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Perhaps, Billy's most important book is called the Might of Thoughts. The Might of Thoughts book contains information that will help you control your thoughts. This writing teachs us that we should maintain a neutral positive attitude at all times.

Being neutral positive means that we are just a little positive but mostly in a neutral state of mind. For example you should be confident but not over-confident. We should be cheerful but still level headed. We should be enthusiastic but still realistic in our point of view. We need to be relaxed but still alert.

Billy emphasizes that we need to be confident, optimistic, relaxed, cheerful and enthusiastic.

This text tells us that we are the master of our own destiny and forger of our own fortunes. The Might of Thoughts book explains that we should not allow our thoughts to drift but to steer our thoughts like a captain steers his ship.

The Synapse and Learning Top

Plastic, in this case, means easily shaped or molded. The body is said to react without any intervening time or space to the toughts which are tended and nurtured. Nurture means to encourage the growth or development of ... When something is habitual it is done constantly as a habit. Remember that habits tend to occur unconsciously. The Habitual behavior often goes unnoticed in persons exhibiting it. This is a more or less fixed way of thinking.

Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form because the behavioural patterns we repeat are imprinted in our neural pathways. Here is a U-Tube video called How We Learn - Synapses and Neural Pathways . There are tiny gaps in the pathways or connections in our brains that are called synapse. For us to learn something new, the electrical signal has to jump across the gap called the synapse.

If the electrical signal jumps across the gap then it can continue its journey. This gap between the two brain cells is tiny; however, the first time that the signal crosses from one brain cell to another requires the most effort.

The first trip across the gap is the hardest but as we move across the gaps more and more it becomes easier and easier to move across the synapse. Learning is about creating and strengthening these pathways through our brain. Repetition is one of the best ways to strengthen the pathways between the synapses in the brain. It is widely accepted that the synapse plays a role in the formation of memory. Eventually, learning can lead to long term potentation.

Long Term Potentiation

This process of synaptic strengthening is known as long-term potentiation. Long-term potentiation is a persistent strengthening of synapses based on recent patterns of activity. These are patterns of synaptic activity that produce a long-lasting increase in signal transmission between two neurons. LTP is the abbreviation for Long-term potentiation. LTP is widely considered one of the major cellular mechanisms that underlies learning and memory.

Aristotle once commented on the importance of repetition in education by noting, "It is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency. I imagine there is a direct relationship between LPT and repetition.

FIGU Bulletin 35
the human learns through constant repetition, respectively, "constant drops make a hole in the stone", because, the entire thing hammers itself in through the endless repetition, whereby the human - exactly as with learning through constant repetition - imprints everything into himself.

Article: Why Is It so Important for Us to Learn so Much, Especially in our Current Lifetime?

Learning Steps Learning Procedure
Certainty, Knowledge Applied knowledge in repetition leads to practical experience (proficiency) and to living experience (know-how).
Practical Experience Repeated self-lived experience and self-tested experience of a fact leads to wisdom.
Article: the Psyche (The Book): Repetitions also belong to the study, meaning that which has been once learned and read should be repeated often. This is because, only through that, can a permanent realisation of the learned knowledge be ensured. Here it is also advantageous when the repetition is conducted aloud or softly because through that, each becomes conscious of the knowledge in its whole and full completeness, as thought as well as consciousness-based knowledge. Moreover, this form of self-recitation represents an expedient and effective exercise in the articulateness, which brings very great advantages in many life situations.
Contact Report 243 Only through the constant repetition of a thing or a knowledge, etc., the human being is able to comprehend and retain in his/her memory what is to be learned, whereby he/she then begins to act according to it.

Do Not Nurture Negative Thoughts Top

Might of Thoughts page 150
As long as the human being nurtures unclean, pessimistic, wrong, sick , bad and negative thoughts, his/her feelings - which, in turn, correspondingly form the psyche, from which one's life and body are influenced -

Impatience and Uncontentment Lead to Hate and Anger, and an Enemy is a Very Good Tool for Learning

When we are pessimistic we are tending to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen. Optimists DO live longer: Having a positive attitude lowers the risk of a heart attack.

The Origins of Thoughts

The word thought comes from Old English þoht, or geþoht, from stem of þencan "to conceive of in the mind, consider"

Might of Thoughts page 152
The origin of thoughts thereby forms from various factors which arise both from ideas and views as well as from wishes and desires, and so forth; but also from experiences and all kinds of situations of life which call forth from certain emotional impulsations, and, in this form, bring about the effect of their origin on the thoughts which follow.

The origin of thoughts can be ideas, views, wishes, desires experiences, situations and certain emotional impulses.

Might of Thoughts page 152 German
Ursprungswirkung (Origin effect) auf die (on the) folgenden (in what follows) Gedanken (thoughts) zeitigen (to bring about)

Might of Thoughts page 152
diese derart zu steuern (to control them in such a way) das deren Macht (that their power) wirklich nur all das verwirklicht was gesund (really realizes only what is healthy)

Listen - Diese derart zu steuern das deren Macht wirklich nur all das verwirklicht was gesund

English German
to control them in such a way that their power really realizes only what is healthy diese derart zu steuern das deren Macht wirklich nur all das verwirklicht was gesund

It is necessary to control the very origin of our thoughts. If we have good clean neutral positive thoughts then our psyche will not be harmed. The psyche can be degenerated in one form or another from a positive or negative imbalance. For more information see The Future Of Mankind - A Billy Meier Wiki - Psyche The goal is to maintain a balanced harmony in the psyche. To brighten up our psyche we must have thoughts that are affirming of life. To affirm means to offer emotional support or encouragement. Now that is an interesting idea, make sure that your thoughts are offering you emotional support or encouragement. So many times our own thoughts are actually discouraging to us.

Might of Thoughts page 154
The older a human being is the more his/her practical experiences which he/she has lived, express themselves in his/her face.

Thoughts and Health

Might of Thoughts Page 156
There is no better doctor for the human being than his/her healthy, fresh, pure and neutral-positive-equalised, peaceful, loving and free, harmonious thoughts. This applies quite especially to the psyche which is dependent upon the kind of thoughts which determine its state via the feelings, which are influenced and formed by the thoughts.

I created a little saying that goes "I am healthy, I am strong". It seems to help me get into a good train of thought. When I say the phrase, "I am healthy, I am strong" it relaxes me and soon I will start to feel better. This is just something that I came up with not in the official writings of Billy. You can also say something like Joe is healthy if you want to send some good thoughts.

Might of Thoughts Page 156
However, the thoughts also have an influence on purely physical illnesses, because, in certain forms, they are able to influence a healing as a result of their might. Naturally, the thoughts do not in every respect, have absolute control over a physical illness, because often enough, just some natural or orthodox, medicinal remedy, or even operations, are able to help.

Notice that Billy, says influence a healing from the might of the thoughts. The attitude that the person had really affects the healing. Billy calls it an important fact for the healing process. I think that a good attitude can speed up your healing. The bad attitude delays the healing.

Some healing concepts from Contact Report 238

Contact Report 238 Death from Laying Children on Their Stomach
266. However, if infants are placed on their stomachs, this is extremely dangerous because the heart, lungs and all other organs are affected in their function by carbon dioxide, which is inhaled when they lie on their stomachs.
267. But this is extremely life-threatening, especially for small children, and often ends with a sudden death, which in ignorance of the cause is then simply called 'sudden infant death' by the terrestrial human being.

Contact Report 238 Death from Jogging on Full Stomach
269. However, a full stomach can lead to death when jogging – which is a malignant evil of unhealthiness for humans anyway – as is the case with bathing or strenuous sports of any kind.

Contact Report 238 Death from Vaccines

271. In fact, these things cannot be done for fun, as this must not be the case after vaccinations of any kind, whereby precisely this aspect is still very ignorant because of earthly medicine and makes many mistakes, because many vaccines are not only pathogenic in another form, but often also have deadly effects, although we have been working in this respect for quite some time with appropriate impulses to draw the attention of earthly medical scientists and so forth to them.

272. Still many vaccines of the terrestrial humans are very inadequate and are able to bring apart from heaviest shocks and cramps also all kinds of allergies and even death, why vaccinations should be made in each case really only according to urgent need.

273. Only those vaccinations may be carried out without hesitation which demonstrably do not cause any harm or only cause moderate and negligible harm.

274. However, it is often the case, e.g. with rubella, whooping cough and diphtheria, that vaccinations cause serious illnesses and often fatal consequences as well as permanent damage that cannot be repaired.

275. This is even the case with the very important tetanus vaccination, which is why it should be handled with extreme caution.

Might of Thoughts Page 158
However, the thoughts also thereby play a very important role, and indeed in regard to the ill human being's attitude; how he/she mentally reacts in regard to - or rather, towards - the illness. It is the attitude which determines one's disposition - that is to say, ones' mood - and exactly that represents an important fact for the healing process. Therefore, if the disposition/mood/attitude concerning the illness is negative, bad and negating, then a healing is thereby negatively influenced and delayed.

Billy states that the healing proceeds in a better way and more certainly when the thinking is neutral positive.

Might of Thoughts Page 158
However, if the attitude/disposition/mood concerning the illness is positive, good and constructive, then, accordingly, healing proceeds in a better way and more certainly.

Might of Thoughts Page 158
If a human being wants to dissolve shades of grief, sorrow, unpeace or misery or lovelessness, the he/she finds the only right comfort solely in his/her thoughts and in the feelings formed as a result of them.

Might of Thoughts Page 158
The form of one's own thoughts only has to be steered in correct kind and wise in order for them to flow along in friendliness, love and peace. However, to that end it is necessary that the actual truth is seen, recognized and understood, because it alone creates peace, freedom, love and wellbeing in the human being's thoughts.

Thoughts and Appearance Top

Wrinkles can appear based on what thoughts we have. Even characteristics which express feelings for lower creatures have an effect on the appearance of the face. There is no better doctor for the human being than his own neutral-positive-equalized harmonious thoughts. Spiritual forces are absolutely neutral-positive and stored as such in the spiritual realm.

Might of Thoughts page 158
Ausartung, enslaves himself/herself and confines himself/herself to a self-created imprisonment... And whoever thinks of peace, love, joy, freedom and harmony, for his/her fellow human beings, and all creatures, every single day, will ultimately bring all these values to himself/herself in great abundance.

Ausartung means to get very badly out of control of the good human nature.

The might of the thoughts are able to determine a human beings physical well being. The majority of all human matters have their their roots solely in the might of the thoughts. Anxiety and fear continually kill thousands of human beings. Anxious thoughts have a demoralising effect in every regard.

Wrong thoughts of every kind also shake the entire nervous system. Neutral positive equalised, healthy and happy thoughts build up resistance. One's thinking should therefore not be habitual rather always constructive. Thoughts require pure, healthy and positive nourishment. However, many of the wrinkles emerge through the misuse of thoughts, through foolish thoughts, self-created suffering, wrongly understood and expressed pride. There are faces that are imprinted with strong and pure thoughts. If a person has lived peacefully and harmoniously then their death will be like a magnificent sunset. On our death bed we prepare for the cross over to the realm of spiritual light.

Drifting Unconscious Conscious Thoughts and Intentions Page 160 Top

Might of Thoughts page 160
Only a conscious or unconscious purposefulness is able to bring one's thoughts to fruition.

Conscious or Unconscious


FIGU Dictionary firmly pre-considered decisiveness

bewusstes, fest vorbedachtes entschlossenes Handeln = auch bewusstes, festes Tun, Reden usw.

Conscious, firmly deliberate decisive action = also conscious, firm action, talking, etc.


Zielstrebigkeit -Purposefulness, Single mindedness, singleness of purpose FIGU Dictionary says: fulfilment-striving Deepl Translator says: Single mindedness


verwirklichen-fruition, to materialize, to bring to fruition, to achieve, to manifest

Color Radiations of the consciousness.

Each of the countless levels of consciousness pertaining to a human consciousness radiates a colour according to the given state of evolution. The pink and violet belief-vibrations belong to the lowest level. This information is covered in the article: God Delusion and God Delusion Insanity article on the Future of Mankind site.

Of course, the pure Earth human is still young. If, however, he or she had not had his or her consciousness-deranging religions, he or she would, in spite of that, make enormous progress in regard to his or her consciousness.

Goblet of Truth (DeepL Translation)
Chalice: 16:46 Those of you who realize the integrity (virtues) to the best possible (relative) wholeness (completeness), you are in your inner world (consciousness) delightful (happy) and truthful in the truth living.


Might of Thoughts page 160
Therefore, the might of the thoughts is only effective when there is a definite intention-indeed a setting of the a Ziel-connected with the thoughts.

General German Definition: Zielsetzung- ambition, goal, aim, purpose, objective, target
FIGU- Dictionary: Zielsetzung: root work Ziel - life-determination - determination of the life

Goblet of Truth: 20:8 ... for each one changes inexorably to unfold (evolution) to fulfill the goal of life.

Might of Thoughts page 160
This intention of setting the Ziel can thereby be created completely consciously or also unconsciously.

Do Not Allow The Thoughts to Drift Top

Most human beings allow their their thought -boats to drive un-chceked on the ocean of conscous and unconscious intentions.

At the command of unhealthy, wrong, negative and destructive thoughts - the feelings form in the same wrong, negative and destructive thoughts... the body becomes more susceptible to illnesses and disease, and the ummune system becomes uimpaired in its effectiveness. If the thoughts are constructive, beautiful, positive, happy and equalized , then the feelings and the psyche also form likewise.

The consciousness mind is you awareness at the present moment. Sometimes we are said to have three minds the conscious, the sub conscious and the unconscious. Your conscious mind is your objective or thinking mind. It has no memory, and it can only hold one thought at a time.

  1. The conscious mind identifies information
  2. It compares information
  3. It does analysis
  4. Finally, the conscious mind makes a decision.
Unconscious Thoughts Top

The subconscious mind or the preconscious mind consists of accessible information. You can become aware of this information once your direct your attention to it. It is possible that some of what might be perceived to be unconscious becomes subconscious, and then conscious (e.g. a long-forgotten childhood memory suddenly emerges after decades). The unconscious mind, consisting of the primitive, instinctual wishes as well as the information that we cannot access.

The unconscious is the part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but that affects behavior and emotions. In Freud's psychoanalytic theory of personality, the unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that outside of our conscious awareness.

Most of the contents of the unconscious are unacceptable or unpleasant, such as feelings of pain, anxiety, or conflict. According to Freud, the unconscious continues to influence our behavior and experience, even though we are unaware of these underlying influences.

The unconscious mind is often represented as an iceberg. Everything above the water represents conscious awareness while everything below the water represents the unconscious. The rest of the information that is outside of conscious awareness lies below the surface. Freud believed that many of our feelings, desires, and emotions are repressed or held out of awareness. Why? Because, he suggested, they were simply too threatening. Freud believed that sometimes these hidden desires and wishes make themselves known through dreams and slips of the tongue (aka "Freudian slips"). Meier mentions Frued in Contact 200.

Setting of the Ziel Top

Complimentary Information From Contact Report 200 Teacher Karl Graf was one Billy's great friends. Karl knew pastor Rudolf Emanuel Zimmermann and Professor Carl Gustav Jung. Professor Carl Gustav Jung was a well-known psychologist and psychiatrist. Karl Graf knew about Billy's contacts with Sfath and Karl was even allow to see Sfath's ship at one time.

Billy asked his teacher Karl Graf very profound questions. If Karl could not answer them then, Karl would ask Professor Jung. Professor Jung, interested in the boy, who asked such profound questions, he requested a photo. Professor Jung got a photo of young Billy and was even able to meet with him one day for about 45 minutes. Professor Jung knew about Billy's contact's with Sfath and he passed the information on to his neice. Professor Jung's neice eventually became a UFO investigator.

Purposefulness means having a purpose; intentional: a purposeful musician. 2. Having or manifesting purpose; determined: entered the room with a purposeful look. Purposefulness can mean determined as well which I think is a good meaning in this case. A purpose is something set up as an object or end to be attained. An intention means the aim or plan.

Might of Thoughts page 160
This intention or setting of the Ziel can thereby be created completely consciously or also unconsciously... Because a thought can in fact only be intelligently fulfilled and brought to fruition when there is a definitive intention.

Intend means to have (a course of action) as one's purpose or objective; plan.

vorhaben - to intend, to mean, to purpose [dated], to plan, to contemplate;
The "v" is pronounced with an "f" sound.
past participle vorgehabt - means planned

The following is an example where vorhaben is translated as plans.

Asket's Explanations Part 3
30. Naturally - we have indeed not yet made the effort to explain our plans to you more closely.

The interesting thing is that the intention of the setting of the Ziel can thereby be created completely consciously or also unconsciously... Consciously means in a deliberate and intentional way. Unconsciously means without realizing or being aware of one's actions. In Freud's psychoanalytic theory of personality, the unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness. The things that represent our conscious awareness are simply "the tip of the iceberg." The rest of the information that is outside of conscious awareness lies below the surface. While this information might not be accessible consciously, it still exerts an influence over current behavior.

Goblet: 8:13
And the pictures (dreams) in your sleep are as water (rain) that falls down on you from the clouds, so that you may be cleaned (liberated) by it from maculations (unprocessed things) in your inner world (consciousness) and your sub-inner world (subconsciousness) which process the things which you have noticed (perceived) unseen (unconsciously), whereby you are strengthened and your step gets stronger.

Might of Thoughts page 160
The fact that not only conscious strivings toward a Ziel, rather also unconscious ones are thereby able to come to fruition is due to the nature and might of the thoughts.


showing great care and perseverance.

Might of Thoughts page 164
The assiduous of the efforts to recognize and realize oneself.

Might of Thoughts page 166
But this means that weaknesses and purposelessness must be combated and dismantled and a new start has to find place in ones thoughts.

I think my weakness is that I fall back into a kind of pessimistic viewpoint. Or at times I will have feelings that contain a vague sort of negativity. Weakness is defined as the state or condition of lacking strength. So for whatever reason I am not experiencing my normal or typical strength. For some reason, my thoughts are drained of their power and I have lost a lot of my normal enthusiasm.

Sometimes I go through these stages where my life feels like it has a kind of purposelessness. This is absurd because I have so many different interests; however, it is true that when I get into this unhealthy thinking that I feel very unmotivated. Its like my life lacks purpose or I cannot get my vigor back. Purposelessness means having no purpose or apparent meaning. Having no aim or goal; aimless: to lead a purposeless existence;

This passage says that weakness must be combated. I think in this case, means to work in order to eliminate, curtail, or stop. To dismantle something means to take apart, take to pieces, take to bits, pull apart, pull to pieces, deconstruct, disassemble, break up, strip (down);

schwachen - means to be to be weak in character, to be built on sand.
FIGU Dictionary: Schwäche is defined as inability.

Ziellosigkeit - can be defined as aimless
abgebaut - means to dismantle

Lebensziel-life-determination - determination of the life

Goblet: 20:8 ... because everyone changes inexorably in order to unfold (evolve) so that he or she may fulfil the determination of the life.

Doubt as a Short Coming

The maintenance of doubt has, in no way, anything to do with a healthy, logical and knowledge-demanding search for truth, because doubt is always symptomatic of a prevailing deficit in regard to clear vision and clear recognition through which the effective facts of things, connections and realities, which are brought together in basic truth, are recognised.


Anxiety and Doubt

Might of Thoughts Page 168
But that is bound with the necessity of rigorously excluding anxiety and doubt because they are evil elements of disintegration which are able to break or bend every straight line of every evolutive effort, and can make all efforts useless, ineffective and can ruin them.

Unconsciousness This, for example, also if due to some circumstance the human being falls into a deep dread or anxiety and through the reaction his unconscious, i.e. unconsciousness the corresponding feelings are built, which then penetrate into the consciousness, through which he then, so to speak, is therein fully absorbed in his thoughts and feelings.
In this case, he is then virtually his/her anxiety and actions or his dread as well his/her thoughts and feelings himself. It often also intuitively comes about, that suddenly the right knowledge penetrates into the consciousness, as well as, how to rightly act in a case, situation or during some happening.

Consciousness (Ptaah Contact Report 522)
If the Earth-human wants to develop interests, motivations for this and that, as well as a determinative willpower and assertiveness, fundamentally, it is necessary for him, that he comes from a point of view that everything is possible for him and the achievement of his fullfillments and that he/she is also capable of everything. Doubt and uncertainty, anxiety, fear, disinterest and boredom etc., must fundamentally be switched off because they are the biggest enemies of every interest and every motivation.

2nd Sample: Fear of Looking Within (The Way to Live)
In anxiety about the truth, the human being is so desirous of not looking into his inner self, rather only looking outwardly, that he has thereby lost contact with his inner nature to a large extent. His inner nature has become quite strange to him and he fears making this his own again.

Seven Principles for the Aspiring One
3) You should never allow anxiety, fear and insecurity in any respect to rise in you, nor allow it to prevail in the slightest way. You should never in any way (respect) have the slightest distrust in yourself, nor in any way have the tiniest little doubt in yourself, your personality, and your success. All thought-sprouts and negative-ausgearteten feelings to this effect must be recognized immediately and banned without compromise.

  1. Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.
  2. Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.
  3. Necessity - means being required or indispensable.
  4. Rigorously means in an extremely thorough and careful way.
  5. Excluding to shut or keep out; prevent the entrance of. to shut out from consideration, privilege, etc.: Employees and their relatives were excluded from participation in the contest. to expel and keep out; thrust out; eject: He was excluded from the club for infractions of the rules.
  6. Evil profound immorality and wickedness, especially when regarded as a supernatural force.
  7. Element An element is a fundamental item that can't be easily broken into smaller pieces. In chemistry and physics, an element is a substance that can't be broken down by non-nuclear reactions. In computing and mathematics, an element is a distinct piece of a larger system or set.
  8. Disintegration the process of something becoming weaker or being destroyed by breaking into smaller parts or pieces: These terrorists are trying to bring about a disintegration of the state. Children leaving to find work in the cities might lead to family disintegration.

Angst means Fear, Anxiety. Angst appears to be a compound word in the German. angst-ridden {adj} is angstbeherrscht. Pronounced Angst - baaa heerrsht

Billy explains that Anxiety and Doubt are as negative as hate. That is big statement to compare Anxiety and Doubt to hate.

Goblet: 23:48
Truthly, a completely different way must be taken if you want to find and discover those things on the other side of the tumult of the world and of the angstful and ambitious, fear-filled as well as guiltful and nervous life which contain higher values, which, however, has nothing to do with illusory enlightenments and fabu - lated, godly spheres and unrealities of being, but rather solely and alone with the effective truth of reality.

Might of Thoughts Page 168
Anxious and Doubtful thoughts never lead to progress and success; consequently, nothing which has a positive value can ever be achieved as a result of them, rather, at all levels, only that which is negative.

Might of Thoughts Page 168
Anxiety and doubt are as negative as hate, unpeace, absence of honour, unfairness and unhonesty, and so forth, because they always lead to failure and loss in some form.

Might of Thoughts Page 168
If any of these aspects arise, where by especially anxiety and doubt play an especially negative role, then all good thoughts end and lose themselves in a chaos of unfulfillable purposelessness.

What really impacted me when I read this statement is that it says "all good thoughts end". So with anxiety and doubt you can come to a point where you are not having any good thoughts at all. To not have any good thoughts in my psyche would be a very bad thing. Which leads me to believe that lots of bad things could start to happen.

Might of Thoughts Page 168
Even strong thoughts end the moment that anxiety and doubt creep into them.

Laws and Recommendations of the Behaviour (book)
If you take yourself, and the things which arise in relation to you, too seriously then you inflict upon yourself very great harm.
And you also inflict upon yourself great harm if you make yourself dependent on other human beings or, through your wrong thinking-feeling-based imagination, you feel dependent or needy.

Might of Thoughts Page 168
From that it follows that anxiety and doubt are the greatest enemies of knowledge, and if, they appear they are able to destroy and annihilate everything which was laboriously achieved and built up.

Might of Thoughts Page 168
If the human being lets in anxiety and doubt, and encourages them to appear and take effect, instead of knocking them down, then he/she not only reduces his entire world of thoughts, rather, step by step, also his/her true personality and desired personality.

The personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.

Personlichkeit - Is German for personality.

System and Order Top

The following article on the Future of Mankind talks about one of the principles in the spiritual teaching called System and Order

Solely by the Law of System and Order, the whole universe will be maintained. In this Law of System and Order the absolute, universal love is embedded, which by its own effort each form of life must acquire. If the human being wants to be healthy, happy and successful in material life, then the daily life has to be structured and adhered to in every respect according to the very same Law of System and Order

What is demanded of us within the material sphere of life that will enable us to shape our life in accordance with the Law of System and Order? For this law to become effective in our daily life, many factors have to be considered. Among them I deem the following important to be learned and observed: reliability, conscientiousness, punctuality, exactness, discipline, correctness, sense of duty, orderliness.

Conscientiousness is the quality of wishing to do one's work or duty well and thoroughly.

Frequently, it is aimlessness and purposelessness, indolence, disorder, unpunctuality, and many other unpleasant habits that we have to remove if we want happiness, contentment and success to be established in our daily life.


If you're aimless, you don't have a destination or a goal in mind. Aimless wandering through a forest might take you in circles, or worse yet, get you lost. The adjective aimless is good for describing things that have no particular purpose or plan.

Also, to this list I add the acquisition of learning how to work with an exact schedule and the exact following of it. This is something that I am not doing as well as I would like.

Through controlling our daily life we can create furthermore the necessary space and quiet needed to distance ourselves from surrounding disturbances whereby a very important requirement for studying the teaching of the spirit [Geisteslehre] and for meditation will be realized.

Goblet of Truth Chapter 28:223
223) Truly, you have closed the gate to the cognition and to the understanding of your free will through your purely materialistic good of thoughts and good of feelings, so you undecidedly turn around in a circle and continu- ously wear yourselves out when you search for the truth and for your free will.

Might of Thoughts Page 170
A healthy positive thought, which is fearlessly held and fortified and is clearly created, and is, connected with an effectively valuable life-Ziel, becomes the creating power-the creative might-which can in fact no longer be countered by any opposition.

Might of Thoughts Page 170
They are no longer merely frivolous and irresponsible human being who are purposelessly whirled around by the wind of life, because they no longer have any senselessly wandering thoughts and uncontrollably fluctuating feelings as a result of which they could be thrown off track.

I can remember when I used to have uncontrollably fluctuating feelings. It was something that happened on a somewhat regular basis; however, I never have that experience now. In fact, its just the opposite, my feelings are strong, stabile, grounded and very consistent. I will lose my temper when my dogs are acting like idiots; however, I snap right back now into a neutral position. In the normal day to day activity I think my thoughts are so much more healthy that in the past.

Might of Thoughts Page 174
Rather each should help every individual live. The erroneous saying, "Live and let live", is in no wise valid; rather, that which is valid is the word of truth which says, "Live and help live."

English: Might of Thoughts Page 176
But the human beings who do not overcome their weaknesses and do not free themselves from the contents of all their negative and destructive thoughts, remain weak, wretched and miserable...

Overcome means to succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty).
Overcome means to defeat (an opponent); prevail
We are told to free ourselves from the contents of our negative thoughts

German: Might of Thoughts Page 176
Menschen aber, ihre Schwache nicht besiegen und sich von all ihren negativen und destruktiven Gedankeninhalten nicht befreien blieiben schwach, jammerlich und elende


Might of Thoughts Page 176
In order to be successful, the human beings must renounce his/her selfishness which, as a rule, degenerates into immoderateness.

Selfishness then leads to immoderateness. Immoderateness is the quality of being excessive and lacking in moderation To degenerate means to decline or deteriorate physically, mentally, or morally. So perhaps, its correct to say that innoderateness is a worse state than selfishness.

ausartet- Means to be degenerated; A similar word ausarten means to become unruly; to get out of control; to get out of hand;

Contact Report 9:30
Thus a human being lying under strong beliefs of any kind can never bring about a decisive life-building development, because he thinks and acts too one-sidedly and too humanely, but as a result of which he also degenerates one-sidedly.

The great danger lies in the fact that scientists of chemistry, medicine and physics etc. often use the power of their skills and knowledge for selfish purposes and beat their less developed conspecifics into enslavement and exploitation.

Strong beliefs seem to interfere with life-building development.

Might of Thoughts Page 176
And once the thoughts are controlled by immoderateness, then neither clear thinking nor a methodical planning can come about, resulting in every determination having to therefore fail.

Moderateness means being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme: Its funny while preparing for the show, sometimes there appears to be so much information to cover that I dont know where to start. Reading the section that described thoughts being controlled by immoderateness I realized that I was in fact experiencing a kind of immoderateness in my thinking.

The loss of clear thinking was due to my immoderateness. Synonyms for moderateness balance, calmness, composure, constraint, coolness, dispassionateness,

gluttony,exorbitance, immoderateness,enormousness,self-indulgence.

intemperance was the DEEPL translation. Intemperance is a lack of moderation or restraint.

So when you cannot seem to think clearly or you are having trouble doing methodical planning than maybe you need to simplify things, be more moderate, not so excessive. I can remember when I would play video games that it would take me out of my moderate state and put me into a excessive frame of mind.

There is an article called Philosophy of Life that talks about the dangers of desires which to a degree relate to being immoderate.

Philosophy of Life
The spiritual teachings teach that desires should be recognised, eliminated, and neutralised, because by the extinguishing of them as well as the illusions connected with them sufferings are eliminated, which can be very harmful in terms of consciousness and psychically.

Up on the FIGU Dictionary it shows Masslosigkeit (Überbevölkerung) Where Überbevölkerung means overpopulation.

The Seven Main Virtues of the Human Being

Top There is a great article up on the Future of Mankind site that talks about the The Seven Main Virtues of the Human Being .
  1. Moderateness The German word Mäßigkeit means moderateness.
  2. Steadfastness
  3. Attentiveness
  4. Honesty
  5. Discretion
  6. Carefulness
  7. Benevolence

Might of Thoughts Page 176
Selfishness and immoderateness must be dissolved and eliminated in order to discover and develop one's latent resources.

Selfish means lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure. synonyms: egocentrism, egotism, egomania, introversion, self-seeking, self-serving, self-obsession, self-absorption, self-regard, self-interest, self-love;

Selbstsucht is the German term of selfishness.

Immoderateness means not sensible or restrained; excessive. So if you feel yourself getting extreme or excessive then you could be heading into a state outside of the neutral positive balance that we want to maintain. Some other words that have a similiar meaning to immoderateness include gluttony, exorbitance, enormousness,self-indulgence.

Masslosigkeit is the German word for immoderateness.

So selfishness and immoderateness must be gotten rid of in order to develop ones latent resources. When something is latent its existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden or concealed. synonyms: dormant, quiescent, inactive, untapped, unused; Latent can mean lying dormant or hidden until circumstances are suitable for development or manifestation.


43. The human is no mere biological phenomenon.

44. In him is a spiritually conditioned psychic organism in spiritual form, which with latent potentialities, is laden with the might of all creational powers.

Might of Thoughts Page 178
The life always forms according to the thoughts which are chosen, tended and nurtured.

The Life Always Forms

Notice that is says that the life always forms according to the thoughts. Not sometimes forms according to the thoughts.

Always definition: at all times; on all occasions.
"the sun always rises in the east" synonyms: every time, each time, at all times, all the time, on every occasion, on all occasions, consistently, invariably, without fail, without exception, regularly, repeatedly, habitually, unfailingly, infallibly, inevitably

gestaltet-featured, shaped, molded, arranged, designed, forms

Choose Your Thoughts

Notice that the thoughts must first be chosen. That means these thoughts are not just randomly popping into your head; instead you are making a conscious decision to choose these thoughts. Definition: Chosen - having been selected as the best or most appropriate. So we are selecting the best or the most appropriate thoughts. Chosen is the past participle of choose. Choose means pick out or select (someone or something) as being the best or most appropriate of two or more alternatives.

You could make the argument that the whole purpose of this book is to teach us to choose the best or most appropriate thoughts.

German Term
gewahlt-chosen, selected, elected
selbstgewählten self chosen

German Term
gehegt-tended, cherished, conceived, long-cherished

German Term
gepflegt werden - be nurtured

Tend Your Thoughts

Tend care for or look after; give one's attention to, direct or manage; work in. care for or look after; give one's attention to. "Viola tended plants on the roof" synonyms: look after, take care of, care for, minister to, attend to, see to, wait on, cater to;

Nurture Your Thoughts

Nurture care for and encourage the growth or development of.
synonyms: bring up, care for, provide for, take care of, attend to, look after, rear, support, raise, foster, parent, mother, tend;

Contact Report 238

Note: 50 Billion is probably a mistranslation of 5 billion or 50 million.
704. For my part sometimes feelings of sorrow move inside me for him when I think about him and recognize that he must be arranged into yet almost a further 50,000,000,000 years of his self-chosen duty, and uncountable reincarnations, before he again has the possibility to return to his real homeland which he constantly misses.

Might of Thoughts Page 178 Deepl Translation
So life is always shaped to a great extent by the thoughts that are chosen, cherished, and cared for.

See DEEPL Translation

Might of Thoughts Page 178
Also gestaltet sich das Leben stets germass den Gedanken, die gewahlt, gehegt, und gepflegt werden.

Live and Help Live Top

Selfishness is being concerned excessively or exclusively, for oneself or one's own advantage, pleasure, or welfare, regardless of others.

Exceeding normal or appropriate bounds; inordinate: immoderate spending; immoderate laughter

The OM says that earth humans, "They are prisoners of themselves, and full of unrighteousness, ill humor, and selfishness and self-pity. ".

One way to live and help live is through the Peace Meditation

Might of Thoughts Page 184
The fact is that the creational-natural laws and recommendations give their help in rightness to those who are magnanimous, virtuous, studious, honest and fair, because they alone evolve in conscious form according to their pre-existing striving and effective sense of life...

Might of Thoughts Page 184
Intellectual achievements and successes are also the result of the might of the thoughts. And everything beautiful and true in life, as well as all cognitions, all knowledge and all wisdom, lead back to thoughts.

Might of Thoughts Page 184
Even the formation of nature and the world quiet simply leads, back solely to the might of the human beings thoughts...

A person that is magnanimous is very generous or forgiving, especially toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself. A person that is magnanimous is also said to be generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness: If we are magnanimous somehow the creational natural laws will help us.

In the OM on the Future of Mankind site
The word mananimous is used to describe someone that is following the spiritual teachings.

His entire sense is magnanimous, and beauty expresses itself in his plain life, full of spiritual dignity. His inner stillness brings a beauty that no artist can paint and no poet may describe in words.

Notice that the person that is following the spiritual teaching is said to have an inner stillness.

Dreamers, Visionaries, Fantasizer's and the laws of cause and effect. Top

Might of Thoughts Page 188
Were there no human beings who occupied themselves with dreaming, visions and fantasies, then progress would stop, whereby there could also be no learning...

träumen - to dream

Might of Thoughts Page 190
Thus it is effectively the dreamers, visionaries and fantasizer's, as well as those most enthusiastic about the evolution, who are the saviors of the world.

The visionary a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

The fantasizer a person who imagines or dreams about something desired.

Might of Thoughts Page 190
Humanity should never forget or insult its dreamers, visionaries and those gifted with imagination, because it is actually their ideals which bring progress and success for all:

Might of Thoughts Page 192
The world and life of the human being have become more beautiful because of those with a gift for imagination, and because of the dreamers and visionaries. Had the visionaries, dreamers and imaginative ones not lived, humanity would never have reached its current state of evolution and would have passed away a long time ago. Dreamers, enthusiasts, ruminators, visionaries and those with a gift for fantasy are therefore the real bringers of progress, because they are humanity's truly creative and constructive thinkers.

Might of Thoughts Page 194
,he/she also forms his/her thoughts according to the creational guidelines, which demand that the human being, and his/ her body of thoughts,should be evolutive.

Might of Thoughts Page 194
But in order to gain this progress there must be human beings who are willing to nurture elevated dreaming, ruminations, visions and fantasies which are enlived by wishes and imaginings.

Rumination Top

grübeln - to muse, to ponder, to brood [fig.], to think [long and hard], to ruminate [fig.], to speculate

A rumination is a deep or considered thought about something.
Rumination means to go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually or slowly.
Rumination means to engage in contemplation.

Rumination means to ponder, meditate, muse, ruminate mean to consider or examine attentively or deliberately. ponder implies a careful weighing of a problem or, often, prolonged inconclusive thinking about a matter. pondered the course of action meditate implies a definite focusing of one's thoughts on something so as to understand it deeply.

We should ponder about creation.

Contact Report 18
Line 4. But how can the word and the designation “Creation” attain such a deep significance for the human being that a change in his/her entire psychological way of behaving occurs, in his/her emotional awareness, his/her feeling of life, his/her ways of reacting, if he/she does not constantly and repeatedly ponder over the nature of the Creation?

FIGU Bulletin 003
Well then, FIGU devotees, wherever they may be, know I always insist upon pointing out that people should not simply repeat like a parrot anything I say, but they must ponder these matters, to think for themselves and ultimately come to their own conclusions.

There appears to be a negative form of rumination and a positive form of rumination.

Extensive research on the effects of rumination, or the tendency to self-reflect, shows that the negative form of rumination (associated with dysphoria) interferes with people's ability to focus on problem-solving and results in dwelling on negative thoughts about past failures.

So we want to make sure that we do not fall into a kind of negative rumination. For example, we can ruminate over emotional upsets which is negative thinking.

Page 194 And these human beings must really be great in these imaginations and wishes of theirs, and in the ability for rumination, of enthusiasm, visions and fantasising, and not only consider themselves to be great. This is an irrevocable law of the universe.

A rumination is a deep or considered thought about something.

Page 196 However, those who raise themselves above their circumstances in order to build upon them, for example, by imagining ideal life circumstances.

Might of Thoughts Page 200
Regardless of how the human beings present situation and surroundings may form and appear, they will always be in accord with his/her thoughts. And he/she-and thereby also his/her world - stands or falls precisely with his/her thoughts, as well has his/her ruminations, visions, fantasies, ideals, imaginations and wishes.

Might of Thoughts Page 200
It is the thoughts which create and sustain everything, which allow everything to remain, which raise it into high or the highest heights, or which allow it to vanish. The human being is always as small as the desires and lower demands which control him/her; and he/she is as great as the high and highest positive, good, healthy and pure striving which he/she allows to dominate in himself/herself and in his/her thoughts.

The Meier Information really does not leave any room for the victim mentality that is prevalent today. The Meier information teaches self responsibility.

Might of Thoughts Page 202
In fact, all these confused, incapable and unknowledgeable as well as resentful and erring human beings, do not see the fact that all these human beings who they envy and insult have voluntarily taken upon themselves failures, errors and battles as well as efforts and hardships, in order to give their lives a Ziel and to work themselves up high.

Identifying With Creation Contact Report 10

186. A human full of creative-spiritual wisdom, full of knowledge, truth, love and cognition, knows that from the truth everything originated, originates and will originate for all eternity.

187. Therefore, he identifies himself with each and everything.

188. In his spiritual consciousness, he will always be--in his innermost part--one with each and everything.

189. In his interior, in his spiritual consciousness, he will identify himself with everything in the universe, in the same manner that the other one, who thinks materialistically, identifies himself with his body, with his money, his possessions, his confused speaking and teaching, and with the sound of his voice.


The definition of end or culmination point is better than goal. This word does not easily translate into English.

Ziel des Lebens

Goblet: 20:8 ... because everyone changes inexorably in order to unfold (evolve) so that he or she may fulfil the determination of the life.

Might of Thoughts Page 204
They do not know about all the effort behind the imaginings and wishes, which every Ziel striving human being must take upon himself/herself in order to overcome the apparently invincible, and which is necessary so that the vision, the rumination or the fantasy can be brought to fruition.

A rumination is a deep or considered thought about something. Another definition of rumination is to go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually or slowly. Its interesting that rumination can also be another word for chewing.

A vision is a mental image of what the future will or could be like. A vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. A vision is an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.

Might of Thoughts Page 204
...when a Ziel is striven for and often recedes again into the distance as a result of errors made.

Might of Thoughts Page 204
Therefore, in the entire universe, everything develops according to the law of cause and effect, the result of which is also that so- called "gifts from Heaven" as well as the human beings own powers and foreordinations being granted to him/her and so forth are the products of his/her own efforts.

Might of Thoughts Page 206
The rumination, the vision or the fantasy, the ideal, which the human being mentally creates by means of his consciousness, determines his life; because that which is tended and nurtured as an ideal is important for the life-way,...

Uncontrolled Desires Top

Might of Thoughts Page 216
...Subject the winds and storms of their unchecked, untamed and uncontrolled desires, wishes, passions, habits and other terrible things, to a consciously controlled obedience.

The terms winds and storms I believe are used as metaphors in this passage. A metaphor is a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract. Here is an example, “I had fallen through a trapdoor of depression".

A storm is any disturbed state of an environment. These uncontrolled desires disturb the environment of our psyche.

Our unchecked, untamed and uncontrolled desires, wishes, passions and habits are like storms that occur in our life. A powerful storm can snap trees, turn over cars and even destroy your home. I dont think we pay enough attention to stopping these passions. In fact our society encourages us to live according to our uncontrolled desires.

Unchecked means not controlled or restrained.

unbeherrscht can mean the following

  1. ungoverned
  2. unmastered
  3. short-tempered
  4. unrestrained
  5. lacking self-control

A storm also seems to set us back and we have to go through a recovery period or cleanup period. So the storm seems to set us backward in terms of our general progress. After storm things are left in a state of dis-array.

OM - The Book of Books - The Book of Truth

If there are no spirit leaders who lead the people, then the people would be thrown to and fro like a ship in a great storm of the ocean, and the mighty would have complete power over them.

A passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion.
A habit a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Might of Thoughts Page 216
...to a consciously controlled obedience.

Obedience means compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another's authority. We want to move to a consciously controlled obedience rather than creating storms of desires in our consciousness.

I think Billy might be saying that being controlled by passions undermines optimism.

Psychology Today

The study does indicate a strong correlation between casual sex and depression in teens, as a matter of fact the relationship between casual sex and depression is so striking, that the symptoms of depression and full onset of clinical depression becomes more pronounced for teenagers who are fifteen and younger and have engaged in casual sex.

I should also mention that much of the other information and teaching provided with the co-operation of Eduard Meier has come from two advanced spirit "we-forms", who are beyond time and space and thus, so are their perspectives.

This is further reason for the apparent timelessness and similarity of the spiritual teachings over the ages. (For instance, the we-form, known as Petale, which has delivered the 12 Commandments again, is the highest level of consciousness a spirit can attain before merging again with Creation.)

Might of Thoughts Page 216
Do not ever allow yourselves to drift on the ocean of the life, rather take the helm in hand and steer that ship of the life to solid ground. Always take the helm firm in your ands and do note let any waves rip it away from you. Not thereby losing his/her conviction about a good end.

Might of Thoughts Page 216
Optimism is a prerequisite for the constancy in life...

  1. Optimism is the hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.
  2. Prerequisite is a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.
  3. Constancy is the quality of being enduring and unchanging.

So to be constant in life requires that we are optimistic. I would have to say about myself that I am not really an optimist yet. I am striving to be an optimist. Lebensbestandigkeit - is the last part of the earlier phrase. The closest word that I could find was Lebensbestätigung. Which was translated as life certificate.

Might of Thoughts Page 216
Not thereby losing his/her conviction about a good end.

Might of Thoughts Page 216
...as a result of thoughts which have "matured".

Gedankenarbeit - can be translated as consideration, intellectual work. In the following phrase, it is translated as cognitive work.

Important Things to Tell Yourself Top

I am confident; I am optimistic; I am enthusiastic; I am cheerful; I am relaxed;

I am the master of my own destiny; I am the forger of my own fortune; I create my own good luck.

I dont allow my thoughts to drift; I steer my thoughts like a captain steers his ship; I nurture my thoughts;

I strengthen my thoughts; I clarify my thoughts;

It is the nature of the thoughts that by their might alone any conceivable thing can come to fruition.

Might of Thoughts Page 2
All of the human beings might is anchored in his thoughts

Might of Thoughts Page 12
Every thought that is enlivened by might and power, must, as a cause, also bring a quite certain effect. The effect of the thought is directly proportional to its might and power.
My consciousness is like a garden filled with flourishing plants.

Might of Thoughts Page 32
That which the human being thinks he make real

Might of Thoughts Page 34
That which is thought fulfills itself sooner or later

Might of Thoughts Page 36
The human being attracts that which he is

The negative and the positive are two forces that belong together because they depend on one another and should never be separated.

Might of Thoughts page 52
As a rule, suffering is an effect of some form of wrong thinking. Incidents of suffering in the life are indicators that the Law of Harmony has been disregarded and broken...

The Might of Thoughts Page 224
This is a contrast to when tangled ideas confuse the thoughts and abruptly go from one extreme to another, whereby a misdirection of thoughts arises which triggers emotions, and can even lead to manslaughter and murder.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction kills off all initiative for striving towards that which is higher and lets the human being sink into brooding misery and into inactivity.

In the life of the human being, enthusiasm for knowledge, truth, wisdom and evolution can work wonders, as the saying goes. Enthusiasm is like a magic spell which is able to newly form one's entire human existance.

Might of Thoughts Page 374
The convinced positive thinker and hopeful, enthusiastic optimist always takes a neutral-positive-equalised stance in regard to all facts, and sees every error, every problem and every difficulty realistically and as a challenge which must be resolved and overcome in order to thereby learn and be progressive.

Important Things to Tell Yourself (Programming the Subconscious Mind Using Repetition)

This section contains information from Billy Meier and Dr. Bruce Liption.

I should also mention that much of the other information and teaching provided with the co-operation of Eduard Meier has come from two advanced spirit "we-forms" who are beyond time and space and thus, so are their perspectives. This is further reason for the apparent timelessness and similarity of the spiritual teachings over the ages.

FIGU Dictionary:
Half-spirit We-form: The members of the high council of the Andromeda region are in a transitional stage of their evolution and have a body composed of half fine-fluidal matter and half material matter. Therefore they are in the process of a developmental change into a pure spirit form.

(For instance, the we-form, known as Petale, which has delivered the 12 Commandments again, is the highest level of consciousness a spirit can attain before merging again with Creation.)

Might of Thoughts Page 216
Do not ever allow yourselves to drift on the ocean of the life, rather take the helm in hand and steer that ship of the life to solid ground. Always take the helm firm in your ands and do note let any waves rip it away from you. Not thereby losing his/her conviction about a good end.

Might of Thoughts Page 216
Optimism is a prerequisite for the constancy in life...

  1. Optimism is the hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.
  2. Prerequisite is a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.
  3. Constancy is the quality of being enduring and unchanging.

So to be constant in life requires that we are optimistic. I would have to say about myself that I am not really an optimist yet. I am striving to be an optimist. Lebensbestandigkeit - is the last part of the earlier phrase. The closest word that I could find was Lebensbestätigung. Which was translated as life certificate.

Might of Thoughts Page 216
Not thereby losing his/her conviction about a good end.

Might of Thoughts Page 216
...as a result of thoughts which have "matured".

Gedankenarbeit - can be translated as consideration, intellectual work. In the following phrase, it is translated as cognitive work.

Contact Report 443
Belief is just very much simpler that investigating the effective truth through one's own seeking and one's own cognitive work.
Furthermore the fantastic and illusory will sooner be accepted by the Earth humans than even the truth and reality which appears banal compared to the fantastic and illusory.

Contact Report 443 speaks badly of Sitchin and Icke. It states there are not reptilian beings. In addition, it warns about home humidifying defines that create fibers which can cause cancer.

Might of Thoughts Page 218
Real optimism fulfils an extraordinary important function in the human beings life. This better half is the innermost nature of the spirit- that is to say, of the spirit-form...

These concepts come from principles discussed from page 200 to about 230; There are also concepts related to harmony that appear on and around page 362. Harmony and enthusiasm see to go hand in hand. In other words, harmony in the Psyche tends to produce enthisiasm towards work and the details of life. Where there is harmony in the consciousness things seem to flow in stream which is extremely pleasant for the human being.

Controlling anxiety so that it does not control you.

This is the most important point to do with gaining control of ones anxiety, for which reason it must be imprinted into ones memory so that time after time it gets into ones thoughts when it is required.

One must then go to work in this kind to overcome the anxiety and to control it instead of allowing it to control oneself.

The following statements placed into ones memory can help to restore healthy thinking. Over coming anxiety happens via the intellect. The following concepts come directly from the Might of Thoughts Book; however, I just came up with the idea of saying these statements out loud and I have found that it seems to help me in restoring the balanced perspective. When the anxiety disappears appears a change takes place in the entire body. The nerves become calmed when the anxiety disappears.

  1. I am Confident

    Self-Confidence is a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment.
    Self-Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.
    Studies have also found a link between high levels of confidence and wages.

    - Much of our negative thinking comes from a lack of self-confidence, self-doubt and anxiety. I can remember just short time ago, that I was still sometimes plagued by self doubt. Telling yourself that you are confident starts to break that cycle of negative thinking. We have to gain control of our anxiety so it does not gain control of us. Understanding the unknown is one of the most important aspects of gaining control of anxiety. Anxiety is controlled by the intellect.

    Sfaths Explanations

    167. To that end his entire work and all action also contribute, as also do manner and responsibility, how he confronts his obligations, and the fulfilment of obligations, and how he lives.

    168. You must build up great confidence for all your future and for all the success of your works, your task, jobs and mission, and always know that you will accomplish everything and never fail.

    174. And only if you maintain the correctness of your thoughts and feelings, as well as of your work and your actions, in every respect, and also use your great powers of consciousness in this form, you will be able to have true confidence in yourself and not allow this to be shaken by anything.

    177. Therefore, acquire confidence and the certainty that you will always maintain control, whereby you shall not, however, behave in a way which does not correspond to your nature, because the human beings shall see and recognise that you are a human being as are they themselves.

    The term confidence means a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. Sfath told Billy that he must build up a great confidence for his future works. So we must do the same.

    Basic Rules of Man

    27. Each human being who wants to live according to reality must give to himself a sound sense of self-esteem and self-confidence and preserve it; in this way – regarding oneself – healthy, self-sustaining and progressive thoughts, feelings and actions can be best realized.

  2. I am Optimistic

    Contact Report 215
    Each person must first acquire an optimistic attitude solely for himself, and from this will initially result the progress of expansion through which his fellow men will be prompted and will join in.

    Might of Thoughts Page 216
    Optimism is a prerequisite for constancy in life. if the human being is capable of dealing with the often very hard facts, situations and circumstances, and so forth of his/her existence, in a creative and constructive kind and wise, and not thereby losing his/her conviction about a good end , then he/she can claim that he/she has achieved a good optimism.

  3. I am Cheerful
  4. I am Relaxed
  5. I am Enthusiastic
  6. I am Thankful
  7. I am in Harmony
  8. I Persist
  9. I Persevere - continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty
  10. I Endure
  11. I am Calm
  12. I am Satisfied
Programming the Subconscious Bruce Lipton Top

Dr. Bruce Lipton On How Physical Thoughts Travel Outside Of Our Bodies & Affects Others

Dr. Lipton, as a kid listened to many spiritual people but he noticed their lives do not match their words; therefore, he went into science. The story of evolution and genes and darwin was what Dr. Lipton was working on. However, he was also studying Stem Cells, a human body is made out of 50 trillion cells.

Dr. Liption was working on stem cells in 1967. They are embryonic cells that we find in our bodies as an adult. A human body is made out of 50 trillion cells. Everyday we are losing hundreds of billions of cells. We keep replacing the cells that die everyday. Our stem cells are designed to replace the cells that die. The conventional story is that genes are controlling life. In the story, the genes program the character of our lives. The genes are supposed to affect our emotional character as well. If we are controlled by genes then we are victims of our heredity.

A wake up fact is that medicine, by their own acknowledgement is the third leading cause of death in the United States. The American Journal of medicine states that there are over 300,000 people that die of prescription drugs. Medicine kills between 300 and 400 hundred thousand people per year. This is one of the things that lead Dr. Bruce Lipton away from the main stream. It is false that genes are self-actualizing. Genes do not turn off and on. Angelina Jolene had a double masectomy, which was a mistake. The BRCA1 gene is the gene that they say causes the cancer. Fifty percent of the women that have the BRCA1 do not get the cancer.

Ripples on a Pond

By 1920 they recognized that there is nothing physical in atoms. Everything that we see as physical matter is an illusion. Atoms make up everything; however, Quantum Physics now knows that atoms are like "nano-tornados". Atoms are little force fields of energy. If you drop a rock into a pond of water then ripples are formed. The ripples are the shape of the energy in the pond. Energy are ripples and the vibration energy is how fast the ripples are radiating outward.

Rain falling on the lake makes ripples all over the pond. All of the ripples of energy are connected together. All atoms are energy. Energy influences each other. There are two extremes of the interactions of the energy. Two energies can come together and cancel the vibration out. This is called destructive interference. If two ripples come together and the energies help each other its called constructive interference. So there is something called constructive interference and something called destructive interference.

Bruce Lipton, Rewrite Subconscious Programming Quickly - ShiftingTV

Bruce Lipton: Programmng the Subconscious Mind

Using 100% of Your Brain - Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

Bruce Lipton 7 ways to reprogram your subconscious mind

Cheerfulness and Calm Page 210 Top

Even the simplest human being, the slightest and the weakest, can reach the highest heights and achieve prosperity in every regard, if he/she develops a greater and better self-control, composure and cheerfulness and allows the creational nature in himself/herself to come to the fore.

Cheerfulness is the quality or state of being noticeably happy and optimistic. Cheerfulness is likely to dispel gloom or worry.

Heiterkeit is a German word for cheerfulness.

Meditation from Clear Visibility Line 32

I feel joy's testimony within myself and fill it in with cheerfulness, diligence and indefatigability.

And it is these very ones who prefer to maintain contact with the human beings who, in very regard, make evident a Wesen of equalisedness and whose behavior is pleasant and harmonious.

The fact is that strong, calm, knowledgable and wise, peaceful, joyous, loving, open and freely thinking human beings, who are equipped with lived practical experiences, are loved, respected and deferentially regarded by the absolute majority of humanity, because, for those who respect them, they are not only an incentive to be the same way, rather they are also a wellspring of the adherence to the creational laws and recommendations.

A person that is calm is not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other emotions. As a verb calm means to make (someone) tranquil and quiet; soothe.

Calm is mentioned by Sfath in Sfaths Explanation 96. Learn to control yourself in these things and to always remain calm, because that is the best weapon and the best defence against any attack.

Cheerfulness and Calm Page 212 Top

The change must begin with the individual; each of us can be this individual. Nobody can afford to simply look around and wait for someone who is supposeed to do that which one will not do oneself.

Therefore, for the human being, there is no salvation teaching as is claimed by sects and religions.

There is no salvation teaching, and therefore such a teaching also cannot be supported, because thruthly, every single human being creates his/her own salvation himself/herself from his/her own thoughts and their might as well as through his/her feelings and acts and deeds, and according to how he/she confronts the obligation of his/her responsibility and lives and manages his/her life in accord with this.

The cheerfulness in a lived form is more valuable for the human being and more desirable than gold, platinum or diamonds. It is a work of knowledge, of wisdom and of lived practical experience.

The true cheerfulness is a circumstance of life which is based in the ocean of truth in which the waves endlessly keep everything in motion, and yet they preserve calmness and peace deep below where beyond the teach of the storms, the life is created and maintained in an unimagined degree of diversity.

Instead of making life a joy, very many human beings makie it the exact opposite. Grumpily, they waste their lives away, ruin their lives as a result of explosive outbursts, and thereby destroy everything which is beautiful and splendid, which broadens one's horizons and which is enlivining in every regard.

The great majority of terrestrial humanity are sick with this negativism and have more or less ruined their entire lives and disregarded and destroyed their evolution as a result of a considerable lack of self-control, lack of understanding and lack obligation-based feeling of responsibility.

Negativism the practice of being or tendency to be negative or skeptical in attitude while failing to offer positive suggestions or views.

Perserverance, Persistance and the Inner Most Nature Page 218 Top

Once perseverance and firmness as well as persistence and the necessary imaginations, intentions, wishes and efforts are also added, then a mixture of values and powers arises which no longer allows any disappointment.

Perseverance steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Perseverance is not giving up. It is persistence and tenacity, the effort required to do something and keep doing it till the end, even if it's hard.

Persistence firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

From Meditation From Clear Visibility Book

Hard work matters to me and promotes my created capabilities, as also my perseverance, the joy in working and the will of goal achievement.

But if there is no optimism. and if it is not created, then no progress can be achieved, because the thoughts are inevitably weak and, in their powerlessness, they collapse, which has the further effect that purely physical weakness also appears.

The better half is the innermost nature of the spirit- that is to say, of the spirit-form...

That is the nature of his/her own personality, and he himself/she herself determines and forms it according to his/her own will, which is why it can be fundamentally different to the real, inner most, spiritual nature.

The External Nature, the Internal Nature and the Innermost Spritual Nature 218-220 Top

The human being actually has three natures.

  1. The external nature
  2. The internal nature
  3. The innermost creational or spiritual nature

    - lies deep in the innermost realm of his/her spiritual existence and requires quite special attention, love and care. The better half is the innermost nature of the spirit - that is to say the spirit-form

But just as the innermost nature of the spirit-form and the inner nature of the oonsciousness-of the personality-exist, there is also the external nature which, as the value of the word says, is expressed outwardly in the environment, whereby this external nature, in turn, does not have to be in harmony with the inner nature of the consciousness.

The human being is an extremely gifted actor; consequently it is an easy thing for him/her to present himself/herself in a deceptive kind and wise, differently, on the outside, to the way he/she is in the inner, consciousness-based nature-that is to say, personal nature.

People will present themselves on the outside differently than they really are on the inside. Nature in this usage, means the basic or inherent features of something.

Nature also means the particular combination of qualities belonging to a person, animal, thing.

And there can be an utter discrepancy between how she/he is, in turn, in his nature, and the actual innermost, creational nature of the spirit-form - that is to say, of the spirit.

Optimism Top

I have found that by saying these seven things out loud to myself I can break the flow of unhealthy thinking. Its also good to start with the idea of confidence. I think a lot of problematic thinking occurs because of a lack of confidence. Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. I like to think of confidence in terms that I know I can rely on myself.

Confidence can be described as a belief in one's ability to succeed. Confidence is a belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities;

Might of Thoughts Page 220
Optimism represents a quality which fascinates all human beings and which every single human being would certainly like to call his/her own. And the human being for whom optimism is characteristic has, under the most unusual circumstances and situations, the power to not only form his/her life correctly, that also to enchant it.

Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. Synonyms include confidence, hopefulness, cheerfulness. Optimism is a mental attitude or world view. Optimism seems to have an effect on our health. A meta-analysis has confirmed the assumption that optimism is related to psychological well-being: “Put simply, optimists emerge from difficult circumstances with less distress than do pessimists.” Furthermore, the correlation appears to be attributable to coping style: “That is, optimists seem intent on facing problems head-on, taking active and constructive steps to solve their problems; pessimists are more likely to abandon their effort to attain their goals.”

More on Optimism

Optimistic behavior which enables a human heing to see and acknowledge the clear truth and, even in in the rottenest situation... Thus an optimist is therefore no clown or other comical figure, rather he/she is a human being who, under the greatest pressure, remains consciously hopeful and happy and who, in defiance of all pressure, remains consciously hopeful and happy and who, in defaince of all blows, breakdowns and deplorable states of affairs, and so forth, always retains the upper hand and the sense and the conviction for that which is good and that which is the best...

Just the presence of a positive human being is a joy and pleasure; indeed it is a blessing for those who have contact with him or her.

Contact 251 (line 354)

Each person must first acquire an optimistic attitude solely for himself, and from this will initially result the progress of expansion through which his fellow men will be prompted and will join in.

And if people think consciously in this direction, then they will make the amazing discovery that all means and all hopes for a true progress exist only when they start everything by themselves. The human being must recognize, discover and experience, in detail through his own cognition, what his true, innermost being is and how it relates to the external personality.

The Life Power or the Lebenskraft Page 224 Deeply Penetrating Light Vibrations Top
  1. Lebenskraft - Life-power
    1. Contact Report 39 Line 60 - A dicussion with Ptaah Wednesday, December 3, 1975, 1:37 AM where Lebenskraft is used

      Billy: Then the case is, indeed, clear. There’s something else, however, that you should explain for everyone for the interest of our cause, namely the connections or certain connections with the age of the Earth human being. I already know about these things because Sfath informed me about them when I was a boy. Nevertheless, these things were never written down, so others aren’t oriented about them. I’m referring to the fact that the mental forces of every single human being are capable of raising or lowering the life force of others.

      The important thing to remember here is that associating with the wrong group of people can lower your life-force.

      Contact Report 39 Line 63 - Because the thinking of a life form, through the cooperation of the spirit, produces an extremely logical, thus, Creation-based power that is released as high frequency swinging waves tremendous power is, thus, created, which can influence everything.

      Contact Report 39 Line 64 - This Creation-based power penetrates into everything, truly into all material life forms and all matter, in order to influence them according to their type and form.

      Contact Report 39 Line 72 - Thus, the more the development direction turns to the truth again, the higher the average lifespan develops again, for through this, the altered genetic factors and all other life-supporting factors are also regulated again, which were badly impaired over the course of tens of thousands of years.

      Contact Report 39 Line 76 - All thoughts radiate as tremendous forces and encounter the other life forms, which draw these towards themselves like magnets.

    2. The creational power of life is mentioned in the OM

    3. Article: Peace on Earth: The False Peace Symbol May negatively affect the life-force. The turned-around tree of life does not let the force of life become effective, but lets the force flow into the ground. In that way life's counterpart is changed to become the annihilator of life.

    4. In Contact Report 216 are deeply penetrating light vibrations are said to help the life-force.

      Contact Report 216 Line 163 - Without these light vibrations that penetrate very deeply into the Earth, the underground plants, as we call them, couldn’t prosper and couldn’t exist

      Sometimes when I am out in the sun, I can feel these deeply penetrating light vibrations going into my chest. These light vibrations really feel like they are enhancing my life - power.

      Contact Report 216 Line 167 - And from the same light vibrations, from which the underground plants or plants of the dark draw their vitality, also the underground animals or animals of the dark benefit, including the fish of the dark and deep sea animals of every genus and species.

      Contact Report 216 Line 173 - If a person – and this is also true for animals – is lacking the absolutely essential light, then very negative disturbances and changes also occur in the hormonal balance, by what means, in turn, the immune system is strongly impaired in its strength and function.

    5. FIGU Bulletin 78: Our spirit form is called our indestructible inner life-power

      The spirit of the human being is more or less his/her high-fine-fluidal energy source, his/her indestructible inner life-power

    6. Article: What The Human Beings of Earth Know

      Only the human being has a conscious evolution-capable consciousness which draws its life-power from the minuteness of the creational-human spirit-form, the centre of which may be found in the "upper part of the midbrain" = a pair of nuclei = colliculus superior.

  2. Lebensziel - Life-determination
  3. Lebenspotential - Life-potential


Therefore, it is necessary to search for the source of the life-power and to develop the power, in order to have a reliable life-potential upon which one can depend, therefore, in which one can completely trust.

The word Power has multiple meanings.

  1. the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.
  2. the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.
  3. supply (a device) with mechanical or electrical energy.
  4. move or travel with great speed or force.

The word determination has multiple meanings.

  1. firmness of purpose; resoluteness.
  2. the process of establishing something exactly, typically by calculation or research.
  3. synonyms: calculation, discovery, ascertainment, establishment, deduction, divination, diagnosis, discernment, verification, confirmation

The word potential has multiple meanings.

  1. having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.
  2. latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.
  3. the quantity determining the energy of mass in a gravitational field or of charge in an electric field.

The German word notwendig has multiple meanings.

  1. necessary
  2. essential
  3. indispensable
  4. prerequisite
  5. required

The German word suchen has multiple meanings.

  1. to seek
  2. to search
  3. to hunt
  4. to locate sth. [seek out and discover the position of]
  5. try to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly.

  1. A source is a place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.

  2. Other meanings for Quello include the following
  3. well
  4. origin
  5. wellspring
  6. repository

We are told to search for the source of the life-power. Is the source of the life-power healthy neutral positive thoughts which radiate in our consciousness? We are told to search for the source of the life-power and develop it. The German word for source is Quelle. I am wondering if we develop this life-power in our thoughts. The life-power is know as Lebenskraft in the German.


The source of the life-power, which must be created by oneself, lies in the consciousness-that is to say, in its thoughts -which must be formed, tended and nurtured in such a way that they correspond to a progressive kind and wise, equipped with a Ziel for life, an intention, an endeavor , an ideal;

The life-power resides in our own thoughts. So we must work to do the kind of thinking that generates this life-power. We must strive for these thoughts in an imaginative way. In contrast to this is when confused, tangled thoughts appear in our minds.

Die Quelle der selbst zu erzeugenden Lebenskraft liegt im Bewusstsein resp. in dressen Gedanken,die derart gestaltet, gehegt und gepflegt werden mussen, dass sie einer fortschrittlichen Art und Weise entsprechen, versehen mit einem Lebensziel, einer Bestrebung, einem Ideal;

We are told to search and search means to seeking carefully and thoroughly. Search means to look at or examine (a person, object, etc.) carefully in order to find something concealed:

So the life power is said to lead to a life potential if it is developed. Life potential appears as one word in the German; however, that might be a specific word related to the Meier teaching because I can find no translation for it.

The Life Power Lebenskraft Part 2 (Page 224) Top

The definition for the word source is a point of origin or procurement : beginning (2) : one that initiates : author; A source is something or someone that causes or produces something, or is the origin of it

The German word for life-power is Lebenskraft. Lebenskraft can also mean life force, living power and vital energy. Lebenskraft also means vitality. It also refers to animal spirit in one definition. Lebenskraft appears in Contact Report 39 where Ptaah and Billy are discussing the human beings mental forces.

Lebenskraft is used in Contact Report 39
Top Then the case is, indeed, clear. There’s something else, however, that you should explain for everyone for the interest of our cause, namely the connections or certain connections with the age of the Earth human being. I already know about these things because Sfath informed me about them when I was a boy. Nevertheless, these things were never written down, so others aren’t oriented about them. I’m referring to the fact that the mental forces of every single human being are capable of raising or lowering the life force of others.

..Because the thinking of a life form, through the cooperation of the spirit, produces an extremely logical, thus, Creation-related force that is released as high frequented vibrations and radiations, a tremendous force is, thus, produced, which can influence everything..

..At the earliest times, when the human being of the Earth was also produced by his indirect ancestors, his average age was reckoned at 1,007 years of life, for he, trained and informed by his producers, possessed an enormous level of knowledge and abilities..

So our life force and the life force of our Plejaren ancestors worked to allow us to have very, long life spans.

The religions of the earth humans depleted their life force; therefore, shortened their life spans.

Lebenskraft is used in the OM
Everything that the human inherits, everything that he brings with him through the billion-fold existence of the past, everything that he enjoyed, knew, read, learnt or experienced in this or in past lives, lies concealed in his unconsciousness.

Why, therefore, does he not master the technique of concentration, and why does he not order his unconsciousness and make full use of all his knowledge and ability?

.. But for this it is required that he fight his own stupidity and acknowledge that the material intellect constitutes no human, if it does not also, in the same measure, work together with the spiritual intellect. ..

Lebenskraft is used in in the Tree Of Life Symbol
The Meier Symbol if the Tree life shows lines moving upward; however, the one that we use shows lines moving down.

The turned-around tree of life does not let the force of life become effective, but lets the force flow into the ground. In that way life's counterpart is changed to become the annihilator of life. This so-called PEACE symbol symbolizes destruction, annihilation and ruin. It does not refer to death in an evolutionary form, which is striving towards the existence in death and thus fulfilling an important part in the life of a human being. On the contrary, this so-called PEACE symbol refers in its wrong usage to a senseless death, to destruction in a de-evolutionary form.

Lebenskraft is used in reference to the Spirit Form in FIGU Bulletin 78

The spirit of the human being is more or less his/her high-fine-fluidal energy source, his/her indestructible inner life-power.

Notice that this life-power is said to be indestructible meaning that the spirit will never die.

Only the human being has a conscious evolution-capable consciousness which draws its life-power from the minuteness of the creational-human spirit-form, the centre of which may be found in the "upper part of the midbrain" = a pair of nuclei = colliculus superior.

The Source of the Life-Power Must be Created by Oneself(Page 224) Top

Might of Thoughts Page 224
The source of the life-power, which must be created by oneself, lies in the consciousness-that is to say, in its thoughts - which must be formed, tended and nurtured in such a way that they correspond to a progressive kind and wise, equipped with a Ziel for life, an intention, an endeavor, an ideal;

I must say that when I first read that the life power must be created by oneself that I was a bit disturbed. How could i possibly create this life power myself. In fact, it probably took a couple of weeks of self examination and thought to realize how certain thoughts do in fact really invigorate me. Some thoughts do give me strength and energy. How I wish that I could go to the source of power on a regular basis. Other thoughts seem to drain me of energy. Perhaps, that is what Billy is writing about .

Recently I have re-learned how much exercise invigorates me and I wonder if this is because of thoughts that are generated during and after exercise.

The German word gestaltet means to feature, shape or mold. We are told to mold our thoughts.

Might of Thoughts Page 224
But ideas are incompletely developed factors which must first be thoroughly contemplated and worked through in order to recognise and correspondingly handle the values or unvalues in them.

idee- "pronounced eee-day" means idea, notion, brainchild, concept

The Meier information says that the idea is an incomplete, underdeveloped, unripe thing; however, the ideal is completely developed and thought through.

We are encouraged to totally develop and think through our ideas so that they can become mature,completely developed ideals.

Notice that its the tangled ideas that confuse the thoughts. The ideas are incompletely developed factors. So the confusion comes from ideas not ideals. The confusion comes from the thoughts that are not completely thought through or developed. I imagine the challenge is to recognize when we have not thought something through completely.

I imagine that shortly after the tangled confused thoughts comes anger because murder and manslaughter are mentioned as a result of these incorrect thoughts.

The ideas cannot lead to the setting of a Ziel. FIGU Dictionary Ziel deals with out evolution which is mentioned in the Goblet of Truth.

Goblet: 20:8 ... because everyone changes inexorably in order to unfold (evolve) so that he or she may fulfil the determination of the life.

There is no room for rationality and virtue in these tangled, irrational and basically wrong, ideational thoughts...

So when we have these tangled thoughts that are not completely developed it takes up room in the consciousness. So much so that there is no longer room for rationality and virtue. Rationality is the quality of being based on or in accordance with reason or logic

Related Concepts

Notice that the people from Lyra Vega had become murderous just as the Might of Thoughts book explains that tangled ideas can lead to manslaughter and murder.


Contact Report 238 line 676.


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Nokodemion Brings Rationality to His People in the LYRA and VEGA star systems Thus he came back out of the Arahat Athersata spirit level for the sake of his peoples, who followed no creational laws and commandments at all, to bring his peoples to reason and therefore to rationality.

That was 12,000,000,000 years ago.

As he had to recognize his peoples’ lack of understanding, he decreed a logical use of force, because the people were so degenerate that their senses and aspirations were, with all murderous means, only after boundless power.

Uniformly, as one, the peoples had the audacity to violently spread out in the universe, and, autocratically and usurpingly, named themselves representatives of Creation. An insane idea that they had already tried to actualize, in that they attacked foreign planetary systems, bestially murdered millions of people or clapped them in chains and enslaved them.

Thus Nokodemion was faced with the choice of leaving his peoples to degenerate into universal monsters or command a halt to their murderous and power-hungry deeds.

In conformity with the law of logical force, Nokodemion issued the decree that both sexes of the peoples were ordained to sterility in a lawful and humane way.

And thus the order and decree was passed, through the engagement of the Arahat Athersata level, that those who passed away in the course of time to a natural death should not be ordained a reincarnation, rather that their spirit forms had to stay as long in the realm of the other side until they, one day, through a new decree of Nokodemion, could again find an existence in human bodies.

Nokodemion was the first incarnated personality of the same spirit-form that currently inhabits the human being known as BEAM. Its very interesting that the contact notes say that Nokodemion was a creation of the planet Sadr. So I wonder if our spirit forms are in some way related to the planet of our origination. But the important thing to remember is that he brought rationality and reason to his people.

... because only rationality and virtuelessness govern in highly emotional forms for which a truthly settings of a Ziel, and an imagination of the realization of a Ziel, are foreign. In fact, only a following of ideas occurs, from which a setting of the Ziel can never result in any wise because just the idea aline is followed without it being able to be made into an ideal.

When we are dominated by the unripe, incomplete ideas then rationality is squeezed out and we cannot function towards the Ziel. Remember the Ziel is related to our evolvement. The idea has to be made into the ideal.

Therefore a murderer or despot, only pursues his/her unripe ideas, from which she/he is never able to make an ideal-that is to say a healthy, positive determination - because he or she remains caught up in the idea and does not come free of it.

Might of Thoughts Page 224
But ideas are incompletely developed factors which must first be thoroughly contemplated and worked though in order to recognize and correspondingly handle the values and unvalues in them.

devolutive Einstellung - devolutive attitude. The attitude that is incorrect with its regard to evolution is said to devolutive. The world devolutive is used when referring to our incorrect peace sign on earth.

On the contrary, this so-called PEACE symbol refers in its wrong usage to a senseless death, to destruction in a de-evolutionary form. It refers, therefore, to a non-evolutionary senselessness and forced finiteness

evolutive Einstellung - evolutive attitude. We create an evolutive attitude to which we start to conform. Top Contact Report 10 Through this cognition, his attitude becomes a sanctuary, and all things along with him become holy--even the earth under his feet.

Related Concepts

Contact Report 257 and the word idea
And (so) that the population should be left in ignorance about the truth of the existence of extraterrestrials, nevertheless, however (that) fear must be developed in the peoples against the extraterrestrials, out of which a far-reaching hate must be established against the invaders, and, thereby, once again a defensive rage steered by hate should result, the US presidency, as well as the leading officers of the military and the secret services, etc., came upon a psychologically sophisticated idea to work out a horror scenario in extraterrestrial matters and to start it in such a way that not only America would be seized by it, rather also great parts of the rest of the world.

Contact 257 is describing the long awaited Extra-Terrestrial False Flag Invasion that we were actually warned about by Werner Von Braun. An invasion which will really be a hoax that comes from our own the military. Our military has technologies which are much more advanced than the public realizes which will play the role of the Invading Aliens. So for years now, the movie industry has been planting the notion in the mind of the public that there are negative ETs wanting to invade the earth.

Bulletin 30 and the use of the Word Ideal
Therefore the Internet provider AOL is, in this regard alone, already an ideal partner for the CIA for exercising espionage worldwide on the Internet - not to mention the manipulated hard drives, and so forth, of laptops and computers.

It is however really also no secret that the CIA has not only installed its Carnivore program with AOL, rather also with many other providers worldwide.

The CIA does not only lead a secret war to achieve world control and world domination for the superpower USA, rather also in regard to petroleum, because one of its efforts consists of snatching as many oil fields as possible under its control, and under the control of the USA

ideal- "pronounced eee-dee-allll" means perfect, optimal

When tangled ideas confuse the thoughts Page 224 Top

The Might of Thoughts Page 224

This is a contrast to when tangled ideas confuse the thoughts and abruptly go from one extreme to another, whereby a misdirection of thoughts arises which triggers emotions, and can even lead to manslaughter and murder.


Ideas are incompletely developed factors which must first be thoroughly contemplated. The example is given that people get caught up on ideas and are not able to become free of them.

Notice that the thoughts are not organized at all; instead, the ideas are tangled. When this condition arizes there is often a kind of frantic behavior.

In the earlier mentioned passage, Billy traces the cause and effect actions that take place in our minds. For example, he says that tangled ideas confuse the thoughts. So tangled ideas are the cause and the effect is confusion in our thinking.

Cause Effect Cause Effect Cause Effect
Tangled Ideas Confuse the Thoughts Thoughts go abruptley to Extremes Misdirection of Thoughts Triggers Emotions Violence (Manslaughter and Murder)

As a matter of fact, in the entire universe, everything is built up on information of a creational nature, consequently nothing delivers so-called and non-existent chance nor chaos, rather everything, and indeed also all matter, is constructed on information.

Truthfully everything therefore has its order - determined through information - which manifests through the law of causality, respectively, cause and effect.


Tangled can be defined as twisted together untidily; matted; It also means confused, jumbled, mixed up, messy, chaotic; Tangled can mean to bring together into a mass of confusedly interlaced or intertwisted threads. Tangled means a twisted mass, a snarl;
Tangled means an untidy mass of things that are not in a state of order,

The tangled ideas do the following:

  1. Confuse the thoughts; When we are confused we are unable to think clearly and we are bewildered. Confusion is a disordered consciousness and may include the loss of linear thinking.
  2. Make the thoughts go from one extreme to another (from love to hate)
  3. Cause a misdirection of the thoughts
  4. Trigger emotions
  5. Can lead to murder and manslaughter
  6. All room for virtue and rationality is lost in the consciousness
  7. Irrational and virtuelessness start to govern in the consciousness
  8. A true setting of the Ziel cannot be done
  9. A Ziel cannot be imagined or realised because these concepts become foreign
  10. Only ideas can be followed.
  11. The idea cannot be coverted into an ideal.
  12. The individual becomes caught or trapped by the ideas and cannot get free of them.
To convert the ideas into ideals the individual must do the following:

  1. Ideas must be thoroughly contemplated and worked through
  2. Recognize the values and unvalues in the ideas (Some things, i.e. unvalues can require months or even years to change for the better, ...)
  3. Handle the values and unvalues in the ideas
  4. The life is directed toward evolutive striving
  5. Work to gain values from the ideas that are progressive and higher
  6. Create and evolutive attitude
  7. Conform to the evolutive attitude
  8. The ideas are formed into ideals and are brought to fruition
  9. Create an inner persistence
  10. The powers of the thoughts and consciousness are used for education, learning and knowledge


Thought encompasses a “goal oriented flow of ideas and associations that leads to a reality-oriented conclusion.”[1] Although thinking is an activity of an existential value for humans, there is no consensus as to how it is defined or understood.


We are told recognize the values and unvalues in our ideas. So perhaps we must remove the unvalues from our ideas in order to turn them into ideals. I think an unvalue is something negative that over time we have become to value. Its a negative thought pattern that we have started to value.
  1. Some things, i.e. unvalues can require months or even years to change for the better, ...
  2. Unvalues are related to our character pattern and can be psychopathic in nature.
  3. Lack of ability to have deep feelings for the others, could be considered an unvalue
  4. Unvalues that are characteristic of psychopaths: Pathological angriness

Some of the Unvalues Often Characteristic of Psychopaths FIGU Bulletin 68

  1. Lack of logical decisions
  2. Lack of rational conduct
  3. Frequent change of sexual partner
  4. Boredom
  5. Parasitism
  6. Manipulative behaviour with regard to the fellow human beings
  7. Dazzling, i.e. seducing and deluding, of the fellow human beings
  8. Sense of unfairness
  9. Endorsement of torture
  10. Hate mentality
  11. Remorselessness
  12. Lack of deep-reaching thoughts and feelings
  13. Lack of empathy

This is just a few of the 70 listed that are considered the Unvalues of Psychopaths. If 18 of the 70 negative characteristics apply to oneself or to another human being, then a comprehensive and deep-reaching psychopathy must be spoken of.

There is NO Room for Rationality

The Might of Thoughts Page 224

There is no room for rationality and virtue in these tangled, irrationality and basically wrong, ideational thoughts, because only irrationality and virtuelessness govern in highly emotional forms for which a truthly setting of the Ziel and an imagination of the realization of a Ziel, are foreign.

In this state of mind, virtuelessness is controlling the thoughts. Virtue is a behavior showing high moral standards. So in this negative state of mind then we can say that low moral standards are in control. Have you noticed how many people are now making references to performing violence against those that have another point of view than them? Recently, there was an article written by the Washington Examiner saying that the violent left is serious problem. The New York Post recently had an article saying will the democrats condemn the lefts growing turn to violence? However, I think the "tangled ideas" happens to people on both the left and the right.

There is no room for rationality when people are in this state of mind. Room means a space that can be occupied or where something can be done, especially viewed in terms of whether there is enough. Here is fantastic quote from one Billy's articles:

A Little Bit of Knowledge, Sense and Wisdom
If the life is viewed and considered in all its situations and variations, then it can be recognised that life means a constant struggle, a continuous careful study of one's own innermost (self) and outer self. The innermost self, which exists in the deepest consciousness, reflects the values of the creational spirit, but in opposition to that, the human being forms the outer self, the outer personality, according to his/her own views and understandings, by means of his/her thoughts and feelings and will. And, as a rule, this outer self, this outer personality, which is also released outwardly in the environment as one's conduct, completely contradicts the innermost self which has a creationally-given nature.

In the constant argument between the two forms of self, other factors continually attempt to interfere, which overlayingly and superficially fight again and again to misguidingly shove themselves above the current occurrences of self-struggle. However, the innermost self nonetheless incessantly struggles through again and again, and again and again always drowns out and covers over the outer self, which is foreign to Creation and is created by the human being himself/herself.

So perhaps when we fall prey to the "tangled ideas" that is the time when the outer self is dominating. The outer self is foreign to creation and is created by the human being. The outer self seems to govern in a highly emotional form. The outer self leaves no room for rational thought.

In diesen wirren, irren und grundfalshen Ideengngedanken hat keine Vernunft und Tugendlosigkiet

wirren- confusion, turmoil, choas, troubles
irren-to wander, stray, to be mistaken
Vernunft-reason, sanity, prudence, rationality, faculty of reason, common sense
keine-not, no, not any none
Tugend-virtue, goodness
denn-because, since, for, cause, then, anyway
regieren-to, govern, to reign, to rule, to command

Page 224 continued

However, he/she is only able to do this because he/she has also created an evolutive attitude whereby he/she conforms. But the unrighteous human being has created devolutive attitude whereby he/she panders to virtuelessness and to that which is unrighteous.

With the whole process of thinking, the inner persistence is of particular significance, which is why is is absolutely necessary that it be created.

So we must learn to conform to the evolutive attitude that we have developed.

There are two kinds of people those with strong inner persistence and those with weak inner persistence. Consciousness based powers are expressed in perseverance and persistence or in other values. And precisely all these powers are greater and are more enormous than the human being normally imagines. If the human being trains the consciousness-based-mental "muscles' then nothing is impossible for him anymore.


Contact Report 114 and the German Term Wirre (confused, jumbled, scattered)

But the phrase wenn wirre Ideen seems to translate to when tangled ideas The word wirre appears in Contact Report 114. The word wirre could mean jumbled, scattered or confused. This is in regard to some jealousy and egoism that has built up in the group. but in this case Billy is talking to Quetzal about some internal strife within the group. The following is what Quetzal says about love

Love is neither a privilege nor a right of possession but rather an acquired understanding and sincere feeling of harmony in recognition of the solidarity and well-being of one's neighbor.

It seems there was some strife and wrong thinking in the group about Billy's attention or feelings toward certain group members and not others.

Quetzal put things in this manner

Erroneous and confused thoughts arise from this, and these degenerate into rather extreme forms and end at the incomprehensible notion that you could fall in love with the other one and that the other one has fallen in love with you.

Article Belief and Faith in God Related Topics

Where no reason can be seen for something, not only does the individual believer hold himself, but usually all believers in God hold themselves to the belief that the corresponding incomprehensible events were the work and will of God, as a world-mover and fate-mover, which would simply have to be accepted. And they think that their lives follow a well-thought out and God-given destiny, to which they are given because their idea of a higher order, purpose, and destiny calms them down. In this way, the life focused on a God gives meaning to the believer, even if this is extremely deceptive. But through this deceptive sense of life, the believing person is given a wrong meaning and a confused structure,

Article Concentration, Meditation, Sleep

If on falling asleep virtuous, good and positive thoughts and feelings are cultivated in a concentrated and controlled way, then the sleep is also balanced, while dreams express themselves in virtuous thoughts and feelings.

Hence, it is necessary to cultivate concentrated and controlled virtuous thoughts and feelings in a meditative manner before falling asleep.


Article FIGU Bulletin 78

It should be realised that the religions and sects are attacking the human beings of the Earth with irrational teachings, are making fools of them, are making them dependent, belief-oriented without hope of rescue and putting them in bondage, in the same way as they are driven into the clutches of fear, terror and feelings of guilt through false, confused and irrational dogmas and threats of "godly" punishment.

I had an experience lately where I was in a crowd of people where the life-power was very low. At least in my subjective opinion, these people, appeared to have a very weak source of life-power. One individual who I had not seen in over a year appeared to be literally a different person. I would not have recognized them at all if I someone did not tell me who they were. I was shocked to see the unfortunate transition that occurred with this person in a very short period of time. The last time I talked to this individual, I remember how unstable they seemed and how volatile their thinking was. By volatile I mean, liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.


...whereby a misdirection of thoughts arises which triggers emotions and can even lead to murder and manslaughter.

Misdirected thoughts trigger emotions Top

This is a contrast to when tangled ideas confuse the thoughts and abruptly go from one extreme to another, whereby a misdirection of the thoughts arises which triggers emotions, and can even lead to murder and manslaughter.

There is no room for rationality and virtue in these tangled, irrational and basically wrong, ideational thoughts, because only irrationality and virtuelessness govern in highly emotional forms for which a truthly setting of the Ziel...

Misdirected thoughts trigger emotions.

  1. The German word auslosen means to tigger, cause, provoke, elicit, unleash, release, induce...
Open Letter to Fellow Men Here is an article that uses the "auslosen" word in terms of triggering disasters on a large scale.

The knowledge that we ourselves alone are essentially the very own responsible for everything and that everything firstly starts in a small scale, therefore let us reflect with ourselves about what we are actually employing at this moment with our planet in a large-scale, whose climate we disturb and through it release (auslosen in the German) tremendous natural disasters.

Our misdirected thoughts are (auslosen) triggering disasters on a planetary and a personal scale.

Goblet of Truth Page 49

This means everything is connected, and this interconnectivity is rendered particularly stable because the reward centre is triggered by all these aggressions and degeneracies, and the brain is flooded with the neurotransmitter dopamine. Consequently, the human being feels himself or herself affirmed, big and powerful in his or her aggression, Gewalt and degeneracy and this is precisely what leads to the situation that he or she be comes addicted to his or her acts of Gewalt and therefore always continues to strive for evil and unleash disputes, wars and all-round death and destruction in order to satisfy his or her brain reward cascade by means of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

People become motivated for evil because they are addicted to the dopamine release that is caused during conflict...

U-Tube on dopamine. Exercise increases dopamine. A lack of dopamine reduces motivation.

In popular culture and media dopamine is often seen as the main chemical of pleasure, but the current opinion in pharmacology is that dopamine instead mediates incentive salience which signals the value of a given reward to the organism and motivating action required for attainment. In other words, dopamine appears to mediate desire and motivation moreso than pleasure.

To misdirect means to send (someone or something) to the wrong place or in the wrong direction.

A trigger is something that causes (an event or situation) to happen or exist.

From the Might of Thoughts Article on the Future of Mankind Site
If, however, the human being is not powerful enough in his thoughts and their feelings, as well as in his will to live, then he can also trigger this self-destruct mechanism through his incapacity for life and his powerlessness for life.

Contact Report 251 The genetic manipulations do not imply that terrestrial Man is a born killing machine, but signify only that he is a combative life form, capable of killing when required to do so, or when events trigger his loss of control or outbursts, etc. Such actions may also lead to degeneration; but, generally, they only occur when the two factors consciousness and psyche, hence the person's world of thoughts and feelings, are afflicted or briefly overburdened, whereupon they prompt the act committed in the heat of passion. Therefore, the evil brought about, or rather fostered, by the genetic manipulation, is not an intrinsic, compulsive inborn lust to murder.

FIGU Bulletin 006 The new delusion of being abducted by extraterrestrials, which began in America and to which so far countless people have fallen prey, is now also spreading throughout Switzerland. The result is a collective mass delusion, a mass hysteria, which is nothing more than a collective mass psychosis that has now expanded into a collective myth. It is a collective delusion, which is being transmitted from the collective human subconsciousness to people who are susceptible to it. This, however, does not mean that these persons are psychically ill, have an impaired consciousness or are insane in any way. No, as a rule, they are simply very labile with regard to their control, recognition, and assimilation of collective influences of a sub-conscious nature. Hence, such individuals cannot define the influences as being what they really are. This culminates at a point where these influences are stored in the sub-conscious mind as reality and fact. When the next opportunity presents itself, this pre-stored information triggers a type of conscious dream, a day dream, during which the collective-sub-consciousness information, gathered and stored in the sub-consciousness, produces conscious-dream experiences in such individuals. These experiences are then accepted as real and genuine events.

FIGU Dictionary

Lebensziel - Ziel des Lebens

Chapter 20: Verse 8 of the Goblet of Truth
And no person of your kind (human being) will remain so in himself or herself as he or she is at the moment (currently), because everyone changes inexorably in order to unfold (evolve) so that he so she may fulfill the determination of the life.

Contact Report 10
To wake up the infinite and let it become effective is the goal of life--spiritual perfection.

Perseverance,Persistence and Consciousness-based Powers Top

The Seven Foundations of Being Human
1. Modesty
2. Anti-materialism
3. Perseverance
4. Patience
5. Peace
6. Universal love
7. Understanding

Perseverance is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
Persistence is firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Ausdauer - Perseverance

Zähigkeit Pronounced like "Zazzshhkeit". - Tenacity, toughness, viscosity, hardness, hardiness,Persistence

Might of Thoughts Page 228
Everything is based on creational-natural laws and recommendations, and therefore, so is the human being's self-cognition and self-realization.

So at some point we become aware of our own abilities. We start to have confidence in those abilities.

Cognition the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.

Selbsterkenntnis - self knowledge, self-awareness. (pronounced with a silent b or almost silent).

Might of Thoughts Page 228
But, originating from these laws, it also emerges that the human being has been given an innate quality which consists of striving for that which is higher.

Innate means inborn; natural. So our ability to strive is inborn.
A quality is a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something. So the ability to strive is inborn in the human being. The ability to strive is a distinctive attribute that human beings have.

Might of Thoughts Page 228
As a result of this fact, the cognisance arises that decisive factors must consequently be implanted in the human being's consciousness, which enable him/her to volitionally develop consciousness-based powers, which, for example, are expressed in perseverance and persistence or in other values.

Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.

Contact Report 522

Contact Report 522
...everything must be built up consciously and through a strong will, and brought to effect; and if this cannot be carried through by Earth-humans, it means then that they are unmotivated and have no chance to live a true life.

Contact Report 10
157. Each human being carries within him/herself the whole kingdom of the spirit, but it is covered over by the unused material consciousness and struck by unknowledgeness, erroneous assumptions, not absolutely full development, bad things, errors and limitations of all kinds, which must be transformed into the opposite through the recognition and acceptance of the truth.

I wonder what decisive factors must consequently be implanted in the human being's consciousness . It seems that perseverance and persistence are two characteristics that should appear when the humans consciousness-based powers are starting to appear.

Meditation from Clear Visibility
70) Hard work matters to me and promotes my created capabilities, as also my perseverance, the joy in working and the will of goal achievement.
73) I always remain relaxed and thereby gain power over myself.

Perseverance is considered one of the The Seven Foundations of Being Human.

Might of Thoughts Page 228
And precisely all these powers are greater and more enormous than the human being normally imagines.

What really starts my imagination is when he says these powers are greater and more enourmous than we generally imagine.

Might of Thoughts Page 228
And if the human being actually trains the consciousness-based-mental "muscles" then nothing is impossible for him/her anymore.

Might of Thoughts Page 228
...because to think and act in a neutral-positive-equalised form, even in the worst times, is not only advantageous, rather it is a necessity of life.

Might of Thoughts Page 230
To that end, the human being must imprint this truth into his/her consciousness: successes can only be achieved where the necessary perseverance and persistence exist, through which the might of the thoughts forms.

Might of Thoughts Page 230
That there are unfortunately meanwhile also human beings who misuse their thoughts and, in this form, give full expression to pure ideas, and fall prey to affliction and misery as well as weaknesses and illness, has nothing to do with perseverance and persistence, rather solely with senseless rotation of thoughts around some sorts of nonsensical ideas which are then realised as a result of the endless rotation of the thoughts, because also these develop might, however, they cause harm with it, whereby not just the psyche, rather one's whole life, can be destroyed.

Deep Grooves in the Consciousness (Might of Thoughts Page 240)

Thereby, it must simply be seen that human habits, such as the maintenance of wrong thoughts and views, and so forth, leave behind deep grooves in the consciousness which must be slowly repaired again and be made to disappear.

The Definition of Groove

A groove is a long, narrow cut or depression, especially one made to guide motion or receive a corresponding ridge.

The Definition of Groove in German

Rillen is the German word for groove. (tiefe Rillen hinterlassen)

Importance of the Negative and the Positive Top

Might of Thoughts Page 244-248
Once the human being has managed to bring himself/herself to the point of bearing and fulfilling responsibility for himself/herself and once he/she has become creative and constructive, then his/her positive attitude and dealings quickly and increasingly climb, whereby uncreative, destructive and negative things of all kinds increasingly level out.

Might of Thoughts Page 246
The entirety of the matters of the life and universe is also built upon the constantly cooperating factors of the negative and the positive.

Might of Thoughts Page 246
There is therefore neither a negative without positive nor a positive without negative, which also goes for general physics and is therefore not just limited to the human being's psychology and consciousness based evolution, and so forth. Just as electrical current demonstrates plus and minus-that is to say, negative and positive - the entirety of the matters of the life and the universe is also built upon the constantly cooperating factors of positive and negative.

However, contained in those is again also a negative and a positive, which together form a oneness.

As a result of the work done by the body its strengths are used and become weaker, while the consciousness-based powers of concentration diminish and the exactness of the execution of the work becomes inadequate and therefore destructive.

If an idea arises in the consciousness, then this contains both the negative and as well as positive factors, which must be thoroughly considered in order to create from it an ideal, an imagination, a wish, an intention, an endeavor and therefore, a Ziel.

Negative and positive are two powers which belong together and always work together and never allow themselves to be separated, because one is dependent upon the other. However, if the human being nevertheless has the audacity to separate the two factors, then an Ausartung inevitably results on one side or the other. As a consequence of this, positive or negative Ausartungen there arise, exactly according to which factor the human being turns toward - negative or the positive.

So suppose that if we start to think that there is only negative in a given set of circumstances then we tend to get badly out of control. The same is probably true in which we think there is only positive in set of circumstances. Then we can get badly out of control; for example, when people become strongly under the influence of romantic affective love.

Might of Thoughts Page 246
If the human being does not use both powers, and only turns towards one of the two factors, then, in this, he/she falls badly out of the control of the good human nature. That is why neutral-positive-equalised thinking means that both the negative as well as the positive must be included in the thought patterns and must be tended and nurtured, however, in an equalised kind and wise, just as the term expresses it.

Contact Report 251
Therefore, there is no such thing that Man is born evil in the sense that he or she is totally evil from birth onward, as some people enjoy claiming; those who wish only to see evil and total negativity. Man, of course, was provided with both the negative and the positive from the very beginning of his existence, but not to the point where he is only negative or only positive. Ultimately, an equilibrium is established that truly provides Man with the capability and stability of conquering every inflicting injury and all forms of external influences. Both, negative and positive factors, when combined with and applied to the appropriate form, result in one grand total which turns the human life form into an extremely hardy living entity that possesses the required abilities and is a born fighter for the Creational-natural laws and directives without excessiveness.

Contact Report 238

The path of evolution is very long and burdensome and it is marked by many kinds of external influences. In particular, the influences of the same kind of forms of life exert powers over a single form of life which this form of life is only able to control through living through greater spaces of time and teachings, from which understanding and recognition result. This course of evolution belongs to the high and highest forms of life just as it does also to low and the lowest forms.

Something Meaningful, Dignified, Valuable
Man and woman must complement each other at all times in the duties of life; consequently they are connected inseparably with each other and need each other. One gender cannot exist without the other, because only together, and in their difference, do they form the true potential of human existence. Each one in itself forming a pole of a 100 percent unity; they are, in their union, a complete 100-percent unit, exactly like both poles of electrical energy which are in themselves a 100-percent unity in the negative and positive and are able to generate light only in togetherness and thus form a full unit.

Fluidal Energy and the Positive / Negative Balance
A positive or negative imbalance means, for the psyche, that it is degenerated in one form or another, while neutrally-positively balanced means that, in the psyche, an equilibrium exists, which consists of the same values of negative and positive, each to the same degree, whereby neither a negative or positive degeneration therefore arises, rather simply a symmetry and, consequently, a balanced harmony.

Thoughts about Worries of Yesterday...
Our lives are very rich in substance. They are entwined and interwoven with countless negative and positive things. Still, it is within our power to form our experiences into things with a neutral-positive balance, to cope with them and to live. May we all, therefore, make the most of each day without fears, apprehensions, pain, grief, doubt, worry or the like. Instead, may we learn to conquer and master these things so we may be cheerful and free and able to state with dignity in the last minute of our lives: "I have lived my life honorably and in evolutionary fulfillment, and to a good measure I have satisfied the duties of the [Creational] laws."

Goblet of the Truth, page 587...
You alone as human beings bring about everything, namely the good and the evil, the negative and positive, because you alone are responsible for all and everything, whatever you create in terms of thoughts and feelings as well as in terms of actions, deeds and all your activity. You alone are the ones that bear the responsibility for the forming of your life, your life-conduct, your thinking-directions and determinations, so you yourselves have to make an effort for a right guidance and forming of your existence.

Optimists may respond better to stress: pessimists have shown higher levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) and trouble regulating cortisol in response to stressors. Cortisol functions to increase blood sugar through gluconeogenesis, to suppress the immune system, and to aid in the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrate. Cortisol is used as an immunosuppressive drug.

Johannes Hoffmeister

A study by Scheier examined the recovery process for a number of patients that had undergone surgery.[30] The study showed that optimism was a strong predictor of the rate of recovery. Optimists achieved faster results in “behavioral milestones” such as sitting in bed, walking around, etc. They also were rated by staff as having a more favorable physical recovery. In a 6-month later follow-up, it was found that optimists were quicker to resume normal activities.

Might of Thoughts Page 263
Optimism, new term from the Latin 'optimum', 'that which is best'; since the 18th century generally those who are cherry, are confident even in in bad situations with everything as it is and as it comes, who are content, viewing everything from the best side;

Impulses for Striving For Evolution Top

Impulses for the Striving Page 268
And in fact, the human beings entire life would be quite useless if he did not possess his creationally conditioned inner most nature, from which emerge all necessary impulses for the striving for evolution.

Some of the Creational Natural Laws For More Information

  1. Striving (the fundamental law of all evolution; without striving there is no life) Striving means to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.

    If the striving breaks down in the human being then he becomes in capable of life, displeased with life and suicidal.

    I think about the the huge home-less population that exists in Los Angeles now and how the striving may have broken down in their life
  2. universal love
  3. The bipolar structure/composition of everything that exists (the positive and the negative etc.)
  4. The Law of Harmony (Neutral Postive Thoughts and Attitude). The Law of Harmony determines that the thoughts must be progressive and neutral-positive-equalised.
  5. System and Order. Solely by the Law of System and Order, the whole universe will be maintained. Learning how to work with an exact schedule and the exact following of it.

The Danger of Belief Top

Might of Thoughts Page 276
The carrying out of a developmental change of one's own inner nature to that which is new and progressive is neither easy nor quick to effect. In fact, the human being's own imagination of himself/herself is very often limited in a quite rigid and wrong kind.

Might of Thoughts Page 276
In this way belief has an extraordinary strong hypnotic effect, and leads to the inconsiderateness, illogic and to the fanaticism as well as to the bondage.

Deductive Reasoning vs. Belief

Belief is confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof. Belief has a hypnotic effect. Hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Hypnotic drugs are a class of whose primary function is to induce sleep. Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion. A fanatic is motivated or characterized by an extreme, uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.

Might of Thoughts Page 276
Belief is based on wrong and negative thinking and in the rejection and displacement of reality, whereby every believer is restricted in the creation of new and progressive ideals, intentions, imaginations and wishes, and so forth and becomes estranged from the real facts of life.

Logic is the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference. Logic is the use and study of valid reasoning. The study of logic features most prominently in the subjects of philosophy, mathematics, and computer science.

    Deductive reasoning moves from something general to something specific. If all of the premesis are true then the conclusions must be true. Here are some videos on Deductive and Inductive Reasoning:
  1. Logic --The Structure of Reason (Great Ideas of Philosophy) - This video is a like a documentary and is pretty enjoyable.
  2. Introduction to Deductive Reasoning
  3. Deductive and Inductive Arguments
  4. Deductive Arguments (Philosophy 101 - Ep 2)
  5. Deductive and Inductive Arguments - Inductive reasoning moves from something specific to something that is general.
Deductive reasoning concerns what follows necessarily from given premises (if a, then b).

An example of a deductive argument:

  1. All men are mortal.
  2. Socrates is a man.
  3. Therefore, Socrates is mortal.

The law of detachment is the first form of deductive reasoning. A single conditional statement is made, and a hypothesis (P) is stated. The conclusion (Q) is then deduced from the statement and the hypothesis

What can you infer from the following two statements:

  1. "If you run everyday you get good exercise".
  2. "Hypothesis: John runs everyday."
  3. "Conclusion: John gets good exercise".

The Danger of Unsatisfaction Top

Estranged displaying or evincing a feeling of alienation; Alienation is the state of being withdrawn, or isolated from the objective world, as through indifference or disaffection: So sometimes religion can alienate us from the facts of life and from deductive reasoning.

Satisfaction means contentment. When we are satisfied we have an ease of mind. We are gratified, pleased, happy. We are fine with what we have; not wanting more or anything else. Satisfaction is the fulfillment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs. So it seems that we are are no longer contented or pleased that we are now in an unproductive state of mind. We should ask ourselves if our ideas are unreal and unfulfillable when we go into unsatisfaction.

Might of Thoughts Page 278
Many human beings are not satisfied with that which they have.

Many are not happy with their appearance. Their self confidence is weak. I think the lack of self confidence is common to many people and a re-occuring problem that we must fight against. So perhaps a lack of confidence and unsatisfaction go together.

Unzufriedenheit - Unsatisfaction, dissatisfaction,discontent, discontentment

Meditation From Clear Visibility 18
There is no discontent in me because everything moves actively and in contentment.

Certain Kinds of Music Promote Unsatisfaction

Billy, talks about how certain kinds of music can promote negative thoughts, feelings, unhappiness and unsatisfaction. The real cause of unsatisfaction comes from unreal and unfulfillable ideas. When we have these ideas, not ideals, we cannot fulfill these concepts.

Contact Report 611
Such can sound only malicious, disharmonious and bad for a musical ear, while for abysmally disharmonious human beings it promotes their aggression, aggressiveness, naivety, unequalisedness, unhappiness and unsatisfaction as well as unreliability and so forth.

Contact Report 583
Behind the whole thing I still see very much more: the tremendous noise of the present day is arranged with dreadful disharmonic crashing and bellowing, which is crazily referred to as music, has insanely stupid forms, driving right through ones marrow and bones, and unhinges compulsive depression and unsatisfaction, etc

Unsatisfaction and discontent can lead to divorce.

Disharmony, discontentment, argument, strife, grief and sorrows of all kinds are the consequence, which very quickly leads to the breakdown of the relationship and eventually, inevitably to separation and to divorce.

People want to be thinner, more muscular, better looking and this results in a lack of confidence. These people will become full of self-doubt which leads to failure and then they become insignificant.

Might of Thoughts Page 278
Plagued by constant inner conflicts, they senselessly squander their energies, which result in them losing their initiative, because they are denied greater and smaller successes, or indeed all successes, when, as an exception, they can pull themselves together for once in order to really do something.

Initiative is the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do. We squander our energy on inner conflicts. I think this is true we need to really be aware when we feel an inner conflict about something. Because these inner conflicts will drain our energy. Unsatisfaction destroys our initiative.

These people need a holiday from themselves when they are in inner conflict.

Might of Thoughts Page 278
Deep in their inner selves they become tired of themselves... Increasingly arrive at the dangerous abyss of despair. They literally get on their own nerves and become bored with their insufficient, stupid and illogical, anti-life imagination of themselves.

Unsatisfaction results in :

  1. inner conflicts
  2. squandered energies
  3. people become tired of themselves
  4. killing off all initiative
  5. destruction of striving towards that which is higher
  6. brooding misery
  7. inactivity
  8. despair

Might of Thoughts Page 278
Innumerable human beings are so dried out and empty in themselves as a result of their absense of initiative that they are not, in any regard ,able to bring about any creative, productive and constructive values.

Sometimes we become paralysed and without initiative.

Wow, this is so true we actually become tired of ourselves and our failures. Sometimes this will lead to even more failures.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
The truth of the existence of human unsatisfaction namely lies entirely elsewhere,who produces it through unfulfillable and unreal ideas which he and indeed in the human being himself/herslef, /she can never bring to full expression and can also never develop into ideals capable of realisation.

Danger of Unsatisfaction Part2 Top

Unsatisfaction the state or attitude of not being satisfied; discontent; displeasure. Unsatisfaction is a particular cause or feeling of displeasure or disappointment: On the other hand,

Notice that we produce unsatisfaction through unfulfillable and unreal ideas. Unreal means so strange as to appear imaginary; not seeming real. If something is unfullfillable then it cannot be brought to completion or reality; So we must make sure that our ideals are realizable or we can fall into unsatisfaction. We must have goals that are fulfillable.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction is therefore devastating and destructive and therefore in no wise such that a certain amount of it is absolutely necessary in order to reach certain Ziele, as is claimed by the erring religionists and hack-writers of positive-thinking texts.

Devastating means something that is highly destructive or damaging. So unsatisfaction is very destructive. So if you are in unsatisfaction then it might be an indication that your thoughts have slipped out of their desired neutral balance. So unsatisfaction does not produce any good effects and should be avoided. Unsatisfaction does not help us reach our goals. Ziele For Billy, the English terms "aim" or "goal" are simply not acceptable translations for Ziel. Translations such as "end" or "culmination point" describe it better, but these are still inadequate, and so the German has been carried into the English translation.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction is unable to create any ideals or any balance of the personality; consequently, neither progress nor success can arise from it.

Notice that unsatisfaction is unable to create ideals or balance of the personality. In philosophy, ideas are usually construed as mental representational images of some object. The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings. So unsatisfaction cannot help with the creation of concepts. A concept is an abstract idea; a general notion. a plan or intention;

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction kills off all initiative for striving towards that which is higher and lets the human being sink into brooding misery and into inactivity.

Unzufriedenheit totet alle Initiative - Dissatisfaction kills all initiative

Initiative is the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do.
Initiative is the energy and desire that is needed to do something.
Initiative is a plan or program that is intended to solve a problem.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Additionally, the human being always feels oversaturated on account of his/her thoughts which overburden him/her in regard and the resulting feelings of the same kind, as a result of which the psyche is affected in the same wise.

Unsatisfaction Kills Off All Initiative

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction kills off all initiative for striving towards that which is higher and lets the human beings sink into brooding misery and into inactivity. Additionally, the human being always feels oversaturated on account of his/her thoughts which overburden him/her in this regard and the resulting feelings of the same kind, as a result which the psyche is also affected in the same wise.

Initiative is the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do. Initiative also means readiness and ability in taking action so being unsatisfied shuts down this readiness. Unsatisfaction can lead to brooding which is the showing of deep unhappiness of thought. So Unsatisfaction can lead to unhappiness.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
But once the consciousness is oversaturated in some form, as with un satisfaction, the human being is not able to master his/her life and is not able to achieve anything in it, because, as a result of the absence of creativity, absolutely no ideas at all can be created and developed into realizable ideals, intentions, wishes, imagination and other efforts.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction is inevitably connected with a profound absense of creativity, which in turn is anchored in an absence of initiative.


From Platos perspective the ideals represented the highest and most fundamental reality; therefore, by unsatisfaction perhaps we shut down our connection to the highest form of reality. PHILOSOPHY-Plato is a great U-Tube video that summarizes some of the ideals that Plato came up with. Plato had four ideas to help people become more fulfilled:

  1. Think carefully and logically about how to lead your life. Dont let your emotions drag you along in life. Know yourself.
  2. Let your lover change you. True love is admiration.
  3. Decode the message of beauty. Beautiful things whisper truths about the good life.
  4. Reform society. Athenian society was very focused on the rich and on sports celebrities. Bad heroes give glamour to flaws in character.

The Talmud of Jmmanuel itself indicates that Jmmanuel had knowledge of at least one Greek saying, which derives from Plato in the 4th century B.C. the saying, "Man is the measure of all things," within an extended prophecy about people of the future: "Thus they will also lose sight of the principle of the oldest wisdom, which says that humans are the measure of all things in life, because they are after all a part of the Creation." (TJ 36:25) Thus it is only consistent that Jmmanuel urged the use of logic within the TJ.

According to both the Meier information and history Plato described Atlantis. Here is a great video that describes Atlantis. This U-Tube video is called The Legend of Atlantis. Their asteroid attack created a worldwide inferno beyond description. The Egyptian priest in Sais tells Solon that the catastrophe even killed those living in Athens at that time: “But later, when violent earthquakes and floods occurred, the entire populous valiant generation of your people was swallowed by the earth and the island of Atlantis was similarly swallowed by the sea and vanished in a single dreadful day and in a single dreadful night.”

The Plejaren tell us that Otto Muck’s spirit form was once Plato. Otto Heinrich Muck (1892-1956) was born in Vienna and graduated as an engineer at the Munich College of Advanced Technology. Muck had a very productive life that saw him hold patents for around 2000 inventions at the time of his death. He was a flying officer during World War I, during World War II he invented the U-boat schnorkel and was also a member of the Peenemunde Rocket Research Team. After the war Muck was a scientific consultant to large industrial concerns. He died in 1956 following an accident.

Plato famously defined knowledge as "justified true belief"

Unsatisfaction And Intensive Thinking Becoming Fact Top

Page 282 - Therefore, it is urgently necessary that the unsatisfied human beings learn to like themselves.

Unsatisfication and dissatisfaction can be defined as disappointment, disaffection, disquiet, unhappiness, malaise, disgruntlement, frustration, vexation, annoyance, irritation, anger, exasperation, resentment

Unsatisfication and dissatisfaction In the Time of Atlantis

Contact Report 60:22 - However, before the 10,000 years were completed, dissatisfaction erupted again through the lust for might of some that were greedy for might, which led to deadly wars that made the entire Earth tremble with wild war cries.

Earth Humans Are Lead Into Unsatisfication

Contact Report 663:73

... into misery of all kinds and into personal bondage or imprisonment, inner discord and dissatisfaction. ...

Billy's Book: Sensible, Dignified, Valuable

Criticism and Criticism here are two kinds of criticism, on one hand the good, positive criticism, which is laid out to point out things which could be improved and is consequently useful and is bound with good thoughts and feelings, on the other hand, however, there is also the bad and negative criticism which is laid out for the purpose of insulting humans and denigrating their deeds, works and effects, to trample them in the dirt, to negate them and to degrade them in worth.

Page 282 - ...know that hidden in unsatisfaction is also an aversion-which must be neutralised-to ones own personality.

Evidentally self-aversion is a dangerous path to take.

Selbstabneigung - self-aversion

Aversion is a strong feeling of dislike, opposition, repugnance, or antipathy (usually followed by to): a strong aversion to snakes and spiders. a cause or object of dislike; person or thing that causes antipathy: His pet aversion is guests who are always late. Obsolete. the act of averting; a turning away or preventing.

Page 282 - The cause lies in the completely absent or only extremely defective knowledge about one's own truthly "I".

The cause of the self-aversion is that we dont have knowledge about our true self or the inner most personality Once we get to know ourself then we discover the impulses that are coming from the creational inner most nature.

We have to do some self observation and introspection to get to know ourself.

Goblet: 21:15
... but to do this, thought-impulses are needed through which then the will is built up and through which then the life is changed if you only let yourselves be touched and guided by your true inner nature; ...

Gedankenanstoss - is defined as a thought-provoking impulse by deep L.

Notice that is says the will is built up. This is something that I have noticed over time by repeating passages from the Might of Thoughts that my will has been built up. I have started to feel the power of my own consciousness. So even though you dont feel confident. Tell yourself that you are confident because it starts a positive set of chain reactions that begin in the consciousness.

When the will is built up its starts to change your life in a very good way.

  1. We get to know ourself.
  2. We discover impulses from the creational inner nature.
  3. We achieve qualities in our consciousness which were unknown to us.
  4. These impulses are translated into reality
  5. Unsatisfaction and aversion disappear
  6. Realization and Cognition gain ground
  7. We realize that the inner most nature is much more important than we realized before.

Might of Thoughts Page 282
However, if the human being gets to know himself/herself, then she discovers impulses, in his/her innermost creational nature, by means of which he/she achieves qualities in his/her consciousness which were unknown to him/her until then, and with which he/she can form his/her inner nature.

Page 282 - ...the dangerous plane of self-aversion.

Might of Thoughts Page 284 - The psyche is colored according to the thoughts, because by means of his/her thinking, the human being chooses the colour, so-to-speak, which he/she consciously wants for his/her life, or which he/she pathologically forces into being.

Psyche is referred to as that half-material block and factor which within the material body of a life form, in this case the human being regulates and looks after the material-consciousness-based thoughts or feelings

Colour can be defined as interesting or exciting qualities or details:

Might of Thoughts Page 284 - Whatever the human being intensively thinks about, grows in him/her and becomes fact. But something else is involved with this - something deeper, and indeed the fact that the environmental influences and the personal, subliminal desires, which can arise from uncontrolledness, always lie in wait as bad and negative sides, in order to penetrate the thoughts and to control them in a form which brings damage.

Intensively means extreme concentration or effort; very thoroughly or vigorously. So if we intensively think about something it becomes more and more likely that it will become fact.

A Fact is something that has actual existence

Subliminal means below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone's mind without their being aware of it.

A desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. So we have desires that are below our threshold of awareness.

Asket Explanations Part 1 she comments on how in someways are negative desires will bring about a good end.

Asket Explanations Part 1 Line 143
Thus their death-bringing intrigues and desires for power will be ultimately transformed toward good purposes.

Might of Thoughts Page 284 - that which is bad and negative once created, does not simply disappear again, rather it stores itself in the overall consciousness block and in the planetary stoage banks, from where the human being can consciously or unconscious-subconsciously call it up, over and over again, and allow it to become the motivating power and might, and indeed during the course of many reincarnations.

wrong thinking -> oversaturation -> absence of creativity -> lack of ideas - > lack of initiative

Essentially unsatisfaction kills motivation, striving and we start to feel oversaturated. Oversaturation means to soak, impregnate, or imbue thoroughly or completely. It means to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance, through solution, chemical combination, or the like. I think when unsatisfaction sets in we become oversaturdated with our own negative thinking. Much like we become oversaturated with the endless repetition of the same episodes of a sitcom or commercial on television. Oversaturation with this negative thinking leads to an absence of creativity.

Might of Thoughts Page 280
Unsatisfaction is inevitably connected with a profound absence of creativity, which in turn is anchored in the absence of initiative.

Faith (Belief) and God
Indeed, solely the human being knows prayer and faith because he is tormented by conscious and unconscious anxiety and fear and by hopes and desires.

So instead of using logic in the form of deductive reasoning we start to try to explain things in the world around us in terms of the activities of god, angels or demons. This occurred very much in the ancient world.

Related Vidoes
Science of Hypnosis BBC Documentary Godstuff (Episode #1 of 9) Crazy TV Preachers


Might of Thoughts Page 288
Indeed human beings sometimes have difficult or even very difficult times with themselves, with their fellow human beings or simply with the environment in and of itself. They often feel high or low so they are jumping with joy one minute and or are in the depths of dispair the next.

Might of Thoughts Page 288
... It follows from that that the only protection against that which is bad, negative and negating is total control over the inner nature...

Might of Thoughts Page 288
It is also certain that whoever has built up his/her inner nature with the impulses of the innermost, creational nature, and has caused it to blossom, can love himself/herself in all honesty and deference, without thereby falling into negative, bad states... self

Might of Thoughts Page 288
However, if the human being remains separated from himself or herself by disregarding his inner nature and not forming it such that it conforms with the creational-natural laws and recommendations, then he/she separates himself/herself, so to speak from his own life because, as a result of not developing himself or herself higher, he/she distances himself/herself from real life- that is to say from his/her own real self.

This passage speaks of being separated from yourself. I know that feeling a little too well I think. The word separate can mean to cause to move or be apart. So perhaps, we get into a habit of moving away from our real self. I think when this happens to me I feel a sense of inner sadness or frustration but I dont know why. To separate can also mean divide or cause to divide into constituent or distinct elements.

I see the inner nature as another term for the material consciousness or who we are during this lifetime. The German word for separate is getrennt

Might of Thoughts Page 290
Also connected with knowing oneself and liking oneself is the factor of self-respect...

Might of Thoughts Page 292
Unsatisfaction must never appear, because it moves one to be inactive and to do things which are devolutive and destructive.

Might of Thoughts Page 294
If the human being consciously steers his/her life according to his/her innermost, creational nature, he/she also loves and respects its results...

Might of Thoughts Page 294
If the human being consciously steers his/her life according to his/her innermost, creational nature, he/she also loves and respects its results...

Steer means to guide or control the movement of (a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft), for example by turning a wheel or operating a rudder.

Never Be Submissive Top

Might of Thoughts Page 294
...it must never be forgotten, that a gloomy attitude constantly chases away the abundance and prosperity.

Might of Thoughts Page 294
In order to be great in ones consciousness as well as in one's ideals, thoughts and feelings and in one's psyche, the human being must never be submissive, rather he/she must be great in his/her inner nature-the actual self.

Submissive means to be ready to conform to the authority or will of others; meekly obedient or passive. Submissive also means to be inclined or ready to submit or yield to the authority of another; unresistingly or humbly obedient.

Dare to Execute Reason
Therefore, also never lapse into submissiveness with regard to a human regardless of however and whatever he may be or pretend to be. But also never thus become a submissive slave to any imaginary deity, any angels or saints, as also never to anything else. Also, never practice submissiveness with regard to yourself but always be open and honest as well as forceful to yourself and regard yourself as a human, which you truly are and who governs himself in every respect himself, even if you should be in chains.

Might of Thoughts Page 294
... it must never be forgotten that a gloomy attitude constantly chases away the abundance and the prosperity.

I think the issue here with not being submissive is that we should be someone who governs himself in every respect. To govern over means to rule over by right of authority. To govern means to exercise a directing or restraining influence over; guide: To lapse means a temporary failure of concentration, memory, or judgment. To lapse means to pass gradually into (an inferior state or condition).

Might of Thoughts Page 294
The human being must consider it his/her duty to enjoy the abundance of his/her life, if it is a kind of life which is righteous and evolutive.

Abundance is an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply. So being gloomy which means feeling distressed or pessimistic will actually make it less likely that you will experience prosperity. Evolution means any process of formation or growth; development. Synonyms for evolution include unfolding, change, progression, metamorphosis.

Creational Law of Prosperity

Might of Thoughts pg 300
The creational law of prosperity, abundance and provision is directed such that every life-form, and , therefore, also the human being, has everything in plentiful abundance in order to be able to live and evolve without having to live in want.

Provision is the action of providing or supplying something for use.
Abundance is a very large quantity of something.
Prosperity can be thought of as wealth and success.

Might of Thoughts pg 304
To this end, however, the human being must never think in a needy manner, because thoughts live as do words, for which reason nobody should call himself/herself needy.

An example of thinking in needy manner comes to mind when I consider how many people pray to God and say that they need things like the following:

  1. need more money
  2. need a specific person to come into their life
  3. need better health
The bible tells us God will supply our needs.

It is the nature of the thoughts that by their might alone ever conceivable thing can come into fruition. So by being needy we are creating negative circumstances in our life.

Notice that is says we must never think in a needy manner. The power of our needy thinking will create needy circumstances in our life.


bedürftig - means needy, poor, destitute. Pronounced "baaydurftig" with little or no "g" at the end

The Needy Guy.
He is overly emotional and shares all his feelings with her right away. The Needy Guy also doubts himself and needs constant reassurance about his relationship, work and friendships. Why He's So Unappealing: Confidence and independence are very sexy traits in a man — insecurity and dependence are not.

The Laws and Recommendations of Behavior Billy has a book that I just found, called The Laws and Recommendations of Behavior.

Laws and Recommendations of the Behaviour
If you take yourself, and the things which arise in relation to you, too seriously then you inflict upon yourself very great harm. And you also inflict upon yourself great harm if you make yourself dependent on other human beings or, through your wrong thinking-feeling-based imagination, you feel dependent or needy. Therefore, never tend thoughts and feelings of dependency and neediness, and also do not make yourself consciously or unconsciously dependent on other human beings, but release yourself from such thought-feeling-based impulsations and trust in yourself. You must let go of that which you assume you need from others, because if you assume that you need any things from others and desperately want these things - thereby especially love, honesty, dignity, decency, righteousness, connectedness, acknowledgement, peace, freedom and harmony is spoken of - then you make yourself needy of that and dependent upon others.

I have been guilty of taking things which arise in relationship to myself too seriously. I have been doing this my whole life and have suffered because of it many times.

The statement that thoughts live as do words is very intense. Remember the fluidal forces associated with out thoughts are what things like ghosts really are. The apparitions are just mightful thoughts that are still impacting reality.

Might of Thoughts Page 304
Indeed, also words are realised, because they are outwardly released thoughts, which become reality as a result of their might.

Might of Thoughts Page 304
Therefore, since time immemorial it has been said, "Tend a thought or utter it, and it happens", and, "Just as it is with the thought, the word is might and command."

To tend a thought means to strengthen, clarify and nurture the thought. Tend can also mean to care for something or someone: Tend can mean to be likely to behave in a particular way or have a particular characteristic. To utter means to speak. So if we speak our thoughts out loud they will be likely to occur. I started to speak certain passages in the Might of Thoughts out loud without really knowing why. I do think it makes a difference to say this passages out loud.

Might of Thoughts Page 306
It is urgently important for every human being not to think or speak in terms of some form of poorness in relation to himself

Might of Thoughts Page 304
Tend a thought or utter it, and it happens.

Might of Thoughts Page 308
One's own evolution is the most important hink in the life of the human beings, because a creational law is thereby fulfilled.

Enthusiasm Can Be Created By Imagining Successful Results Top

Might of Thoughts Page 312
... because the law of the life exists in the advice that the life must be maintanined in order to evolve to that which is higher.

Might of Thoughts Page 312
In the position of the old, virtueless and unrighteous, wrong, unhealthy, ungood and negative thoughts, one must place neutral-positive-equalized thoughts which are occupied with imagining successful results

Occupy means to fill or preoccupy (the mind or thoughts). We should be occupied with the pictorial image of success. We replace the old bad thoughts with ones that are occupied with a visual imaginary image associated to success. Imagine how you will feel when success is achieved.

We need to be occupied with imagining successful results. For example, I imagine getting assignments at work and being very successful with them. I imagine feeling confident at work because I know I can complete my assignments. I imagine feeling healthy and strong. I imagine my pets and loved ones being healthy and strong. I am continually creating a pictorial image in my mind of success.

I create a pictorial image in my mind of being successful playing my guitar someplace. How many times do we actually imagine failure so lets stop doing that! I think that imagining success is one way to start enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. The Book the Might of thoughts says that we should be occupied with imagining successful results. We are engaged with imagining success.

Vorstellung - imagination,notion, vision, perception, concept

Vorstellungsbild - imaginary picture. This word exists in Contact Report 134 but does not exist in dict.cc. Vorstellungsbild does appear in the FIGU dictionary.

Contact Report 134

The center in Switzerland was built using an imaginary picture .

Contact Report 134
60. The Center should be a place of harmony and beauty, so everything must be designed in such a way that does justice to this picture.
61. So far, what has been designed and made under your direction is extremely satisfactory and very good.
62. Each of the planted shrubs and every tree that has been planted into the soil is landscape-adorning and corresponds to our mental image.
63. Particularly, Quetzal has joyfully expressed himself about this and commented on what an excellent job you have done.

So Ptaah, Quetzal and Billy discussed the importance of creating this imaginary picture in the construction of the center in Switzerland. So I think we should be occupied with creating mental images which will greatly enhance our success in certain areas. Unfortunately, I think many times people imagine bad things happen or make mental pictures of bad things happen. When they have such negative imaginations it becomes more likely that these things will come to fruition.

Might of Thoughts Page 314
In the life of the human being, enthusiasm for knowledge, truth, wisdom and evolution can work wonders, as the saying goes. Enthusiasm is like a magic spell which is able to newly form one's entire human existence.


  1. intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

    synonyms: eagerness, keenness, ardor, fervor, warmth, passion, zeal, zealousness, zest, gusto, brio, pep, go, sap, liveliness, vivacity, vivaciousness, energy, verve, vigor, dynamism, vehemence, fire, excitement, exuberance, ebullience, spirit, avidity, avidness;

Enthusiasm is an absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit; lively interest: Enthusiasm means a strong excitement of feeling; for example, She did her work with energy and enthusiasm. Enthusiam is an eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something. A synonym would be zeal.

Self Cognition; The Inner Nature and the Inner most Creational nature


Might of Thoughts Page 316
But, how then does a real self-cognition function? Basically, what needs to be explained about that is that the human being has a spiritual self available to him/her in the form of the inner most creational nature, as well as a personally-created self in the form of the inner nature,

Might of Thoughts Page 316
As a consequence of this, with the self-cognition there are therefore two different forms to recognise and to fathom; indeed, first there is the inner nature and, secondly, the innermost nature. The first process of recognition leads to the inner, personality-related nature which the human being forms himself/herself and makes into his/her personality. And it is this nature which must be recognized and fathomed in all of its details in order to then acknowledge the obtained results as given facts.

  1. First, we discover our inner nature the personality related self which is basically the material consciousness.

    We start to understand what motivates us. We start to under stand our weaknesses and our strengths.

  2. Second, we discover our inner most creational nature which is the spiritual consciousness (our spirit form).

    We start to detect when the spirit form impulses us and tells us if our thinking is right or wrong as explained in Contact Report 10.

  3. Third, we start to detect the impulses for striving that come from our inner most creational nature. I wonder if these impulses for striving also go hand in hand with enthusiasm.

    One of the impulses for striving that I start to recognize is the desire to play, learn and create music. The creational impulses for striving I think are somewhat different for all of us.
  4. Fourth, As we following our impulses to strive the inner nature becomes more like the inner most creational nature.

Might of Thoughts Page 316
And once one's new, inner nature is formed according to the creational norms pre-given by the innermost nature, then one must also follow the obligation to also express one's inner nature in one's visible and audible, outwardly-directed nature, as in the full expression of the virtues, in the form of ones language and behaviour, in the expression of one's habits, in ones neighbourly love and universal love, in one's joy and enthusiasm...

Enthusiasm Definition

Begeisterung is the German word for enthusiasm. Some other words that have a similiar meaning include excitement, rapture, exaltation, fascination.

Enthusiasm means intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

Enthusiasm is an occupation, activity, or pursuit in which such interest is shown:

In Latin ntheos means having a god within. Enthusiasm originates from the Greek meaning "possessed by [a] god's essence", applied by the Greeks to manifestations of divine possession, by Apollo and other gods.

I see enthusiasm as related to the idea of Artistic Inspiration. Inspiration (from the Latin inspirare, meaning "to breathe into") refers to an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or other artistic endeavour.

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Might of Thoughts Page 318
... the achievement of genuine enthusiasm, which can be seen in the evolutive sense, means a complete re-education of themselves and the achievement of a fundamentally new capacity for understanding. But, to this end, basically all thought patterns must be thoroughly examined and transformed, and only after that can the capacity for evolutive enthusiasm be achieved.

Might of Thoughts Page 318
And there is no doubt that this kind of enthusiasm is actually an ability to be acquired. But the power comes from the impulses of the inner most creational nature of the spirit, once the ability is acquired.

An impulse is a sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act. An impulse is a driving or motivating force; an impetus.

Goblet: 21:15
And truly, the volition never comes from nothing, because in truth you must search for what you want as human beings in your own inner nature, find it and motivate it to the will, but to do this, thought-impulses are needed, through which then the will is built up and through which then the life is changed, if you only let yourselves be touched and guided by your true inner nature; therefore you shall involve yourselves in things which you recognise to be really valueful and of which you think, that it can stimulate you.

Re-education is an education or training to change someone's beliefs or behavior. Enthusiasm can be a fundamentally new capacity for understanding.

Never let yourself be enticed—because of sheer enthusiasm for truth or a craving for recognition, among other things—to perform propaganda or missionise in order to win or convince other people for the teachings. In doing so you can do great harm to yourself as well as to others.

Of course, no person shall hide his light under a bushel, and if an information is necessary or appropriate, or if interested people ask questions, then obviously they can get explanations—within reasonable limits and according to one’s best skill and abilities...

Experience has shown that the general understanding towards the spiritual teachings is still very rare. This lack of understanding can even lead to the break-up of relations between close friends, because differences, quarrel and discord may arise. The whole matter will even be worsened if there is the attempt, at all costs, to force one’s own opinion upon the other person.

Djihad Enthusiasm
The teaching of Mohammed goes further in relation to "Djihad", in the greater form, in that the human - in a peaceful struggle, and therefore through honest effort as well as through diligence, enthusiasm, and striving - should work for peace among all humans and peoples.

Therefore, "Djihad" is in no way connected to war and terror, as is asserted by radicals, fundamentalists and fanatical Islamists, as well as by crazy leaders.

"Djihad" means, in every case, in the small as well as in the big form, that the human grapples - in a controlled, conscious way - with all circumstances of life, with the teaching of the spirit, peace, freedom and harmony, in order to produce controlled thoughts and feelings, out of which controlled, positive and neutral-positive behavior should come about.

Therefore "Djihad", in every form, means that the human consciously fights his errors and confusion as well as bewilderment and aggression and so forth, and learns - through effort, enthusiasm and diligence - to guard against them, and all inanity and negation as well as evil and the purely negative, should be removed.

Mohammed had, as a matter of fact, in every respect, taught the "teaching of the spirit", but never war, hate, lovelessness or terror, and so forth.

Might of Thoughts Page 320
Many human beings are only truly alive once they have created the capacity for the enthusiasm in themselves... enthusiasm helps one to overcome very many obstacles...

Might of Thoughts Page 322
Such a value only arises through the manifestation of wish-ideals and wish imaginations which are capable of manifesting and can therefore be realised by means of the moght of thoughts, when the might of thoughts is sufficently strengthened by means of the necessary created enthusiasm.


The Consciousness Picture

Might of Thoughts Page 324
However, one must not unmderstand the pictorial nature of the impressions in the consciousness to be of a form in which an effectively really visible picture would come about, because, in reality, the pictorial imagination is a pure consciousness picture...

Might of Thoughts Page 324
the pictorial imagination is a pure consciousness-picture, which is fluidally constructed like an apparition, and works like a pictorial haze; recognisable for the consciousness and the subconsciousness, but it is not definitely tangible. However, in accord with one's power of imagination, the consciousness picture can assume very distinct forms; consequently, it can be very well recognized and defined.

Might of Thoughts Page 324
The consciousness pictures come forth from corresponding thoughts which, by means of their might, create the picture in the consciousness and bring it to the fore, And again, this process depends upon the corresponding enthusiams, by means of which the thoughts are spurred on and their might is increased.

Might of Thoughts Page 326
...An attitude is to prevail through which the work is executed with joy, then corresponding enthusiam must be created for it, which relieves all the self-torment and the aversion as well as the disapproval, rejection, revulsion and repulsion, and so forth.

Might of Thoughts Page 326
Therefore, all work must be tackled, carried out and completed with joy and enthusiasm, if indifference and destructiveness are not to arise in the consciousness and in the thoughts. Work is a legitimate necessity, without which no evolution can occur and no life can be maintained. Every single creature must execute its work, even if it is just the search for nourishment or nest building for the offspring. How much more then the human beings must take on the responsibility of his/her work...

Might of Thoughts Page 328
The human being who lives with this enthusiasm feels raised into evolutive heights every moment ...

Attitude and Stance Are The Most Important Factors In Regards To Solving Problems Top

Might of Thoughts Page 328
Enthusiasm gives life an unexpected power and success ...

Might of Thoughts Page 328
All righteous, evolutive enthusiasm gives the life and unexpected power and enables the human being to lead an existence which is successful in all areas. And the human being who lives with this enthusiasm feels raised into evolutive heights every moment by the power of his/her joy, love, freedom and harmony, because the enthusiasm is really able to create this power and thereby do things which extend far beyond all that which is monotonous and mundane.

Might of Thoughts Page 328
It is recommended to every human being that he/she nurtures his/her daily cheery enthusiasm, and that in it, in every moment, he/she practices finding life beautiful and worth living.

empfohlen - recommended

Begeisterung -enthusiasm

pflegen- to maintain, to foster, to nurse, to treasure, to tend, to cherish, to cultivate, to care for

Might of Thoughts Page 330
All of that is connected with an evolutive enthusiasm, which does not tolerate any negativism, because from such only negative results come forth. But unfortunately, many human beings live exactly in this destructive negativism and are not able to free themselves from it. Because everything is so ingrained in them that it has become their own and therefore a component of themselves.

Might of Thoughts Page 332
Evolutive enthusiasm is so strong and mighty that none of life's hard knocks can do harm to the human being that is inspired with enthusiasm.

Might of Thoughts Page 334
Once a healthy thinking and feeling has been created, then a certainty has also been created for the human being, from which it emerges that nothing that arises can really disturb and be disadvantageous.

Might of Thoughts Page 344
Selbstmitleid (self-pity) - which in every form always leads to negation and to unfairness and finally, through the wrong, negative thoughts, demolishes the feeling and thereby also the psyche, which then, in turn, influences the thoughts and these, in turn, influence the feelings, and so on, and so forth.

Might of Thoughts Page 346
Optimism and hope are the result of a neutral-positive-equalised thinking, and thereby also of an affirming consciousness.

Might of Thoughts Page 348
A human being with a good, right, healthy and positive thinking always sees everything clearly and in a neutral form, and uses everything in order to work with it and make something form it as well as to gain evolutive advantage from it.

Might of Thoughts Page 350
Hope is a form of expectation which is directed as something quite definite...

Might of Thoughts Page 350
Thus the hope is therefore also a motivator of the forward progress...

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.
Motivation is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Motivation is the reason for people's actions, willingness and goals. Motivation is derived from the word motive which is defined as a need that requires satisfaction.

Hoffnung is the German word for hope.

Contact Report 372
Anyway — one must never give up hope.

Contact Report 018
The creational takes possession of his/her consciousness, which is why his/her senses are full of peace, strength, joy, knowledge, essence of wisdom, truth and hope.

Might of Thoughts Page 360
However each achievement of a capability means that a battle must be fought with oneself...

Might of Thoughts Page 360
But this also means that many battles, tensions and obstacles only arise because the human being does not create any harmony in himself/herself or simply drops out of harmony and thereby sinks into pessimism.

Might of Thoughts Page 360
Therefore, if the consciousness and the thoughts are full of joy, then harmony is also connected with it, from which the joy indeed rises. And everything which is tackled and undertaken then moves in the harmony-joy-state.

Might of Thoughts Page 362
As a result of harmony, the consciousness and its thoughts, as well as the life and the work, flow in a stream which is not only extremely pleasant for the human being, rather it is also progressive...

Might of Thoughts Page 362
Everything is not so negative, evil, wild and depraved as the negative thinkers erroneously assume it to be, because the Earth itself -as well as the ntirety of its nature, and the human being as well as all creatures which creep and fly on the planet - is not so very negative and depraved or indeed hostile to life as is assumed by the negators.

Might of Thoughts Page 374
The most important thing regarding problems, errors and difficulties is the stance which is adopted. The right stance meanwhile determines that the form in which the bothers, errors and problems, and so forth, are seen and judged, and how they are thought about...

The most important thing is the stance and attitude that you take in regards to a problem. The problem must be seen and judged as a challenge to your inventive power.

Might of Thoughts Page 374
The convinced positive thinker and hopeful, enthusiastic optimist always takes a neutral-positive- equalized stance in regard to the facts, and sees every error, every problem and every difficulty realistically and as a challenge which must be resolved and overcome as a challenge for his/her intelligence, his/her inventive power as well as his/her knowledge and his/her wisdom.

Stance: is the mental or emotional position adopted with respect to something. The stance is the intellectual or emotional attitude. Haltung means stance in the German.


Trust in Yourself

Attitude: an acquired or predisposed mental state regarding an object with some degree of positivity or negativity which is perceived from a social or personal stimuli. Einstellung means attitude in the German.

The stance and the attitude are more important than the fact that the problem exists. So to solve problems we must first adopt the correct attitude and stance. The correct attitude and stance is to see the problem as an opportunity to apply your inventive power. Remember these six or so items in regards to our thoughts.

Might of Thoughts Page 378
Therefore, in every regard, the human being must trust in himself/herself and in his/her own power and might

Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

Might of Thoughts Page 378
Thinking in a neutral-positive-equalized form also means always being objective, realistic, enthusiastic, hopeful and optimistic.

Vertrauen - to trust. This word appeared at the end of the sentence in the German. This threw me off.

Wahrheitsvertrauen - compound word meaning truth trust; Wahrheits means truth and vertrauen is trust. This is another one of those interesting compound words in the German.

Goblet: 28:287
... in silent trust in your truthly knowledge and your equally true wisdom which can also be called truth-trust ...

Sfath's Explanation
178. That, however, means that you are also not without fault and must learn in every respect.
179. In spite of that, it is recommended to you that you have trust in yourself, and indeed, until your last breath.

Some Synonyms for Trust confidence,expectation,hope,assurance,certainty,certitude,conviction,credence, credit,dependence,positiveness,reliance,stock,store,sureness

We should in some ways think of ourselves first. We should not be doing anything which produces a guilt. We should set a ZIEL. Never let tenseness arise.

Might of Thoughts Page 380
However, for direct access to these energies, which are created by the human being himself/herself, it is necessary that he/she constantly confronts them and constantly renews them by continually developing himself/herself further and working his/her way up to higher levels of evolution.

It seems that we must be constantly challenging our self in terms of learning, thinking about, studying and memorizing this material. Perhaps, access to these energies requires us to keep thinking about and studying this material. Otherwise, the energies seem to dwindle away. I have also found it strange and interesting that we actually create these energies ourselves. I think incorrectly in my mind I thought that these energies come from creation. There are other quite interesting energies in the universe that I don't think we are actually creating.

Contact Report 228
86. Besides, our universe - as naturally also every other - consists not only of coarse-matter material, rather also of pure energies, of which one is black energy, as we call it, and is responsible for a certain form of anti-gravity in the material universe and, according to estimates, constitutes three fifths of all universal energies.

Erfolge - means successes

Might of Thoughts Page 380
However, if this is disregarded, not only will the physical energies drop away, rather also the psychical energies drop away, rather also the psychical and consciousness-based energies; consequently, an ongoing practice id therefore is necessary in order avoid allowing the powers to peter out.

weiterentwickelt (Pronounced WITER AND VICKETT) means advanced, defined, further developed, more sophisticated;

Might of Thoughts Page 380
If one does not attend to constant practice, then one's creative and constructive vitality also falls away, as does one's power of intellect and rationality.

Might of Thoughts Page 384
The human being must constantly practice being himself/herself and feeling his/her own powers, so that he/she can again and again renew himself/herself in his/her Wesen and in his/her powers.

Might of Thoughts Page 384
It is always necessary to be relaxed in all trains of thought, acts and deeds. Therefore, tenseness should never arise, regardless of whatever happens. Only a really relaxed human being is also mightful in his/her thinking and in his/her actions.

Relaxed Definition

Relaxed means to be free from tension and anxiety; at ease. I can think of several things that cause me to be tense. Sometimes the tension is a daily thing. I am actually nurturing this negative tension and I do not realize it. It is not a strong tenseness it is very mild but it is still there. So when I nuture that tenseness sometimes it will grow into something that I think can affect the circumstances of my life.

entspanntheit or entspannt - is the German word for relaxed. Listen to entspanntheit

Source Examples of the word Relaxed In Meier written Information
Book Meditation from Clear Visibility. "I Always Remain Relaxed and Thereby Gain Might over Myself".
Concentration Meditation Sleep However, the real great advantage lies in the fact that the body doesn’t excessively relax and therefore doesn't physically exhaust itself, which leads to a restful sleep and to a refreshed awakening.

Extra Information From Contact Report 579

The spirit is therefore not the brain, as it is also not some other part of the human body. It must be understood as a formless continuum in the roof of the midbrain (= paired node = superior colliculus) of the human. And because the spirit is of formless or non-material nature, it can also not feel or grieve, be sick or be hindered or harmed by any material object or through intelligence of the human. It is therefore very important to understand, that there are no unpeaceful or peaceful spirit conditions, because such conditions are reserved alone for the human consciousness.

Tenseness Definition

Tenseness is being in a state of mental or nervous strain; high-strung; taut: a tense person. characterized by a strain upon the nerves or feelings: a tense moment. An example in sentence follows. He could feel the tenseness of her body.

It is always time to be relaxed. Always means at all times; on all occasions. Forever, invariably, perpetually, repeatedly, twenty-four-seven (slang), without exception all mean the same thing as always.

The word necessary means "required to be done", needed; essential.

Inner Most Creational Nature Top

Harmony is the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect. It also means agreement or concord. The term harmony derives from the Greek (harmon�a), meaning "joint, agreement, concord",[4] from the verb (harmozo), "to fit together, to join".

Palestrina and Harmony Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c. 1525 – 2 February 1594)[1] was an Italian Renaissance composer of sacred music and the best-known 16th-century representative of the Roman School of musical composition. Here is a long and fantastic series of compositions by Palestrina. This is a great example of harmony.


The Two Personalities In Every Human Being


Might of Thoughts Page 388
Two personalities live in the human being during his/her life. One is the inner nature - the ego - which the human being himself/herself creates according to his/her own ideas and guidelines which he/she likewise creates himself/herself.

This nature - that is to say, ego - is always demanding, calculating, hysterical, and garrulous as well as equipped with all the unvalues which guarantee the human being a way of life according to his/her own laws and recommendations, because they do not have the kind of direction-determining form such as is contained in the impulses of one's innermost creational nature.

The other personality is the innermost nature which is - the creational "I" - which is of a purely spiritual nature and whose quiet impulses of wisdom are not listened to or are only extremely seldom listened to, by the human being in general.

The quiet impulses of wisdom that come from the inner most personality are direction-determining.

An impulse is a sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act. An impulse is a driving or motivating force; an impetus.

direction-determining richtungsbestimmend derart gestaltet werden - DeepL translation: be designed in such a way as to determine the direction

Lebensfuhrung- Conduct of life

Charaktermuster - character-pattern; This is compound word made out of Charakter and Muster; This word mentioned in the FIGU Dictionary in relation to unvalues.
The character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. The word pattern is a model or design used as a guide.

The inner most personality is the character-pattern that the inner personality should use as a guide.

FIGU-Sonder-Bulletin No 68: Unvalues that are characteristic of psychopaths: ... The whole is a scale according to which the human being can assess himself/herself as well as other human beings in relation to a psychopathic character-pattern. ...

Definition of unvalue : a negative value especially : ethical or aesthetic badness

Negative values or unvalues come from the inner personality or EGO.

The definition of personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character. "she had a sunny personality that was very engaging" synonyms: character, nature, disposition, temperament, makeup, persona, psyche, identity "her cheerful and vibrant personality"

While there is no generally agreed upon definition of personality, most theories focus on motivation and psychological interactions with one's environment.

Personality FIGU Dictionary


Persönlichkeitsprägung - Which is not found on dict.cc; however, at Deepl.com its translated as personality imprint


predecessor-personality - The german word is Vorgängerpersönlichkeit. Vorgänger - means predecessor,ancestor, precursor, forerunner

Might of Thoughts Page 390
The human being is able to distinguish the various impulses and values of the innermost nature from the self-created personality; so he/she therefore learns to recognize the various forms of characteristic which, on one hand, radiate as guiding impulses from his/her innermost, creational nature, or which, on the other hand, attempt to drown out everything, as various piercing and often loud, seductive voices from the self-created "I".

Inner Most Creational Nature

  1. Gives life to the material consciousness and subconsciousness
  2. Gives life to the body
  3. Creates impulses for striving for that which is higher.
  4. The spiritual self
  5. Sends quiet impulses of wisdom which may be listened to by the inner nature.
  6. The inner nature can, and should, be formed out of the impulses of the inner most nature.
  7. The human being learns to pay attention and listen to the inner most nature
  8. The innate wisdom of the creational nature can be conveyed to the inner nature
Inner Nature (EGO)
  1. The personally created self
  2. Based on the persons ideas and guidelines
  3. Calculating
  4. Demanding
  5. Hysterical: To be hysterical means deriving from or affected by uncontrolled extreme emotion; synonyms: overwrought, emotional, uncontrolled, uncontrollable, out of control, unrestrained, unrestrainable, frenzied, in a frenzy, frantic, wild, feverish;
  6. Lives a life according to his own laws and recommendations
  7. Garrulous excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters.
  8. Equipped with unvalues
  9. Complicates things
  10. Is threatened by the evolution of the consciousness
  11. Called the false self or eratz self
  12. Creates a tyranny over the consciousness

The Spirit Form and Fluidal Force Top

FIGU BULLETIN 78 The spirit, i.e., the spirit-form of the human being is a pure high-fine-fluidal energy that has been created by the Creation and which enlivens the human being as his/her innermost nature. The spirit of the human being is more or less his/her high-fine-fluidal energy source, his/her indestructible inner life-power

This, your spirit-form is independent of the coarse-material body and of the material consciousness; it is immortal...

Mental Fluidalforce The mental Fluidalforce, is basically the emitted personal mental radiation/vibes resp. the oscillation and energy as well as the forces of the mental block of the person concerning his thoughts, feelings, of the psyche and the consciousness, so the mental oscillations that radiate from the human eventually holds itself in objects as well as places and in the skeleton etc. This can as be introduced comparatively as the breath of the body (= Prana) which enters invisibly by the nose into the lungs and flows out again through the nose, consequently in this manner the emission of the mental Fluidalforce can be compared

Might of Thoughts Page 390
The human being thereby creates in himself/herself the wisest leader that he/she could ever wish for: And once the impulses of his/her innermost nature - that is to say, his inner most creational personality gradually become stronger and clearer, the human being who makes effors in accord with the creational laws...

Might of Thoughts Page 392
All that the human being has to do, in order to receive direct help from himself/herself, is to nurture correct, healthy, good and neutral-positive-equalised thoughts. Thus, it has been said since ancient times, "Whoever tends and nurtures correct and good thoughts will also receive help from himself/herself".

Might of Thoughts Page 394
...guides one's thoughts away from these gloomy illusory pictures, then the human being emerges from this procedure entirely change, and changed for the better. If feelings must thereby be controlled, or neutral-postively equalised and sterred in steered in evolutive forms.

Everything That the Human Conceives Can Bear Fruit Top

Might of Thoughts Page 394
Whenever doubts surface in any form, they must simply be regarded and treated as that which they actually are; namely, only obstacles on the way of one's development toward that which is higher.

Doubt, a status between belief and disbelief, involves uncertainty or distrust or lack of sureness of an alleged fact, an action, a motive, or a decision. The Meier information calls doubt an obstacle. An obstacle is a thing that blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress. So doubts are only obstacles that we encouter on the path to our higher development.

Might of Thoughts Page 394
Everything of which the human being ever conceives - and allows to become the ideals, the imaginations and wishes and other efforts and, ultimately, the setting Ziele - bears fruit.

Human Love vs. Creations All-calming Love Top

Might of Thoughts Page 400
The purely thought-feeling-based or emotional love,created by the human being, is not the all-embracing and all-calming creational love which knows neither suffering nor pain in itself.

When I am focused on the beauty of nature (Creation) I feel that all-calming creational love. I think that is such a good way to describe it as "all-calming" because it takes away all of the tense feelings that you might have at the moment. Looking at nature helps my emotional state of mind.

The term "all-embracing" is a little less clear for me but there is a sense of awe that comes with the focus on creation. I think there might be a sense that a universal power is helping you or refreshing you.

There is also no pain that comes with the love of creation. At least none that I have ever experienced.

allumfassende - all embracing, allinclusive, comprehensive, overall

allbesanftigende - All calming, omnipresent, reassuring, all-encompassing

If human love wraps you in its wings there is always a hidden danger like a sword which can wound you. Creation's love is created by means of the spiritual-fine-sensitive-perception. This kind of love is also known as truthly love.

Might of Thoughts Page 400
The this human made love and its beguiling voice can shatter and destroy all dreams, as a hurricane can shatter and destroy a lovely paradise.

Might of Thoughts Page 400
It raises the human being into the highest heights and crowns him/her, but as it creates flights of fancy, it also makes him/her submissive, bends him/her and shatters him/her.