Term Definition
Geistform -

The spirit form resides in the middle of the brain in an area called the superior colliculus. The spirit form is the part of us that never dies; therefore, it remains after death. The spirit is a minute part-piece of the Creation.

It animates the physical body and causes the heart of the embryo to beat. The spirit comes into the body of the embryo 21 days after the sperm fertilizes the egg. The spirit is no larger then a needle-point, its energy is enormous and spreads out evenly like a web over all parts of the human body inside and out.

This spirit-energy stays for about 3 hours in the remains of a human body after the spirit and thereby the central spirit-energy itself has left the body, that's why some body-parts still can be used in organ donation. The spirit-energy that stays behind in the human body could be referred to as residual spirit-energy, and is absorbed by nature in the course of 3 hours

Semjase had some very interesting things to say about the spirit-form.

The spiritual consciousness is and are impulses and swinging waves which are active (wirken) on their own. In much the same metaphorical analogical likeness of electricity as a power to machines or a light bulb etc.

Prior to entering the human being for the first time the spirit form is completely un-knowing. The spirit form is an absolutely neutral energy-agglomeration in timeless existence and is totally unknowing. An agglomeration is a mass or collection of things; an assemblage.

The goal of the spirit is to collect wisdom, love and knowledge through countless reincarnations and eventually merge with creation.

Neutral Positive Equalized - the desired state of the human thought pattern.
Ausartung - noun - A very bad getting out of the control of the good human nature.
ausgeartet - is an adjective; however, it has pretty much the same meaning as Ausartung but used for nouns other than human beings; for example, an ausgeartet world.
Cverall Consciousness-Block Storage bank in the other world, created by the spirit form. Place where the consciousness-block is dissolved and a new one built up
hehres Ziel
Ziel, Das - culmination point or highest level. This is a noun
Sublime determination
Definition for determination - the process of establishing something exactly, typically by calculation or research. This may not be exactly what the Meier Information is talking about in terms of Ziel but I think it adds some interesting information.
Trigger auslosen means to tigger, cause, provoke, elicit, unleash, release, induce...
Gewalt In the "Goblet of the Truth" the German "Gewalt" is also used in English, because there is no adequate word in English that explains this Gewalt that is above all might and force.
Creation, Schöpfung, Allmacht (Schöpfung), Ausführung (Schöpfung)

  1. Creation is spirit in its purest form and immeasurable in its wisdom, knowledge, love and harmony in truth.
  2. Creation is identical to 'Universal Consciousness'; The Universe is Creation's internal and external body;
  3. Creation pervades everything and everything pervades Creation, therefore forming oneness within itself. Within this oneness occur all life and all of the evolution allotted to it.
  4. Creation has the identical developmental and evolutionary process as every life form, — however, its values of time are anchored in very high values indeed.

Goblet: 13:3 For this purpose, all things are regulated (determined) through the Creation and its laws and recommendations ...
Goblet: 15:9 And know that you are protected against all evil and against any calamity in you if you follow the laws and recommendations of the all-mightiness (Creation), ...
WesenHeit, die noun - (plural Wesenheiten) An immaterial or material existence-form without a self-determining possibility of evolution, in which case, however; this possibility can be given to a certain extent, such as with the Creational Universal Consciousness, certain energies, stones, water and gases etc.

Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of self-hood, and the executive control system of the mind.

Despite the difficulty in definition, many philosophers believe that there is a broadly shared underlying intuition about what consciousness is.

Bewusstlosigkeit - means unconscious

Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of self-hood, and the executive control system of the mind.

Unconsciousness The part of the psyche lying before the consciousness and therefore not easily raised into consciousness due to its much faster rate of processing.

The Unconscious can be comparatively understood as something like say a ‘secretary’ or clerical assistant, coming before the Consciousness in the chain of information processing.

Which autonomously takes in and sorts incoming Impulses and Perceptions i.e. facts. After or post which it provides the ‘preprocessing’ in a corresponding form, before the whole is then consequentially passed on to the conscious-of-itself material-consciousness.

This means, that when through the unconscious, instantaneous perceptions are made, the unconscious, in an imperceptible way for the human being, connects in a communicating wise with the deeper levelled subconsciousness and works together with it.

The unconscious works with the deeper levelled subconsciousness.

More Important Terms

The Gemut controls the thoughts and feelings associated with the spiritual consciousness.

The Gemut is the spiritual counterpart to the psyche. The Gemut is our connection with the Universal Consciousness. The Material Consciousness

The Material Consciousness represents that actual personality of the human being. The material consciousness alone can be creative; for example, drawings, inventions, notes, books and so forth come from the material consciousness. The Material Consciousness is the force in the human in which all functions of decision-making, all thought-processes, considerations and deliberations take place.

The Psyche

The Psyche controls or organises the thoughts and feelings of the material consciousness. From the Psyche comes the state of a negative and/or positive mood, respectively, the atmosphere of the inner attitude.


Empfinden is refered to as that block or factor which occupies that important position in the spiritual realm, in the Gemut, as does the feeling in the half-material psyche. That means that the Empfinden is purely a spiritual process of the spiritual Gemut and this does not belong to the physical body. The Empfinden only recieves from the swinging waves which are of a purely spiritual nature and thus in the spiritual sense,

Empfindung noun - a fine spiritual perception;

Empfinden verb - to percieve in a fine-fluidal wise. The FIGU Dictionary quotes from the Goblet of Truth for the definition of empfinden Goblet of Truth 25:137 - fine-spiritual perceiving of the love of the Creation

erfuhlen verb - erfuhlen The normal feeling is when someone touches something with the fingertips; Erfuhlen also refers to picking up vibrations and a consciousness based feeling; This has to do with the swinging waves that are talked about in the Meier material; Billy indicates that you cannot do both of these at the same time.

Fuhlen verb - which can mean to physically feel, psychically feel (the reader has to determine from the context what is meant).

Gefuhl noun - feeling that emerges from ones thoughts;

Fuhlen noun - feeling through touching


A wesen is an independently existing life form with its own individuality and personality. There is impulse based, instinct based and consciousness based evolution. The embryo lives initially only as an impulse-based naturally instinctive small body with no consciousness and personality of its own. On the 21st day the embryo is then 'spiritually' animated when the spirit-form reincarnates into the embryo along with the consciousness and personality which incarnate through the comprehensive consciousness block. For more information see the following page Conception Consciousness Personality


Wesenheit noun – plural Wesenheiten – An immaterial or material existence-form without a self-determining possibility of evolution, in which case, however, this possibility can be given to a certain extent, such as with the Creation universal consciousness, certain energies, stones, water and gases etc.


Gewalt noun is the brutal execution of elemental might and force, but it is far above all might and all force. ‹Gewalt› exists in different and relative forms, one example being a ‹gewaltttige Gesinnung› – which is an expression from the character, personality, thoughts, feelings and emotions that shows the inclination to act with Gewalt. Explanation from Ptaah - Gewalt has nothing to do with the terms ‹heftig› (violent) and ‹Heftigkeit› (violence), because the old-Lyranian term with regard to ‹Gewalt› means ‹Gewila›, and it is defined as using, with all the coercive means that are at one's disposal, physical, psychical, mental, and consciousness-based powers, abilities and skills, in order to carry out and carry through terrible actions and deeds.


German prefix signifying earliest, most ancient, initial, primeval.


Ausartung noun – plural Ausartungen – a very bad get-out of the control of the good human nature


It also has a swinging wave which is called Schwingung in the German. Electromagnetic swinging waves in the teaching of the spirit are periodically built up electric and magnetic fields, which are not bound to any matter. These swinging waves include energies and forces of immense might. The containing energy in the swinging waves is radiated in the form of a wave. Billy stated that vibration and oscillation are not correct. He stated that wave is the best translation.