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The Ohio Exopolitics radio program covers many topics including UFOs, extra-terrestrial contact and exopolitics. The favorite topic is the Billy Meier case. "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier has taken over 1,200 photographs of the Plejaren craft hovering near his home in Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. In addition, Billy has made many films of these craft flying near his home. These films are hard to find today; however, here is one of the Wedding Cake UFO. There are films that are much better than this but are difficult to find. There is a great movie called Contact that really does a pretty good job of giving an overview on the Meier information. There have been hundreds of other eye witnesses, metal samples and sound recordings of the craft. Billy has also passed lie detector tests associated to this information. The Meier writings are the most important part of the case. Billy has written over 40 books, over 2000 contact reports and hundreds of other documents.

Contact Guitar

Ancient Religion and The New World Order

David Icke 2017 - RICH & FAMOUS INBREEDING Movie

The word ZULU actually means people from the stars. These people believe that they are a royal blood line from the stars. ZULU actually have known for years that the world is not flat, they also know that time and space are not the same thing. Around the ancient world, there are are stories of the high tech guards waring in the sky. In the Caucus mountains there comes up something which is called the origin of the white race. These hybrid blood lines were seeded all across the planet.

Those that run the planet in terms of banking and business have taken over in Europe and other places. The key symbols of British culture come from North Africa. The people that came to these areas came from North Africa. There have been prison religions and prison histories that have been created around this world. This happens when people take literally that which is symbolic. Everything is energy. When the sun is in certain cycles this energy will affect human energy fields. If we know how the human consciousness is going to be affected by the sun cycles then you know when to play your cards. There are both solar and lunar cycles which affect people on the earth. The elite create events at the time of these cycles which serve to manipulate society.

The sun became an important focus of the ancient world. The lion became symbolic with the sun because of its mane. The lion became the symbol of the sun. The sun is about 99% the mass of the solar system. Even George Washington has a sun chair. George Washington was a Free Mason; however, most Free Mason's do not know what is going on there. The Free Mason's go back to the ancient world even to Babylon and beyond.


Prison religions have been created by taking the symbolic literally. If you go back in history you will here about many people that were born on December 25th. Some of these individuals were given Fankinsense and Myrr. The illuminati worshipped Nimrod, his son Tammuz. Its interesting that the illuminati said that Tammoz and his father Nimrod were one. The female element of the Babylonian Trinity was called Queen Samiramis who was symbolized by a dove. Tammoz was called the son of god in ancient babylon. They say that he died to save the sins of humanity in effect. When they killed him they put him in tomb and they rolled a rock across the front.

The Ressurrection of Tammuz

Three days later they rolled the rock back,Tammuz was gone.

New World Order

Information from a movie called World War III - David Icke 27/11/2015

David Icke connecting the dots on the steps toward World War 3 by the global elite. If we step back a while we remember that a Turkish F-16 shot down a Russian Su-24. This happened at a time when Russia went into try to take out ISIS. However, you must remember that that United States actually created ISIS. We almost saw the start of World War 3 at this time. The global elite have a plan for a third World War which pits Russia and China against NATO. If we put current events into the true perspective then we can see how this can happen. We have to first forget countries and their individual leaders. We have a hidden hand that is working within governments. The hidden hand works with the secret societies.

The Elites Plan for the Future

There has been a long term plan to create a global fascist state of total control that involves the following
  1. a world government
  2. a cashless society
  3. Orwellian state

    "Orwellian" is an adjective describing a situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. It denotes an attitude and a brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation of the past.

  4. a micro-chipped population

    Aaron Russo stated that the elite wants a one world government that is run by the bankers. Everyone is going to have an RFID chip and all money will be related to the chip. All money will be in the chips. So the elite will just take the money out of your account as they desire. They want use to the be the slaves to the elite. The elite government will have total control. The one world government will be run by the banking industry.

    One of the Rockefellers did meet with Aaron Russo about out year before the attack on the world trade center. Aaron met Rockefeller through a female attornery that he had. Rockefeller was a very smart man that said that there would be an event that would cause us to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Aaron Russo was a friend with Nicholas Rockefeller. Nicholas actually wanted Russo to join the Council on Foreign Relations. Aaron started to talk Rockeller about many things. All of the banks work together like a Central Bank. The graduated income tax was also part of the Plan of Elite. These people want to create a One World Government that is headead by the banking industry.

    Meier On Micro Chipping FIGU Bulletin 002

    With their DSP monitoring system, America has taken the first step toward the horrifying, futuristic vision of total control over every human being on Earth. This vision signifies that terrestrials will soon be unable to take even a single step without being observed and controlled by an all-inclusive monitoring system, which would eventually entail the implanting of a coded chip into every person.

    Insiders call the DSP system "Deep Space Platform". It exerts its influence not only over this planet, as mentioned previously, but it also monitors and records what is happening in outer space.

  5. world central bank
  6. world army
Part of this plan of transforming the world requires that we have a series of wars. There is nothing that changes a society more than a war. In order to change global society you need a global war. This trend to the global society has been coming since WW3. The plan is to start a third world war. After the first world war the number of people that were really in power decreased. The same thing happened in World War 2. The plan is for a Third World War which will put the real power in the hands of just a few.

The Project for the New American century

A centralized global dictatorship will be created by the third global world war. In the year 2000 there was an organization called the project for the New American century. There were people that had come from the Bush administration. These people included
  1. Donald Rumsfield
  2. Dick Cheney
  3. Paul Wolfowitz
and . These people included a long list prominent Zionists with fundamental connections to Isreal. This organization produced a document for the American administration to embark on regime change after regime change. This document called for regime change in the following countries:
  1. Iraq
  2. Lybia
  3. Syria
  4. China
  5. Afganhistan
  6. Lebanon
  7. Somolia
  8. Sudan
General Wesley Clark a few days after 911 met with a military officer that he knew. The officer said that we were going to war with Iraq. They made the decision to go to war and we have a good military so we can take down governments. Clark talked about the plan to take out seven countries in five years; however, I think they have added China to the list.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Tony Blair and George Bush talked about the weapons of mass destruction which has been exposed as a pack of lies. Blair and Bush agreed on that war years earlier. They had a list of countries for regim change and acquisition.

Russia has deployed more advanced surface to air missles in response to their aircraft being shot down. Russia has also placed some sanctions on Turkey because of their action. The NWO wants to destroy the Middle East in terms of the economics. The tourist industry of Turkey will be affected by this action. Iran is involved in Syrias war. Iran is supposed to have a Nuclear Weapons program.

We have the United States, the rogue state of Turkey and NATO. The plan is pit NATO against Russia and China in World War 3. There are bringing more and more high tech equipment into the area to get this third World War Started. World War Three has been planned for a long period of time. Here is an interesting site on World War Three.

Albert Pikes Vision of World War 3

Albert Pike had a vision of World War 3 back in the late 1800s. Albert Pike received a vision, which he described in a letter that he wrote to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871. Another interesting story on Albert Pike and how the illumaniti is planning on using Islam to destroy the west. This letter graphically outlined plans for three world wars that were seen as necessary to bring about the One World Order, and we can marvel at how accurately it has predicted events that have already taken place.

Some Thoughts About Heavy Metal Music, Hip Hop, Rap Etc...

The heavy metal music is a kind of reflection of the city itself. The sounds of machines and the screaming of the singer is much like the sounds of humanity imprisoned within the cities.

So heavy metal music is an outlet for the urban suffering that people are experiencing within the city.

Conflict in the Middle East

In Syria I think we have two different sects of Islam that are fighting each other. Bashar Al-Assad, the current President of Syria, is financing Hezbollah and is backed up by the Russians. On the other side we have ISIS who is backed up by Saudi Arabia. This is very complicated situation. Russia and Syria are fighting against ISIS. Our government is now opposing Syria and Russia. However, my instincts are telling me that our government is clearly in the wrong in this situation. Going against the Russians and Assad seems insane to me.

The meaning of the word "Islam" is 'submission'. Obama is seen bowing to the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis want to put natural gas into Europe via a pipeline; however, they are cut off by the country of Syria. Iraq and Iran are Sheites; however, Syria has a majority Suni population. One unusual thing about Syria is that it is governed by a Sheite Minority.

Shia is a branch of Islam which holds that the Islamic Prophet Muhammad designated Ali ibn Abi Talib as his successor (Caliph). Here are some videos that discuss Sunni and Shiite

  1. Whats the Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims?

  2. The Great Divide: Sunni vs. Shi'a - Full Episode There was a great debate about who had authority after the death of Muhammad. This debate caused seperation in the Muslim community. Years later, England, France and Russia divided up the Ottoman empire after World War One. This created a whole new era of sectarianism. After the passing of more years, the participation of the US in the war in Iraq caused more sectarianism.

The country of Syria is blocking the Saudi's from running their natural gas pipeline into Turkey and then into Europe. So the Saudis would have to ship their gas another way which makes it much more expensive for them.

This pipeline is called the Friendship Pipeline it will run from Iran into Europe. The pipeline was planned to be 5,600 km (3,500 mi) long and have a diameter of 142 cm (56 inches).

Obama began manipulating a civil war in Syria under the guidance of the Saudi's. It appears that Barak Obama and much of our U.S. government is under the control of the country of Saudi Arabia.

Civil War in Syria

The Civil War in Syria has lasted for about a decade and has results in 370,000 deaths. There has been more than 11 million people displaced from their homes. That would be like the entire state of Ohio being pushed out of the state. Currently, the leader of Syria is Bashar al-Assad and now we have the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world.

Bashar al-Assad, an alloite, took over in 2000 after the death of his father. The Alloites are similiar to Shias (Sheites). Syrians who were Sunnis, protested the rule of Bashar al-Assad in 2011. ISIS actually attacked both sides.

Syrians are now leaving in the millions. It appears that the final Fall of Aleppo has occurred. Support by Russia and Iran has essentially saved Bashar El Assad. Assad surrounded the rebels and stopped the flow of food into the area. There have been stories about massacres that have occurred.

There are actually four different factions in the war in Syria. We have Assad, ISIS, The Rebels and the Kurds. All four of these groups have different international backing. Trump is very concerned about us getting bogged down in Syria and he does not want us to get involved. We are now training people that we dont even know who they are. If you look at Iraq its a total disaster. We could be helping people that are even worse than Assad. Our media is telling lies about Aleppo. Here is a Eva Bartlett a Canadian journalist that is describing what is going on.

Eva Bartlett is saying that these cease fires are worthless because the terrorists will not adhere to the cease fire. Even the United States has ignored the cease fires targeting Syrian army positions and killing at least 83 Syrian soldiers in a prolonged attack that lasted at least one hour.

U.S. President Barack Obama's administration has offered Saudi Arabia more than $115 billion in weapons, other military equipment and training, the most of any U.S. administration in the 71-year U.S.-Saudi alliance, a report seen by Reuters has found.

Hillary has a huge obligation to the Clinton Foundation because she has taken hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia. Hillary was responsible for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. Hillary and Obama put 200,000 tons of arms in Lybia. They were arming ALKIDA, AL-NOOSERA and mercenaries that would later become ISIS.

Hillary then made a deal to move these weapons into Syria; however, some of these weapons ended up in AFGANISTAN. The ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. According to some, ISIS is the proxy army of Saudi Arabia. The black flag of ISIS is an exact copy of the green flag of Saudi Arabia. According to Stephen Pidgeon, Saudi Arabia is controlling our government.

Barack Obama was groomed to be president by a Saudi Sheik named Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal. This Sheik began funding Obama in 1981. He is the one that gave the 25 million dollar gift to Harvard so that Obama who had a fraudulent law degree from Columbia could get into Harvard Law. The condition of the gift was to allow Obama into the Law School. The 25 million dollar gift was to create an Islamic Study Center. The woman that took this gift was Elana Kagan who sits on the Supreme Court. This Sheik also put 6.5 billion dollars into the parent company of Fox News. Here is an interview with him and his wife. Here is an interesting show about other Sheiks. Barack Obama bowed to the Saudi King because that was who controlled the U.S. government. The Saudi's want to destroy Russia because they are competitor against Saudi in terms of selling oil and natural gas.

Who is the co owner of Fox News? Rupert Murdoch, controlling owner of News Corp., with Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit in March. Waleed holds 7 percent of the voting stock of the media company.

Saudi Arabia and the United States are strategic allies,and since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the U.S. has sold $110 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia. In April 2016, Saudi Arabia has threatened to sell off $750 billion in Treasury securities and other U.S. assets if Congress passes a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be sued over 9/11. The worlds most valuable company is located in Saudi Arabia and is called Saudi Arabian Oil Company, most popularly known just as Aramco . Saudi Arabia is very intolerant of other belief systems; for example you cannot be a Christian in Saudi Arabia.

Tactical Nuclear Weapons have been used Yemen.

The Goals of the New World Order

See also (21 Goals of the Commitee of 300) from Alex Jones site

  1. The first goal of the elite is to create a one world government. The world government will be a system in which people with knowledge about science and technology will take control of society. This will also include a one world church and a unified monetary system.

  2. The second goal of the elite is to create a technocracy. The control of society will be achieved by an elite group of technical experts. The technical elite or technical experts will be about one percent of the total population. Our world is being transformed into a technocracy.

  3. The third goal of the elite is to take away the rights and freedoms of the public. The elite are working to take away our rights of self-determination. We have been born into a prison which has been called a consciousness conditioned tyranny (Billy Meier).

  4. The fourth goal of the ruling class is to merge mankind with machines. These elite say that humanity is obsolete. The intention of the elite is to bring in the age of Transhumanism
  5. .
  6. The fifth goal of the rich is to dumb down the public.

  7. The sixth desire of the controllers is place the public into Mega-Cities.

  8. The seventh aim of the elite is to restrict travel. We will lose the right to own and drive our own vehicles. There will be driver-less cars which will take us only to the places that we have been allowed to go. There will be very large freeways that connect the large cities and we will not be allowed to go into restricted areas.

  9. The eight aim of the rulers is to take away all privacy.

  10. The ninth desire of the New World Order is to eliminate borders between nations.To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride, which was a primary consideration if the concept of a One World Government was to work.

  11. To engineer and bring about the destruction of religion, and more especially, the Christian Religion, with the one exception, their own religion.

  12. To bring about the end to all industrialization and the production of nuclear generated electric power in what they call “the post-industrial zero-growth society”. This would be brought about by agreements like NAFTA.

  13. To establish the ability to control each and every person through means of mind control. This will create human like robots. Zbignew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to President Carter, stated that shortly the public would be unable to think and reason for themselves.

  14. The elite wish to drastically reduce the world's population.

This History of the New World Order

On May day 1776 Johann Adam Weishaupt founded the "Illuminati" in Bavaria. He adopted the name of "Brother Spartacus" within the order.

Much of this information comes from the movie 2015 Unfortunate Truth JFK, 9/11, and Beyond - The World We Live in.  I think this movie is also called everything is a rich man's trick. In any case, the narrator in this movie is a fellow named Francis Richard Conolly who is an extremely knowledgeable person and is really informative as a speaker.  I would really like to have him on the radio show as a guest if I could track him down.

To understand the New World Order we have to go back to the late 18 hundreds and to a man named Harriman.  E. H. Harriman was nearly fifty years old when in 1897 he became a director of the Union Pacific Railroad. By May 1898 he was chairman of the executive committee, and from that time until his death his word was law on the Union Pacific system. Harriman burrowed his money from the Rothchilds so he could create a monopoly in the rail roads. Harriman was essentially the 19th century rail road king.

The Harriman railroad monopoly helped to create the Rockefellar oil monopoly. John Davison Rockefeller Sr. (July 8, 1839 – May 23, 1937) was an American business magnate and philanthropist. He was a co-founder of the Standard Oil Company, which dominated the oil industry and was the first great U.S. business trust. Rockefeller revolutionized the petroleum industry.  Rockefeller founded Standard Oil as an Ohio partnership with his brother William and several other investors.Adjusting for inflation, his fortune upon his death in 1937 stood at $336 billion more than 1.5% of the national economy, making him the richest person in US history.  At least according to Wikipedia, I tend to think that Rothchilds were richer than Rockefellar. He was a devoted Northern Baptist and supported many church-based institutions. Rockefeller adhered to total abstinence from alcohol and tobacco throughout his life.

John Davison Rockefeller Sr.

 These two monopolies were worth more money than most countries. A monopoly exists when a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity. The wealth of these two men was greater even than the Caesars from Rome. These rich elite used the money to engage in price fixing and in so they created a cartel. Price fixing is an agreement between participants on the same side in a market to buy or sell a product, service, or commodity only at a fixed price, or maintain the market conditions such that the price is maintained at a given level by controlling supply and demand. All of american business at this time was dependent on oil and on the railroads. The industrialists were called Robber Barons.

J.P. Morgan was a front for the Rothchild family and only owned about 17% of J.P. Morgan bank. At the height of Morgan's career during the early 1900s, he and his partners had financial investments in many large corporations and had significant influence over the nation's high finance and United States Congress members. World War One started right around this time and there was a world economic recession that occurred after World War I. Western Capitialism was better off after World War 1. Remington made huge sums of money selling guns during World War 1. The countries actually had to pay back huge debts to the banks that were accumulated during World War 1. The ruling elite learned that war was good for business at this time. However, after WW1 there was a great economic depression. Western capitialism was in better shape after the war than before the war. For example, Remington made many of the guns used in WW1.

Remington Arms Company, LLC is an American manufacturer of firearms and ammunition in the United States. Remington is America's oldest gun maker and its products are distributed in over 60 foreign countries. The worlds richest nations had to burrow huge sums of money during WW1 and now had to pay off the banks.

The Russian Revolution of 1917

Lenin and Trotsky terrified the global elite at this time. The elite were terrified that the Communist success in Russia would inspire the working class in other countries to rise up. Many of the crown heads of Europe had been related to Czar Nicholas. There was a brutal execution of the the Czar and his family. The mounting pressures of World War I, combined with years of injustice, toppled the rule of Tsar Nicholas II in March 1917. Forced to abdicate, he was replaced by a Provisional Government. Lenin led the Bolsheviks in a successful attempt to grab the reigns of power in St. Petersburg. During the early morning hours of July 17 the Tsar, his wife, children and servants were herded into the cellar of their house and executed. The Romanov Family all were executed. This action sent shock waves through all of the ruling class in Europe. The Russian Revolution of 1917 terrified the wealthy all over the world.

The kings and queens of Europe were worried that the working classes would rise in revolt. Tsar Nicholas II family was killed and the illuminati bankers had to decide what to do with Germany. Germany had some sophisticated industrial stock; for example, Germany had some really powerful industry.

Alan Dulles

Alan Dulles and John Foster Dulles were lawyers that actually played a part in the writing of the Treaty of Versailles. Certain names have become very familiar like Alan Dulles who was the head of the commission that investigated the Kennedy Assassination. Alan Dulles and John Foster Dulles were the ones that wrote up the amount that German would have to pay off for the damage that they did in WW1. The Dulles brothers were trying to sabotage the German economy. They were successful because that stocks in Germany really dropped in price. The elite moved in and bought up Germany's industrial capabilities. The Elite did this so that they could actually build Germany back up into an industrial power that could fight the communist powers from Russia. They made the Germans a Bulwark against Bulshevism.

Here is a good movie called the The Order Of Death - Alex Jones Documentary

Skull and Bones is an undergraduate senior secret society at Yale University. Skull and Bones was founded in 1832 and is also known as the Order of Death.

Hence, the goal to harness ‘Vril’, Prana, the fundamental, limitless, cosmic life-force energy - a power source that would function harmoniously with our natural world - became an integral focus of these German secret societies.

Senate Report 93-549 and the Emergency Powers Act

The War on Terror has included many false flags that have been exposed. These attacks are made to look like terrorists that are running around and killing people. Senate Report 93549 which was presented to the public in 1973 on page 10 it says, "Because Congress and the public are unaware of the extend of emergency powers there never has been any notable objection made to this state of affairs." Courts have not imposed any significant limitations. There is currently a permanent state of emergency that was declared in 1933. In 1933 F.D.R. confiscated the peoples gold. ". Most of the population turned in their gold and they received Federal Reserve notes. The alleged emergency was the banking act. The Federal Reserve told F.D.R. that there was a banking emergency and that people were hoarding their gold. At this time there was a banking holiday. What happened at this time is that they told the people that hoarding gold was a crime. They gave them these Federal Reserve notes as currency for the Gold.

Representative Traficant in spoke on the floor of Congress in 1993 and he spilled the beans. This state of emergency has been in place since 1933. All United States officers, officials and departments are operating in a defacto status in name only in what is called "Emergency War Powers". The Constitutional republican form of government is now dissolved. There are hundreds of statues that deligate to the president extra-ordinary powers. The president can know rule the country without reference to constitutional powers. Obama can know through executive orders act as a petty dictator. These proclimations delegate to the president amazing powers. The president may now seize property, organize and control the means of production, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communications, regulate private enterprise and restrict travel.

Transhumanism Merging With Machines

Agriculture, Defense, Health Care will all be future markets for robots. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and others have stated that we would have robotic cars. An autonomous car is an autonomous vehicle capable of fulfilling the human transportation capabilities of a traditional car. At some point the researchers will show that the robot cars are better than humans and then we will be charged higher insurance if we do not let the robots drive our cars. Some say that humans will be phased out out driving entirely. Bill Joy, the owner of Sun Microsystems has written that he went to a meeting of 200 top technology owners and they made the decision at the meeting that they would not let humanity live. They say that they are going phase out humanity as we know it and that human beings would merge with machines. Billy Joy wrote a article entitled "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us", in which he expressed deep concerns over the development of modern technologies. Bill is warning that our robotics and nanotech are threatening to make humans an endangered species.

Its seems that our future has already been decided by the transhumanists. They speculate that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label Posthuman. The posthuman is roughly synonymous with the "cyborg" a symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence.

There is a break away civilization that is forming. You might call it a scientific dictatorship. They are creating race specific bio weapons. They are poisoning our food and our water. Even large corporations like IBM were designed to reach certain goals of the New World Order. The tatooes that were put on the Jews in World War 2 came from numbers generated from the IBM computers. Today we have an NSA and Google model that is tracking everyone. There is a global government that is set up and they are moping up the few countries that they still do not control. Ray Kurzweil says that humanity is about to merge with machines and the technology is doubling every year. Computers will be a trillion times faster than humans in a few years. The people that control the New World Order say that they no longer need us. So there is a kind of race to merge with the machines. Its a technology race that is much like an arms race. The main benefactor of Kurzweil is Google and Bill Gates.


Robots in the Military

The U.S. Army is considering replacing thousands of troops with robots. Decades ago the New World Order decided that by this time that they would be beginning to phase out ground troops. All human piloted aircraft will be phased out and all remotely human piloted aircraft will be phased out. By 2020 all aircraft except for troop carriers will be piloted by computers. All of these crafts that will be piloted by computers will have their own battle algorithm embedded within the programming of the craft. There will be a kind of SKYNET that will be set up by our military. There are declassified documents from the Pentagon that are actually calling this system SKYNET. This is not life imitating art in the terminator franchise from 1984 this is art imitating life. A Marine Corp. Colonel has stated that they are going to phase out human beings completely. All of the new aircraft will not be involved with humans at all.

Robots used in Police Actions

There will be crowd control robots in the future. In the future there will be semi-trucks in all of our large cities that contain these kinds of robots. This is the kind of future that we may be facing. This kind of thing will start happening faster and faster. These 18 wheelers will contain spy robots. They will contain killer robots. There will be robots with big spider legs and gatlin guns. Some of these robots will be designed to dispense tear gas and nerve gas. Some of the trucks will deploy 100 small drones. These smaller drones will be able to fly directly into your house. The local cities and counties will be milked for millions and millions of dollars to pay for this technology. The reasons for these robots will be to fight terrorism, to dispose of bombs. In other words, the New World Order will continue to make up a story line so they have a reason for bringing in their tyranny. Statistically the threat that you will be hurt in your car is thousands of times higher than any threat that you will be hurt by a terrorist.

Agenda 21

At the Bundy Ranch we saw military militia from various states that were ready to engage the people at the Bureau of Land Management.

It seems that any spark in this country might actually set off a Civil War. There is a man named Gene Sharp that wrote a book called 198 ways to topple your government with nonviolent resistance. All over the world people are struggling against tyranny. One man's writings have helped millions to achieve that freedom. Some people that follow his writings will stage revolutions by putting women, children and elderly in the front of the crowd. Typically opposing police officers will not fire on the young, elderly and children. Sometimes the people will hold up mirrors to let the people opposing them see what they look like.

What Happens After the Revolution?

  1. However, the New World Order often will capitalize on these revolutions and will place Black Water troops inside these countries.
  2. The New World will often install a patsy or a council then in these countries that have had revolutions. Some of these councils that they place in power are often terrorists.
  3. The next thing that they will do is make the IMF and the World Bank descend on these countries. These organized will lend money to the country which cannot pay it back. However, these bank office use the resources of the country as collateral. This strategy is used to help the IMF and World Bank actually own these countries after the revolution takes place. Karl Perkins has written a book called "Confessions of an Economic Hit man" that talk about these strategies.

The Militarization of the Police

Six hundred eighty fusion center reports found that there was no threat from Domestic terrorists. There was not a single instance of Domestic terrorism during 2010 and 2011. Sandy Hook was created to undermine the Second Amendment.

In the 1970s Congress mandated that all of the police departments become corporations. Police are being trained in military tactical operations. It seems that the police are becoming a civilian army. There are 12 police departments in state of Oregon that were dissolved but yet operational. These police departments are operating in a legally undefined manner. If you have dissolved then these people are actually impersonating police officers. The people that have been arrested by these people should actually be released. What our police forces are now are private security firms that are incorporated. We have civilian security groups that are there to serve corporate interest and not the interest of the people.

Geo-Engineering John Holdren John Holdren is interviewed about his views on geo-engineering. He says that if we get desperate, we may have to use it. But one should be aware that governments do things without telling the population all the time. They are already using geo-engineering and they are using the threat of global warming in an attempt to unify humanity into submission of their will to reduce the population of the planet.

Hollywood Programming the Public


There is a movie that came out 2013 that is called ELYSIUM. In 2154, a minute number of people reside on a luxurious rotating wheel space station called Elysium and the vast majority on an overpopulated and devastated Earth. While those on Earth are policed by ruthless robots Elysium's citizens live in absolute comfort and regularly use medical devices called Med-Bays to cure any disease and injury. Hollywood may be preparing us for the future that the elite have decided that we should have.

Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending is an upcoming science fiction film written in 2014. The film centers on Jupiter (Mila Kunis), a lowly janitor who learns that she has a great genetic destiny.Imagine a universe in which “human beings are just the Cro-Magnons, when compared to other beings in the galaxy. These higher forms of life are watching us from other worlds. These evolved beings fall into various different groups, all of which share some human DNA but who have become evolved after being bred with animal DNA to heighten their best characteristics. What is interesting about this is that elite may actually be revealing some truth in this movie.

Edge of Tomorrow

Lt. Col. William "Bill" Cage (Tom Cruise) and Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) team up to fight a hostile alien race known as Mimics, with Cage continually returning to a fatal battle through a time loop. The action of Edge of Tomorrow unfolds in a near future in which an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world. Here is another theme used by the global elite "Battles with Aliens".

WW3 is Coming

Joel Skousen thinks that in middle or end of the next decade there will be a premptive nuclear strike on America by Russia and or China. At some point China and Russia will also go to work. America will recieve devasting nuclear strike and we will be back into the dark ages for about 6 months to a year. There will 12-15 cities in the United States struck with nuclear weapons. Joel also thinks that about 3,000 other targets will be struck with nuclear weapons around the world. This war is meant to bring Americans like you and me to our knees. Joel argues that our leaders know that this it is going to happen and that our leaders are enducing this to happen. After the strike we will be told to give our power to the United Nations and the New World Order. There will be starvation and famine in major cities. According to Joel Skousen we will never have our freedom again after this time. We will be made to make an oath to the New World government.

Lydon Larouche is another researcher that also of the opinion that a nuclear war is coming and is being planned by the global elite.

Destruction of the Economy

Twenty percent of all households now are food stamps (2013) and the unemployement level is 37 percent. The goal of the New World Order is to make 50 percent of all people unemployed in the United States.

Banker Suicides

A CEO has committed suicide by shooting himself multiple (March 2014) times with a nail gun, a coroner reported on Friday.Richard Talley, 57, founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado, was found dead in his home on Tuesday with up to eight wounds to the torso and head.

War for Profit

Many times the banks will finance both sides of wars. These banks over the years have slowly been gaining control of the nations of the world. Nathan Rothchild gained control of the British economy through the stock market. Britian became the ruler of the world and Rotchild ruled England. The banking cartels since about 1800 have funded both sides of about every war. The wars that we have been involved with are created. There was not real reason for us to be in World War I except that it was an ideal opportunity to make a pile of money by funding both sides of the war. Arms companies that were finianced by Rothchild controled companies in France, Germany, Austria and England bankrolled much of the money. There were 20 million people that were killed in World War 1. Part of the motivation behind World War 1 was to create the League of Nations. The idea that was sold to the public that was a league of nations would be formed so that we would never ever have war again.

Use of Depleted Uranium in Warfare

They would not let our military use DU until 1990. However, they had DU stock piled in the 1950s in western Europe. There used to be a 10 to 1 superiority with Russian tanks against NATO. The Depleted Uranium was supposed to be used against the Russian tanks in Europe. DU was to be used as a secret weapon that would be fired from hi caliber rifles and small anti-tank artillery. The DU was only supposed to be used in red level emergency during warfare. In 1990 the establishment said ok lets use DU. The question is why is the establishment doing this?

Medicine Used for Population Control

Currently the hospitals are set up to kill people and its all compartmentalized so that the doctors do not even know. Today its more dangerous to go to the hospital than to not go. Bill Gates is designing vaccines that are to be delivered by misquitoes so that you will not be able to get away from them. For the general public vaccines are packaged in a way that is appealing. The Intelligencia is using vacciness to get rid of the general public because they feel like they are hurting the earth.

Predicting the Future

If you can predict the future you can just about put an end to free will. You can actually add stimulation to guide the brain if you know what is supposed to happen in the future.

The Nazis in the United States


The much of this information comes from the movie called Secrets of the Third Reiche. Towards the end of the 2nd World War the Nazi's were using a weapon that had all of the characteristics of a UFO. In Vienna before World War 2 all sorts of escoteric ideas and material were circulating. Various secret groups were coming into being in Germany. There seems to be a conflict between dark and light. Each time a human being makes a decision he must make the decision between selfishness and unselfishness. Perhaps, power without love can only lead to catastrophe. Adolf Hitler had come into contact with all of these ideas before World War 2. Hitler realized that the world need to be changed to pave the way for a New Age.

Vienna 1917 The Vril, The Aldebaran Solar System

The alternative technology for the German UFOs goes all the way back to 1917 to a meeting at a cafe in Vienna called Schopenhauer. The young Maria Autish who was a spiritualistic medium was one of the people that attended this meeting. Others that attended the meeting included Karl Housover, Rudolph Von Zbuttondorph, as well as a man from the Knights Templer. This secret meeting spawned the Thule Society. The Thule Society was very much against people of color. the Thule Society developed in 1918, had to sign a special "blood declaration of faith" concerning the lineage: "The signer hereby swears to the best of his knowledge and belief that no Jewish or coloured blood flows in either his or in his wife's veins, and that among their ancestors are no members of the coloured races."[10] .

The medium Maria Orsic was leader of the ‘Vrilerinnen’, the beautiful young ladies of the Vril Society. Characteristically they all wore their hair in long horse-tails, contrary to the popular short bobbed fashion of their day, claiming their long hair acted as cosmic antennas that helped facilitate their contact with extraterrestrials beings from beyond. Later another meeting would take place. According to the legend of the German Vril society, a fateful meeting was held in 1919 at an old hunting lodge near Berchtesgaden, where Maria Orsic presented to a small group assembled from the Thule, Vril and Black Sun Societies, telepathic messages she claimed to have received from an extraterrestrial civilization existing in the distant Aldebaran solar system, sixty-eight light years away, in the Constellation of Taurus.

"Thule" was a land located by Greco-Roman geographers in the furthest north (often displayed as Iceland).The term "Ultima Thule" ((Latin): most distant Thule) said by Nazi mystics to be the capital of ancient Hyperborea, as a lost ancient landmass in the extreme north: near Greenland or Iceland.

Hyperborea or Ultima Thule

Contact Report 39 of the Billy Meier case states: The Polar Regions at the time of Henoch were wondrous landscapes, filled with palms and other tropical vegetation. You would say that it was paradise on Earth, for it had the most favorable climate of your world.


Within Mount Shasta in northern California is a small city that contains 700 people who are called the Hyperboreans. They are the left over descendants of a group of extraterrestrial humans that lived on the earth in the ancient past. The golden colored spherical space craft are seen coming out of the Mount Shasta and are at times possibly seen at other locations like Mount Mammoth. The city is found very deep in the center of Mount Shasta and the entrace is well camouflaged under the eastern mountain peak. The Hyperboreans at times also get visits from extraterrestrails who come here from other worlds. The Hyperboreans carry beam weapons that are used to sometimes make Earth humans who come into their proximity temporarily "unable to move". Two smaller groups of the Hyperboreans are living unrecognized and deep underground on the Aleutian Islands and in Alaska. This Hyperboreans have been on the earth for about 180,000 to 190,000 years. They seem in someway to be related to the current white human race.

FIGU Special Bulletin 032

The term "New Age" is however much older than the current trends and leads back into the 19th century, and indeed to occult and esoteric world-views, which, as said, were also influenced by Helena Blavatsky. Influenced by that were indeed also the national-socialistic [NAZI] Rudolf Hess and Sebottendorf, who, together in 1918, respectively, 1919, in Munich, founded the secret Thule Society, a lodge-type association which was constructed on the principles of Lamaist teaching. This alliance functioned as an umbrella organization for Old German, fatherland-orientated and ethnicity-orientated societies of Munich. The alliance pushed predominantly anti-Semitic propaganda, whereby the crowning joke of the matter is that from out of these assimilated ideologies, which were popular at the time, the founding of the United Nations came forth in the year 1945. The entire thing came forth out of the 1912-founded German Thule sect which was connected with the 1910-founded Hammer Alliance and with the radical Peoples' Old-German Association. Their symbols were the swastika, respectively, the hooked cross and the Germanic runes. The association had its own newspaper, the "Municher Observer". The Thule Society was comprised of 1,500 members who had connections with broad sectors of Bavarian society.

W.O. Schumann

Thule member, Dr. W.O. Schumann of the Technical University in Munich, declared, "In everything we recognize two principles that determine the events; light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction–as in electricity we know plus and minus. It is always; either–or… Everything destructive is of Satanic origin, everything creative is divine… Every technology based on explosion or combustion has thus to be called Satanic. The coming new age will be an age of new, positive, divine technology… "