistic in our point of view. We need to be relaxed but still alert.

Billy emphasizes that we need to be confident, optimistic, relaxed, cheerful and enthusiastic.

This text tells us that we are the master of our own destiny and forger of our own fortunes. The Might of Thoughts book explains that we should not allow our thoughts to drift but to steer our thoughts like a captain steers his ship.

The Might of Thoughts
Might of the Thoughts...
Mach der Deganken
by Billy Eduard Albert Meier

Second Edition 2014 - Some of the page numbers my not conincide with your copy of the book if you have a different edition.

Might of Thoughts xi
Interwoven in Billy's German spiritual teaching texts is an evolution-CODE. The code releases impulses from the storage-banks which reach the reader and begin to work evolutively in him or her... The German language originated from the Old-Lyrian and, interestingly, has the same amount of characters per word.

Might of Thoughts xvi and xvii
Overall Consciousness-block
Is the storage bank in the other world created by the spirit form. It is the place where the consciousness-block is dissolved and another one built up.
Page vxii
impulsation: translation for the German, Regung, According to Billy, a "regung" is an impulsation. Impulsating or impulsation are new words, with the meaning; something goes in, something develops. There are various forms of Regungen, such as thought-Regungen, feeling-Regungen, and so on.

Voice of the Aquarian Age

Originally this book was an article for something called the Voice of the Aquarian Age then it was decided that it would become a brochure because of the length. Eventually, the decision was made to make it into a book. However, this writing first appeared as a brochure. This book is about the correct operation of our thoughts, which is indispensable for the needed evolution of our consciousness.

Page xxi
He or she can no longer hide the evolution of our consciousness under a bushel and regard it as a luxury.

Compare the Evolution of the Consciousness to a Tree

Page xxi
One could compare the evolution of the consciousness to a tree, whereby the visible part - namely the trunk and the crown - embodies the external realm of life, while the roots symbolise the inner realm.

So we have an external visible aspect to ourselves as well as an internal aspect. The Meier information emphasis the idea of balance.

Page xxi
If the external and internal growth is in balance, then we have a firmly rooted tree which withstands the wind and weather. But if an imbalance emerges between the inner and outer, then the tree collapses in stormy weather, because the roots are laid out too flat.

An imbalance is a lack of proportion or relation between corresponding things.

More Information on Trees

In botany, a tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in most species. Trees have been in existence on the Earth for 370 million years. Trees play a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate. The roots of a tree serve to anchor it to the ground and gather water and nutrients to transfer to all parts of the tree. It has been demonstrated that some trees are interconnected through their root system, forming a colony. A transverse section through a tree trunk or a horizontal core will show concentric circles - tree rings. These rings are the annual growth rings. The universe also has concentric circles or rings that are referred to as belts. We live in the material belt of our universe.

Videos About Trees

Studying Cypress Trees, The Climate Detective - Texas Parks and Wildlife - From studying the rings of Texas Cypress Trees that can determine how often there have been droughts in the past.

Page xxi
Profound thoughts about life and and existence have become a rarity.

A Human Kind That is Ill in its Consciousness

In Contact 228 the belts of our universe are discussed as follows
, they have no idea that the visible universe is only one of seven belts of the universe. They have no idea at all about the belt of our material universe, in which we exist materially, while on the inner side and the outer side of our visible, material-universe belt yet six further fine-matter belts exist.

Elizabeth Moosbrugger
So the book which lies before you is dedicated to a human kind that is ill in its consciousness, so that it finds again the creational-natural way which it lost long ago.

In 1991 Billy and Elizabeth Moosbrugger view a Fantastic Spectacle which is mentioned in Contact Report 239. They saw three disk shaped UFOs that were each 300 meters in diameter. They exhibited a pulsating and rightward rotating motion of whitish color. They were three large spaceships from the neighboring DAL Universe. The ships were on an exploration and research flight in our Universe, whereby they also inspected the Semjase Silver Star Center.

Thinking independently

FIGU Bulletin 56"
An ancient proverb states: "Everyone is the smith of his own success/luck/happiness" ["Everyone is the architect of his own fortune" / "You make your luck"]

Page xxi
However, an evolution of the consciousness can only come about through the independent thinking of each human being. But thinking is more and more stunted on our planet because we live in a consumer society in which every-thing is pre-chewed to an excessive degree by television, radio, newspapers, magazines and books, for which reason the human being no longer needs to think for himself/herself at all. As a rule, he/she faithfully, takes on the presented body of thought and aligns his/her life accordingly. So in the great mass, there are only foew who really have their own thoughts about that which they hear, see, read, feel and perceive.

Its hard to imagine that we actually live in society where independent thinking is rare. Independent thinking leads to the evolution of the consciousness. But today people are told how they should think. They are told by the media, by churches, by organizations of various kinds what they should think. Thought is an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. Thought is the process of using one's mind to consider or reason about something.

Supporting Videos
Daily Life Motivation #123 - Think Independently
Dumbing Down America Mass Media Programming

So people do not think independently anymore and therefore, there is not an evolution of the consciousness. Evolution any process of formation or growth; development: Evolution a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structure or institutions. Evolution means a progression.

Logic versus Faith

A refutation of false claims and distortions by Korff, Deardorff, James, Internet, January 1996
One also needs to ask, Would the writer of Matthew have had reason to omit the word "logic" or sentences that express the concept, when editing the TJ and forming his gospel from it? The answer to this question is also affirmative. Consistent with other alterations that the compiler of Matthew is deduced to have made to the TJ, he is seen to have omitted TJ teachings that encourage the reader or listener to think for himself. This was apparently because followers of the new religion were supposed to obey the teachings of the church and its priests and scribes rather than to think independently. And if one uses logic, one is thinking independently for oneself.

Later on the Might of the Thoughts will explain how faith short circuits logic. Here is some more information that Asket gave Billy about how we here on the earth cannot think independently and cannot cope with the truth.

Askets Explanations Part 5
The human is still not capable of coping with, and fully understanding, the truth. And he is not yet mature enough to know his future and to approach it correctly. For that reason the truth must be rewritten prophetically for him, as in equations, in order to make him think independently, whereby he slowly finds and recognises the truth himself.

Ausartung means to get very bad get-out of the control of the good human nature. On its own negative thinking leads to Ausartung just as much as purely positive thinking does. The neutral postive equalised mode of thinking is needed to repair the psyche. The might of the thinking is every human beings key to his/her personal power in all things. The human being has to learn to stop doing things which he/she does not want to do in his/her life but which he/she does without knowing why. Many human beings nurture wish-dreams; those which do come to fruition. That which the human being mightfully thinks, manifests for him/her. A plant sprouts from a seed and can therefore not come into existence without it. Everything springs forth from the might of the human being's thoughts.

Reincarnation of the Spirit Form

Here is a great movie it is called Reincarnation and the Spirit-form by Michael Uyttebroek of FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada. There are some additional notes associated with this movie (see The Spirit Form). Each spirit form creates the Overall Consciousness-block in the spiritual realm. The Overall Consciousness-block creates the consciousness-block associated with each material lifetime. Here are some interesting posts some of which relate to the current topic.

See Afterlife
It's the spirit form and the "comprehensive consciousness block" (Gesamtbewusstseinsblock) that enter the Beyond. The spirit form and the comprehensive consciousness block "analyses/reviews" ( = aufarbeiten) what has not been digested/assimilated prior to death. Love, wisdom etc. are transformed into a fine-matter form. The former personality is dissolved and transformed into neutral energy. Then a new personality is "worked out"/developed which incarnates - together with the spirit form - into an embryo at the 21st day after conception. The new personality has nothing in common with the former one!

The Forger of Our Own Fortune

Page 2
All of the human being's might is anchored in his/her thoughts.

Page 2
so that they begin to live according to the old saying which says, "The human being is the forger of his/her own fortune.

Billy goes on to say that children are included in this statement. Both the young and the old. He also mentions that pain, suffering, afflication and disadvantage occur because of the lack of understanding related to the power of the thoughts.

Page 2
"The human being is the forger of his/her own fortune." and , indeed, in the form that the human being forms his/her luck by means of his/her thoughts, in each case according to how he/she choses them and reinforces them.

Page 2
...the external circumstances of life and the way through life...

Billy is refering to the having the ability to affect the external circumstances...

Page 4
However, thoughts must be neither purely negative nor purely positive, but equalised; indeed, neutral-positive equalised. That means that thoughts are certainly maintained in a positive form but negative inclusions must also be allowed in them.

Example of Negative Inclusions

I am doing a great work at my job; however, I know that difficult situations will arise. In this case, the negative inclusion would be I know that difficult situations will arise.

One thing that I would say is that if you are caught rotating negative thoughts in a bad way, you might focus on just adding the positive in. The goal here is keep thoughts in a balanced state. We are trying to add a necessary ratio which results in a neutral positive thinking.

Purely positive thinking can lead to Ausartung just as much as purely negative thinking. Ausartung means to be out of control of the good human nature. Its interesting that standard German translations for ausartung would include degeneration, deterioration, decay.

FIGU Translated Site (This is the FIGU site in Switzerland but translated into English)
FIGU AUDIO - These are mp3 that you can listen to and download

Page 4
Neutral-positive equalised thinking therefore means that both positive and negative must be brought together and equalized, whereby a healthy and progressive thinking arises. On its own, negative thinking leads to Ausartung just as much as purely positive thinking does.

Helpful Meier Spiritual Teaching Site

I think the Meier Information has to go down into the subconscious to be really used. Repeating the information is the key to getting it into the subconscious mind. If we dont continue to repeat this information to ourselves then our subconscious mind will never be trained with the new information. See the following interview of Dr. Bruce Lipton. Dr. Lipton talks about the negative programs that are playing in our subconscious that we "downloaded" from others during the first seven years of our life. The first seven years of our life we are in a hypnotic THETA state of mind where we record the behaviors of others.

Theta waves (3 to 8 Hz) Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition.

Self-mightification may be a process where we see our greatness or our capabilities. So perhaps this is a self discovery of sorts. When this self mightification occurs we are showing ourself our own greatness.

Why Do Some Thoughts Manifest and Others Do Not

Why Do Some Thoughts Manifest and Not Others?

Page 4
...Ziel-directed thoughts which are then mightfully used, whereby a self-mightification arises in practice. Human beings are thereby able to show themselves their real and true greatness.

Might of Thoughts Page 4
And, in conscious use of the might of their thoughts, they show themselves their own capabilities, and also prove that they have a means at their disposal with which they can form their futures and the entire lives according to their own wishes and ideas.

zielgerichtete - purposeful, targeted, target-oriented.
It talks about Ziel-directed thoughts.... zielgerichtete gedanken

What does it mean to mightfully use thoughts?

Might uses power as it stands above power. Power is that which triggers/releases energy. Might is a factor that is ruling and controlling. I think that thought needs to purposeful and totally certain without any doubts to be effective.

It is the might of the thoughts that cause them to manifest. Remember, negative or positive circumstances develop because of the thoughts. It is not just the neutral positive thoughts that manifest but the negative ones as well. Mightful thoughts are the kind of thoughts that manifest.

Page 4
And in the conscious use of the might of their thoughts, they show themselves their real and true greatness.

The Law of Universal Creation

Page 12
The Law of Universal Creation is a law of cause and effect, as applies to all creational areas of law.
The Law of Universal Creation - every thought that is enlivened by might and power, must, as a cause, also bring a quite certain effect.

Page 16
he/she is the creator of his/her own morality, character and entire personality. Along with that, he/she is the also the creator of the state of his/her own psyche and is the smith of his/her entire life circumstances, environment and entire destiny.

Destruction of the Environment

There is a consciousness evolution that is going on right now. We have had five mass extinction events and each time we had to start all over again in terms of life. We are in the sixth mass extinction on the earth. Today’s mass extinction is because of the that human beings are living on the planet. We are seeing collapse of the ecosystem right now. In our lifetime the world is going to go through some massive problems.

The way that we are living is antagonistic to life. The life that we experience is not accident. We are the creators of life. When we fall in love we tend to get healthier. We manifested as honey moon experience. We should be able to manifest the honey moon experience each day that we live in the planet. We are living in a matrix; in fact, the matrix is a documentary. We need to get out of the matrix which is our programming.

The Subconscious Programs

Our mind is creating our life and the conscious mind is where we exist. We have something called the subconscious which is stimulus and response mind. We can create from our awareness. We have a creative mind which has wishes and desires which allow us to project into the future. The creative mind is the source of our aspirations. The subconscious minds consists of habits that we play back like a program. The sub conscious mind is habitual. We have to deal with the programs that are in our subconscious mind. The conscious mind can think and when we start to think that is when the subconscious mind kicks in. Allow about 5% percent of the time do we work towards our wishes and desires. The rest of the time we are running on these programs

Downloading Programs in a Theta State

Consciousness is the ability to be creative. During the first seven years of our life our brain function is in Theta. We are not really being conscious in the first seven years; in fact, we mix reality and fantasy at that age. Theta is really more of a hypnosis stage. The mind is mostly in Theta at this point. There are something called mirror neurons in the brain and these will allow us to observe and download the behavior of others. When we default into the subconscious many times it’s the way that other people would live their life. In fact, our consciousness does not even see our subconscious behavior most of the time.

The Mechanics of Reprograming the Consciousness

A lot of time we start to see our friends behavior and then recognize that your friend is just behaving like their parents. For example a friend may have gotten his programming from his father. The problem is that 95% percent of the day we are playing programs that come from other people. About 95% of the time we are living a program that has come down through the generations from the parents of our parents. Most of these programs are dis-empowering and they will sabotage our behavior. During 5% percent of the time we are moving towards our destination; however, 95% of the time we are just playing dis-empowering programs. In the honey moon effect the conscious mind does not wander. When we are living our wishes and desires we are not playing these negative programs. So the key is to reprogram the subconscious mind using repetition. We must say to ourselves again and again those positive affirmations that are in the present tense. We have to own the fact that we have been programmed with the thoughts of others. The conscious mind is creative and can learn in many different ways. Many people that read self-help books still cannot change their lives because of the programming of the sub-conscious. The subconscious mind is the problem because it does not learn the way the conscious mind learns. Our conscious mind can learn everything in the self-help book and still not be able to change our life because of the subconscious programs that exist in the subconscious mind. We need to re-write the subconscious mind. The first seven years of life we are kind of like a video camera that is recording everything. We can use hypnosis to change our life with subliminal tapes. Another way to change our life is using repetition where we repeat positive affirmations over and over again.

Clarify Your Thoughts

The Psyche is the block or factor which controls that thoughts and the feelings associated to the material consciousness. The power of the material consciousness is not really appreciated today; infact, even such things as the Stigmatization that people experience really come from their own material consciousness.

We really do create our life circumstances, our environment, destiny, our personality.

The Garden Analogy

Page 20
Since ancient times, the saying has prevailed, that those who make efforts regarding a matter actually will also harvest results.

Page 20
The human being must make the effort to clarify his/her thoughts which then become more valuable, purposive and productive, and form life in a more harmonious and more equalised way. Yet everything needs patience and practice, as well as an unremitting effort, because only thereby can the door to real knowledge be found and opened...

To clarify means to make (a statement or situation) less confused and more clearly comprehensible.

To clarify means to make clear or easier to understand; To clear of confusion or uncertainty:

To clarify means to make (an idea, statement, etc.) clear or intelligible; to free from ambiguity.

The word confusion means a lack of understanding; uncertainty. Confusion comes from the Latin confusio and meant to pour together, to mingle together; So with confusion the boundary between things are lost and the distinctions between things are lost. Our thoughts become more purposive having, showing, or acting with a purpose, intention, or design. When those thoughts are clarified.

Clarification of Thoughts Part 2

For me the clarification of my thoughts come when I go back over things again and again. Klarung is the German word for clarification. We should practice clarifying our thoughts.

Eliminate Impure Thoughts Page 22
All wrong useless, negative and impure thoughts are eliminated in order to obtain the necessary space for the useful, pure, neutral-positive-equalised right and cultivated thoughts.

Jmmanuel's Final Teachings

In regards to the impure Jmmanuel wrote the following in his final teachings : "Truly, I say to you, a love that is unlimited, constant and unfailing is unconditional and is a pure love, in whose fire all that is impure and evil will burn.

Everything human within human beings must die, but everything of Creation within them must rise and embrace Creation

"Everything humans possess has its origin in Creation; therefore it belongs to Creation

"Human beings shall transform their entire spiritual lives and perfect them, so that they will become one with Creation

He/she is master of his/her own psychical state Page 22
He/she discovers that he/she is master of his/her pwn psychical state, and that he himself/she herself is responsible for whether the psyche influences the life in state of turmoil and imbalance, or in a state of harmony and equalisedness.

The Consciousness is Like a Garden

Psyche is the name for the half-material block and factor, which, in the material body of a form of life - in this case, the human - organises and administers, within itself, in a negative or positive sequence, the thoughts and feelings of the material consciousness

The material consciousness is the human brain, the cerebrum (big brain), - The direct - It personifies the force in human in which all functions of decision-making, all thought-processes, considerations and deliberations and also speculations, etc, etc are executed, so thus actual thinking.

The Psyche arranges the thoughts.

When a human being starts a garden is started it is certain that some form of plant will be produced in it, regardless of whether the piece of land is cultivated and tended or is grossly neglected.

The consciousness is like a garden and if it is not correctly maintained there will be wildly growing, negative thoughts which have a confusing and destructive effect. These wildly growing thoughts are much like the destructive weeds that appear in our gardens.

Once animated and created, then they develop their own life, exactly as with plants. The human being gathers the sweet as well as the bitter fruits of his or her own thoughts. When a human being starts a garden, then it is certain that some form of plant life will be produced in it. If negative thoughts are allowed to grow in our consciousness, then they proliferate luxuriously like wildly growing weeds which displace everything. If useful seeds are sown then good and healthy plants / thoughts grow in our consciousness.

Being Controlled by Negative Thought
Negative Repeating Thoughts

But the reason that psychically disturbed human beings of all kinds only see black in black and, therefore, negatively, is that their perceptional ability is very limited. whereby the world of thoughts also inevitable falls prey to a limitation, and is only able to move in a narrow framework which only allows the limited and negative perceptions. The thoughts are thereby forced into a cycle in which the same thoughts and themes of thoughts appear over and over again, whereby a rotation of the thoughts is practically called forth. And once such a rotation of the thoughts has begun to operate then the human being who is controlled by it is barely able to free himself/herself from it any more if he/she does not his/her world of thoughts in a positive wise again, and does not broaden his field of perception again.

Only to quickly it can happen that the capacity for perception is impaired through negative and wrong thoughts, and, in certain respects, a delusional state is called forth. As a matter of fact, the border between normality and being delusional is blurred; consequently, genius and madness can merge unnoticeably.

Every human being... can fall prey at any time to insanity, to delusion, or simply to a psychical disorder or psychical illness.

Might of Thoughts page 26
Whoever has negative thoughts will soon allow himself to be controlled by them.

Might of Thoughts page 28
Consequently, the human being is shaken and knocked about by the circumstances of his/her life as long as he/she believes himself/herself to be a helpless created creation of external conditions and influences.

Might of Thoughts page 28
... he/she becomes not only the actual master of his/her thoughts, rather he/she actually becomes the lord and master of himself/herself and his/her entire life. Every human being who practices self-cognition and takes up self-examination and lets appropriate self-control grow.

The Might of Thoughts is Directly Proportional to the Change They Bring to Your Life Circumstances

Might of Thoughts page 28
... to always produce effects in direct proportion to them (the thoughts and their might). The changes to the circumstances of life, and so forth, are in direct proportion to the respectively altered conditions of the thoughts.

So the more powerful are our thoughts the more dramatic are the changes to our life circumstances. So if our thoughts have a lack of power and might then they will make very small changes to our life circumstances

A circumstance is the existing conditions or state of affairs surrounding and affecting an agent: Examples of conditions would include a state of being,a state of health or a social position.

Nuture, Strengthen and Clarify Good Healthy Thought

Might of Thoughts page 28
He/She actually becomes the lord and master of himself/herself and his/her entire life. Every human being who practises self-cognition and takes up self-examination and lets appropriate self-control grow, learns this fact.

Might of Thoughts page 30
The Law of the Growth of progress and the law of adaptation are fulfilled when internal thoughts reach fulfillment in external conditions of life. (paraphrase)
Might of Thoughts page 30
Namely, as a result of the thoughts, which contain power and might in themselves he/she is able to master or destroy his/her life.

Self-cognition would be knowing oneself.

Might of Thoughts page 32
That which the human being thinks he/she makes real and that which the human being thinks about himself/herself, he/she becomes.
Might of Thoughts page 32
Therefore, in any case, it is absolutely always necessary that good and positive thoughts must be tended and nurtured and that the human being should have a good positive opinion of himself/herself...
Might of Thoughts page 32
The human being always determines and forges his own destiny
Might of Thoughts page 34
In fact the creational laws are formed in such a way that there are no powers aside from the human beings own thoughts from which he/she could come to experience personal inequity and person suffering as well as misery and afflication.

No that is a huge statement when one considers that we actually make our own suffering if this is true. No outside circumstances are responsible for our own suffering. Wow, that is hard to really wrap my mind around.

Nurture Neutral Positive Thoughts Nurture means to feed and protect. Nurture can also mean to support and encourage, as during the period of training or development; foster: It means to bring up; train; educate; As a noun nurture is the act or process of promoting the development, etc, of a child. c.1300, "breeding, upbringing," from Old French norture, nourreture "food, nourishment; education, training". Actually one of the words that came up for nurture in the German was to cherish. I like the idea of cherishing healthy, good thoughts. To cherish means to hold (something) dear.

Might of Thoughts page 32
If a human beings becomes a criminal, a felon, a miser, depraved ,virtueless, jealous, vengeful or a hater, and so forth, then he/she has already maintained the corresponding thoughts in his/her consciousness for a long time...

The Humans Own Thoughts Create the Circumstances and The Thinking of the Fetus

Might of Thoughts page 32
He / She never ends in the gutter because of some kind of tyranny.

Might of Thoughts page 34
That which is thought, fulfills itself sooner or later. Therefore, the human being is always lord and master of his/her own thinking and is thereby also the creator of his/her own self.

Might of Thoughts page 36
Thus, at birth, when there are basic characteristics already present, then these were already formed with the development of the human being in the womb, simply through the might of the thoughts of the developing human being.

The Fetus in human development, a fetus is a prenatal human between its embryonic state and its birth. The fetal stage of development tends to be taken as beginning at the gestational age of eleven weeks, i.e. nine weeks after fertilization. Since the spirit form enters the womb at 21 days, I wonder if the human embryo might even have some form of thinking before it enters the fetal stage. So could the developing human be thinking even before nine weeks, its an incredible notion?

The embryo is generally considered to be between the first and the eighth week of development after fertilization. In Contact 200 Billy mentions the fetus becomes animated in the womb through the spirit form. Quetzal mentions that the idea of Mary’s Immaculate Conception was incorrect; however, he mentions that this idea came about in 1857 (see line 8 Contact 200). Which I thought was much later and that this idea probably came about sooner. In fact in earlier times the church thought that the fetus was "inanimate” up to 80 days after the conception. (see line 10 Contact 200). Quetzal goes on to mention that the fetus, which some might argue is technically still an embryo, recieves the human spirit at 21 days (see line 13 Contact 200).

In Contact Report 260 line 72-75 it states that the fetus feels pain by the 12th week or by the 3rd month. Contact Report 260 also states that at 21 days, when the spirit form enters that the heart starts to beat and our scientists cannot fathom that for some reason. Just as a side note I would like to mention that the consciousness of the child is damaged by radiation something that is mentioned in FIGU_Bulletin_006.

Might of Thoughts page 36
As a matter of fact, thoughts pertaining to profound learning and the forming of personality, as well as the forming of morality and the psyche and the basic character are, namely, already maintained by the developing human being in the womb.

Supporting Videos

DISCOVERY CHANNEL;The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy - Here is an interesting movie that talks about the development of the human being in the womb.

Another interesting thing to take into consideration is that there is something called the energy-fetus in creation. This energy-fetus is mentioned in Contact 134 at line 176 and is called the tiny core of creation in which the bing bang developed.

The Human Evolution in Reincarnation

Might of Thoughts page 36
The human being attracts that which he/she is

Billy has a book called Arahat Athersata and an excerpt from that book can be found at the Arahat Athersata on the future of mankind site. The Arahat Athersata is also the first level (or plane) where dwell the pure spirit forms. It takes a spirit billions of years to evolve into this pure spirit form. It is also the name of a book transcribed by Billy Meier that contains advice to the Earth human from pure spirit forms on the Arahat Athersata plane. Arahat Athersata means "The Precious One Who Contemplates the Times". The Time for human evolution is explained by the following

  • We spent 40 to 60 millions years reincarnating into a material body
  • We spend billions of years reincarnating into a half-spiritual / half material body
  • After millions of years in the half material form then we enter into the true spiritual planes called Arahat Athersata.
After millions years, the half-spirit form—the half-material form respectively—transforms itself into the first pure spirit form and enters the level of Arahat Athersata.

People live in such lofty spheres in the half material forms that we can no longer communicate with them. This is explained a little more detail in Contact Report 3.

Arahat Athersata
Correct thinking and knowledge is such a monstrous power that it is able to ceaselessly attract and bring into being everything that the human thinks and longs for.

Might of Thoughts page 36
God is he/she that forms the human beings destiny - and this God is the inner self from which the thoughts, with might are created... Therefore, the human being himself/herself creates, through the might of his/her thoughts, every one of his/her states, regardless of whether it is a state of actual inner freedom, or a negative state of inner imprisonment.

Steering Thought
Wishes and prayers

Might of Thoughts page 38
Wishes and prayers are never petitions to a god or saint, rather they are thoughts generated by oneself which are fed back - out of the consciousness and inner self - to one's own consciousness and inner self, to thereby create fulfillment.

This is the original prayer created by Henoch.

Mein Geist, der du bist in Allmacht.
Dein Name sei geheiligt.
Dein Reich inkarniere sich in mir.
Deine Kraft entfalte sich in mir auf Erden und in den Himmeln.
Mein tgliches Brot gib mir heute, so ich erkenne meine Schuld und ich erkenne die Wahrheit.
Und fhre mich nicht in Versuchung, nicht in Verwirrung, sondern erlse mich vom Irrtum.
Denn dein ist das Reich und die Kraft und das Wissen in Ewigkeit.

  1. My spirit, you are all-mighty.
  2. Your name shall be honoured.
  3. Your realm shall open (incarnate) within me.
  4. Your might (might of the consciousness) shall unfold within me, on earths and in universes.
  5. Give me my daily bread (love, wisdom) today so I recognise my responsibility and I recognise the truth.
  6. And do not throw me into confusion and delusion, but release me from my misunderstanding.
  7. For the realm, the power (power of knowledge) and the knowledge within me are yours in eternity.

This prayer is not directed to the spirit form, but to the human being's material consciousness block, because that's where all the work concerning the conscious evolution of the human being is done. In old times there was only one expression for the material consciousness block and the spiritual consciousness block (spirit form) of the human being and this expression was "spirit."


These are some of the prayers of Nokodemion

  1. My spirit, you are all-knowing, all-capable, all-wise, all-truthly and all-loving in me, your name shall be honoured.
  1. Mein Geist, der du allwissend, allknnend, allweise, allwahrheitlich und allliebend in mir bist, dein Name sei geheiligt.

Might of Thoughts page 44
The thinking is imprisoned by the addiction and rotates around it in an everlasting circle, which has no end...

Addiction Including Addiction to World Domination Addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. Health, finances, relationships, and careers can be ruined. The abuse of drugs and alcohol is by far the leading cause of preventable illnesses and premature death in our society.

  1. Addiction of World Domination
  2. One of the addictions that is talked about in the Meier writings is an addiction to world domination. This is an addiction that is not so common; however, there are certain powerful groups in the world that are now attempting to bring about a world domination. The following are some of the groups that the Meier information says are trying to attain world domination.
    1. The Dark Order is the name used in the Goblet of Truth.
    2. Goblet of Truth LXIX Page 69 of 679 Even the powerful ones of the economy are feeling the might and obeying the evil laws of the dark order which is spreading its dangerous and fatal poison of hatred everywhere, into everything and against everyone who does not share the same opinion as the dark might.

      The Dark Order is called a mighty organzation that comes out of our governing class. It is also called the Secret Order of Darkness and it has its own set of laws. Its goals are obtaining the following:

      1. Mastery over the entire earth.
      2. Mastery over humanity.
      3. Attaining money and power.
      4. Spreading hatred.

    3. Jewish Zionists are mentioned in Askets Explanations part 1 line 131.

      Zionism is a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel

    4. Ron Hubbard and certain Christians sects are mentioned in Askets Explanations part 1 line 131.
    5. Ron Hubbard was an American author and the founder of the Church of Scientology. After establishing a career as a writer, becoming best known for his science fiction and fantasy stories, he developed a system called Dianetics. People who have a attained a certain level in Dianetics are said to be a Clear and a person named Sonya Bianca was just such a person, she claimed to have perfect recall.

      U-Tube Films about Ron Hubbard

      Hubbard publicly demonstrates a Clear Fails utterly

    6. Addiction to Your Own Desires

      Goblet of Truth Page 371 (445 of 679)
      This love for yourselves as people of your kind (self-love) is not the same as ego-love (egoism) which is as a vice (pathological craving/self-addiction) addicted in mercilessness (ruthlessness) to its own desires (urges/drives/penchants);

      The Meier information talks about a true self-love which is the unfolding (evolution) of the inner world (consciousness), the world of thoughts and feelings. In the article called In_Praise_of_Love,_Truth_and_Wisdom states that true love, truth and wisdom, can be obtained simply through the power of clear and reasonable thinking. When something is reasonable it is appropriate or fair; moderate. Reasonableness can refer to sound judgment; Something that is sensible.

Addiction Part 2
  1. Drug Addiction

    Goblet of Truth LXV (65 of 679)
    others still will increasingly turn to drugs which have been partially legalised through the irrationality of those in power because they are too stupid to recognise the danger of drug addiction and its consequences, or because they themselves are profiting from the drug trade.

    The Might of Thoughts on page 42 talks about a man that is wealthy and has become addicted to expensive drinks and eventually becomes an alcoholic. Eventually this rich person would be willing to give half of his wealth to become free of his addiction. This man has pandered to his weakness and has given full expression to his addiction.

    Might of Thoughts Page 42
    His/Her wrong thinking, wrong wishes, hopes and actions, attract ever worsening circumstances and situations...
    his/her wrong thoughts are only directed at the fulfillment of his/her vice.

    Might of Thoughts Page 44
    The thinking is imprisoned by he addiction and rotates around it - in an everlasting circle, which has no end. For the liberation from the vice, thinking would have to be reversed.

Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. The two properties that characterize all addictive stimuli are that they are (positively) reinforcing (i.e., they increase the likelihood that a person will seek repeated exposure to them) and intrinsically rewarding (i.e., they activate the brain's "reward pathways", and are therefore perceived as being something positive or desirable). The most important reward pathway in the brain is the mesolimbic dopamine system. This circuit (VTA-NAc) is a key detector of a rewarding stimulus. Under normal conditions, the circuit controls an individual's responses to natural rewards, such as food, sex, and social interactions, and is therefore an important determinant of motivation and incentive drive.

Unconscious Thoughts

Might of Thoughts page 44
However, the rule is that the human being does not think consciously but largely unconsciously... Consequently, the human being is also almost always the unconscious cause of those circumstances in which he/she lives.

The unconscious is the part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but that affects behavior and emotions... The unconscious mind (or the unconscious) consists of the processes in the mind that occur automatically and are not available to introspection...

So our unconscious has the ability to actually cause the circumstances in our lives. Empirical evidence suggests that unconscious phenomena include repressed feelings, automatic skills, subliminal perceptions, thoughts, habits, and automatic reactions, and possibly also complexes, hidden phobias and desires.

Might of Thoughts page 44
And furthermore, it is a fact that while the human beings wants the good and the positive, he/she constantly prevents exactly the achievement of the good and the positive, because, through wrongly steered thoughts, the human being beings maintains wishes, hopes, and yearnings which in no wise agree with the good and the positive, and therefore do not harmonize with them.

So we have hopes and yearnings that sometimes do not agree with the good and positive. A yearning is a feeling of intense longing for something. A persistent, often melancholy desire; a longing: a yearning for romance and adventure. So perhaps sometimes these kinds of yearnings are not healthy. We have to constantly be looking at our own thoughts and evaluating them. Here is a good video that talks about the unconsciousness Pure Science Specials - Automatic Brain: The Magic of the Unconscious Mind

As a Rule Suffering is an Effect of Some Form of Wrong Thinking

Might of Thoughts page 52 The Law of Harmony
As a rule, suffering is always an effect of some form of wrong thinking if the suffering is related to negative, bad or evil outcomes. In this form, incidents of suffering are indicators that the law of harmony is disregarded and broken and that one is therefore not living according to the law of BEING, which is directed at progress, love, peace, knowledge wisdom, joy and true inner freedom. The law determines that the thoughts must be progressive and neutral-positive-equalised, in order to be integrated, in this form, in a neutral-positive-equalised way, into the law of causality - indeed the law of cause and effect:

Example of Wrong Thinking Hypothetical Example

Lets say I have an idealistic view of some person, meaning that I think this individual called Joe is the most fantastic person that ever walked the earth. However, the truth of the matter is that he has some real flaws that I am kind of blind to; in other words, I am not really seeing his flaws. So after years of friendship, Joe does something that is disappointing to me. Now I am filled with disappointment for weeks because of this thing that Joe did; however, the suffering that I am experiencing is really an effect of my wrong thinking. In other words, I failed to see that Joe is a person with flaws like all people; therefore, my suffering is because of the wrong thinking that I had in relationship to Joe. Its important to note that the suffering is not the fault of Joe; instead, it is the effect of my wrong thinking.


Denkens - mind control, The power of positive thinking, thinking


falschen - out of place, out of position, at the wrong moment, under false pretenses, wrong


Auswirkung - impact, implication, effect, ramification


Leiden means to suffer.


Anzeichen - an indication, evidence, sign, precursor, intimation


An effect is a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause. So suffering is an effect of wrong thinking. Wrong thinking is the cause.

An Incident

An incident is an event or occurrence.
An incident is an occurrence of an action or situation that is a separate unit of experience.
When incidents of suffering enter the life they are indicators that the law of harmony has been disregarded.


An Indicator can be symbol; for example, the dashboard of my car has a symbol that appears which indicates my tires need some air in them. Incidents of suffering are indicators or symbols which tell us that we might be having some form of wrong thinking.

The Law of Harmony

I think the law of harmony means that we are confident, optimistic, relaxed and cheerful. This law refers to our thinking.

We have disregarded the law of harmony: My take on the law of harmony would be that we have the characteristics in our thinking that make us:

  1. Confident
  2. Optimistic
  3. Relaxed
  4. Cheerful
  5. Enthusiastic

The Law of BEING

The Law of Being deals with progress. The Law of Being requires our thoughts to be progressive. When something is progressive it is happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step. So the Law of Being deals with progress that is made while we are proceeding step by step. As we make progress in the Law of Being our thoughts remain nuetral positive.

The Law of Causality

So first this passage is saying that suffering, lets say about 95% of the time is coming from our own form of wrong thinking. In this case, we have disregarded the law of harmony. So we have decided to take things into our own hands, and speak out or strike back in some way.

Ironclad Laws and Directives From Arahat Athersata

Arahat Athersata

Even if, in his lack of reason, the Earth human is still so bestial and barbaric and ingenious in the most malicious intrigues, he will still never be able to alter or destroy the laws and directives of Creation. Even were his intrigues very great and forceful in their application and effect they may never injure the creational laws and directives. The adverse effects of the intrigues he employs, and of the hate, always fall back on the originator himself and very often bring him fatal damage. So if the human thinks and behaves according to the laws of intrigue and hate which he himself produces, he has to bear the results which come from that himself, because, due to all the negative degeneration, of all possible outcomes he can only organize for himself evil suffering, need, misery and damage.

To disregard means to "pay no attention to; ignore". So in other words, we are not paying any attention to the fact that we do not have harmony in our thinking.

A key German term here is the word gesetz - means law [of nature etc.], principle

So remember that having harmony in your thinking is a law. So we are not paying any attention to a law when we disregard the law of harmony. The turmoil starting to brew up in our thinking will lead to suffering.

Might of Thoughts page 52 Purification
This means that everything which is useless, wrong and unclean must be burnt out and eliminated from the thoughts... All impurities must first be burnt out of it. And before a human beings Wesen can be pure and luminous, it must also first be cleansed of all impurity.

Might of Thoughts page 52 Self created suffering
Self-created suffering is only ended when the human being - in his/her thoughts - are pure, enlightened and neutral postive equalised, and his/her thoughts - is pure, enlightened and neutral-positive-equalised, and his/her thoughts can come to fruition in this form through their might.

So it is quite clear, that if the positive and the negative part of ‹a thing› is equalised, then harmony exists. Wrong thoughts result in self-created suffering.

Goblet 22:13
It is necessary that you live in ample harmony with the powers that are in you and around you, as well as with the disharmonious powers that stand in contradiction to them, since everything is built up on contrarinesses and therefore always both poles, positive and negative must be taken into consideration and included in the efficacy of the equalisation, for which there is no middle way.

Self Control and the Unconscious

Might of Thoughts page 58
Ones own thoughts can be controlled and maintained along the right paths, so that at least inner freedom and harmony, and so forth, is obtained or acquired...

Contact Report 228
On one hand the mission and their entry into it serves, in the first instance, their own evolution, and on the other hand, it serves also for them to teach the people and to convey love, knowledge and wisdom, as well as inner peace and inner freedom, balance and harmony.

Ausgeglichenheit - equilibrium, poise, balance, calm, even temper; Perhaps, the whole concept of being nuetral positive means balance.

Some of the Synonyms for harmony include concord, unity, peace, amity, friendship. So if we have an inner harmony its a good possibility that we are maintaining the neutral postive thinking. Something which is neutral is said to be not helping or supporting either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial. Billy talks about neutral as being balanced between the negative and the positive.

Might of Thoughts page 58
The principle of the universe is the principle of life, and this principle is the law of evolution through cause and effect- the law of causality, whereby every single effect ,every single occurrence and every single action, and so forth, has a preceding cause.

A principle is a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

The Vicious Cycle

Might of Thoughts Page 68
If this state is maintained further,then as a result of the continually negative thoughts, the feelings become correspondingly also increasingly negative and transmit themselves, in this form, to the psyche which thereby becomes increasingly negative, increasingly unequalised and, finally, disturbed and sick.

Billy, later in this same page calls this the vicious cycle. Its just my opinion that there are two kinds of these vicious cycles. The first vicious cycle is caused by negative thinking like anger, fear, depression or frustration. This kind of thinking produces feelings that typically make us feel bad. So we get immediate feedback during our self observation that something bad or unhealthy is going on. The longer we stay in this kind of vicious cycle the worse we feel. Typically, this kind of cycle will make us feel worse and worse the longer that it goes on.

The Second kind of vicious cycle does not necessarily make us feel bad right away. This kind of cycle might involve, drinking too much, smoking, over eating, being lazy, having religious thoughts or driving too fast. This kind of bad behavior and its associating negative effects take a while to manifest but can have some very bad results.

Might of Thoughts Page 68
Naturally, in this form, the thoughts and the disturbed or sick psychical state become the burden for the human being, because his,her individual life becomes disturbed in every regard.

Cause and Effect of the Vicious Cycle

negative thoughts-> negative feelings-> psyche becomes unequalized-> psyche becomes sicks-> psychical state becomes a burden-> life becomes disturbed->
The environment is draw into the misery-> new burdens and conditions appear from the outside -> The whole life condition is impaired ->

Might of Thoughts Page 68
The thoughts and feelings thus form the vicious cycle which influences the psyche, because the disturbed or sick psyche in turns influences the feelings in a negative form, which in turn do the same with the thoughts.

Might of Thoughts Page 68
Such sustaining conditions, to which the affected human being increasingly falls prey and from which he/she is no longer able free himself/herself, are thus created.

Might of Thoughts Page 68
the environment is drawn into the misery, which means that, from then on, new burdens and prevailing conditions from outside continually appear which impair the whole life situation.

  • Important Things to Tell Yourself which can help you break out of the vicious cycle.
  • More Information on the Psyche
  • Principles

    Prinzip - principle,precept, concept

    Principles are things that come first. Principles are the most important things.

    Cause and Effect

    Some of this information comes from Mark Pasio and his film called The Principle of Cause and Effect

    There is a time principle involved in cause and effect. The effect resulting from a given cause may take time to manifest. There can be time lag between the cause and the effect. Sometimes taking no action also has an effect. We can remain ignorant of underlying causes that we have set into motion. For example, many times we think multiple negative thoughts which result in multiple negative feelings before we are aware of them. We might not even realize that our thoughts generated something that is not good.

    Cause and Effect Flood Example (Unintended Consequences)

    This is just a hypothetical example that I put together. Lets say there is a flash flood at some location called "location b". This flash flood at "location b" releases 36 inches of rain in an hour long down pour.

    1. The earlier mentioned downpour, causes two rivers to flood which destroys 30 homes and kills 8 people.
    2. One of the people that is killed in the flood is a woman that would have had a child that would have been a great scientist.
    3. This child would have invented the cure to a disease that we will call "disease X".
    4. Fifty years down the timeline when "disease X" comes into existance there are 250 million people killed by the disease.
    5. Of those 250 million people killed by "disease X" there are 3 engineers that never get born because there parents were killed in the outbreak.
    6. Those 3 engineers that were not born, would have developed a propulsion system that would have taken us to the stars.
    7. So essentially, one man that decided to build his house too close to a river caused several huge disasters farther down the timeline.


    Evolution is the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Adaptation is the evolutionary process whereby an organism becomes better able to live in its habitat or habitats.

    Things that manifests physically must generally first exist as a thought. You could think of the world of causality as the mental plane.

    Causality is what connects one process with another process or state (the effect), where the first is partly responsible for the second, and the second is partly dependent on the first. In general, a process has many causes,[2] which are said to be causal factors for it, and all lie in its past. An effect can in turn be a cause of, or causal factor for, many other effects, which all lie in its future.

    Contact Report 214
    You explained that well. In truth, things, situations, and events, as well as occurrences, etc., simply fit themselves together and join into one another in such a way that a particular effect emerges from this, freely according to the law of causality, that is, the law of cause and effect.

    Aristotelian philosophy uses the word "cause" to mean "explanation" or "answer to a why question"

    The Plejaren think of Fate as a function of cause and effect.

    Interview with Billy 1988
    The self-control one possesses must be self-evident and can only be gained through arduous self-scrutiny, where every iota of one's thoughts is kept completely safe and under control, regardless of outside influences. One must not allow even the minutest negative vibration of thought and emotion to radiate or become noticeable to others in any way. A totally neutral, unbiased attitude towards all forms of life at all times must be achieved, which, ultimately, becomes one's second nature...

    Arduous means requiring great exertion; laborious; difficult: So controlling our thoughts and making sure that they are neutral positive takes some level of effort.

    Might of Thoughts page 70
    the environment is drawn into the misery, which means that, from then on, new burdens and prevailing conditions from outside continually appear which impair the whole life situation and the disturbed or sick state of the psyche even more.

    Might of Thoughts page 70
    neutral-positive-equalised-thinking is able to change and eliminate these things


    ausgeglichenes-balanced, (balanced budget), (balanced result), (sober mind), (account in balance)

    Might of Thoughts page 70
    repairs his/her thoughts


    repariert-repair, mend

    Might of Thoughts page 72
    The term cognition is a collective term for all processes, manifestations and structures which are associated with the conscious and unconscious perception of anything.

    One of the important things to take notice of here is that we perceive things in an unconscious manner. Preconscious processes there play a very important role.

    Might of Thoughts page 72
    Unconscious processes of perception run their course, through which the psyche is likewise influenced and directed.

    In psychoanalysis, preconscious are the thoughts which are unconscious at the particular moment in question, but which are not repressed and are therefore available for recall and easily 'capable of becoming conscious'

    Wish Dream

    The Wish Dream

    Might of Thoughts page 72
    But in the end it is first necessary that the thoughts become calm, which mainly happens as a result of the thinking being occupied with neutral material, for example, with a wish dream...

    The Example Wish Dream

    A wish dream can be something neutral or pleasant that has happened in your past or something that you would like to happen. It might be something simple like doing some outside work like raking or spending time with your pets. I have been racking up hay that I put out last month. That could be a wish dream that I could think about. It has no connotations either positive or negative. So in your mind think of these neutral events so that you can start to become calm. We think about the wish dreams so that "that the thoughts become calm".

    We want to get to the place where we are showing no strong emotions. We want to be serene and composed.

    Contact Report 432
    The opposite of calm and serene would be the destructive rage that is discussed in the following text.
    Not even the Nazis have operated in these contexts of unbelievably destructive rage, consequently, only the USA can be taken as an example, who, in the same measure, let their destructive rages have free rein in the Second World War at Hiroshima, Nagasaki and on diverse Japanese islands as well as in Germany in Dresden and Schweinfurt and so forth.

    There were more people killed in the invasion of Okinawa than were killed during the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan. In a sense, America behaved as if driven by a very great rage. A very destructive rage can come about if we do not learn how to calm our thoughts.

    Might of Thoughts page 72
    At any rate: with a matter or a subject, and so forth, which has absolutely nothing to do with the actual problem. Thereby the thoughts become calm, which leads to the actual problem then being tackled calmly and considered more easily...


    Ruhe means peace, quiet, silence, calm, tranquility

    Might of Thoughts Page 74 Cognition

    The term "cognition" is a collective term for all processes, manifestations and structures which are associated with the conscious or unconscious perception of anything. The psyche takes up the information--that is to say, the kind of feelings -- which in turn are formed by the though patterns.

    ... preconscious processes therefore play a very important role... unconscious processes of perception run their course, through which the psyche is likewise influenced and directed.

    ... to reactions of unconscious thought processes, which, in turn, unconsciously create unconscious feelings...

    It is thereby not of significance whether the congnitive process occurs consciously or unconsciously, because, in any case, conscious or unconscious throughts and feelings are created from it.

    Unconscious Feelings

    Might of Thoughts page 74
    Unconscious thought processes create unconscious feelings.

    Stigmatization and delusional visions can be caused by unconscious processes. Stigmatization -- The Wounds of Christ seem to also in part by caused by unconscious phenomenon. The stigmatization phenomenon, during which the wounds of Christ materialize as bleeding wounds on the back and palms of the persons' hands, as well as their loins, insteps, possibly also on their forehead, the head (from the crown of thorns) or on their backs (traces from flagellations), is a form of religious-sectarian manifestations of self-flagellation based on a psychogenic effect.

    Unconscious thoughts and feelings can determine if we become healthy or sick.

    Might of Thoughts Page 76
    ... in any case, the might of the thoughts alone is responsible for the state of the psyche.

    Might of Thoughts Page 78
    ... the phenomenon of selective perception and selective attentiveness plays a quite especially important role, whereby this perception and attentiveness cannot be equated with purely conscious thinking, because everything happens unconsciously or in exaggerated highly conscious form.

    In this form everything is exaggerated and overrated...

    Might of Thoughts page 80
    But the reason that psychically disturbed human beings of all kinds only see black in black and, therefore, negatively, is that their perceptional ability is very limited, whereby the world of thoughts also inevitablely falls prey to a limitation, and is only able to move in a narrow framework, and indeed in a framework which only allows the limited and negative perceptions. The thoughts are thereby forced into a cycle in which the same thoughts and themes of thoughts appear again and again, whereby a rotation of the thoughts is practically called forth. And once such a rotation has begun to operate then the human being who is controlled by it is is barely able to free himself/herself from it any more...

    Difference Between Emotions and Feelings

    Might of Thoughts page 82
    A fundamental distinction must be made between emotions and feelings, because - in complete contrast to the philosophical and psychiatric and psychological schools of thought- they represent two completely unlike factors which, in their form, have nothing in common with each other.

    Gefühl - means feelings, hunch, sense, sentiment

    Emotionen - are reactions caused by situations and states

    A reaction is a response to or activity aroused by a stimulus. All forces occur in pairs such that if one object exerts a force on another object, then the second object exerts an equal and opposite reaction force on the first

    A reflex, or reflex action, is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus

    Emotion Illustration

    I had the doors open to the garage and several of my cats were laying in the garage. I moved one of the kitty litter containers with my foot and it made a noise. One of cats, got scared and immediately ran out of the garage. The emotion of fear could be seen on the cats face and the reflex associated with that fear was to run out of the garage. So the cat experienced an emotion and not a feeling.

    Emotions are similiar to what is called reaction patterns up on the FIGU Dictionary. These are therefore reaction patterns that are possessed by many animals and other creatures (birds, fishes, reptiles, etc.) and are controlled by the brain; in human beings, this is the oldest part of the brain, the brain stem.

    Might of Thoughts page 82
    Feelings, namely, are created as a result of particular lines of thought, while emotions are reactions which are called forth by particular situations and states and in forms which are specific to the individual, as well as forms which are external and environmentally conditioned.

    Lines or Trains of Thoughts

    Gedanke - Thought, notion, idea, sentiment

    Gedankengange - means lines of thoughts. Deep L translated this as trains of thought or line of though. The word Gedankengange is a compound word made of off Gedanke and im gange. The word gange is pronounced "im ganna" which means in train, underway, in progress,

    Notice that it says the feelings are able to be created though certain lines of thought. I really like the phrase lines of thought. Thoughts do seems to move in a linear fashion and come in groups. Imagine many thoughts lined up one following the other. I think of a freight train where the engine is pulling many cars that are following behind. Remember feelings are created from certain lines of thoughts while emotions are reactions called forth by particular situations

    Gedankenanstoss - thought-provoking impulse
    Translation from DeepL

    Goblet: 21:15 ... but to do this, thought-impulses are needed through which then the will is built up and through which then the life is changed if you only let yourselves be touched and guided by your true inner nature; ...

    Impulses From The Spirit Form - Click this link to see more information about how the spirit form sends impulses to the material consciousness.

    Might of Thoughts Page 388
    The other personality is the innermost nature which is - the creational "I" - which is of a purely spiritual nature and whose quiet impulses of wisdom are not listened to or are only extremely seldom listened to, by the human being in general.

    Might of Thoughts page 82
    So, emotions are therefore able to create thought throught which particular feelings are created


    Emotion is, in everyday speech, a person's state of feeling in the sense of an affect. Scientific discourse has drifted to other meanings and there is no consensus on a definition. This is a huge statement because science has not even yet been able to define emotions. The physiology of emotion is closely linked to arousal of the nervous system. The Meier information says that emotions are lightning fast reactions to some sort of factor in the body or the environment. Both Anger and Rage are considered emotions. Billy has several very interesting articles on anger.

    Might of Thoughts page 84
    Emotions arise so quickly that they are noticable before we detect them.

    Might of Thoughts page 84
    As explained, emotions are not to be equated with feelings, because a great difference exists between the two: emotions arise completely spontaneously from some sort of internal or external situation, and are hard to bring control by means of the thoughts.

    Might of Thoughts page 84
    In contrast to emotions, which cannot be steered, feelings can be very well guided and led in particular directions, simply through the kind of thoughts and their might.

    Might of Thoughts page 84
    They are in no kind and wise based on feelings, rather soley on internal or environmentally-conditioned external perceptions of situations, events, experiences, impressions, pertaining to the body and the consciousness. Emotions thereby arise completely spontanously and so quickly that they cannot be recognized before they become noticable.

    Might of Thoughts page 84
    Additionally, with the occurence of emotions, a strong state of excitation arises, from which a state of warmth often, or mostly arises, comes about which primarily manifests in the head; however, which can spread to the entire body.

    Might of Thoughts page 84
    All of this is in contrast to feeling, which, as a rule, are built up consciously - in certain cases also unconsciously - by means of lines of thought; consequently, their emergence can be recognised, percieved and observed as well as controlled.

    As already explained, not only conscious, rather also unconscious thinking occurs, whereby exactly the latter can be especially dangerous for the psyche...

    Might of Thoughts page 86
    Emotions are reflexive, spontaneous manifestations, while feelings, in every case, emerge slowly and are formed by the world of thoughts.

    Might of Thoughts page 90
    There are still many other effects which likewise have important significance in regard to unconscious cognitive processing:

    1. alcoholism
    2. desires
    3. gender
    4. state of health
    5. fitness of body, psyche and consciousness

    Might of Thoughts page 92
    Unconscious, subliminal perceptions are absolutely present with every human being.

    The part of the psyche lying before the consciousness and therefore not easily raised into consciousness due to its much faster rate of processing. In Freudian psychology, the unconscious cannot be directly observed with the conscious mind due to its much faster rate of processing ability which the consciousness cannot interpret as its information processing abilities are much slower. It has its own processes. Which is another way of saying it deeply affects conscious thought due to amalgamating a large hefty amount of data into a neat package of facts that the consciousness can easily manage to digest.


    One of Billy's articles on anger is called Anger and Rage. Billy says that anger and rage are not the same thing. If you try to fight rage with rage then it can lead to very devastating results.

    Anger and Rage Article
    Due to ununderstanding, popularly, anger and rage are often put on the same level as each other, however, it thereby concerns two fundamentally different factors, which also have different manifestations and effects.

    During the emergence of the rage the thoughts and their feelings get out of control and the emotions are allowed to run free. Perhaps, that is one difference between rage and anger. In rage perhaps the emotions do run free. Rage then must be met with love and feeling for others as well as with kind-heartedness, dignity and peaceableness. An adequate high regard for the rights of the fellow human being can help to combat anger. Rage is sometimes defined as violent, uncontrollable anger. The non-use of the intellect can lead to rage.

    Anger and Rage Article
    By definition, anger is a violent, uncontained outburst - leading right up to a fury - of uncontrolled, wild thoughts and their feelings as well as the emotions.

    Anger and rage can lead to the loss of discernment. Discernment is the the ability to judge well. Discernment means to recognize or perceive clearly. It is dangerous when we lose our discernment.

    Anger and Rage Article
    Exactly through anger and rage the human being loses one of his/her best, and naturally given abilities; namely his/her healthy discernment.

    Here is another great article about Anger it is called Anger Harms the Liver by Mariann Uehlinger Mondria, Switzerland . Protecting our psyche by neither retreating into one's shell nor shouting in anger isn’t easy at all. The trigger for our anger is within ourselves. The degenerated negative frequencies which we send out by our mental block, when angrily shouting, are really toxic for our cells. Our hepatocytes (liver cells) are affected in such a way that they degenerate and cancer cells are built. There is a word that sometimes defines those that are angry. Intransigence means refusing to compromise or agree; inflexibility and sometimes is associated with anger. We want to prevent anger, meaning neither swallowing it nor letting it out, but not allowing it to develop at all – as is right and proper for a real human being.

    Might of Thoughts page 82
    Emotions are reactions

    Might of Thoughts page 82
    Emotions are able to create thoughts

    Might of Thoughts page 82
    Feelings occur because of thoughts

    Might of Thoughts page 84
    Emotions arise spontanously and are hard to bring under control by thoughts.

    Examples of states of excitation include crying and laughter

    The Unconscious and the Emotion

    Might of Thoughts page 92
    Therefore, in each case, the particular unconscious state very strongly determines the emergence, and the kind and wise as well as the intensity, of the feelings which are called forth and formed through conscious and unconscious thoughts.

    The unconscious mind (or the unconscious) consists of the processes in the mind that occur automatically and are not available to introspection, and include thought processes, memory, affect, and motivation. When something is automatic it is working by itself with little or no direct human control. Intropspection is the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes. So unfortunately we cannot have introspection on the unconscious mind; however, I think it might be helpful to be aware that there are automatic processes that go on in terms of our thoughts. It is also important to be aware that these unconscious thoughts can be extremely powerful.

    Depressions are caused by the flattening of feelings...

    Unconscious or conscious negative thinking produces the flattening of feelings that lead to depressions. (Page 102)

    Might of Thoughts Page 102
    Depressions are based on acquired flattened feelings, which unambiguously, and without any doubt, are determined by a conscious or unsconscious negative thinking. If negative thinking occurs, and stabilises or deepens, then it is unavoidable, and there is no chance that positive thinking can still come about.

    Positive thoughts must be learnt, and indeed by every human being, because they are not simply given to anyone.

    Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings. I speculate that the flattening of feelings means the removal of any highs.

    Strong thoughts which are imprinted with feelings have, for the human beings who live with them, a profound and existential significance , because such structures of thought are not seldom extremely stubborn and can only be influenced with great difficulty.

    With them, unconscious thoughts and feelings generate unconscious or conscious psychical or physical reactions,

    Future of Mankind Unconsciousness
    The Unconscious can be comparatively understood as something like say a ‘secretary’ or clerical assistant, coming before the Consciousness in the chain of information processing. Which autonomously takes in and sorts incoming Impulses and Perceptions i.e. facts. After or post which it provides the ‘preprocessing’ in a corresponding form, before the whole is then consequentially passed on to the conscious-of-itself material-consciousness.

    Its interesting that science has not come to agreement to actually what thought is. Strong thoughts that are imprinted with feelings have, for the human beings who live with them, a profound and existential significance, because such structures of thought are seldom extremely stubborn, and can only be influenced with great difficulty.

    The Unconscious and the Stigmata

    Structure means the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.

    I really thought it was interesting the way that Billy used the word structures of thoughts. A structure is an arrangement and organization of interrelated elements in a material object or system. These structures can have relationships like the one to many relationship.

    So how does the unconscious mind affect us?

    1. We can become deceivers of ourselves. In Askets Explanations Part 1 - It describes (Reinhold) Schmidt who was deceived by the Giza Intelligences; however, he ultimately deceived himself as well. In line 202 it states: Thereby such an Earth human will become an unconscious deceiver of himself and of all those who believe his explanations. Asket also said that George Adamski was lying about his experiences. Asket in decribing George Adamski said that he carries out various deceitful manipulations quite consciously. Where as Reinhold Schmidt was deceived by the Giza Intelligences and he also deceived himself.

    2. The unconscious mind can affect the human body in FIGU bulletin 3 stigmatization is mentioned. Religious delusions can be transfered even into the unconscious mind. So these wounds that appear one people who are subject to the stigmata are induced partially through unconscious processes. The same is true in cases of alleged alien abductions. In FIGU Bulletin 7 it talks about wounds from alleged ET examinationations that are actually produced by peoples unconscious minds. FIGU Bulletin 7 states - Such individuals produce these wounds unconsciously, through their own mental powers, when their brains are exposed to the large sub-consciousness composite of a particular human mass

      Movie on Stigmata - Stigmata: Wounds Of Mystery TV Documentary This movie really shows the incredible power of the human mind. Because these wounds are actually self inflicted unconscious wounds. One case is a man named Georgio Bon Giovanni from Italy. Who actually has wounds that take on the shape of a cross that appear on his forehead. Its interesting that his wounds appeared first when he was visiting a shrine in Fatima Portugal in 1989. He actually weeps tears of blood and often bleeds once a week.

      The most shocking case is the woman called Teresa Neumann who lived in the village of Konnersreuth in Bavaria, Germany. You can actually see the blood flowing from this womans eyes as she sits in her bed in a trace. This is a true testimony to the incredible power of the human mind. Teresa would bleed on most Fridays. She is said to have survived for years only on the little wafers used in communion and sometimes she would speak in the ancient Aramaic.

    Automatic Thoughts

    Might of Thoughts page 106
    Feelings represent primary processes in the carrying out of life, which is why they must not be stifled or eliminated in any form... They must never be foreced with Gewalt, or be fought and elimated. But the difference between feelings and emotion is easy to recognise for every human being if he/she directs his/her attention to them: emotions, namely, come suddenly like lightning, surging, exciting and uncontrollable, whereby they are often only of short duration. However, feelings manifest slowly and then are associated witha preceding thought-process, quite in contrast to emotions, which are not preceded by thought-process, quite in contrast to emotions, which are not preceeded by any thoughts.

    Might of Thoughts page 108
    Exclusively conscious or unconscious thinking is responsible for the creation of feelings.

    Might of Thoughts page 110
    Thoughts create feelings and these feelings influence the psyche, whereby, in turn, feedback to the consciousness is triggered and, with that, further thoughts. If the thoughts are of a conscious nature, the the feelings also arise in this form. This certaintly should be clear.
    However, if the thoughts are of an unconscious nature, triggered by unconscious perceptions of some sort and by an unconscious recognition, then often the feelings function in this form.

    Might of Thoughts page 110
    In this form, feelings can therefore create and influence thoughts, but the necessary prerequisite is always that a thought is first created- regardless of whether it is in conscious and unconscious form - so that a feeling comes into being.

    Might of Thoughts page 110
    The interdepency of thoughts and feelings is enormous and extremely multilayered and, unfortunately, the predominant connections of these processes are still completely unknown to psychiatry and psychoanalysis;

    One of the biggest problems that we face is problem-causing thoughts that function somewhat automatically. We tend to narrow our frame of reference and focus on these thoughts over and over again. So we need to learn to break that cycle of automatic thought and recognize when we fall pray to these thoughts which generate feelings that harm our minds.

    Might of Thoughts page 112
    All of a human beings thoughts and feelings are important for him/her, regardless of whether their nature is negative or positive and whether its conscious or unconscious. Manipulation of natural state of the thoughts and feelings must never be attempted by thinking and feeling purely positive.

    Might of Thoughts page 120
    Problem-causing thoughts- and the evaluations and feelings which arise from them - which are unconsciously tended and nurtured, and which operate automatically and throw the psyche into turmoil, It is these automatic thoughts which are the crucial point, because it is through them that the feelings are disturbed and thereby also the psyche.

    So one thing that you can do is check when your feelings are getting disturbed. Because these disturbing feelings are a sign that you have entered into a kind of thinking that is not good for the psyche. Each time these repeating thoughts move through the mind they generate more disturbing feelings. So we have to break this pattern of uncontrolled automatic thoughts. This can be done thought meditation, focusing on something else, listening to music and going out into nature.

    These problem causing thoughts tend to become a bad habit that we repeat over and over again. These thoughts create a distortion of reality and can lead to depression. We can start thinking about these problems unconsciously. We all have problems in our life that can generate this kind of automatic unconscious thinking. We need to examine which conscious or unconscious attitudes are causing our behavoir. This is challenging because the conscious or unconscious ideals are not always immediately recognized. Sometimes it can be helpful to even create a diary of thoughts and feelings. Some of these unconscious thoughts can actually move to the conscious mind. We need to develop a kind of systematic self-observation.

    These problematic thoughts can lead to distortions of reality. However, as a rule, these problematic thoughts and feelings are mostly of an unconscious nature.

    Thoughts Crystallise Into Circumstances

    Might of Thoughts page 138
    The circumstances from which suffering grows in the human being are the product of the might of his/her thoughts and thereby also the product of his/her own mental disharmony...

    Harmony is a relationship characterized by a lack of conflict or by agreement, as of opinion or interest. A relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another: An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole: Harmony of thoughts and feelings leads to to joy and enjoyment. We should stop rebelling against circumstances that are against one's own views. Difficult circumstances can lead us to discover hidden powers in ourselves

    Might of Thoughts page 142
    Lower thoughts form lower feelings, lower habits and lower circumstances, such as alcoholism, hate, afflication, resentment, sorrow, grief, bitterness, errors of judgment, and so forth - and many kinds of suffering. If one's thoughts are destructive, then they crystallise into confusing and exhausting habits and circumstances, which when the human being is afflicted by them is no longer able to control.

    A habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously.

    When something begins to crystallise it becomes more definite and clear. When something starts to crystallise it is made free from confusion or ambiguity. So destructive or healthy thoughts can crystallise into negative or positive circumstances. This process can occur unconsciously, and the circumstances arize and harden into failure.

    Health and Thoughts

    Consciousness determines its own health in intelligent and rational form, by means of the might of its thoughts. But it furthermore also extensively determines the health of the body or its decline.

    Might of Thoughts page 150
    The body which - as a gentle and plastic instrument - immediately reacts to the kind of thoughts which the human being tends and nurtures. This is the reason why the human being should not allow habitual thinking to take upper hand to much.